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Swimming Lessons is the seventh episode of the first season of Greenhouse Academy premiering September 8th,2017 on Netflix.


In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is continuing to push her election campaign by promising her fellow Eagles that she would try to push for more organic food in the cafeteria and she would make sure that the Greenhouse would comply with Title IX, which would mean that the female sport teams would be able to get equal coverage and support, before asking them to vote for her. Over at the couch, Parker points out that Sophie was pretty good at campaigning.

Parker then says that he had no idea what he was going to say, but Alex assures him that Sophie was all talk and tells him that he shouldn't try to psyche himself out, with Daniel then telling him to just be himself and to go out and mingle in order to receive some votes. Alex then points Parker towards Tammy, for him to start campaigning, with Parker then getting up.

Parker walks up to Tammy and tries to awkwardly persuade her for a vote, before Tammy then asked him what he had to offer as the captain of the Eagles. Parker then looks over at Alex and Daniel, before reminding Tammy that she had been friends with him for a while. Parker tries to continue explaining himself, but is cut off by Tammy, who mentions that Sophie was pushing for environmentally-safe cleaning supplies for their locker rooms, then asking Parker what his platform was.

In response, Parker struggles to present his platform to Tammy, before reminding Tammy that she had loved Daniel's platform previously, asking why they needed to change platforms. However after failing to properly sell his campaign, Tammy just walks right past him, before Daniel then suggests a change of plans; being not to talk whatsoever.

Confused, Parker asks what he meant, with Alex then telling Parker to just try and look confident, while smiling, adding that politicians were able to win votes in that manner all the time. The two then tell him that he needed to use charm, with Parker assuring them that he had some charm, as Daniel tells him to get out campaigning. Just then Brooke walks up to Parker and asks him whether he'd really be wearing his yellow Eagles vest, with Parker asking her what for, before revealing the upcoming debate.

Concerned, Daniel asks Brooke what debate, with Brooke then asking them whether they'd ever seen an election without the use of a debate. However Alex then cuts in, saying that usually Brooke would be right, but that as this election was a special emergency election, there wouldn't be a debate, with Parker and Daniel agreeing. Daniel then concludes by telling Brooke that there was no need for a debate, but Brooke just tells him that she would be spending time preparing her candidate for the debate instead of arguing about it.

Out in the Greenhouse grounds, Suzanne has gathered the Ravens for another class in front of a model train-set. She tells them that a leader would have to make decisions all day long, with the their level of role helping to determine how critical their decisions are. Suzanne then lists off some examples; being areas like CEOs, judges, military officials and senators, just as Leo adds captains to the list. Suzanne then begins to explain what they'd be doing.

Suzanne explains that that day they would be examining what a leader should do whenever he/she may have to make life or death decisions, adding that if her students thought it'd be complicated, they were correct. Suzanne then points to a toy car, explaining that it was trying to cross the tracks, before going onto reveal the situation. Suzanne then reveals that the train had malfunctioned and couldn't stop and that it would crash into the car, killing everyone in it.

Suzanne then points to the crane, telling the students that they could use it to help re-direct the tracks elsewhere, but that if they made that decision the train would crash into a nearby wall, killing the 20 passengers on board the train. Suzanne then reveals that that'd be the decision they'd have to make and that if they chose to do nothing 5 innocent people would be killed, but if they took action, 20 innocents on the train would die.

In the Eagles dormitory, Alex and Daniel are briefing Parker just before the big electoral debate, with Daniel reminding Parker that the most important thing was that he said would be that he was a doer and not a talker. Elsewhere in the dorm, Brooke is also briefing Sophie and reminding her to ask Parker what he had done up until that point.

Daniel then tells Parker to tell his fellow Eagles that he was as clean as a whistle, with Brooke telling Sophie to say that she was determined and always managed to get what she wanted. Finally, Daniel tells Parker to remind everyone that he was his best-friend just in-case he got stuck, with Parker assuring him that he could do that. Daniel in response remarks that as Parker had been so close to him, he'd learnt how to lead.

Brooke then notifies Sophie, that anytime Parker mentioned Daniel she should say that a leader should be judged upon his own merits, just as Tammy announces that they were ready for the debate. Daniel and Brooke then both give their candidates a final pep, before they head off for the debate, with Sophie stopping Alex on his way. Sophie tells him to remember that while he was Parker's advisor, his vote was still his own, with Alex revealing that he'd known.

Sophie then says that she'd trust Alex to choose the best candidate and not just his best friend. Back outside in the grounds, Suzanne has started the model train, as Hayley points out that making use of the crane would be murder, with Max in agreement, stating that there was not moral justification for using it.

Becca then asks the two of them, whether they would rather kill 20 people, with Emma then saying she was right, taking a quote from Star-Trek; "The needs of many, outweigh a few". Suzanne then asks Leo what his thoughts on the situation were, with Leo then suggesting they leave it chance, with a coin flip.

Hayley then sarcastically remarks that that was a mature decision made by Leo, before Leo says that he thought the situation was an unfair dilemma, as any choice would be problematic, with any decision being immoral. In response, Suzanne states that that was what made the situation so interesting, adding that most of the time a leader would have to choose between two evils.

Hayley then asks Leo what had given him the right to choose who would live and who would die, but Max then states that it wasn't about having a right, but that they were forced into a moral decision. However Hayley was then quick to state that it was, just as Suzanne cuts in, then revealing that there was one more thing they'd need to take into consideration.

Suzanne then produces image-stands of the student's parents, including Becca's father. Suzanne then tells the students to imagine that the people in the car were their parents, who on their way to visit them at the Greenhouse, asking them what they'd do. At the Cave, Judy hands Jason his credentials for the NASA satellite launch.

Jason, in response asks what they were, with Judy revealing them to be his credentials for NASA's satellite launch the next day. However Jason then notifies Judy, that his father would be the one attending the event, not him, with Judy then telling Jason that he'd need to convince his father to let him take his place.

Jason then asks whether Judy had met his father, saying that there would be no way Louis would let him take his moment in the sun. Judy in response asks Jason whether he had be the one that had told her, that he wanted to be a part of something big and that he had said he wanted to serve their country, revealing that this would be his moment in the sun, before beckoning Jason to convince his father.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, Daniel is giving Parker one final tip, revealing that if Parker got stuck, he had the ultimate comeback prepared for Parker to administer, adding that it was something that no one knew about Sophie. He then whispers it in Parker's ear, with Brooke telling Sophie over at the debate stand, not to try and take cheap-shots and to try and keep it classy.

Parker, surprised at what he found out, asks whether it was true, as Daniel tells him that if push came to shove, he would need to break glass, before wishing him good luck. Parker, then thanks him and heads off to the debate. Tammy then introduces her fellow Eagles to the official captains debate.

The Eagles then cheer and applaud, as Sophie and Parker take their positions. Tammy then reads out the first question; being why they were qualified to be the new captain of the Eagles. Sophie answers first, by saying that as she was a female candidate she would be able to provide a fresh point of view that the Greenhouse lacked, adding that the world was changing as more females became leaders.

Sophie then concludes, that the Greenhouse needed to keep up with the times, the girls then cheer in response, as Parker then starts by saying that he was a talker and not a doer. The boys then cheer, as Parker looks round awkwardly. Sophie then asks Parker what he had done, with Parker saying that he had spent a lot of time next to Daniel and that he had learnt everything he knew.

Sophie then guesses that that'd make Parker a great side-kick, resulting in boos erupting towards Parker. Parker however then assures everyone that he could lead, being one of the top players on the basketball team and that he was fast. Sophie then says that there was no offence, but remarked that they needed a leader, not just someone who was fast.

Sophie then goes on, saying that she was going to attempt to make the campus environmentally safe and would then help to encourage student activism, before asking Parker what his agenda would be. Parker in response, asks everyone to hold on a minute, asking his fellow Eagles how they could trust Sophie's promises when she had a reputation for being a liar.

Sophie, in response says excuse me, clearly being offended by Parker's remark. Parker then reveals that he had evidence that Sophie had originally applied to be a Raven. Parker then gets everyone to open up their Louies, revealing Sophie's application form. Parker goes on saying that while he may not speak as fancy as Sophie did, he was at least honest.

The boys then begin to cheer for Parker, with Sophie then admitting that it had been true, that when she had first arrived at the Greenhouse, she thought the Eagles were only into sports and that she hadn't liked that, but that once she'd gotten to know the team better she realized they were so much more than just jocks. Sophie continues, saying that the Eagles were smart, disciplined go-getters.

Sophie concludes, by asking who wouldn't want to be an Eagle and that since that point in time, she had never looked back, telling Parker that that was the truth of the matter. Everyone then begins to cheer for Sophie, beginning to chant her name, as Brooke gets up to hug her friend. Back at Suzanne's lesson, Emma reveals that she'd rescue her family from the train, without thinking twice.

Suzanne then asks everyone else whether they agreed with Emma's decision, then asking them whether they'd base their decisions on how closely they were related to others, further asking whether they'd prefer to save their own brother, rather than someone else's, asking whether that had been what they meant. Suzanne then declares that she'd make the decision even harder.

Suzanne reveals, that among the 20 passengers who are on the train, is a young professor, who was about to find the cure for cancer and that killing the professor could delay his research for years, however Max then points out that they couldn't be sure the professor would find the cure, being an intangible possibility. Becca then cuts, stating that the man shouldn't die.

Emma then questions Becca on her decision, asking whether her mother should die, instead of the scientist, before Becca tries to explain that she hadn't known Emma's mother, with Emma then revealing that her mother was a waitress, but that she had sacrificed everything just to allow her to got the Greenhouse. Emma then asks whether her mother's hard work had made her a valuable member of society.

Max then states the direct relation was objectively irrelevant to determining the morally correct choice, but Leo then cuts in saying that there had to be a compromise they could take, but Hayley then firmly says that there wasn't a compromise and that they'd need to make a decision, telling him to stop avoiding the situation.

Leo fires back, by saying that he wasn't trying to avoid anything, as Hayley says that she had thought Leo was their captain, adding that he'd have to make a choice and that someone would always get hurt, with that being the way it was, asking Leo to make his decision. Confused, Max asks Jackie whether Hayley was still talking about the train.

Hayley then continues, stating that if she was a leader who had to make a choice, she wouldn't compromise, revealing to her fellow Ravens that her father was an FBI agent and that she knew he would sacrifice himself for the better good, as that was his job and he would therefore opt to get everyone out of the car. Hayley then proceeds to take the family out of the car.

Hayley then remarks that there had always been another choice, before storming off. In Louis' office, Louis tells his son, that he should go and check in on the Eagles election, with Jason commending his father on the idea of using Daniel's problem and turning it into an advantage, before stating that that was how they taught democracy.

Jason then gets up and walks over to his father's desk, as he notifies him that there was one more thing he wanted to talk about, being the NASA satellite launch. As he sits down, Jason reveals his intentions to take the students to launch in place of his father, but Louis tells him that he could do it another time.

In response, Jason tells his father that he thought he should delegate some more responsibility to him, being that he was the dean of the Greenhouse. However Louis assures his son that he was doing a fine job as the dean, prompting Jason to ask him how he could manage to improve without some experience, as he felt like he was treading water.

Louis then just tells his son, that he loved him and would look forward to the day when he felt that Jason was experienced enough to take over from him, but noting that that day had yet to arrive, while getting up and asking his son to be patient. Outside the Cave, Judy is walking out, just as her phone begins to ring.

Judy takes out her phone, and reads the text she had received from Jason, which notified her that he had failed to convince his father to let him go to the launch. Just then Judy hears and sees Hayley and Alex walking into the crevice. Hayley asks her brother to slow down, with him telling her that he couldn't stay mad at her for long.

Hayley then tells him that she knew he couldn't, but just wanted to say it again; with that thing being an apology, just as Judy ducks back into the Cave. As the pair walk into the crash-site, Alex expresses his surprise at the size of the crater, with Hayley noting that it had been forever since they were there last, asking her brother when they had their picnic there.

Alex then says that he didn't know, believing he was five when they were last there, with Hayley then revealing that their mother had told them about the meteorite in that area. Alex then remembers what their father had said; "No one knew about this place for millions of years until mom found it". This prompts Hayley to chuckle, as she agreed, with Hayley then saying that their mother had made history at 16.

Alex then sighs and sits down, as he explains that all he was doing at that moment was carrying out some dirty politics for the Eagles captain election. Hayley then asks whether it was that ugly in the election, with Alex revealing that he had convinced Daniel to get Parker to run for him, but that Parker wasn't at all qualified, with Hayley then calling it a moral dilemma.

Hayley continues, adding that it wasn't like smashing a train into a car. Confused, Alex asks what she was talking about, with Hayley then assuring him that it was nothing, before asking what he had been talking about. Alex then says that he wanted to vote for Sophie, but that he didn't want to betray Daniel and Parker in the election.

Hayley then tells her brother that he needed to be true to himself, with Alex guessing that she'd say that. Alex then notifies his sister that he had to get going as the Eagles would start voting for their captain soon, with Hayley then saying that she wished the Ravens were voting for a new captain. Alex then asks her what was wrong with Leo, having thought the two were close.

Seeing the look on his sister's face, he asks her to just spill what was going on, with Hayley then expressing that she couldn't believe she was spilling her love life gossip with her little brother, before Alex tells her to pretend that he was Meredith. Hayley then tells him that he had done an on-point impression of Meredith, before assuring him that it was nothing.

Hayley then reveals that she and Leo had kissed and that now he was dissing her. Alex then asks her whether she had brushed her teeth, before Hayley then gives him a light-slap, calling him a moron. Alex then apologizes for taking his sister's Louie, with Hayley saying she knew and then apologizing herself for not letting him fight his own battles. Hayley then beckons her brother off to fix the captains election.

Alex then heads off, notifying his sister that he'd let her know how the election went. In the Eagles dormitory, Daniel is reading one of Sophie's flyers, before tossing it away as Alex arrives on the scene. Alex then sits down and sighs, with Daniel curiously asking how the vote was going, with Alex revealing it was very bad, having asked everyone.

Alex continues, saying that no one had voted for Parker and as such it was going to be a landslide win for Sophie in the election. Daniel in response, asks who was even voting for Sophie, before trying to come up with some plan, saying that he could take down their name. However Alex tells him to stop it, as it was all over.

Daniel then laments that the situation had been so humiliating, with Alex then assuring him that it didn't need to be that way. Daniel then asks him what he meant, with Alex then revealing that he thought they should tell Parker to quit the election before the votes are counted and then give their full support towards Sophie.

Daniel then asks what grounds they should do that on, with Alex saying that Daniel should tell everyone that he had thought of the idea and that he had decided to support the first female captain of the Eagles. Alex goes on, saying that in this way, they wouldn't come off as losers, but would come off looking like heroes. Daniel then ponders how Alex was such a manipulator.

Daniel then asks, how they'd manage to tell Parker about this idea, with Alex then revealing that Parker would be relieved as he had been in agony over the election. Just then Parker rocks up to their table, with Parker suggesting they should have a taco party that night to celebrate the results of the election. Daniel then begins to tell Parker that he thought he didn't need to do the election.

However, Parker asks him what he was talking about, as he was psyched for the election. Confused, Daniel asks whether Parker really was psyched, due to the fact that he had thought he'd pressured his friend into the election, but is cut off by Parker before he could finish. Parker says that he knew was all nervous earlier, but that he could feel it now, adding that he was going to win it for him.

In response, Alex gives an awkward look to Daniel, sending Parker into confusion. In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Louis is meeting up with Judy, letting her know that he had spoken with Brandon Thomas and that Brandon would be giving a speech in Ryan's memory before the launch. In response Judy chuckles, and tells Louis that that had given her goosebumps.

Judy then calls it an honour, as it was a once in a lifetime experience, with Louis agreeing. Judy then suggests that Louis should get some sleep for a change, because it would be a shame if Louis missed the launch. Louis then says that if he did that his son wouldn't be too upset about it, prompting Judy to ask what he had meant.

Louis says that he was kidding, before revealing that his son had wanted to go in his place, with the two of them having had an argument as he felt that he didn't trust him. Judy then assures Louis that she was sure Jason would understand and that Jason knew that he'd do what was best for him. Louis in response says that he would hope that is the case, as Judy says that it reminded her of Daniel.

Judy then tells Louis that she had never had the chance to learn how to swim, so it was really important to her that Daniel did learn how to do so. Judy then reminisces that when Daniel was six, his swimming instructor had the parents hold their kids hands and then guide them across to the other side of the shallow pool, being that they were meant to let go halfway, so that they could swim the rest of the way themselves.

Judy continues, saying that Daniel had cried every-time Judy had let go of his hand during lessons and that she just couldn't bear to see her son cry and as such she wouldn't let go of him. Judy then revealed that after a while, Daniel didn't want to go to the lessons and she didn't force him to do so, before lamenting that Daniel never learnt how to swim properly, blaming herself for the ordeal.

Louis then tells Judy that she couldn't blame herself for the ordeal, as she was simply trying to be a protective mother to Daniel, with Judy then believing herself to have too protective, believing that that she should of just let Daniel go. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Brooke is trying to qualm Sophie's nerves about the election, assuring her that she had it and that she just needed to shake it out.

Sophie then shakes it out, just as Daniel announces that Parker had an announcement to make. Parker then steps forward, to reveal that he had decided to drop out of the election, explaining that they had a rare opportunity to make history with the Eagles first female captain.

Parker then concludes, that he wanted to be a part of the event, with Sophie then walking over to Parker, saying that she hadn't been expecting that, revealing that she had felt honoured about it, while shaking Parker's hand. The other Eagles then begin to cheer, as Daniel announces that he was proud to introduce the new captain of the Eagles as Sophie, handing her an Eagles cap.

Sophie then puts the cap on, as she thanks Daniel and Parker. Daniel then thanks Parker for dropping out of the race, telling him that he'd never forget it. Daniel then asks whether they were cool, with Parker assuring him that they were, shaking each others hands. In the Ravens dormitory, Jason arrives looking for Leo and Hayley.

The two then get up, as Jason hands them some VIP passes for the NASA satellite launch, revealing that they had been chosen to attend the satellite launch the next day, remarking that it had been a highly selective process, telling them that they should be proud. Hayley then asks for clarification as to whether it was just the two of them, before Jason revealed that he was going as well, as Louis wanted him to represent the Greenhouse.

Jason then heads off, as he tells them that he'd see them in the morning. Hayley then sits back down and gets back to her music. Back at the Eagles dormitory, the Eagles are celebrating Sophie's victory, with Brooke documenting Sophie's campaign in a scrap-book, just as Alex sits down, congratulating her on Sophie's campaign. Alex then sees the scrap-book and asks whether it was a souvenir.

Brooke then reveals that it was something for the Greenhouse archives and that she had wanted to make Sophie's contribution a special one, because of the fact that Sophie was the first female captain. Brooke then asks Alex whether he was the one that had convinced Daniel and Parker to resign, with Alex then nodding his head. Brooke then notes that Alex was a good influence on Daniel, and that she was glad he came to the Greenhouse.

In the Cave, Marcus asks Judy how she had managed to get Louis to allow Jason to attend the NASA launch in place of him, with Judy just remarking that she had done what she had to and that Marcus would now have to work out how to take the satellite down, just like how they took Ryan's spacecraft down.