Sophie and Alex are one of the main relationships in the show Greenhouse Academy . Their full names are Alex Woods and Sophie Cardona.

Season 1

When Alex was being picked on by the rest of the Eagles, Sophie was the only one to stand up for Alex, clearly showing concern for his well-being; a sentiment that Alex didn't share for her until later. This relationship however is strained when Sophie rats on Alex about the incident with the key. She later tries to convince Alex to help raid the Raven's dormitory, in order to get in good with the other Eagles, clearly showing that she still cares about him. After being successful in the mission, it's shown that Alex is more friendly with Sophie than he was before. Later on, when the captain elections are taking place, Sophie places her trust in Alex that he would make the right choice, with Alex then convincing Parker to duck out of the race, clearly believing Sophie would make a good captain.

Soon after, Sophie takes Alex to the harvest-dance as her partner, and after a while, they kiss making parker sad. but then sophie later drifts off in her hosting duties and hangs with Parker, and Alex dances with Brooke, which partially causes Daniel and Brooke's break up. 

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