Sophie and Ron is one of the main relationships in The Greenhouse, focusing on the characters of Sophie and Ron.

Sophie and Ron The Greenhouse


Season 1

In the beginning, it's clearly shown that Sophie and Ron do not share eye to eye, with Sophie often standing up for Alfie, an act in which Ron does not agree with whatsoever. At this point Ron stands by his best friend; Daniel Goren.

When elections for the new leader of The Eagles are put into motion, Ron works against Sophie, as Daniel's main right-hand man. When Sophie manages to win the election, becoming leader of the Eagles, it's shown that Ron does not enjoy the new rules that she has put into place and Sophie often forces him to do chores such as washing his own laundry, alongside the rest of the boys.

Later in the series, when Sophie begins to divulge personal information to the local news, about the students of the Greenhouse, Ron seemingly takes it the hardest. He does not agree with what Sophie is doing and manages to convince the other Eagles, with only Alfie standing up for Sophie. This only angers him further and for a long period the two do not speak with each other. Eventually Sophie is able to stop what's she doing, after a possibly incriminating story about Dina is nearly sent to the press.

Season 3

At the start of the third season, Ron and Sophie are shown living together in an apartment, in Telaviv, alongside Ron's friend Daniel.

Later in the third season of the Greenhouse, when Amy transfers to the Eagles, Ron and Sophie's relationship is strained, when Ron does not agree with the hate that Sophie is displaying towards Amy. Sophie tries to explain to Ron, but he still doesn't agree with Sophie's behaviour towards Amy.

Eventually the two split, after Ron decides to help Amy with her election campaign, to become the new leader of the Eagles, a campaign which is successful. The two are rarely seen interacting with one another after this, with Sophie focusing her affections on Iftach Har Lev and Ron being together with Amy