Sophie and Iftach is a relationship seen in the third Season of The Greenhouse, consisting of Sophie Neumann and Iftach Har Lev.

Sophie and Iftach The Greenhouse


Prior Season 3

In the beginning it's shown that the two both, although not being friends whatsoever have mutual respect for each other, as each is the captain of their own team. Later the two become part of Team Galapagos and work together to stop Ze'ev's forces. Throughout this point it's shown that the two can work well together.

Season 3

In Season 3 of The Greenhouse, it's shown that Sophie gets jealous of her best friend; Natalie, who in Season 2 of the show transferred to The Ravens is in a strong friendship with Iftach. Having been dumped by Ron, for Amy, Sophie tries to get with Iftach, regardless of the costs.

In order to accomplish this, she gets help from her friend;Daria, but has some doubts about the methods their using to get her with Iftach. However eventually Sophie's able to get with Iftach at a school disco, thanks to Daria, who managed to lock Natalie in a store cupboard, however by the time she gets out it's too late.

As it turns out, Iftach has feelings towards Sophie too and the two get together for a while. During this time it's shown that Iftach often defends Sophie, when she's being threatened or argued against. Later Sophie even transfers to The Ravens in order to be with him, if only for a short period, before heading back to The Eagles.


  • Ironically, this relationship could of possibly happened a lot earlier, as Sophie originally auditioned for the Ravens team.