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Surfing Lessons is the fifth episode of Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy and the seventeenth episode overall.


In the Eagles dormitory, Parker is taking things out of his locker, just as Sophie rocks up. Sophie attempts to apologize to Parker for the ordeal, with Parker then turning to her and reminding her that she had given him her word that she wouldn't post the footage of him.

Parker continues, saying that Sophie had looked him in the eye and had said that she wouldn't of posted the footage, with Sophie then quick to say that she had no other choice, as Michelle had told her that she said the final piece wouldn't of worked without the final part being added. Parker is then quick to question this, asking Sophie whether she and Michelle were now best friends.

Just then, some of the other Eagles boys arrive in the locker rooms, with one of them joking that he had always him and Parker to be together, stating that he loved him. The boy then tells Parker not to take it too hard, as he was now viral. Sophie then begs Parker to hear her out, but Parkers not having it.

In the Cave, Judy is on the phone to the Client, who's telling her that he was pleased with the little display that Judy had arranged for him that day, with Judy then saying she was glad to hear that, before the Client tells her that they should start talking about her next assignment.

The Client then notifies Judy, that he'd sent them the new coordinates on their encrypted site and that that would be where their next earthquake had to hit. Marcus then cuts in, revealing that the site was 90 miles north from their location, with Judy then asking the Client for clarification as to whether he meant the pharmaceutical factory in Redron. The Client then reveals that he wanted the entire plant to be destroyed.

The Client continues, saying that he had made a huge bet on Redron stock to plummet and as such they'd need to make the earthquake bigger than the previous one. Marcus then asks for clarification, as to whether the Client meant it would need to larger than 5.2, before expressing concern at the fact the pharma plants were open all hours, meaning there'd be casualties.

The Client, then however notes that he thought that the 50 million dollars each of them would earn, would help to ease Marcus' conscience, before then asking Judy whether they were on the same page. Judy then says that they were, with the Client then mentioning that he'd seen the Greenhouse in the news and that the last thing they needed was the media swarming the Greenhouse campus.

He then concludes, that Judy needed to shut the media down, before ending the call. At the Woods household, Hayley has arrived and is doing pancakes. Carter tells her not to forget the blueberries, then adding that her mother wouldn't of forgiven him if they left them out.

Carter takes the blueberries out of the fridge, placing them on the table, before asking Hayley whether she had managed to get some sleep, as she had sounded pretty stressed on the phone during the prior night. Hayley then says that he knew how it wasn't easy to sleep after a 5.2 earthquake. Carter then expresses that he couldn't believe she was caught in the middle of an earthquake.

Carter then goes on to ask his daughter how Alex was, with Hayley then assuring him that he was fine, but just a little moody. In response, Carter asks what was wrong with Alex, before Hayley reveals that Alex had gotten his heart broke due to girl trouble. Curious, Carter further asks how Alex had been coping in his situation, with Hayley then saying that Alex was just shooting hoops all day.

Hayley then takes the pancakes to the table, as the pair sit down. Carter then asks Hayley how she and Leo were, adding that he liked Leo. Hayley then remarks that in said case, her father would love Leo's girlfriend; Aspen, explaining that she had just come back from England and had joined the Ravens. After hearing this, Carter then apologizes to her, asking Hayley whether Leo had even mentioned he had a girl-friend.

In response, Hayley shakes her head, as Carter asks her for clarification as to whether Leo knew her father was a member of the FBI. The two then chuckle, before Hayley tells her father that she loved him, with Carter saying the same to his daughter, adding that she'd always be his girl. Carter continues, saying that Hayley had had quit the week after Leo's girl-friend showed up, as well as an 5.2 earthquake.

Hayley then reveals to her father that she had been swimming when the earthquake had hit and as such had almost drowned, then revealing that she had seen her mother while drowning. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie has received a text from Michelle. Curious, Brooke asks what's up, as Sophie reveals that Michelle had asked her to send more videos from her blog.

Brooke then says that the fact Michelle was reading Sophie's blog was huge, as Sophie explains that Michelle wanted to do a feature on the Greenhouse, making use of her video blog footage and that the story would air nationally on their affiliate news stations. Sophie then shows Brooke the text that Michelle had written, reading; "Sophie Cardona, you are the new face of Gen V, Generation Viral."

Brooke then exclaims that Sophie was going to be famous, before seeing the look on Sophie's face and asking her what was wrong, telling her to not tell her that she was getting cold feet. Sophie then looks over at Parker and the other Eagles, who were sitting at the adjacent table, saying that she still felt bad about what had happened with Parker. However Brooke then tells her that she was just reporting the news and that Parker needed to grow up.

Brooke then calls for the attention of the other Eagles, expressing that she was proud to announce that their captain, Sophie Cardona is going to be featuring on KYOO-TV's national broadcast with a profile story on the Greenhouse. Brooke then sees the looks on her fellow Eagles faces and asks what was wrong with them, before Parker tells her that Sophie had sold them out.

In response, Brooke says excuse me, before Sophie stands up and tells Brooke that she had deserved that as she hadn't been honest with her fellow Eagles, then promising everyone that she wouldn't do that sort of thin again., However Parker is quick to say that Sophie should of thought about that, before she had thrown him under the bus. Back at the Woods household, Carter is reminding Hayley that when they talked on the phone, she hadn't mentioned she was in water.

Hayley then says that she was indeed in water, but expresses that that was not the point, with the point being that she had seen her mother. Carter then asks where his daughter had seen her, with Hayley revealing it was in the water, adding that it was the strangest feeling and that she had actually felt like her mother was there.

Hayley continues saying that while she knew that she used to get upset, when he would say the same sort of thing, but that then she kind of understood it. However Carter is quick to brush off his daughter's claims, expressing the fact that is was understandable that she'd have that sort of vision when being caught in a life or death situation, but Hayley then expresses that it had been more than just a vision, then pondering whether her mother was really alive.

Carter then reminds her that she had once told him that he wouldn't of been able to get on with her life until he was able to come to terms with his wife's death, before concluding that he wasn't going to let Hayley fall into the same trap that he did. Back in the Cave, Judy is on the phone to Brooke, with Brooke then asking her how she was. Judy then brings up Brooke's friend; Sophie.

Brooke then asks what she wanted with Sophie, as Judy explains that she thought it would be best for both her father and for the Greenhouse if she were to stop making her news videos about the Greenhouse. Brooke then mentions that the videos would be going on the national news, adding that it was Sophie's big break. However, Judy is persistent and tells Brooke that it was bad for the Greenhouse, asking Brooke whether she understood.

Brooke then says that she did, with Judy telling her that Sophie was only looking out for herself and not for her friends, adding that that was no way to be a leader, with Brooke then agreeing. Judy then reaffirms with Brooke that she needed to talk to Sophie and get her to stop making her videos, with Brooke then agreeing to do so. Out in the Greenhouse grounds, Max is sitting on a bench, just as Jackie rocks up.

Jackie then jokingly asks whether he was the Bizarro Max, noting the fact that Max was actually out in the sunshine. Jackie then rests her surfboard up against the side of the bench, before sitting down next to Max and asking what his face was about, then guessing that it was to do with Emma. Max then reveals to Jackie that he had called Emma 3 times, but that she still hadn't picked up.

Max then adds that he knew Emma was screening his calls, with Jackie then asking Max whether she'd ever told him about how she learnt to surf. Max then shakes his head, as Jackie explains that she had been dating this guy and that at first he was sort of nice, but that in the end he turned out to not be so nice, before then revealing that the guy then broke up with her. Max then states that the guy obviously wasn't very intelligent, with Jackie agreeing.

Jackie then tells Max that that had been a nice thing for him say to her, before continuing and saying that the guy used to surf very well and as such she had followed him without him knowing so, just so that she could watch him. Max then points out what Jackie had done was technically stalking, but Jackie tells him that she was the one telling the story, then saying that she couldn't get over the guy and that she used to cry all the time. This fact surprises Max, as Jackie explains that she cried every time she heard the surf reports on the radio.

Jackie goes on explaining that she had even cried, when she smelt fish because it remined her of the ocean. This then makes Max chuckle, questioning the fact that she cried when she smelt fish. Jackie then reveals that one day she had seen her surfboard at a garage sale, with it having gone for nothing and as such she bought it, before then taking it to the beach and finding surfers who taught her the basics and that at first she fell down a lot, but that she got better.

Jackie then concludes that by the time she had learned to surf, she didn't even think about the guy anymore, before then asking Max whether he saw where she was going with this story. Max then guesses that Jackie had meant that he should start surfing. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is in a face time session with Michelle, who thanks her for doing what she did, adding that she knew it'd been a while since they had received such strong reactions to one of their news stories.

Sophie then expresses her excitement about this fact, calling it amazing. Just then, from across the dormitory, Parker imitates what Sophie had just said, prompting Michelle to ask Sophie what the noise was. Sophie then apologizes to Michelle, with her then assuring her that it was fine, adding that Sophie needed to get use to people being jealous of her success, as it came with the territory.

Michelle then notifies Sophie that she'd talk with her soon, with Sophie then thanking her and closing her Louie. After looking over at Parker, who was busy shooting hoops, Sophie stands up and takes a deep breath, before heading over to Parker and telling him that she got what he was doing, and she knew that she'd hurt his feelings, but that she wouldn't apologize for trying to make her dreams come true.

Sophie goes on, saying that women leaders were always criticized for their ambition, but that if she happened to be a guy, Parker would probably give her a high-five for trying to promote the Greenhouse. Parker then questions what Sophie had said, asking whether she was immune from criticism just because she was a girl, then adding that he didn't think this was the case. Parker goes on, stating that there was a difference between promoting the Greenhouse and exploiting it. Sophie, in response fires back saying that she wasn't exploiting anyone.

Parker, however then exclaims that that was exactly what she was doing, but Sophie is persistent and says that this wasn't the case and that she had a rare opportunity to do something for her future. Parker then tells her that while Sophie played a good game about leadership and ambition, it was all about her ego in the end, before then pondering as to who knew about the fact that all Sophie cared about was herself.

Sophie then sees Brooke, standing in front of her, as the boys head off. She asks her, whether she had just heard what Parker had said, with Brooke then telling Sophie that she had and that Parker was right in what he said. Shocked, Sophie exclaims what, as Brooke apologizes to Sophie, before stating that she was with Parker on the ordeal.

Sophie then asks her friend whether she was joking, as she was meant to be on her side. However, Brooke says that she was on the side of the Greenhouse and that what she had been doing for the Greenhouse was bad. In the Woods household, Carter is sat at his laptop, just as Hayley walks up to him, asking where everything was. Confused, Carter asks what she had meant, with Hayley then revealing she had been talking about the documents related to her mother.

Carter then tells his daughter that he had thrown it all out, with Hayley then asking why he'd done it. Carter then asks whether she was actually serious about it, as Hayley expresses her disbelief at the fact that he threw everything away, with Carter then reminding her that she was the one who had told him to do it. Hayley then expresses that she wished that he hadn't listened to her.

Hayley then storms off, as Carter tells her that he was glad that he had listened to his daughter. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Brooke is doing her hair in the bathroom, just as Daniel rocks up. He asks what was wrong with her, leaving Brooke confused, asking what he meant. Daniel then asks Brooke how she could do what she did to Sophie, but Brooke is quick then ask him why she couldn't change her mind.

Daniel then explains that Brooke could do whatever she waned, but that Sophie was her best friend and had humiliated her in front of the other Eagles, before asking her why she did a 180, then further asking whether someone had pressured her. Brooke then reveals to Daniel that his mother had agreed with her.

Daniel then asks her for clarification as to whether she had really just mentioned his mother, with Brooke confirming it, explaining that Judy had supported her wholeheartedly and that he should be as well. Daniel then grabs his basketball and cautiously walks off. Elsewhere in the dormitory, Sophie is on her laptop, as Parker asks his fellow Eagles whether they knew Sophie's videos were meant for internal viewing only.

Parker then continues saying that if Sophie were to email any of her videos to Michelle, neither of them would ever talk to Sophie again. Having heard Parker's conversation, Sophie tells him that she had heard him, just as Parker says that they weren't going to let Sophie sell them out to the tabloids. Sophie then tells Parker that he wasn't going to threaten her.

Brooke then walks up to Sophie, telling her not send the email as it just wasn't worth it. Sophie then gives Brooke a cold stare, before then sending the email off, with Sophie announcing the email as being sent. Parker, in response announces that it was then official, saying farewell to Sophie. Sophie then asks her fellow Eagles whether they were then ignoring her as of then, pondering whether they were in the third grade, telling them to stop it.

Brooke then sits down beside Sophie and asks her to see the problem from Parker's side, as they felt like she was only thinking of herself and not of her friends, adding that that was no way to be a leader. In response, to what Brooke had just said, Sophie tells her that that was no way to be a friend either. Just then Alex comes through the door of the clubhouse.

Upon his arrival in the dorm, Alex notices what his fellow Eagles were up to and asks them what they were doing, with Parker then telling him that they had all decided that they weren't going to speak to Sophie until she decided to stop making her news videos. Alex then asks Parker why they were doing this, adding that he thought Sophie's news items were cool. However, Parker then just bluntly tells him that they had made the decision.

Parker then asks Alex whether he was going to side with them or Sophie. In the music room, Leo is listening to his song. Just then the song ends and Leo swivels round to his keyboard, playing and singing his song. Just then Leo hears a knock at the door, prompting him to stop, with Aspen letting him know that it was open, asking him to open up, as it was just her.

Leo then sighs and gives in, walking up to the door as Aspen says that she knew he was in there. Leo then opens the door for Aspen, who asks what she had just heard, guessing that it was the song that he had sung at the Halloween dance, asking him to let her hear it. However, Leo then says that he'd do so another time, but Aspen then persistently tells him not to be shy, continuing to ask him to play it.

Leo then gives in and starts to play and sing the song again on his keyboard. Throughout the song, Aspen repeats the last words of each line, after Leo had sung them. In response Leo then stops the song, with her then telling him that she was just trying to harmonize, but Leo tells her that he liked it the way it was. Aspen then says that that was okay, beckoning him forward and telling him to do his thing.

Aspen then concludes by saying that she just wanted to be there to hear him sing, with Leo then beginning to sing and play the song once more. Back at the Woods household, Hayley takes out her Louie and give Leo a call. However as he was busy playing his song, Leo couldn't hear his Louie ringing, with Hayley having also heard Leo's song.

As the song continues, Sophie is sitting eating her lunch on an opposite table to her fellow Eagles, just as Alex rocks up. He then decides to sit with Sophie, much to the annoyance of Parker. Outside, Jackie and Max are still sitting together on the bench, while at the Woods household, Hayley sneaks into her father's room. She walks over to her mother's desk, sitting down and taking out one of her mother's lipsticks.

She then leans forward to look in the mirror and do her makeup, as Daniel manages to shoot a hoop in the Eagles basketball court, with Judy then arriving on the court, cheering for him and noting that she saw that he was doing his thing. Daniel asks his mother how long she'd been there, with Judy telling him that she'd been there long enough to see her son get back to his old self.

Daniel then brings something up, with his mother then asking what was up. However out of nerves Daniel then says that he had forgotten. Judy then tells him not to mind her, as she knew that he needed to get his focus and that he had to concentrate on his practice, before telling him that he had a lot he needed to make up for, asking him to make her proud. Daniel then assures his mother, that he would do so before getting back to practice.

Back at the Woods household, Hayley picks up one of her mother's perfume bottles, unscrewing the top and having a smell. After smelling it, she pours a little onto her skin and starts to rub it in. Hayley then notices the nails, holding the mirror in place at the top, before attempting to undo it. However she isn't able to remove the nails, just as Daniel back at the basketball court, manages to score net after net.

In her father's room, Hayley makes use of his drill to undo the nails and remove the mirror from the wall. In doing so she reveals a hidden safe. Back at the court, Daniel is dribbling the ball, just as he slips and falls over. Judy then rushes over to her son, asking him whether he was ok, as Hayley manages to work out that the combination to her parent's safe was hers and her brother's birthdays.

Hayley then types in the code and is able to unlock the safe, then finding a USB stick and a phone number in the safe, while at the basketball court, Judy tells her son that she'd be taking him to the hospital, asking Daniel to just let her pick up her bag. However Daniel tells his mother that it wasn't that big of a deal and that he was just sore and as such needed ice for his ankle. Daniel then asks his mother to head to the cafeteria and fetch some ice for him, as he didn't want to put pressure on his ankle.

Judy then agrees to do so, but says that if the ankle didn't feel better within an hour they would be going to see Dr. Schwartz. Daniel then agrees to do so, with Judy then asking him if he promised, with Daniel assuring her that he did. Judy then heads off, as Daniel continues to falsely groan in pain, before then getting up and dashing towards his mother's bag. He starts to rummage through it, just as he hears his mother's mobile ring. He picks up the call, only to hear Hayley on the other side, asking who she called.