Spur-Winged Plovers is the forty sixth episode of the first season of The Greenhouse premiering on Nickelodeon UK April 1st, 2014.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Daniel and Alfie are nearing the end of their basket ball game, with Daniel passing the ball to Alfie, who gets the ball taken off of him. Daniel then runs up to him, asking him whether he was blind, as he was wide open. As he ran past Alfie, Daniel continues to act, asking what was wrong with Alfie, before telling him to keep up the act.

In the crowd, Judy exclaims that Alfie was such a loser, expressing that she could never quite stand him. Back at the Israeli Space Agency, Boaz has awoken and is asking Dina, Mati and Alona where Arik and his men had gone, but Dina says that she didn't know, before revealing that it was just them at the Agency. Boaz then asks where his people were, with Dina then revealing they had no clue as they'd only just managed to free themselves.

Boaz then asks them how they had managed to get free, then seeing the guard and asking the kids whether he was their guard and what had happened to him. Matti then reveals that Dina had electrocuted. Boaz then asks which one of the kids had called him, asking for Alona. Alona then reveals who she is to Boaz, as Boaz says that at first he didn't know what to make of their story, as it sounded ridiculous but that then Arik and his men had shown up and he realized the kids were being serious.

Alona then expresses that they were being very serious and that they didn't have much have much time and that they had to try and regain control of the Binyamin satellite. In response, Boaz agrees but asks how they'd manage to do so as Arik had blasted all of their computers and that they'd need an entire battalion of computer geniuses in order to fix it. Boaz then introduces Boaz to Matti, calling him Boaz' battalion of geniuses.

Dina then tells Matti to take care of the problem, with him then complying, with Alona explaining that if they could get the network up again, they would be able to intercept the server before the bad guys could manage to activate the satellite, as Mati prepared his gear. Boaz then asks the kids if they knew what the bad guys had planned to do with the satellite, with Alona then revealing that they were trying to continue the project that Naomi Reshef had undergone.

Dina then chimes in, expressing that the bad guys were going to try and cause an earthquake. Boaz, surprised exclaims that Naomi would of never thought of doing such a thing, being that she would of done the exact opposite. Dina then adds that that was the reason they called the bad guys bad guys, because they're bad. Boaz then asks them how they had managed to work it all out and that even the people who had worked alongside him didn't know of Naomi's secret project. Alona then reveals that their friend; Ellali had worked it out, surprised Boaz asks whether she had meant Ellali Reshef. Dina then says that that was the case and that if they managed to get the mess sorted that day, Ellali would be able to see her mother again.

Boaz, confused asks Dina what she was talking about, with Dina then remembering that they had forgotten to tell him that Naomi was indeed alive. Back at the Cave, Marcus is in the stasis pod chamber, hanging up a white dress on a nearby ladder, ready for Naomi. He then takes out a syringe and tells Naomi that it was time she awoke.

Marcus then injects the solution intro Naomi's IV bag. Back in the main hall of the Cave, Marcus is arriving just as Ze'ev notes that there was one minute until the zero hour, asking Marcus whether the clouds had dispersed. Marcus then sits down at his monitor and reports that the clouds had indeed cleared and that everything was then ready.

Back at the Space Agency, Alona, Dina and Mati are busy working on gaining control of the satellite. As they are doing so, Alona expresses that they needed to try and use the interface of the Agency's disaster recovery site, but Mati then reveals that he was trying asking that if Alona had any more ideas, it would now be the time to reveal them. Boaz then expresses that it couldn't be physically possible that Naomi was alive, but Dina assures him that one of their friends had seen Naomi with his own eyes.

Boaz then asks whether their friend had actually spoken with Iftach, but Dina reveals that Naomi had been unconscious since the crash and that the psycho who had been hiding her had promised to wake her as they soon as they had managed to accomplish their mission. Boaz then expresses that in which case their friend must of been mistaken, as they'd of known if anyone had survived the crash. Dina then questions it, asking whether it had been just like when they'd thought they'd lost the satellite forever.

Back at the computer, Alona says that she wanted to connect directly to the satellite dish, so that she could broadcast from the laptop to the satellite, with Mati then telling her to do so. Just then, Dina gets a text from Sophie revealing that she was at the game, then asking Alona and Mati what she should tell Sophie. Mati then notifies Dina that she needs to ask Sophie to stall. Dina complies, as Sophie receives the text back at the game.

Sophie then gets up and shakes her head to Daniel from across the court, with Daniel then asking whether he should continue playing. Sophie then signals him to do so, with 32 seconds left in the game. Daniel quickly sprints to the side in order to catch the basket ball from one of his team-mates, before dribbling around the other team's players and passing to Ron who tries to score a goal, but it knocked by Daniel by "accident". After seeing what had happened, Judy asks what was going on. Gershon then tells the Eagles to get their acts together, asking them what happened.

Judy then expresses that she couldn't believe that her son was making those sorts of mistakes, but Natalie then reminds Judy that it was the end of the game, so they'd probably be exhausted. However Judy then says that exhaustion was no excuse for stupid mistakes, just as Gershon calls out to the team, to guard the small forward. Just then one member of the opposing team manages to score a goal, therefore tying the score.

Gershon then calls for a time-out, as they'd been 15 points ahead, then asking the team how they'd manage to lose that lead as they came in. The team then sits down on the bench, with Natalie calling it suspenseful. However Judy then calls it embarrassing. Alfie then says that that was close, with Daniel saying very, before saying that they had at least bought, Alona, Dina and Matti some more time.

Outside the Cave, Ellali arrives, ducking underneath the red and write security tape. Hearing some security guards, Ellali ducks into a nearby crevice. The guards then suddenly point then guns in attack position, As one of them points out that they'd heard something, then telling the other guard to go and check it out.

The second guard then gets a mosquito bite, exclaiming that they had mosquitos the size of elephants there, with the other guard then re-iterating that he'd heard something, telling him to go and check it out. However the guard just says that it could of been a gecko, with the other guard asking whether he actually thought that, as they duck under the red and white security tape. The security guard reveals that he had said that, as the other one asks whether geckos were the ones that looked like little dinosaurs, but the guard reveals that that was the Agama lizards he was thinking of, just as Ellali creeps out from behind the corner of the crevice.

Ellali makes her way back out of the crevice, just as Iftach sneaks up behind her. Iftach puts his hand on her shoulder, which gives her fright, as she calls him an idiot. Ellali asks him what he was doing there, expressing that he had scared her half to death, with Iftach then revealing that he had came to help her get into the Cave. Then seeing some security guards, Iftach tells Ellali to hide and that he'd be right back.

Iftach then runs off, as the guards come back to the scene. Back at the Space Agency, Matti has just managed to bypass all the motherboards that had been corrupted on the satellite, with Boaz asking what he'd done. Matti then reveals that he had managed to bypass all the motherboards that had been corrupted within the satellite and had transferred it all through a router to the undamaged computers and that he was controlling it all there from his laptop.

Matti then gets Alona to start on his count, going 3, 2, 1 before Alona finishes the process, with Boaz then asking what they needed to do now. Matti then reveals that now they had to handle the hard part of the process . Back at the game, the score is tied , with Gershon telling the team to just forget about the lead they'd just lost, expressing that it was now a new game.

Gershon then expresses that there was only 10 seconds left till the buzzer and that they had possession of the ball. Gershon then tells the team that he wanted to isolate Daniel, expressing that he was counting on them, just as the team get back up to start playing again. Playing again, Daniel signals to Sophie asking what he should do, with her signalling back to him, that he needed to keep stalling. Daniel then takes position of the ball and passes it to Alfie.

Daniel then gets the ball back and tries to aim for the opposing team's goal, but manages to miss. Gershon then unimpressed, asks what that was, expressing that Daniel had been alone in front of the goal, calling it unbelievable. The referee then calls foul, as Gershon expresses how pleased he was at the prospect, telling Daniel to score and finish the game, remarking that the championship was theirs, then re-iterating it. Back at the Agency, Matti is busy trying to track down the bad guys server.

Boaz then asks Matti how he was going to do it, with Matti then revealing that he had sent the server packets bits it already knew from the Agency's central computer, with Boaz then calling it brilliant, as Matti then points out that it was Alona's idea. Dina, then asks why the tracking process was so slow. Back at the game, the referee tells Daniel that he had two shots at the net.

Daniel then begins to dribble the ball, as Judy impatient tells Daniel to shoot the ball already, as she checks the time on her phone. Daniel then attempts to score a goal, but manages to miss, with Judy then calling it unbelievable. Back at the Agency, the tracking process has come across an unknown error. Mati, concerned expresses that it couldn't be happening, with Dina then asking what was going on.

Mati, however reveals that he didn't know as he hadn't seen anything like it before and that he couldn't get past the encryption. Back at the game, the referee notifies Daniel that he had one more shot at it. Ron then tells Daniel that he needed to focus and clear his mind, believing that Daniel could do it. Daniel then dribbles and attempts again, but manages to miss the net. Unimpressed, Judy questions what that was, asking what sort of loser misses two free throws one second before the end of the game.

Natalie then expresses to Judy, that Daniel was her son, telling her to try and cheer him on instead of just trying to criticize him all the time. Judy, unimpressed then gets up and calls Marcus. On the field, Daniel and Alfie are walking back to the bench, as Daniel expresses that he'd never missed a goal on purpose, with Alfie expressing that he had known.

Talking to Judy over the phone, Ze'ev asks Judy whether she was serious about the overtime in the game, ordering her over there now, exclaiming that he didn't care about overtime. Marcus then gets up, with Ze'ev asking him where he was going, with Marcus expressing that he had thought there was a delay. However, Ze'ev exclaims that there was no delay, telling Marcus to sit down and not move, as they would begin in 5 minutes whether Judy was there or not, then telling Boris to stand next to Marcus.

Boris then complies, watching over Marcus, as Naomi begins to wake in the stasis pod chamber. In disguise, Iftach then approaches the Cave, with the two security guards then approaching him and asking what he was doing there. Iftach covers up, saying that he was a birdwatcher and that he was there to watch spur-winger plovers. One of the guards, confused goes huh, as Iftach explains that it was the spur-winged plovers migration season at that time.

One of the security guards then tells Iftach to go and look for clovers somewhere else, just as Iftach corrects him, saying that he had meant plovers. However, the other guard then just tells Iftach to get out of there, but Iftach then reveals that the area was public property. However, the guards then lose their patience and push Iftach out of the area, telling Iftach to get out of there and shut up, with Iftach then telling them to get their hands off of him, as Ellali makes her way into the Cave.

Ellali then presses her hand on the activation switch and opens the entrance to the Cave, with Ellali then heading in. Ellali quietly opens the door, then looking round the Cave, before slowly making her way down the steps and then sneaking behind a wall, having heard Ze'ev, Boris and Marcus. Back at the game, Daniel dribbles the ball and passes it to Alfie, who passes it back to Daniel.

Gershon, impatient then tells Daniel to just win the game for them, as Daniel and Alfie pass the ball back between each other. Alfie then attempts to score a goal, but manages to miss, with the referee then blowing the whistle and announcing the second overtime. Gershon then asks whether The Eagles had even wanted the championship, asking what was wrong with them.

Back in the Cave, Ze'ev is on the phone to Judy, who is reporting to Ze'ev that double overtime had been called. Unimpressed, Ze'ev asks what Judy had even meant by double overtime, asking whether it existed, before revealing that he didn't care and then announcing that he'd begin now, as Ellali watches on from around the corner. Ze'ev then asks Marcus how long it would take him to prepare for activation, with Marcus revealing it would take him 3 minutes.

However Ze'ev asks Marcus to start right away, before Marcus hesitates as Judy wasn't there, but Ze'ev then angry re-iterates it, with Marcus then beginning to activate the satellite. Back at the Space Agency, Mati expresses that he didn't understand why it wouldn't crack the server's code, adding that the connection was working, before asking what the problem was.

Boaz then realizes something, saying oh no, before Mati asks him what's wrong. Boaz then calls himself an idiot, pondering how he could forget, with Alona then asking what he was talking about. Boaz then reveals that they'd designed a special encryption system for the Space Agency and that it was a special scrambler developed for them by NASA, revealing that it couldn't be hacked from the outside. Alona then asks if there was another scrambler like that, with Boaz then revealing that there was only one other that was installed and that Naomi had installed it within the Cave, pondering how he could forget about it.

Mati then understands what Boaz was talking about, and realizes that the bad guys must be using the scrambler to their advantage, with Dina then asking Mati why he couldn't just hack into the box, as it would of been a piece of cake for him. However, Boaz then reveals that there would be no way of bypassing the villains hardware, as it wasn't online. Boaz then bends down and picks up a key, then explaining that it was the only way of shutting down the box.

Dina then realizes that the key looked familiar, then saying it was unbelievable, with Boaz asking her what she had meant. Dina explains that the key was the same, as Boaz asks what she was talking about. Dina continues, revealing that there was another key that was exactly like it and that they had managed to find it, as it was in Naomi's safe at the Reshef Household. Boaz then asks her where the key was then.

Back in the Cave, Marcus has activated the satellite as Ellali peers from around the corner. Marcus then announces that there was two minutes till the activation of the satellite, just as Ellali gets a call on her Louie. Ellali picks up the call, expressing that she couldn't talk as she was in the Cave. Dina then tells Ellali that the fact she was in the Cave was perfect. Ellali, confused asks why that is, with Dina then asking her to tell her that she had her mother's key on her.

Ellali then reveals that she had the key on her, before asking Dina why she had wanted to know. Dina then notifies Ellali, that she'd be passing her over to Boaz Tavor and that he'd be able to tell her what to do. Boaz then takes over the call, and instructs Ellali to search around for a grey box attached to the wall, adding that if he wasn't mistaken the box would be right across from the entrance. Ellali then sees the box further round the corner, as says okay to Boaz instruction.

Boaz then informs her that she needed to open that box up and in there she'd find a switch, telling her to then turn the switch off. Ellali then creeps forward ever so slowly round the corner, then getting down and crawling towards the box and then finally getting up and reaching the box. Just then the count-down reaches 30 seconds, with Marcus then getting up and checking an adjacent panel. Marcus then catches sight of Ellali, prompting Boris to take a look round the corner, as the counter reaches 20.

Ellali rapidly ducks for cover round the corner, as Marcus then tries to stop Boris, telling both him and Ze'ev to go and stand down opposite end of the hallway, in case of an earthquake, adding that some things may fall there and that it was safer where he was guiding them to. The two then comply, with Ellali then beginning to open the box, as the count-down continues.

Ellali struggles to open the box and manages to open it within just a few seconds. She then quickly pulls down the lever, with Mati then being able to link into the satellite. Mati then exclaims that all he'd have to do now would be disconnect the satellite. Curious, Alona asks Mati whether Ellali had done it, with Dina expressing that Ellali was the best.

Boaz then expresses how surprised he was, then asking how old they all were. Back in the Cave, Ze'ev is getting impatient and asks Marcus whether everything was alright. Marcus then reveals to Ze'ev that nothing had happened. Ze'ev then approaches Marcus, asking what he had meant, as Marcus shows him the screen revealing that the satellite had been put offline. Ze'ev, furious asks what it means, with Marcus then remarking that he didn't know, calling it strange.

Ze'ev then grabs Marcus, furiously asking what was strange and as to what was going on, with Marcus revealing that they had lost control of the satellite. Ze'ev then asks how that could possibly be, with Marcus assuring Ze'ev that he didn't know, before Ze'ev let him go. Back at the Agency, Mati and Alona are watching the satellite come back online, as Alona remarks that she had waited so long for that moment; the moment in which Binyamin returned home.

Boaz then says that he didn't know what to say, as within one hour the kids had managed to accomplish what his experts hadn't managed to do in weeks. Dina then jokingly asks Mati what their hourly wage was. Boaz then informs them that he'd be going out to clear the area, telling them to wait there and asking them not to move. Dina then gets a text, with Mati asking who it was, as Dina reveals that it was Ellali. Alona then asks what Ellali had written.

Dina then reveals that Ellali had written Galapagos, with Alona and Mati then high-fiving, as the three group-hug. Back at the game, four seconds remain, with Judy expressing her disbelief at the fact that they'd be losing the game after everything they'd gone through. Sophie then gets the text from Ellali, giving the go-ahead for Daniel to start playing seriously again and also looking up at Natalie. Daniel then lets Alfie know that Mati, Dina and Alona had managed to do it.

Alfie then asks seriously, as Daniel expresses that he now wanted to try and win their game, with Alfie then turning to the score-board, noting that the opposing team lead by two with four seconds to the buzzer, but believes that they could still do it, before the two headed off to play. Daniel then manages to catch the basket ball and score another goal, with the crowd then cheering, as Gershon races up to his team, as they have a celebratory group-hug.

Judy then heads off in all of the celebration, with Natalie following her. As the team continues to celebrate, Natalie catches up with Judy, asking her whether she was running off. In response, Judy reveals that she is and asks Natalie to tell Daniel that she loved him, but Natalie tells Judy that she had no reason to run. Confused, Judy asks what Natalie was talking about, with Natalie then saying that she had guessed that Judy hadn't heard quite yet, but reveals that her plan had failed miserably.

Judy then covers up, by asking what Natalie was talking about, with Natalie expressing that it had been the conspiracy Judy was a part of, explaining that it was the earth-quake Judy and co had been planning. Natalie then continues, expressing that the earth-quake wouldn't be happening, adding that she guessed it was just not meant to be, before walking off. Robbie then walks by on the phone to his father.

Robbie is talking to Louis about the game, telling him that at the last second Alfie had passed the ball to Daniel and that Daniel had then managed to score a three-pointer and therefore won the game. Robbie, having seen Judy asks whether she was alright, with her then storming off unhappily. Back in the Cave, Ze'ev is raging asking Marcus how he could bungle up their plan.

Marcus then expresses that he didn't know, guessing that someone must have managed to hack the satellite system from the outside. Ze'ev then asks who it was, but Marcus exerts that he didn't know. Ze'ev then takes Marcus' keyboard and angrily smashes it down on the ground, telling Marcus to let their client know of their failure.

As Ze'ev asks where Judy was, Ellali manages to find her mother's stasis pod chamber. Ze'ev then remarks that it was all because of the stupid basket ball game, expressing that they shouldn't of waited as long as they did, and that years of preparations and millions of dollars had been wasted, having all gone down the tubes at the last moment. Just then Ellali happens upon the stasis pod and discovers that her mother had gone.Outside, Naomi emerges from the Cave



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