Summery is the thirty seventh episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering March 19th 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the last episode, Daniel and Ellali are in the science lab, as Daniel sorts through the missing pages of the hypnotism book, as he asks Ellali whether their really going to de-hypnotise Natalie, with Ellali then responding by asking whether he'd really want to tell his girlfriend that she's not supposed to be his girlfriend.

Daniel then reveals he hadn't thought of that, with Ellali then believing that he's beginning to chicken out, however Daniel assures her that wasn't the case, then telling her that he's going to read out the pages with Ellali then writing everything he reads aloud down on the white board. Ellali then discovers she's missing the marker, with Daniel then asking what was up with it .

Ellali then asks if Daniel had the pen, as she searches herself. Daniel reveals he doesn't have the pen, telling her that she was the last one to have it. Ellali then asks whether he's absolutely sure as she didn't have it, with Daniel then suggesting it may of fell somewhere. Ellali then persistently asks where they could of dropped it. Ellali then realizes that that she may of dropped the pen when she bent over to pick the things up in Marcus' room. Daniel however, then says it was no big deal as Marcus was so scatter-brained that he wouldn't even notice if an alien had sat down at his desk.

Ellali asks whether he was sure, with him assuring her before beckoning them on to continue. In his workshop, Marcus has discovered Daniel and Ellali's pen, pressing the end of the pen and discovering that it projects invisible ink onto the wall, revealing his name; Marcus.

In the Eagles dormitory, Ron is still in disbelief that Sophie had given Miki Sevan background information on him, with Eitan then revealing that he'd seen Ron's background information and reveals it to have said:"Just call Ron up onstage and he'll make a fool of himself". Knowing it's a joke, Ron playfully pushes Eitan, telling him to shut up, calling him an idiot. Eitan then says that he swears Miki had grilled Ron like a hamburger.

Eitan then continues, saying that he had almost come on stage with a burger bun in his hand, with Ron then sarcastically calling him a real comedian in response. Alfie and Sophie then arrive in the dorm, with him telling Sophie that as Daniel wasn't there he was probably with his sister, but Sophie tells him to stop expressing that he was delusional, as both Ellali and Daniel hated each other, with Alfie then asking what their problem was.

Ron then chimes in, telling them that if he were them he'd be ashamed to even walk into their dorm and that what Sophie had done was low even for her standards, with Natalie adding that they'd betrayed their own friends. Sophie then says look who's talking as Natalie had deliberately lied to her father just to screw over Alfie. Natalie then fires back saying that Sophie was just changing the subject, just like Miki had told her.

Alfie then declares that that was enough, as Miki had also screwed over Sophie along with the rest of them. Natalie then jeeringly asks for a second to take pity on Sophie, then saying that the moment was then over. Alfie then tells Sophie that she should just forget them as they were not worth her trouble. Natalie then points out that it was none of Alfie's business with him the saying that he was ashamed to have been on the same team as him, with Ron telling him that he should feel free to leave.

Just then Dina arrives in the dormitory, as Alfie tells Ron that he wouldn't give Ron that satisfaction, with Eitan then belittling what Alfie said. In response Alfie tells Eitan to shut up, just as Dina begins to speak up, asking the Eagles whether they were always like that. Ron then asks why she was there, with Eitan warning everyone to keep an eye on their wallets, tensing up as Dina approaches him. Dina then explains that while she didn't intend to stop the civil war they were having, but that she understood they had a problem with Sophie.

Dina goes on saying that in which case they may want to know that Sophie had managed to save her life that day, with Ron then going what a shame. Dina continues explaining that Miki Sevan had screwed her over that day and that Miki had planned to broadcast the interview they had on the national news, which would only end up with her in jail and that while she didn't know how Sophie had somehow managed to change Miki's mind and save the day, finishing by saying that she just wanted to let them know.

Dina then heads off, as Natalie remarks that it was too bad Sophie didn't take care of the Eagles like she had with Dina. Back in the Galapagos science lab, Daniel and Ellali are going over the pages they'd managed to recover, with Daniel reading one of the pages and revealing that the subject of the de-hypnotization would have to be very relaxed and that there would have to be familiar objects and items around them.

Ellali then asks Daniel what calms Natalie down, expressing that he must know. Daniel however says he doesn't know, guessing that it could be having her neck fondled. In response Ellali sarcastically calls it charming, then asking whether there was anything else, suggesting music Natalie may like or whether Natalie even liked music, with Daniel trying to assure her that he'd find something, then suggesting they could use an object that she's attached to instead, coming up with the idea of using a blanket that Natalie had up until she was 10 years old, then saying he'd go and get the blanket.

Ellali says great and asks where the blanket was, with Daniel revealing it was in Louis' house and that he'd go and get it. Daniel then continues reading discovering that they needed a hypnotic spiral, getting confused. Ellali then takes the page off of him and takes a look at the image of the hypnotic spiral, pondering where their meant to get a thing like that. Daniel then remarks that it looked like something you'd find on the Raven's mantle, with Ellali then responding by saying that he should know as he had painted it for them.

Daniel then asks whether Ellali had anyone who could build the hypnotic spiral for them, with Ellali then realizing that she could ask Matti to do it, saying she couldn't believe she hadn't thought of it. Daniel then asks whether Ellali trusted Matti, with her replying by saying that she did completely. She then suggests that they get off, as they had to execute the task quickly, so that no one would expect them of anything.

The two then get up and head off, walking out of the door, with Ellali then curious, asking Daniel what he had meant by fondle, with him then asking her whether she knew what fondling was, with Ellali revealing she didn't really know. Daniel then tells her that he'd show her, before attempting to fondle her, but Ellali shoos him away, before heading off. As the two walk off, Amy reveals that she managed to catch the two on camera.

In Marcus' workshop, Marcus is making use of a handwriting identification programme in order to find who had written his name, in the invisible ink, revealing it to have been Ellali. In the Ravens dormitory, Ellali is sitting with Dina and Matti, asking him whether he understood about the hypnotic spiral. Matti assures her that he did, understanding that she needed a hypnotic spiral. Ellali then expresses that no one else, besides must find out about what their doing, with Dina then adding Daniel as well.

Matti then asks about the key that Ellali had found in her mother's safe, but Ellali expresses that the first thing they must take care of would be to wake up Natalie, with Matti agreeing. Dina then expresses her disbelief at the fact they were going through all of that just for Natalie. Matti, surprised says that he couldn believe he hadn't seen it before, then believing that the traitor at the school was Natalie. Dina in response asks what was up with him.

Matti then reveals that he believes the collaborator Alona had told him about to be Natalie, with Ellali then saying right, before Dina says that it was too bad that he'd almost thrown her in jail before he'd realized it and that he could make it up to her if he made them a hypnotic spiral. The three then get up, with Matti heading off, just as Iftach arrives asking to talk to Ellali.

Ellali tells him to go ahead, with the two then sitting down. Iftach then begins telling Ellali that when she had left, he'd told Amy about the two of them, with Ellali then revealing that she'd heard. Relieved, Iftach says that was great that she'd heard about it. Ellali then beckons him on to say what he intended. Iftach then continues asking her whether they could stop playing that game they were playing where every time he tried to talk to her, she just ran away and avoided her.

Ellali then tells him that he's right as she wanted to speak with him, but not at that moment, asking whether that'd be ok, while getting up, with Iftach then revealing that that was exactly the sort of game they were talking about. In Robbie's room, Judy is watching over him, just as she get's up having heard someone in Louis' residence. Daniel had just finished searching Louis' residence for Natalie's blanket and tucks it under his t-shirt, before his mother arrives from around the corner.

Judy tells her son that he'd startled her, with him then asking her what's up. Judy questions him as to why he's sneaking around the house without first knocking. Daniel tries to cover up, saying that he was just looking for Natalie, but Judy just asks whether Natalie should of been in the Eagles clubhouse. Daniel agrees with her, telling her that he'd go and look for Natalie in his clubhouse, before trying to head off. However Judy stops him before he does so, asking whether he was alright, but he brushes it off, telling her that everything was fine.

Judy then adds that while he shouldn't take what she was about to say as criticism, it had looked like he hadn't been working out as of late. Daniel questions it, as Judy then tells her son that he should cut down on the carbs, with Daniel then revealing the carbs had been from the cheese sandwiches in the cafeteria. Daniel then heads off through the door.

Back in the Ravens dormitory, Iftach is sitting on the couch, just as Amy arrives, asking whether she could sit next to him. Amy then says that she couldn't get why he was angry with her, being that she should be the one who was mad at her, as he'd broken up with her in front of the whole school. Iftach expresses that he hadn't meant for it to be that way.

Iftach continues, saying that Amy had pushed him over the edge, Amy however tells him that while that may of been true she had no bad intentions with it. Amy then reveals that there was something important she needed to tell him, with Iftach then asking what it was, with Amy revealing it was to do with Ellali. However Iftach tells her that he didn't want to talk about Ellali with her, but Amy continues, revealing that while he may want Ellali, Ellali didn't want Iftach.

Iftach then questions whether she was actually listening to him, as he'd told her that he didn't want to talk about Ellali with her, but Amy expresses that she had evidence that Ellali didn't want him, but Iftach questions why he should believe anything she said, especially if it was to do with Ellali. Iftach then heads off.

In Matti's computer lab, Matti and Dina are busy at work on a hypno spiral, as Dina remarks that it was creepy that there was a psycho who had uploaded instructions onto the internet for anything they had wanted to build. Matti however says that he didn't know as he'd uploaded a video where he added the voices of his teachers onto the Angry Birds, asking Dina whether that made him a psycho.

Matti then asks Dina whether she had forgiven him for what he'd done, because he'd never forgiven himself if he'd done anything like that to himself, but adding that technically that wouldn't of been possible. Matti then goes on, saying to suspect himself and then hack into his own personal file, asking Dina whether she had known what he meant. Dina having been concentrated on the hypno-wheel, asks what he said.

Matti then asks whether she'd heard what he had said, with Dina then telling him that she'd found a way to just mute her brain whenever he had started to ramble on, adding that once she had seen his mouth move, she'd just nod every once in a while. Dina then finishes the wheel, asking Matti how it looked, with him exclaiming that it had looked just like the one he'd seen on the internet. Matti then attaches the spiral to the base, as Dina expresses that that was the greates hypnotic spiral she'd seen, with Matti then asking how many hypno-wheels she actually seen.

However Dina doesn't answer, as Matti realizes she's being cynical, adding that he couldn't understand her sense of humour. Dina then says that Matti could be a bit gullible, with Matti agreeing, before adding that they could text to Ellali that the wheel was ready, asking Dina whether she thought it was funny. However Dina just stares blankly at the wheel, before Matti asks whether she could hear him. Dina then pretends to be hypnotised, calling Matti her master. Matti panicking, ponders how that had happened.

Matti then waves his hand in front of her face, asking her whether she was there, but Dina continues to call him master Matti, with Matti then saying that that couldn't happen and asking how that could possibly be. Matti then tells her to look at him, expressing she's not hypnotised. Dina then calls him a moron, with Matti then asking who was a moron, with Dina then saying it was him, revealing herself to not be hypnotised.

Matti tells her that that wasn't funny, asking her to not do that. Dina then gets up pondering what she'd do with him, giving him a kiss on the head. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is reading a magazine with Natalie cleaning plate behind her. Sophie then turns round to her asking her whether they'd really reached that point; being the point where her best friend had turned against her.

Natalie however reveals that she's not against Sophie, but is against what she was doing, but Sophie questions what the difference was, expressing that she was sick of fighting with Natalie and that that thing between them was killing them. Natalie then says that she's not fighting with her and that Sophie was the one who'd thought of only herself, before considering her friends. Sophie then asks her to stop saying that all the time, asking Natalie whether she was sick of just repeating it over and over again, with Natalie then firmly saying that that was the truth.

Sophie then says that she was just sick of it and that she was close to giving up on Natalie forever, asking Natalie whether that was really what she wanted. Natalie then just bluntly asks whether their finished there, before heading off. In the science lab, Daniel is preparing things, just as Ellali comes in with the hypno-spiral.

Daniel then turns around, surprised at how quickly the hypno-spiral was made, asking how Dina and Matti had managed to make it within 30 minutes, with Ellali then handing him the hypno-wheel, saying that she had told him that they were the best. Daniel then places the wheel down, before asking Ellali whether she thought it was relaxing enough in the lab, with her expressing that she didn't know.

Ellali then notes that he had the blanket and his fondling ready, before asking whether they should play some music. Daniel then turns on some music, explaining that Natalie loved the music he had played, before Ellali asks him to turn off the music until she had left the lab. Daniel then asks where she was going, with Ellali then saying that they had said that Natalie needed to be relaxed and that she doesn't think she'd be able to calm her down.

Daniel then says that's ok, as Ellali assures him that he'd be fine with Natalie, as he knew what to do. Daniel then asks her what she thought would happen when Natalie snapped out of her hypnotic state, with Ellali then calling it good question and revealing that she didn't envy Natalie. Ellali then continues saying that it must feel terrible, to find out that you'd been spent the time living a lie, with Daniel then adding that Natalie may never want to see his face again after the process.

Ellali then agrees, saying that could be possible, before announcing that she's leaving, with Daniel then thanking Ellali for everything that she'd done for him, but Ellali tells him that he didn't have to thank her as they were both in it together, with Daniel continuing saying that it was surprising how they'd been together, with Ellali saying it was very much, before heading off.

In the Hole, Marcus is in the stasis chamber, watching over Naomi and complaining about the fact that Naomi's daughter; Ellali is on his case and that it was enough that both Ze'ev and Judy were on his case. Marcus then adds that he's very close to losing it and that in the mean time, she just slept there peacefully while he goes crazy on the inside and that the second anyone found out that Naomi was there, he'd be a dead man.

Marcus continues, asking whether she had any idea what it was like to wake up in the middle of the night, every night, due to the nightmare he's had of someone finding Naomi there, then questioning how easy it would be to just get rid of her and that all he had to do was simply press a button opposite the stasis pod. Marcus then calms down, assuring Naomi that he isn't a bad person and that all he had wanted was a little peace.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Sophie is talking about her talk with Natalie with Alfie, expressing that it was like talking to a different person and that he should of seen the way that Natalie had looked at her. Sophie continues saying that it was as if Natalie had forgotten everything they'd gone through together. Alfie says that had sounded familiar and asks what was going on with Natalie, as Amy over the other side of the cafeteria takes a look at her photo of Ellali and Daniel.

Alfie continues by saying that the best thing they could do was to just forget about Natalie, with Sophie agreeing. Sophie then gets a call from an unrecognized number, with Alfie then asking what she had gotten. Sophie then gets the photo of Daniel and Ellali, quickly expressing her surprise, with Alfie asking what it was. Sophie then reveals it was a photo, also telling him that he's not going to like the photo. Alfie curious, asks what the photo was. Sophie then says that she was wrong not to have listened to him and that he had been right about Daniel and Ellali, then flipping the photo and revealing it to be Alfie's sister and Daniel.

Alfie then expresses that he had known it, calling it disgusting and expressing that that was his sister in the photo, before adding that he had thought that Natalie had lost it. Sophie then calls Alfie a genius, with Alfie curious; asking what she meant. Sophie explains that she's sure that Natalie would be happy to see that photo on her , blog, but Alfie expresses that she mustn't go public with the photo.

In response, Sophie asks why not, believing that the public had a right to know. In the Ravens dormitory, Matti has just had a shower and is taking his clothes out of his locker. Over at the table, Dina gets a news alert with the photo of Daniel and Ellali, telling Ellali that it's better if she didn't see it. Ellali in response asks what had happened. Ellali then takes Dina's Louie off of her taking a look at the new photo. Shocked Ellali asks how that had happened.

Over at the lockers, Matti asks where his Louie device is, searching through his locker, as Ellali expresses her disbelief at the news and pondering who had taken the photo. Dina then asks Ellali whether she believed it, being that both Ellali and Daniel are together and that their already like Brangelina, but Ellali then expresses that she and Daniel are not together, with Dina adding that they did look pretty close in the photo. Ellali then questions whether Dina was trying to make her mad.

Ellali then explains that Daniel had just been showing her something that Natalie had liked and that he just fondled her. Dina then asks whether Ellali had really just said that she had been fondled by Daniel, with Ellali then expressing her worry at the fact that it was occurring. Just then Matti remembers where he left his Louie, heading off to his lab, but Dina tells him that he couldn't go out in his bathrobe and that he should go and take a shower, assuring him that she'd go and find the Louie.

Matti then complies, as Dina tells Ellali that the photo was then out in the open and that there was nothing she could do about it. Ellali then says that she bets the photo was making Alfie crazy and that she had better go and talk to him, with Dina adding that Alfie wouldn't be the only person she'd have to talk to. Iftach then appears in the dorm, angry about the photo.

Back in the science lab, Daniel brings Natalie in for the de-hypnotization, with her asking him what's going on and as to why her blanket was there. Daniel tells her to sit down, assuring her that everything would be fine, but she continues to ask what was going on. Daniel explains that he just wanted her to sit down and relax. Natalie expresses that she's not relaxed whatsoever, asking again why she was there. Daniel then says that he wanted to tell her something.

Natalie then sees the hypnotic spiral and asks what it was doing there, with Daniel then asking her to listen to him as what he had to say was important, expressing that there was something that she needed to know. Natalie then gets the latest news alert on her Louie, seeing the photo of Daniel and Ellali. Natalie then gives Daniel a cold stare, before he asks her what's up.

Natalie then guesses that the photo was what he wanted to tell her about, flipping the photo to show Daniel. In Matti's computer lab, Dina has arrived looking for Matti's Louie, picking up his Louie and then receiving a call from Alona. Alona asks her to answer if she could hear her. Alona then realizes it was Dina, with Dina then saying hi and asking what's up.

Alona then says that Dina now had his Louie and that she knew that was something Dina would do. Dina tries to explain that it's not what Alona had thought, before the video call cuts out. Back in Robbie's room, Robbie is struggling in his sleep, calling Alona's name, asking what she had done to him, before asking what.



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