Suzanne McGill, played by Nitzan Levratovsky is a teacher at Greenhouse Academy and a recurring character in the Greenhouse Academy TV series.



Season 1

She sets challenges for the two houses, Ravens and Eagles.

Season 3

Suzanne gets in her car, prepared to drive home, when it blows up. She is taken to the hospital and lives. When she comes back to the Greenhouse, she sets up the Annual Capture the Flag tournament, and when it's over, she thrust the flags into her car trunk. She then stealthily walks up to the garbage can, and grabs a piece of magnetite that was thrown away. She gets into The Client's car, hands him the magnetite and kissed him, revealing they are in a relationship.

Then, it is revealed that Suzanne actually ran out of her car and then detonated it herself, as planned by The Client.

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