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Look Enzo, I got the chance of a lifetime to come here, and I took it, okay? It had nothing to do with you [...] No. You see, I remember making a lot of bad choices together. I'm not that girl anymore.
Sophie to Enzo in The Perfect Solution

Sophie Cardona, played by Cinthya Carmona is the Captain of the Eagles and one of the main characters in Greenhouse Academy. She is the American counterpart to Sophie Neumann. Sophie is a sweet girl who is a great captain. She is also called Soph by Brooke, Parker and Enzo. She is commonly seen in a cheerleading outfit and is a great cheerleader.


Sophie is a young teenage American girl, with long hazel brown/black hair, brown eyes and tanned skin colour. Sophie's usually seen wearing a black and white cheerleaders outfit, with the purple and yellow Eagles insignia on it, alongside a black plated skirt. She can also be seeing other outfits, such as a grey and yellow buttoned t-shirt and a black Eagles jacket.


Sophie is initially shown to be a vain but compassionate member of the Eagles, as she clearly shows through her thoughts towards Alex in The Opening Challenge, as well as when she backstabs him revealing that he had passed up the opportunity to take the key from his sister. Later when Sophie takes part in the Eagles captain elections, she shows a bit of a feisty side, when dealing with her rival; Parker and expresses her hope of beating him.

After becoming captain, Sophie is shown to be more compassionate than before, being more warm-hearted towards her fellow Eagles. Sophie is a strong, confident woman who always speaks her truth and stands her ground.

In Season 3, Sophie learns that Enzo was still trying to find her after they had fallen apart years ago. After meeting Enzo, she realizes that her relationship with him was flawed and it was a good thing that she lied to him and escaped their relationship. During this time, Sophie becomes cautious, reckless, confident and a passionate risk taker who will do anything to save herself and her friends from him. She opens up about her past to Parker, Emma, and Max who help her deal with Enzo and make a big discovery about the Magnetite.

In Season 4, Sophie shelters herself from the Greenhouse after finding out that Enzo left. After Parker, Max and Emma start to suspect something is up, they confront her about Enzo and they try to track him down. During this time, Sophie becomes weary and develops trust issues after Enzo leaves the Greenhouse. Towards the end, she is able to save Parker from him and she is able to foil The Client's plan.


Season 1


Sophie makes her first appearance in the first episode of Greenhouse Academy season 1; Pilot, where she confronts Hayley alongside her friend Brooke Osmond after Hayley had made comments against The Greenhouse. She later appears in the girls bathroom, just before Max accidentally walks into the room, while on the phone.

There she jokingly believes Max was auditioning for the Eagles, only to be corrected by Max, who told her that he was auditioning for the Ravens instead. She also appears in the crowd for the opening ceremony of the new school year.

The Opening Challenge

Sophie makes her next appearance in the next episode; The Opening Challenge, Where she appears in the Eagles dormitory, after Alex had managed to win a arm-wrestle against one of his fellow Eagles. There she asks him to pose for her, so that she could take some photos.

However she posts these photos on her daily blog, therefore embarrassing Alex. Later in the episode she takes part in a team-challenge against the Ravens, where she helps the Eagles search for the keys. There she defends Alex when Daniel and Brooke are picking on him, only to be told by Alex that he could defend himself. After Alex storms off, she follows him, only to see him to the Greenhouse foyer, where she catches him refusing the offer of a key from Hayley. She reports this to her fellow Eagles, after the team's loss, only getting Alex in trouble.

Breaking and Entering

In Breaking and Entering, Sophie tries to pitch an Eagle's tradition to Alex; breaking into the Raven's clubhouse in order to get in good with the rest of the Eagles. After Alex had come back from his mission, she hushes the rest of her team as they await the result.

She's the first one to notice that Alex had managed to accomplish his mission and therefore accompanies the rest of the Eagles on their trip to the Ravens dormitory, in an attempt to vandalize it. After their vandalism attempt, Sophie decides to post the photo of Leo, done up as a ninja turtle on her blog, before celebrating Alex's achievement with the rest of her team.

Black Smoke

Sophie appears next in Black Smoke, where she is seen at Alex's first basketball game with the Eagles, notifying him that Hayley had returned to the Greenhouse, then cheering on the Eagles in the crowd, before Daniel collapses at the end of the game, to which she's forced to keep Brooke back, as Daniel's taken off to hospital.

Captain Material

In Captain Material, she's thoroughly pleased to see Daniel return to the Greenhouse, welcoming him upon his arrival, while recording the arrival for her blog in the process.However soon after Louis announces that Daniel is no longer the captain, Sophie elects herself for the position, when Daniel and Alex attempt to make Parker the captain.

Swimming Lessons

In the next episode; Swimming Lessons, Sophie is first seen handing out flyers and trying to convince her fellow Eagles of her campaign, as well as getting support from her friend; Brooke Osmond. After this she places her trust in Alex to make the right decision about the vote. During the later debate, Sophie tries to promote her campaign, explaining what she would bring as the captain. However after Parker reveals that Sophie had originally planned to audition for the Ravens, but Sophie manages to explain that that was the case originally, but that when she joined the Eagles, she discovered that her original impressions of the Eagles were not true.After Parker steps down from the election of Eagles captain, on word from Daniel and Alex, Sophie takes up the role of the Eagles captain.

The Outsider

In the next episode; The Outsider Sophie comforts Brooke, after she had nightmares related to Daniel and his mother; Judy. She's later seen watching the launch of NASA'S satellite on the projection screen in her dormitory.


Sophie makes her next appearance in the episode; Steph, where Louis has invited to his office, where he's awarding her the captain's Louie, as well as to just check up on how she was doing as the Eagles captain. Later in the episode, after seeing the state of the Eagles locker rooms, Sophie forces the boys to stay behind and clean the locker rooms before their basketball practice, stopping the boys from leaving by using her captain's Louie to lock the door of their dormitory.

Sophie soon discovers the rabbit that Parker and the rest of the guys had found and that they intend to keep as a pet, a notion to which Sophie is in disagreement with, noting the rules of the Greenhouse. She initially attempts to take the rabbit to a shelter, but later comes up with the idea of making the rabbit the Eagle's new mascot; known as Steph.

Guilt Free Cupcakes

Sophie appears next in Guilt Free Cupcakes where she leads her team in a cupcake-selling task, set out by Louis in order to raise enough money for the Halloween ball. During the task she considers Daniel's selling idea, but says that she'd like to find out what everyone else thought about the idea first, before coming up with the idea of selling the smaller cupcakes at a higher price, calling them "healthy" cupcakes, noting that health-food stores often raised the prices on their produce and therefore leads her team to victory. After this Sophie takes part in a cat-walk event for the Greenhouse clothing line, wearing her cheer-leader uniform.

Great Scott

In Great Scott, Sophie is busy at work, setting up the Harvest dance, before later asking Alex over to help her with some party decorations in the Eagles dormitory, using it as an excuse to pull Alex out of Daniel's way, with Alex asking her why Daniel was mad at him. Sophie replies by saying that Daniel had been mad at the world, but reveals that she had an idea that would calm Daniel down. After this Sophie gets asked to the dance by Parker, but has to turn him down as she had already agreed to go with Alex.

Brooke then asks Sophie what Daniel was going through, worried about his behaviour, with Sophie adding that Daniel was obviously going through something, but also adding that he shouldn't of taken it out on Brooke. After Brooke explains why she thought Daniel was mad at her, Sophie agrees with Daniel, noting how protective Daniel was of his mother, but then proceeds to tell her not to let it ruin the dance for her as Brooke and Daniel were still a good couple.

Later at the dance, Sophie and Alex approach Leo and Hayley as they enter the dance, with Sophie asking the two whether they were dating, before Leo jokingly says that he was sure they'd find out on her blog. Sophie then walks over to a dejected Parker, and accompanies him, while offering some punch, before sitting down next to him. Sophie then compliments Parker for his juke-box idea. As the hostess, Sophie then introduces Leo onto the stage, before he begins to play his guitar.


Her next appearance was in the final Season 1 episode; L.D.R, where she was shown to be visibly shocked at the appearance of Aspen, who turned out to be a previous childhood friend of Leo's, but later goes on to announce the annual Eagles and Ravens Halloween dance-off, explaining that the students would all come together in a circle and that the couples would take turns dancing in the centre, with the couple to get the most applause winning.

This accolade would go to both Max and Emma, with Sophie announcing it at the end of the event, crowning both Emma and Max as the winners. Later, before a food-fight could get underway, Sophie attempts to stop it from occurring but to no avail, which is what ultimately causes the Raven's clean-up later. After the party, Sophie is in the girls bathroom with Aspen, cleaning. Sophie in shock moves backwards, as Aspen screams at the appearance of the Eagle's rabbit; Steph under the sink.Sophie explains this to Aspen, but Aspen just asks her to get it out of the bathroom, expressing that she was allergic to rodents, tempting Sophie to bring Steph closer to her. Sophie then says that what Leo had done to Hayley was repulsive, before storming out of the bathroom.

Season 2

Escape Mechanism

Sophie makes her first Season 2 appearance in Escape Mechanism, where she is seen in the Eagles dormitory, attempting to break up an argument between Daniel and Alex and then proceeding to ask for clarification as to whether either of them knew the whereabouts of Brooke.

The Client

Sophie is asked by Brooke to take a photo of both herself and Daniel for her, after having embraced for a hug with her. Sophie then complies and takes the photo. Later in the same episode Sophie alongside her fellow Eagles are gathered in the foyer by Louis, who announces a pop quiz.Sophie then overlooks her fellow Eagles revision work for the pop quiz, mostly helping Parker revise his algebra, by making use of his basketball to help him revise it easier. Later in the episode, Sophie sees Daniel and Brooke studying together on the couch, asking them to not give her whiplash, before going onto talk about the fact that Daniel and Brooke were at each other's throats previously, but that now they were together again, concluding by calling it weird.

Later Sophie takes part in the pop quiz alongside her fellow Eagles and gives the answer of Hamilton in response to the question of; "Which member of George Washington's cabinet died after a duel?". After this she helps to assure Parker that he'd be fine when it was his turn to answer a maths-based question and reassures Daniel and the others that Parker's method of doing so was alright. When it's Brookes turn to answer a question, Sophie points out that the subject was Brooke's strong point, being American literature, before later scolding Brooke after she forgot the answer.

A Day Off

In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is conducting cheerleading practice, conducting her cheerleaders to dance in time to the music that she was playing just as Parker rocks up, before getting hit by one of the cheerleaders pompoms. In response, Sophie turns the music off and asks her cheerleaders to take five, with Parker revealing that he had wanted to say thanks to Sophie for what she had done for him in the pop-quiz, with Sophie then saying that he was welcome. Parker then tries to ask Sophie an awkward question, just as she sees Alex.

She walks over to Alex, believing something to be up, however much Alex persists that there wasn't. Sophie then jokes that it must of been that Alex was saddened by the fact that he wasn't a part of her cheerleading team, then gathering the cheerleaders again and getting Alex to take part in the routine. Later Sophie tells Parker that he'd make a great cheerleader as he was both fit and thin and would be able to fit into their cheer-formation.

when Parker finally asks Sophie his question, Sophie assures him that she wasn't going out with Alex, after having not heard Parker the first time he asked his question. After Parke mentions how she was with Alex at the dance, Sophie is quick to say that she was just with him as a way of keeping peace between Daniel and Brooke.

Meant to Be

In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is trying to record herself, as the earthquake rumbles on. In the recording she introduces herself as a student of the Greenhouse, going onto say that this earthquake she could remember, before beginning to conclude her footage, just as Parker interrupts, telling her that he had always wanted them to be together. However just then the earthquake stops, leaving Parker embarrassed.Later in the same episode, Sophie is seen viewing the footage she had taken from during the earthquake, then seeing Parker rock up to her, in order to tell her that while the dorm was still a mess, but that they had managed to get most of the glass cleared up. In response to this, Sophie thanks him, before he then tries to distract Sophie by remarking that the earthquake was a 5.2 on the richter scale, with Sophie adding it was more like a 9.0.


Sophie and Alex

Sophie and Parker

Sophie and Enzo




  • The actress who portrays Sophie, Cinthya Carmona, actually chose the last name for her character
  • Her character's last name is modeled after her last name, Carmona, spelled with a D instead of an M.
  • In real life, Cinthya Carmona is just as much of a feminist as her character
  • Sophie is the only character that has had an involvement with a gang