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Steph is the ninth episode of the first season of Greenhouse Academy, premiering September 8th,2017 on Netflix.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Emma is talking to Jason in the Greenhouse grounds. Emma expresses that Jason hadn't told her that they would be destroying NASA's mission, as she thought they were trying to help them and concludes by saying that Jason had lied to her. Angry, Jason then tells her that there were very complicated things she didn't understand at work there.

Jason then asserts to Emma that all that mattered was that she had done a great job. Emma then fires back, by asking how it was a great job, revealing that she had seen the incident on the news and that the project was dead. Jason then orders Emma to watch her tone, while she was speaking to the dean of the Greenhouse, asking her to not make him regret accepting her to the school.

In the morning, Louis is seeing Sophie in his office. He asks her how she was doing as the captain, with Sophie then sighing and revealing that she hadn't slept at all during the previous night. Louis then guesses that Sophie had suddenly felt the weight of all her responsibility, with Sophie revealing that that had been the case slightly. Louis then gives her a stare, prompting her to give in and say that she actually felt it a lot, before assuring him that she'd be fine.

Louis then says that he was sure she'd be more than fine, before handing her the captain's Louie, remarking that she could lock and unlock her clubhouse door, without needing a student password. As Sophie opens up the Louie, Louis explains that it could also activate and de-activate the Louies of other students in an emergency. Sophie then calls it cool, as she continues to flick through it, before Louis tells her that a lot of people are going to want to giver her advice and that as such his advice to her would be; always listen to herself.

Sophie then says that she had been nervous previously, then sarcastically saying that there had been no pressure, with Louis assuring her that he had believed in her ability and that he would always be there for her. Sophie then thanks Louis, as he shows her to the door. After Sophie had gone, Louis sits back down in his chair and tells Jason that he was happy with the Eagles choice. Louis then asks his son what had happened with Emma the previous night.

Jason then lies to his father and tells him that Emma had told him that there were too many Ravens and not enough computers in the labs, before going on to say that he had suggested they come up with a sign-up sheet with designated times in order to help avoid any sort of gridlock. Louis then tells his son that he had done a good job in handling it.

At the Cave, Judy is on the phone to Marcus, asking whether he had seen the news report about the satellite failure, with him assuring her that he had, with Judy then revealing that there was only one thing that they would then have to take care of, telling him that he had known what he needed to do. Marcus then assures her that he'd take care of it, before coming out of the call. Marcus then sighs as he takes out a bag from the cabinet beneath him.

In the Ravens dormitory, Emma is busy writing, just as Max rocks up. Emma then looks up and says hi, before Max asks her what she had been writing. Emma then tells him that it was a letter to her parents, with Max then chuckling and asking why she wasn't using E-mail as it was a lot quicker. However, Emma then notes that it wouldn't of been as personal, as Max takes a seat. Emma then goes on, revealing that when she was in primary school, her mother had 2 jobs and that she had come back home only after she had gone to sleep.

Emma continues, saying that each morning when she awoke she had found a letter from her mother on her pillow telling her how her day had gone and that when she managed to get into the Greenhouse, she had promised her mother that she'd write to her every day. Max then asks Emma what she was writing to her mother about, further asking whether she'd told her about the satellite. Emma then just bluntly tells him that she hadn't yet.

In the Eagles dormitory, the boys are on the PlayStation just as Sophie arrives through the door. Tammy tells Sophie that she had been looking for her, revealing that there was a problem with the boys lockers. Concerned, Sophie asks what the problem was, before Tammy reveals that the boy's lockers stunk, having found a sock next to her toothbrush that morning. Tammy then remarks that she was over with cleaning up after the boys, with Sophie promising she'd talk with the boys.

Sophie then takes the sock off of Tammy, and tells the boys that she wanted to talk to them about the mess in their locker rooms. However the boys are oblivious to their captain, as they continue to play, with Sophie then calling for Parker, but to no avail. Sophie then tosses the stinky sock at Parker, resulting in him tossing the sock away in disgust, before asking Sophie why she had done it. Sophie then asks him whether they'd heard what she said, revealing that she wanted them to clean their lockers.

Parker then jokes that Sophie's new jacket had gone to her head, with Tammy then cutting in saying that they needed to listen to Sophie, before asking what's wrong with them. Parker then mockingly re-iterates what Tammy had asked, before asking Seth he had got it. In response Seth says that he would, but that it had been killing him, as Brooke watches Marcus from the window, before then heading off.

Daniel then tells Sophie, that the boys would clean and that then she'd say the lockers weren't really clean, asking them what the point was as Sophie had known the boys weren't very good at cleaning. Sophie then guesses it was because they were men, before saying that she had thought it was the 21st century, with Daniel then getting up and telling that it wouldn't be good to be tough on them at that moment, asking her to give them a chance to get used to her.

Just then Parker announces that they needed to head off anyway for basketball practice, with the boys then getting up to head off. However Sophie then orders them to stay and clean up their lockers, with Parker then mockingly thinking about the idea for a second, before saying no, as the boys then attempt to head off. Sophie, in response stands in their re-iterating that that was an order.

Parker and the boys then just brush past her, as Tammy asks Sophie whether she was really going to just let them go like that. Sophie then storms after the boys, exclaiming that no one was going anywhere, making use of her Captain's Louie to lock the clubhouse door. Parker then tries the door, before assuring the boys that he'd be able to open it, making use of the Louie's server. However Sophie then reveals that it was no use, as she had already deactivated their Louies.

Sophie then continues, exclaiming that she was their captain and that when she asked them to do something, they'd have to do it. Parker then asks Daniel whether he knew the captain could do that, with Daniel assuring him that he didn't. Just outside the Cave, Marcus is arriving with his tool-bag, opening up the Cave entrance with his hand and meeting up with Judy.

Upon seeing him, Judy tells him that he had been late, before asking him whether anyone had seen him entering the cave, before he assures that no one had seen him. Judy then further asks Marcus whether he had managed to bring everything she had asked him to, with Marcus then lifting his kit. Outside, Brooke has just rocked up, having followed Marcus.

Brooke runs up to the Cave entrance, looking round, as she calls out for Marcus. Just then Judy notices Brooke on the security camera from inside the Cave and ponders as to why Brooke was there. Marcus then sees the live security feed. At the Greenhouse gym, the Ravens are arriving for their next lesson, as Jackie asks whether the seminar they were attending would be boring. Suzanne then welcomes them, before asking whether any of them had issues with heights.

Max is quick to start talking, before Suzanne adds to what she had, being anyone other than Max. Suzanne then explains that that day's seminar was about collaboration and that a leader would know how to work effectively with his or her team. Becca then interrupts her, asking what the climbing wall behind Suzanne was for, with Suzanne then revealing that the Ravens would work in pairs, with one partner climbing blind-folded and the other being the guide.

Suzanne then concludes, by saying that their goal would be to simply reach the top of the wall. Max, however then points out that he had a problem with calcium crystals in his inner-ears. In response, Suzanne assures him that he'd be fine as they had both harnesses and helmets to help keep them all from falling, before asking who wanted to try it first. Hayley then chimes in, suggesting that their captain go first, but Suzanne then suggests that Hayley do it instead.

Hayley then agrees to do so, as Leo tries to guide her up the wall, telling her to move her left arm up and to the left. However Hayley then points out that there was nothing at that co-ordinate, with Leo then trying to assure her that she was doing great and that everything was fine. Leo then further instructs her to move her left arm up, then instructing her to move her right hand up a little bit and to the right. Leo then finally instructs Hayley to take her left foot and bring it up a couple of inches, with Hayley then managing to make it, as the other students cheer.

Back at the Cave, Judy is telling Marcus that she had told him to be careful, then pointing what he had done. However, Marcus then just bluntly tells her that Brooke would soon leave the Cave entrance, but Judy just says that Brooke knew too much about what they were doing, with Marcus trying to tell her that Brooke was just a curious kid. Judy then says that Brooke was too curious, as Brooke remarks that she knew Marcus could hear outside the Cave.

Judy then tells Marcus that he knew what they'd have to do, as he begs her to not do so. But Judy is persistent and orders him to do it, just as Brooke heads off. Marcus then breathes a sigh of relief, as Judy tells him that he had better hope that Brooke didn't come back. Judy then orders Marcus back to work.

At the Eagles dormitory, the boys are busy cleaning their lockers, as Parker says that that they should of been at basketball practice at that time, adding that their Coach would be mad. Just then Sophie arrives, handing Parker a sponge, noting that it would help him remove stains. Parker then takes the sponge, as Sophie begins to hear squeaks. Sophie asks them whether her fellow Eagles whether they heard the squeak, with Parker saying that he hadn't heard anything.

Sophie then hears the squeaking again and realizes where the noise was coming from, as Parker tries to convince her that it had just been the sink. However Sophie, just pushes pass him, only to find a box under the sink, as Parker tries to explain. Gasping at what she had found in the box, she asks Parker what she had found in the box.

As Parker tries to explain, Sophie asks how long the rabbit had been there fore, with Parker then revealing that it had only been a few days and that the rabbit had gotten lost at the Greenhouse. Parker then concludes by saying that they had saved the rabbit, with Sophie then realizing that the rabbit was why their lockers had smelt so bad. Sophie then goes on, reminding them all that they weren't supposed to be keeping animals in the clubhouse.

Tammy, then notes how cute the rabbit looked, before asking whether she could pet the rabbit. Sophie then ponders why they were doing that to her, before re-iterating the fact that they couldn't keep the rabbit there. Alex then cuts in saying that the rabbit had already bonded with them and that he had loved being there, as Parker concludes that the rabbit was definitely an Eagle.

Just then, Coach Davies arrives in the clubhouse, with the Eagles then quickly covering up the rabbit, as Coach arrived in the locker rooms. Coach then notifies the boys that they were late to practice, before asking what was going on. Back at the gym, Max is struggling to climb the wall.

Max, is worries that he was going to fall from the wall, with Jackie telling him that he hadn't been listening to her. Max then calls out for help, with Jackie then ordering him to stop yelling, but he then starts to repeatedly say that he was going to die as he had brittle bones. Annoyed, Jackie tells him that he'd die of old age if he didn't start climbing. Max then says that he wanted his mother, as Jackie exclaims that she'd drag Max up the wall herself, if he didn't start climbing.

In response, Max asks her how much further he had to go, with Jackie then revealing that he had only gone up five feet, causing the rest of the Ravens to start laughing. Jackie then tells Max to focus, and that all he had to do was move his right foot. Max then asks her to clarify, with Jackie re-iterating that she had told him to move it to the right. Max , confused asks whether she meant his right or her right, with Jackie exclaiming that that didn't make sense.

Max then asks her to stop yelling at him, with Emma then taking over for Jackie, assuring Max that he was doing fine and telling him to take a deep breath. Emma then instructs Max to raise his left hand at a 30 degree angle and place it 7 inches to the right. Max then does so, with Emma further instructing him to lower his right foot south-west at about two inches above the level of his foot. Max then thanks Emma, calling her instructions precise.

Max then says that he thought he could make it, with the rest of the Ravens applauding him. In the Eagles locker rooms, Coach Davies asks Sophie why his boys were late to their practice, with Sophie explaining that she was just having them clean up their lockers. The coach then admires Sophie's decision, noting that good athletes always required discipline, before then seeing the box and asking Sophie what it was.

Sophie then covers up by saying that it was just some garbage, Coach in response just tells her to remember to recycle it and therefore try to keep the Greenhouse clean, with Sophie then complying as he left. After Coach Davies left, Parker turns to Sophie and thanks her for covering. Sophie then laments that while the rabbit was cute they still couldn't keep it there and that they'd have to give the rabbit up for adoption.

In the Greenhouse gym, Max is trying to guide Emma up the wall, instructing her to raise her right foot at a 45 degree angle about seven inches, before then continuing to tell her to raise her right hand 4.7 inches above her. Emma then complies, as Max continues to try and direct her, but he then realizes that she had gotten the pattern, with Emma noting that the holding grips were in a triangular pattern. Just then Jason arrives on the scene, asking Suzanne how the seminar was going.

Upon hearing Jason, Emma loses her grip, as Max tells her to be careful. Emma then falls to the mat, with Jackie asking whether she was ok, with Suzanne then walking over to her, asking whether she was okay, as Jason remarks that Emma wouldn't want to hurt herself. Back in the Eagles dormitory, the Eagles have gathered around their rabbit,, just as Sophie comes off the phone.

Sophie then reveals that she had been on the phone to Louis and that he had given her directions to the humane shelter. Parker then questions it, as Sophie asks them to not make the situation harder than it already was, just as Brooke shows up. Seeing the rabbit, she asks who it was, with Parker revealing that the rabbit had been named Steph, after Steph Curry. Sophie then questions the fact that they gave the rabbit a name.

Parker, in response just says yes, as Sophie tells Brooke that the boys had found the rabbit, before asking whether they'd now need to give it away. Tammy then asks her whether they really knew the people at the shelter, with Daniel adding that the people could cook Steph the moment they left the rabbit with them. Parker then tells Daniel not to say that, as Sophie promises that no one was going to be cooked. Brooke then asks Sophie whether they really couldn't keep the rabbit.

Parker then suggests that they should at least be able to keep the rabbit till after their next basketball game. However Sophie then sternly says no, as she had just gotten off the phone, before then realizing that Parker may have just gotten onto something. Confused, Parker asks her what he said, with Sophie then explaining that the rules against pets would only apply to the Greenhouse premises, with Parker confirming it. Sophie then suggests that they make Steph their Eagles mascot.

Daniel then says that that wasn't a bad idea, with Sophie then asking what the rest of them thought, as Brooke beckons her. Sophie then decides to give Louis a call, with Parker then remarking that they'd put some Eagle wings on Steph. Brooke then sits down next to Daniel, as he asks her where she had been.

Brooke then just says that she had been checking some stuff out, with Daniel confused, asking what stuff she had meant. Brooke, however just brushes it off saying that it was nothing important, with Daniel then re-iterating it. Just then Sophie comes off the phone to Louis, revealing that Louis had said yes, with the rest of the Eagles then cheering, as Parker remarks that the rabbit would named Steph; the official Eagles mascot.

The Eagles then stand up and begin to chant "Go Steph!". In the Eagles bedroom, Brooke arrives to find something, just as Daniel asks her what stuff she had been checking out, assuring her that she could tell him anything. Brooke then reveals that it had been Marcus and that he'd been acting strange lately. Daniel then asks for clarification as to whether Brooke had meant Marcus, who was the maintenance guy.

Brooke then corrects Daniel, by saying that Marcus wasn't just a maintenance guy but that he was also a family friend and that she had been asking Marcus something about the car engine fire. In response, Daniela asks what as Brooke explains that Marcus had started acting weird. Daniel then asks Brooke why she'd bring his mom up with Marcus.

Brooke then reveals that she had thought that his mother knew something about the car accident. Daniel then asks Brooke whether she really thought that his mother had something to do with the incident, with Brooke then assuring him that she wasn't accusing his mother of blowing the car up, as that would of been ridiculous. Daniel then adds that his mother barely knew how to operate a microwave oven.

Brooke then notes that she hadn't thought Judy did it by herself, but that someone else had been helping her. Daniel then sighs and laments the fact that this his mother they were talking about, with Brooke then saying that he had to admit that Judy was a bit obsessed with the taser barb, but Daniel just states that that was because Judy was trying to protect him, as she'd don anything for him.

Brooke then points out that that had been her entire point, with Daniel then sarcastically remarking that she now had a point. Brooke then begins to explain that Marcus started to act weird, when she brought up Daniel's mother and that that had been when she was looking out of the dormitory window, to see Marcus walking off campus towards the ocean and that she had followed him, before he disappeared.

Daniel then questions what Brooke had said, as she then says that something was going on there and that she thought his mother may know something about it. Daniel then says that he couldn't believe Brooke, stating that as he had almost lost his leg, he didn't know when he'd be able to play basketball again and that Louis had humiliated him in front of everyone and that Brooke had gone behind his back to campaign with Sophie against Parker.

Daniel then concludes, by asking Brooke whether she was attacking his mother, but Brooke assures him that she wasn't. But Daniel isn't having it, believing that she was indeed doing so, before saying that his mother had sacrificed everything for him and that he was who he was that day, thanks to his mother. Daniel then concludes by saying that he wouldn't let Brooke or anyone else disrespect her.

Daniel then hobbles away, catching the attention of Alex , who was busy looking through his locker. Later that night, Emma is attempting to call Brandon Thomas, only to get his answer machine, Emma then says that she'd like to report an anonymous tip about the missing satellite and that she had some important information about it. Just then however, Jason shows up, having intercepted the call.

Jason says good evening to Emma through her Louie, causing her to swivel round to see Jason walking towards her in the corridor. Jason then reveals that he had been talking to Emma's parents, assuring them that everything was fine and that he had just wanted to let them know how pleased he and the rest of the staff were with Emma, adding that Emma's mother should let Emma's father know as well, as Emma was a shining star.

Jason then continues, saying that he knew how much Emma adored them, revealing that she talked about them a lot and that he had just wanted to touch base with them and give them a progress report for Emma. Jason then says thanks and comes off the phone, before walking off. In the Ravens dormitory, Max is setting up his chess board, before asking everyone whether they had seen Emma around.

Becca then shakes her head, as Max begins to ask around. He then hears Emma crying in the locker room, walking up the cubicle and putting his ear up. He asks whether it was her. Max then says don't cry, or cry if it made her feel better, but that he'd prefer it if she didn't do so. Max then asks Emma whether she wanted him to leave, with her asking him to do so. Max then heads off.

Outside the Cave, Brooke is investigating, using her torch to see the surrounding area. Just then Alex walks up behind up, making her jump. She tells him that he had scared her, with Alex then apologizing, as she asks him why he was there. Alex explains that he didn't want to scare her, but that he had heard the conversation she had with Daniel, with Brooke having looked really upset after dinner and that he just wanted to make sure she was alright.

Brooke then thanks Alex for doing so, adding that that was sweet of Alex to do so. Alex then asks whether that had been where she saw Marcus, with Brooke nodding her head. Alex then suggests they split up and look in different areas , but as they begin to investigate, a rattle sounds. The pair then come face to face with a man, with Brooke recognizing him as the missing park ranger. Alex asks him whether he was ok, before the ranger accuses them for what had happened to him, then attempting to attack Brooke.