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The Client is the 8th episode in season 4 of Greenhouse Academy and is the 40th episode in the series overall. It serves as the season's as well as the series finale.[1]


After following the events of the ending of Room 205, it is revealed that the person that ran into Hayley and Leo was Eric Simmons. At the Greenhouse, Daniel tries to get back into the school but the guards don't let him. He then repeatedly tells them to call Carter as he had something to say to him. As soon as Brooke's speech was finished, the guards call Carter outside. Just as he is about to finish talking to Daniel, his phone rings. When he picks up the phone, he sees Eric and gets angry. Eric then shows him Hayley and Leo tied up with chains in a car. They are both grasping for help and their mouths are sealed with duct tape. Eric then tells Carter something to do or if he didn't, he would kill both of the kids. Carter then tells the guards to arm themselves before locking them in a storage cupboard. Suzanne then comes around the corner and tasers Carter with her taser before dropping it on the ground. At the Greenhouse, The Client pulls up with his group and attacks the Greenhouse.

Daniel gets very suspicious of why Hayley and Leo weren't at the Greenhouse. He then goes around to the car and suddenly sees them and Eric. He then starts to fight with Eric, viciously before knocking him off a cliff. Daniel then sees his friends and tries to set them free. He then also sees a bomb in the van. He quickly releases them and they run off. At the Greenhouse, The Client threatens everyone saying that they needed to pay up in order to be set free and not be injected with the virus. Louis tells his guests not to pay them before The Client hits him. Emma and Max then figure out that Suzanne was behind all of this too. Just then, they hear the van explode. The Client tells them that there went the last people with the antidote. Ryan then screams and charges at The Client and kicks him. Hayley and Leo then burst through the building, saying that people shouldn't give The Client any money.

Everyone then starts to fight The Client and his group by rounding them up and then tasering them. After the fight, the police arrive on scene and takes everyone away. One person does get unmasked, however. It is revealed that it was Jason. Jason is then taken to the hospital in which he meets up with Brooke. Brooke tells him that he will be alright and that they will find the guy that did this to him. Brooke then leaves and meets with Alex. They both then confess their feelings towards each other again. Back in the hospital room, Jason talks to himself. He then insults himself and says that he had risen stocks. He then gets uncuffed by a guard and puts on a suit. He then looks into a mirror with the reflection of The Client looking back at him. It is then revealed that Jason was The Client the entire time. Jason then leaves with Suzanne and they drive away.

At the Greenhouse, Ryan tells Louis that she was going to resign. Louis asked her why to which she responded that there was too much for her. She then surprises Louis by giving him his job back to which he takes kindly. When asked where the kids were, Ryan told them that they went on the same camping trip held by Sophie and Leo. On the trip, Hayley and Brooke switch back to their former teams. Sophie then meets with Parker and they confess love to each other by sharing a kiss. The whole group then tries to search for Leo and Hayley and screams their name. At the top of a cliff, Leo celebrates Hayley coming back into the Ravens. Hayley and Leo then proceed to kiss each other after they both realized that they loved each other. The camera then zooms out of their faces.




Hayley and Leo- Hayleo

Brooke and Alex- Brex

Emma and Max- Emmax

Sophie and Parker- Sparker