The Cave is one of the main locations in Greenhouse Academy. This is where Judy Hayward, Marcus, and Jason Osmond work to create earthquakes and eventually, a virus from the magnetite.


The cave features a sliding door that only opens through a hand touchpad. Only authorized people are allowed to come inside of the cave. Inside the cave, the main room features many computers and a lot of technology designed to create earthquakes. Behind the computer, there is a huge glass panel, covering a giant rock of magnetite which is tilted at an angle. Right next to the computers, there is a jail cell with a ripped up bed where they can trap unwanted visitors. Towards the back of the cave, there is a secret room that Ryan Woods was kept in order to stay alive. However, if Ryan was never there, the room could act as a safe room in case an earthquake ever happened.

Uses of the Cave

The cave is mainly used to create earthquakes and to cause bad things. Often times, the whole team of 3 meets up or rather only some members meet up at this place. Many things have gone down in this cave such as hypnotizing Brooke Osmond and collapsing on a student. The cave is located behind the school, near the sea and beach so that it i hard for people to know exactly what is going on.

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