Sophie and Enzo are one of the main "couples" throughout seasons 3&4 of Greenhouse Academy. They are portrayed by Cinthya Carmona and Rafael Cebrian.


Sophie and Enzo used to be a couple back when Sophie was in a gang. Sophie didn't like the life that she was living and to make matters worse, she couldn't get out of it. It is assumed that sometime in the gang, she formed a close relationship with Enzo. She and Enzo then got together in the gang until she learned about Greenhouse Academy. She then lied to Enzo and the rest of the gang saying that her grandmother was sick in Columbia and that she had to leave. She then decided to break up with Enzo/put a strain on their relationship so that she could have a better opportunity in a place where nobody knew her real past. However, after the whole earthquake fiasco happened, she got featured in the news and in the newspaper. Enzo then finds out that Sophie was lying to him and the gang for a while, which causes him to go visit Sophie in person at the Greenhouse.

Season 3

In The Perfect Solution, Enzo comes to visit Sophie at the Greenhouse. He tells her to come outside and tries to kiss before Sophie moves away. She tells him to leave and he obeys her. But secretly, he steals her Louie. In Old Trophies, Sophie finds out that Enzo stole her Louie. But what comes to be even more surprising is that he applied to be the new groundskeeper. This leaves Sophie upset and angry and she then decides to talk to Enzo. Enzo then blackmails her and Parker which causes Sophie to start to have little to no interaction with him. In A Piece of Moon Rock, Enzo steals the magnetite from the Ravens but Max, Emma, Parker, and Sophie find out. They steal a van from the school and they find Enzo with the magnetite. However, due to Sophie's reckless driving, she accidentally hits Enzo. In The Hidden Flag, Sophie helps care for Enzo after he gets hit. She gives him stitches and tells him that he will be ok. Enzo thanks her then after which causes Sophie to still think about him. However, when he steals the magnetite once again, Sophie gets upset. In The Beeps, Sophie and her 3 friends find out that Enzo resigned as the groundskeeper. This leaves Sophie worried for Enzo and confused as to why he would do that.

Season 4

In Rock by Rock, the 3 friends and Sophie reveal to Ryan about Enzo's plans and about the magnetite and what it could possibly do. In The Quick One, the friends find a way to save Leo from the virus. In A Not Totally Bad Person, Sophie gets called to be interrogated by the police. The police then shortly tells her to contact them in case Enzo contacted her. Enzo then calls Sophie shortly after and tells her to meet up with him. Sophie then calls the police, but she feels awful that she did. It is then revealed at the end of the episode that it was a plan to not get him arrested. In Gummy Bears, Sophie realizes that Enzo had set her up. In Cortinarius Orellanus, the 4 friends try to track down Enzo through his purchases. Sophie then receives his phone number and makes a call towards him. In Room 205, Sophie baits Enzo into thinking that she was into him once again. She then tries to fish out information about The Client and his motives. Enzo soon finds out and gets angry at her. When she leaves, she tells him that she was sorry but Enzo was left feeling heart-broken.


  • Sophie and Enzo are a former couple and are showcased in Seasons 3&4
  • This is the first time on the show that a couple from another place has entered the school
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