The Charming Eagle is the thirty fourth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering on Nickelodeon UK, March 14th 2014.


Carrying on from the last episode, Ellali's on the phone to Daniel, asking who it is, with Daniel returning the same question. The two then recognize each other's voices. Ellali asks who's number it was she called, with Daniel revealing that the phone he'd used said Naomi. Ellali questions where it said Naomi on the phone Daniel was using, before asking who's phone he's using.

Daniel exclaims that it was his mother; Judy's phone, with Ellali confused, before Daniel quickly exclaims he has to hang up, hanging up the phone, just as asks him to hold on. In Robbie's room, Judy has just arrived, asking what's going on. Daniel tries to explain that he'd dropped her bag, apologizing and putting everything back together. Judy then takes her bag off of her son, saying she'd do it, questioning whether he knew that a woman's bag was a private thing, before Daniel apologizes.

Daniel then gives her makeup kit bag, asking what it is, with Judy revealing it was a makeup kit, asking him whether he wanted his mother to look good, before heading off.

In the Reshef household, Guri is busy is the kitchen, just as Ellali arrives. Ellali expresses she'd be heading off, with Guri asking whether she was really leaving already, adding that he was making schnitzel, with Ellali apologizing and explaining that she'd have a crazy day the next day, as Guri expresses he thought that she'd at least stay for the night. Ellali says she really couldn't, asking him not to be mad.

Guri expresses that he wasn't mad at her, but that he just missed her, adding that he never thought that both of his kids would go off to boarding school and that it was hard for him to be away from them, with Ellali saying she knew, before asking him whether he was mad at her for what had happened earlier. Guri then questions how he could be mad at a pretty girl like his daughter for more than two seconds, before hugging her. Ellali then heads off.

Back at the Greenhouse, in the Eagles dormitory, Louis has just arrived in the room, asking what was going on, as Alfie tells Ron he's luck, with Ron sending the same sentiments. Louis then asks what their fight was all about, with Ron exclaiming it was the same as always, with Alfie losing control of himself, as Alfie says that Ron should be ashamed of himself, calling him a jerk. Alfie tries to explain that Sophie was trying to film over by the nearby wall.

Louis then tells them all to be quiet, expressing that it was their captain; Sophie's job to handle any disputes that may occur between them, asking her what's going on. Ron then questions why he's asking Sophie, but Louis hushes him. Sophie then exclaims that Ron had tried to take her camera away by force and that Alfie was the only one who'd defended her. However Ron tries to say that that wasn't true and that he'd just wanted to say something to her and that then Alfie just started hitting him and that everyone knew it wasn't the first time he'd done that.

Alfie in response then calls Ron a liar and that he should be ashamed of himself, with Louis then firmly asking Alfie whether he'd hit Ron, Alfie says he did, but that he had a very good reason for doing so. Louis then tells him and Sophie to see him in his office immediately.

In the Ravens dormitory, Matti and Dina are playing on the PlayStation, as Dina exclaims he made Matti made a serious mistake, adding she'd kill him in-game and calling him a dead man. Matti then asks what's wrong with her, with her shaking it off saying nothing, as Dina exclaims that's what'd happen when he messed with her, asking Matti whether he had any last words. Dina then gets a call on her Louie device.

Dina says hey to Ellali, who was then on the coach, heading back to the Greenhouse. She asks Dina if she was alone, with Dina asking her to giver her one second, then telling Matti that he'd won and heading off out of the room. Matti then stops too and follows after Dina. Matti looks out in the corridor, but to find Dina nowhere.

In Louis' office, Louis is seeing Sophie and Alfie and asks Sophie why her team was falling apart, adding that he now expected his captains to take a little responsibility, especially as Robbie wasn't around. Sophie agrees, apologizing for what had happened, with Alfie apologizing too. Louis asks Alfie what he was even sorry about, with Alfie saying that he'd blown up at Ron, but adding that Ron had started it.

Louis then adds that Ron had claimed it was the other way around, with Alfie then expressing that Ron had lied, with Sophie backing him up, saying it was true. Louis then asks Sophie what she was filming that had made everyone so mad, with Sophie revealing that she was just filming herself, questioning whether she had the right to do that, with Alfie adding that Louis should of seen how everyone had been treating her lately, being completely uncalled for.

However, Louis says that it was a problem when the captain reached that point with her team, adding that some times it would be better to be smart, rather than be right. In response, Sophie questions whether she really should just do what they tell her, so they wouldn't get mad. Louis says he doesn't know, but that it's clear that Sophie was involved in that conflict and that that was a problem for him. Louis continues, saying he wants to hear from someone who was objective, someone he could trust. Louis then takes out his Louie and calls Natalie to his office.

On the coach, Ellali is still on the phone to Dina, who expresses her surprise, questioning whether Daniel had really answered the phone number that Ellali had found in her mother's safe, with Ellali saying yes. Dina confused questions Daniel?, with Ellali reminding her that Daniel was the charming guy from the Eagles with an arrogant voice. Dina says that's crazy, pondering what one had to do with the other.

Ellali then says that Daniel had told her it was his mother's phone or something along those lines. Dina confused, asks whether Daniel's mother knew Naomi, with Ellali saying she guessed so, with Dina then further asking, whether Naomi didn't mention Judy at all or anything along those lines. Ellali reveals her mother had never spoke of Judy, but adding that she didn't really want Daniel to go and tell his mother about it and that it'd also take her only two hours to get back to the Greenhouse.

Dina then assures her that she'd take care of it, keeping a good eye on Daniel, with Ellali then telling Dina she's the best, just as Dina notices Natalie walking out of the cafeteria. Dina then asks Natalie whether she knew where Daniel was, with Natalie saying she didn't, before asking what Dina wanted from him. Dina exclaims she thought they were over that, as Natalie tells her that she's in a hurry and to no whistle in the cafeteria as it's not a soccer stadium, before storming off.

Dina then goes back to the call, asking Ellali whether she'd heard that exchange. However Ellali just tells Dina to forget about Natalie, as she was just a spoilt brat, just as Dina tells her to hold on, as she wanted to find out where Natalie was going. Natalie walks up the main corridor, bumping into Judy and then hugging with her. Dina then exclaims that Ellali wouldn't believe what's happening.

Ellali asks what's going on, with Dina rhetorically asking her who she thought Natalie was hugging then. In the Ravens dormitory, Amy is going through study material for an upcoming test, adding that she'd also managed to get a hold of the prior year's test, so that they could go over them too, in an attempt to get Iftach's attention away from his phone call.

Iftach then walks over to his locker, with Amy asking him whether he was actually listening to her, with Iftach asking what. Amy then explains that Iftach had said he'd help her catch up in Bible Class, as Iftach walks over to her, exclaiming he didn't understand how no one was available, with Amy asking who everyone was. Iftach goes on saying that Ellali hadn't been there since that morning, as Amy asks so what, however Iftach just continues.

Iftach notes that both Matti and Dina were acting weird, adding it wasn't like them to just up and disappear without saying a word, with Amy then questioning whether they really had to tell him where they were and what they were doing, as Iftach reveals that had been the case up until then. Amy then asks what he'd meant by that, with Iftach in response saying he didn't know. Amy then guess that he meant when she had shown up.

Iftach tries to express that's not what he had said, but Amy's persistent saying that he probably thought of it. Iftach then says that he just didn't like it when things went on behind his back. Amy in response just asks Ifach to relax and listen to her, explaining that she's there now and that his problem was that he'd spent too much time there alone, but that she's there now and is not going to go anywhere, then beckoning them on to do their studies, asking Iftach where he want to start, guessin Genesis-1, with Iftach saying ok.

Back in the Greenhouse cafeteria, Dina questions why Natalie and Judy are hugging, asking Ellali whether Alfie had told her that Natalie had been suspicious of Judy, with Ellali revealing that was the case. Dina continues, asking Ellali whether she had remembered when Robbie had gotten up after receiving the text message they'd sent him and who was sitting right where he was heading too, with Ellali answering Judy.

Dina then deducts that wherever they looked, they'd always came back to Judy, adding that she bet's that Judy's even connected to Alona, as Ellali says that that whole thing was beginning to scare her, just as Matti turns round from up at the bar. Dina then suggests they stop talking about that topic over their Louies, adding that so far no one knew about what they were doing and that she'd like to keep it that way, as Ellali says she on her way, before the two say bye. Dina then gets up and head off.

Matti having heard the conversation, begins to believe the secret operative was Dina. In Louis' office, Natalie says that felt bad about the whole situation that had gone down with Sophie and the other Eagles, with Louis saying that he could imagine that, but that he placed his trust in her and that he wanted to know what had happened.

Natalie then says ok and reveals that the news item that Sophie had posted, had divided the team into two, just as Sophie cuts in exclaiming she'd apologised to Ron about what had happened and had stopped filming without permission, but Louis tells Sophie to allow Natalie to speak. Natalie continues, explaining it had gotten worse and worse, with Sophie refusing to stop, with Ron then having peacefully approached her, asking her to stop because it had bothered them.

Alfie belittles what Natalie had just stated, saying "Peacefully. Yeah right", as Natalie expresses that was the case, as Ron had casually walked up to Sophie and then Alfie had started to hit Ron. Alfie questions it, as Sophie asks Natalie why she was doing that, with her answering because it was the truth. Sophie says she couldn't believe that that was happening, as Louis beckons Natalie out of the office. Alfie tries to say that while he understood that Natalie was his daughter, he believed that Natalie had misunderstood what she'd seen, promising that's not what had happened.

However, Louis explains that Alfie was accepted into the school under certain conditions, and that they'd made it very clear that they had a no-violence policy at the school, finishing saying that he'd be suspended from school activities until further notice, including the basket ball team. Sophie then says that's not fair on Alfie, before Louis continues saying that Sophie had joined a long list of people whose good judgement was impaired by fame. Louis finishes saying he sure she was mature enough, to know the right thing to do.

Louis then dismisses the two of them, as they get up and head out of the office. At the Eagles basket ball court, Daniel is busy exercising and practicing shooting hoops. Back on the coach, Ellali calls Daniel, with him then running to the bench to go and pick up the call. Daniel sees the call and shuts his Louie, then beginning to train again.

At night in the corridor, Ellali has just arrived back with Dina welcoming her back. Ellali asks whether there'd been any news, but Dina reports there hasn't been, with Ellali then asking if Daniel had spoken to anyone, with Dina revealing that Daniel hadn't, as he'd been on the court all day. Ellali then sarcastically says great, adding she had another job for Dina. Ellali then hands the safe key to Dina, with Dina questioning whether it was that key.

Ellali explains that she'd take care of Daniel and that it was Dina's job to find out what the key unlocked, adding that Dina had a knack for opening locks, as Dina says she does kind of, wishing Ellali good luck with the charming guy from the Eagles. In the Eagles dormitory, Alfie is glumly sitting down on one of the chairs, spinning a soccer ball, as Daniel walks by asking why Alfie had a long face, guessing it was just because he'd become fit to play, but adds that that doesn't exactly mean he'd be back in the starting line-up and that even Gershon had said so.

Alfie in response sarcastically says very funny, with Daniel then asking Alfie what his problem was. Alfie tells Daniel to not pretend, that he hadn't known that Alfie had been suspended from the team. Daniel then asks what he was suspended from, with Alfie revealing it to have been the basket team, adding that Daniel's girlfriend; Natalie had managed to get him suspended just in time for Daniel to take his place within the starting line-up, believing Daniel to have asked Natalie to do so.

Daniel expresses that he had no idea what Alfie was talking about, with Alfie then saying he could then see how him and Natalie are a perfect match, adding they worked together so well. Alfie then goes on, expressing how he couldn't believe that Natalie had just lied in front of her father, the way she did. Daniel then gets a text-message from Ellali on his Louie, asking him to come to the lawn.

Out on the Greenhouse lawn bench, Daniel is waiting, just as Ellali rocks up, sitting down next to Daniel and saying hi, with him returning the same sentiments. Ellali then asks whether he thinks they should talk about what went on between the two of them, with Daniel telling her to go ahead and talk. Ellali then says then questions whether they both knew something strange was going on at the Greenhouse, proven due to the fact Daniel wouldn't of shown up otherwise.

Daniel assures her he's listening, as Ellali continues, saying that they both knew that everything that's going on, had something to do with Natalie, Daniel's mom; Judy and Robbie Klein, as well as her mother. Daniel then asks her how she managed to call him, with Ellali then revealing she had found a secret safe in her house, being Naomi's safe, that had contained a note with a phone number on it and that she dialled the number, before Daniel answered it.

Daniel explains that he had only happened to be near the phone when it had rung, with Ellali question what he meant by thing. Daniel says that it was some weird device, and not really a normal phone, as Ellali asks what Judy was doing with it. In response Daniel says he had no idea. Ellali then believe that he obviously didn't know much about his mother, with Daniel then saying that she doesn't know much about hers either.

Ellali then agrees with what he said, saying that she knew he's not crazy about her and says that the feeling was mutual between them, but that now the both of them were tied into the story in some way, adding that if they wanted to find out what's going on they'd have to work together. Daniel however expresses that he was injured for a long time and that the next day he'd have a game to play, with Ellali asking so what. Daniel then explains that he didn't know whether he could lose focus, adding that he'd had a crappy year, but that now everything was working out fine.

Daniel finishes by saying that he didn't want to risk everything just for the sake of investigation. Ellali then says she gets it, with Daniel saying it's true that strange things are going on at the school, as well as about Natalie, but also expresses that he loved her. Ellali then gets up and begins to walk away.

In the morning, Daniel is working out in the Eagles dormitory, just as Sophie rocks up, asking whether that was really the way he wanted to get back on basket ball court. Daniel asks her what way she's talking about. Sophie then expresses that he got to play again due to Alfie's suspension for something he hadn't done. However Daniel tells her that he wasn't there and that he didn't know what had occurred in their clubhouse or in Louis' office.

Daniel then says that he honestly didn't care about it either, with Sophie then firing back saying that he'd probably care if Ron had been suspended instead of Alfie, which is what should of happened. Daniel asks her what exactly she wanted from him, as he continues to train. Sophie then reveals that she wanted him to refuse to play until Louis would appeal to Alfie's suspension. Daniel in disbelief asks whether she's kidding, guessing it could be one of her news items, looking round and wondering whether he's on candid camera.

Sophie then says it's obvious how quickly Daniel had forgotten that Alfie had refused to take Daniel's place in a prior game at the beginning of the game, asking Daniel how he could really be so ungrateful. Daniel then exerts that he's going to play basket ball and that Alfie wasn't his problem. Sophie in response says she couldn't believe that Daniel used to be their captain, with Daniel saying believe it and telling her not to be worried, as he'd soon be captain again.

Sophie then shakes her head, as Daniel heads off. In the cafeteria, Ellali and Alfie are having breakfast, as Ellali asks Alfie how could really be so surprised about Natalie, asking him why he couldn't see that that is all Natalie is. In response Alfie says that all sees is that his suspension, just wants to make him curl up and die, with Ellali then saying that in which case next time he shouldn't get himself in trouble.

Alfie asks whether that was really what she had, in disbelief of what he's heard, sarcastically saying thank you. Ellali then questions him on what he wanted her to say, with Alfie saying that he wanted her to say that she supported him and that she was upset about how unfairly treated he was and that she'd talk to Louis and try to convince him to change his mind.

Ellali then says, apologizing and telling that was a bad idea, with Alfie then asking why it was. Ellali then reminds him that he was the one who had asked her to stop interfering with his business. In the court, the basket ball games in full swing, as Daniel passes the ball to one of his team-mates, who threads the ball back to Daniel, who manages to score a basket. Daniel exclaims that he had really missed playing, with Ron saying he'd done so even more.

Just as Alfie is watching the game from the side-lines, Sophie arrives from around the corner reporting that she'd told Miki Sevan that she was quitting her news segment. Alfie in response asks her why, with Sophie expressing she couldn't take what the other Eagles had been giving her recently. Alfie then says that at least she quit while she was on top. Just then Daniel manages to get another goal.

Gershon then calls for a time-out. Daniel runs up to Gershon, asking how he looks, with Gershon saying he looked as good as new. He then walks over to Natalie, giving her a kiss and asking whether she was still his girlfriend, with her saying always, before the two hug. Daniel then remembers his talk with Ellali the previous night. Continuing on from their conversation, Daniel stops Ellali from walking away.

She asks him what he wants, before Daniel tells her that she's right, and that there is something going on under their noses at their school and that they must find out what it is. Ellali walks back up, saying she didn't understand and asking whether he actually wanted to do it. Daniel begins to explain that he's lived his entire life doing what was expected of him, saying that he's just sick of it, but that they must keep their investigation quiet.

Ellali begins to giggle, but Daniel expresses that he's not kidding about this and that they really must keep their collaboration from everyone else. Ellali then says that wouldn't be a problem, as he could just keep acting the way he always did. Daniel asks her what she meant, with Ellali explaining that he continue to act arrogant, egotistical and not care about anyone else and that no one would expect a thing if kept acting like that. Daniel then says that he got it, asking sarcastically whether she though highly of him.

Ellali then asks Daniel whether he could really do that, with him saying he thinks he could. Ellali then says good and wishes good luck to the both of them, as they shake hands. Ellali then gets up and heads off. It then flashes back to Daniel's talk with Sophie and then back to the match, as he begins to play again.



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