The Client is the second episode of Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy and the fourteenth episode overall, premiering on Netflix; February 14th,2018.


In the Eagles bathroom, Brooke is busy doing her hair, just as Alex appears from round the corner. Alex says hi to Brooke, expressing that they didn't really get a chance to talk before she left. Confused, Brooke asks what they would of talked about, with Alex then clarifying that he had meant about her, himself and Daniel.

Brooke then turns round to Alex and tells him that sometimes she got carried away, asking Alex to try and not make a big deal out of it all, before walking past Alex. In the corridor, Alex has arrived to talk to his sister, telling her that the situation with Brooke hadn't made any sense, as she changed way too quickly, adding that before she returned, Brooke couldn't stand Daniel, but that now she was all over him.

Hayley then tells her brother, that he should glad he found out now, before he really fell in love with Brooke. However Alex is then quick to say that it wasn't like the situation between his sister and Leo, with Hayley then cutting in and saying that Brooke didn't care about anyone but herself and that that was why she and Daniel were perfect for each other. Hayley concludes by saying that Brooke and Daniel most likely had a fight and that Brooke was using him to get back with Daniel.

However, Alex then reveals that Daniel hadn't even seen them together, adding that Brooke had gone off to Eric's and had come back as a completely different person. Hayley, in response takes out her Louie device and calls someone, with Alex asking what she was doing. Hayley then reveals she was calling Eric, as he picks up the phone. Hayley explains that she was there with her brother and that they wanted to know what happened with Brooke.

Eric then explains that he had taken Brooke to his office and that they had looked through surveillance camera footage of the accident and that they had seen that nobody tampered with the police car, before calling Judy, who had revealed that she had lost an ear-ring while walking on the cliffs and was looking all over the place for it, adding that Brooke was in a hurry to get back to make-up with her boyfriend, so he drove her back.

Hayley then thanks Eric for the explanation and comes off the phone, before apologizing to her brother. In the Eagles bedrooms, Daniel is just waking up, only to see Brooke watching over him. Brooke says morning to Daniel, with Daniel reciprocating the sentiments, before Brooke produces a present. Daniel, in response asks what the present was for, as it wasn't his birthday just yet, but Brooke beckons him to open it, handing it to him.

After opening the present, Daniel expresses his surprise at the contents, exclaiming that he had wanted the trainers he'd been given so badly, before then asking Brooke what was going on. Brooke then explains that as Daniel was getting rid of his cast that day and as such she thought he'd like a pair of new trainers. Daniel then thanks her, before she notifies him that it was time for him to head to the hospital.

Daniel then asks Brooke what had made her change her mind about him, as the prior day she could hardly stand to look at him. Brooke then reveals that she had realized that she and him were meant to be. In the Ravens dormitory, Aspen is placing her name-tag over Emma's old locker, just as Leo rocks up behind her. Aspen then assures him that even though he was her boy-friend there wouldn't be a conflict of interest with him as their captain.

Leo then asks Aspen about her music, expressing that it had been her life-long dream to join the London Conservatory , but Aspen corrects him, telling him that her dream was to be where her love was and that if it meant putting her singing career on hold for a couple of years, then it'd have to be. Leo then asks Aspen why she hadn't even talked with him first, as it was a big decision to take.

Aspen then reminds Leo that he knew her and that once she'd made her mind up, that'd be it, just as Hayley came out of the nearby cubicle, heading past the pair. In the Eagles dormitory, Daniel and Brooke have returned, with Daniel having had his cast removed. Daniel then lifts his leg up to show his fellow Eagles, with them cheering and clapping as they head towards Daniel. Daniel begins shaking his fellow Eagles hands, proclaiming that it was good to be back.

Brooke then hugs with Sophie, as Daniel asks Sophie to take a picture of them. Sophie then agrees to do so, as Brooke states that they should send the photo to Daniel's mother, confusing Daniel. He asks her for clarification, with Brooke saying Judy' would love it, before beckoning Daniel to smile, as Sophie prepares to take the photo. Sophie then takes the photo.

In the Cave, Judy gets a notification on her phone, being the photo that Sophie had taken of Daniel and Brooke. Judy shows Marcus the photo of the pair, with Marcus then telling Judy that one day she was going to pay for what she had done. In response, Judy says that she thought that they were beyond all of that, with Marcus then telling Judy to say that to Louie, as he had considered him family and that he'd betrayed Louis' daughter.

Judy then tells Marcus to stop being so melodramatic, as he had helped to straighten Brooke out, therefore doing her a favour, calling the "Meant to Be" mantra a clever idea. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Max is reading Emma's letter to him, just as Jackie sits down beside him on the couch. Max then reads aloud a part of the letter to Jackie; "Know that you will always be my white knight". Max then laments that they'd even taken Emma's name off of her locker.

Jackie then cuddles up to Max, with him expressing his disbelief at the fact that the Greenhouse had replaced Emma so quickly, with Jackie adding that it was like they had wanted to show them how dispensable they all were. Jackie then asks Max, why he wouldn't just call Emma, with Max then asking her whether he should. Jackie tells him that it'd be better than crying over Emma's letter to him.

Just then, Leo gets a message on his Louie, then announcing that Louis wanted to meet with them in the Greenhouse lobby, beckoning everyone forward. As the Eagles arrive in the lobby, Aspen realizes that her team; the Ravens were only a point and a half in front of the Eagles, proclaiming that they'd have to do something about it. This prompts Jackie to say that they should just switch Aspen over to the Eagles. Just then Louis arrives in the foyer, introducing Aspen.

He explains that while they didn't usually accept students during the middle of the year, Aspen had originally been accepted into the school during the prior year, officially welcoming her to the Greenhouse. Louis then goes on to explain that he knew the Greenhouse had been through a rough time as of late and as such thought it was time they got back to the usual Greenhouse routine.

Louis then reveals that they were going to have a pop quiz in order to see how much they had all really learned from the school year as of that point. Whispering to Hayley, Jackie says that she was terrible at pop quizzes, but Hayley assures her that there would probably be a twist, to which Louis then announce said twist, explaining that each student would be asked one question and that the goal would be to put together a streak of correct answers and that the team with the longest streak would win that challenge.

In response, Jackie whispers to Hayley that that twist made things worse, as she would not only bring herself down, but would take the entire team with her. Parker then puts his hand up, with Louis instantly guessing that he was about to ask what the prize was going to be, going on to reveal that the winning team would get a day off a the beach the next day, alongside an all you can eat BBQ. Aspen then proclaims that she loved California, just as Louis notifies her as they were testing material she didn't know yet, she wouldn't have to take part.

Louis then beckons the two teams back to their clubhouses to prepare for the upcoming pop quiz, adding that Suzanne would be with them shortly to test them. The two teams then head off, as Aspen assures her fellow Ravens that they had it. Leo then stops Hayley, in order to let her know that he hadn't known Aspen had planned to give up London for him. Hayley then sarcastically says that Aspen had been full of surprises, before storming off.

In the corridor, Max manages to catch up with Louis, asking him whether he had Emma's phone number as he wanted to give her a call, with Louis then telling him that he did and directing him to stop by his office after the challenge had concluded and that he'd help him get in touch with Emma then. Max then thanks Louis , before hurrying off, as Louis continues to walk up the corridor, only to bump into his son.

Jason asks his father, what Max had wanted, with Louis then revealing that Max had been missing Emma, stating that he was a good kid, before heading past his son. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is overlooking her fellow Eagles revision work for the pop quiz, telling them to let her know if they needed help with the next maths problem they had to tackle.

Sophie then walks over to Tracey to see whether she needed any help with the problem she was trying to solve, as Parker says that he hated linear algebra, asking why he couldn't remember a formula for slope-intercept form. Sophie then tells Tracey that she'd be back, before heading over to Parker, assuring him that he'd be able to do it. Sophie helps Parker to take down the formula of "y = mx + b", meaning that the problem would be "y= 5x + 3", asking Parker whether he could put it into a graph.

Parker then attempts to re-iterate what Sophie had told him, asking her whether 5x had equalled the formula he'd been told, with Sophie then shaking her head, before telling him that it equalled 5 over 1, but this only further confuses Parker. Sophie then sees the Eagles behind her handling his basket-ball and comes up with an idea.

Sophie then asks Parker to stand up, revealing she had wanted to show him something, taking the basket ball off of Tony. Parker then gets up, with Sophie asking him to stay with her on this idea, passing him the basketball. Sophie then explains that Parker was standing at centre court and instructs him to dribble the ball three steps towards her and that she'd be the y intercept of 3. Parker then complies and walks forward three steps towards Sophie, with her then telling him to then walk 5 steps forward and 1 to the right.

Parker then takes those steps, with Sophie then telling him to stop once he'd carried out the steps, telling him that he was at Point B and that if he were to connect Point B to her it would equal "y= 5x + 3", as finished by Parker, with Sophie then confirming his thoughts, before high-fiving with him after he admitted that that wasn't bad. Over at the couch, Daniel and Brooke are chuckling together as they study, as Sophie walks past them asking them not to give her whiplash.

Sophie explains that at first they were together, but that then they were at each other's throats and that they were then showing off a level of cuteness, adding that she couldn't keep up with it all. Brooke then says in response, that they were meant to be, with Daniel cutting in and revealing that Brooke said that all the time. However Brooke says that this was because it was true and that they were meant to be.

Sophie then walks away, calling it weird. In the Ravens dormitory, the Ravens are busy studying as Jackie asks whether the pop quiz would be on the entire book, with Max saying that it could be anything. However Jackie is quick to then note that the book was 300 pages, before Max corrects her by saying that it had actually been 314 pages, plus the appendix and adding that some of the pages were just pictures.

Just then Leo announces that he had received the list of subjects for the quiz , with Aspen then taking the list off of Leo and beginning to list off the subjects; Linear algebra (Chapters 1-3), leadership, American presidents before Lincoln, Computer science, intro to Java, psychology, Learning and motivation and Art history. In response, Jackie says that she was screwed, with Hayley then assuring her that she'd be fine.

Aspen then asks for Hayley and Jackie's attention, as she continues to read out the list. This prompts Becca to ask why Aspen was even reading the instructions as she wasn't even participating in the quiz, but Aspen then reveals that she didn't want any sort of special treatment, just as Suzanne arrives in the room, asking the Ravens to gather round her.

Suzanne then goes on to announce that the challenge had started. Once all of the Ravens had gathered round the couch, Suzanne explains that a question would be put to each of the students in turn and that they wouldn't be allowed to help each other out on the questions, with the Eagles receiving the same questions that they did. Suzanne then looks at Aspen and asks her whether she really wanted to participate, with Aspen then assuring her that she was.

Suzanne then asks Leo the first question, asking which member of George Washington's cabinet died after a duel, with Leo then correctly guessing Alexander Hamilton. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is trying to answer the same question, giving the answer; Hamilton and also getting it correct. Back in the Ravens dormitory, it's Aspen's turn, with Suzanne asking her which style of painting Georges Seurat developed. Before answering, Aspen remarks that she hoped Suzanne wasn't going easy on her because she was new, then answering Pointillism.

Suzanne then reveals that her answer was correct, with Aspen then going on to reveal that there was actually a painting of his in the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, adding that the painting was breath-taking. Suzanne then moves onto Becca for the Ravens and Daniel for the Eagles, asking them each who the performing artist known as the "King of Rock' N ' Roll. Hearing the question, Jackie asks Max why she didn't get that question, as she loved Michael Jackson.

Becca and Daniel then both answer with Elvis Presley, with both getting a point for their respective teams. Suzanne then tells Parker that she was going to ask him a maths question, showing him a graph on her Louie and asking him what the mathematical equation for the graph was. Parke then sighs, as Sophie assures him that he could get it, before getting up and starting to dribble his ball forward. Seeing Parker's actions, Suzanne then asks Parker whether everything was alright.

Daniel then reciprocates Suzanne's sentiments to Parker, with Sophie assuring Daniel that Parker was fine, as Parker completes his exercise, sitting down and answering; "y-6x + 0", with Suzanne then revealing that to of been correct after a short pause. The Eagles then celebrate, with Daniel and Parker jumping up, before Sophie tells Parker that she knew he could it as he sat down. In the Ravens dormitory, Suzanne asks Max who the first African-American player to join Major League Baseball.

Max then states that he didn't watch baseball or any of the sports, but then remembers something from his civil rights history course, guessing Jackie Robinson, with Tammy guessing the same for the Eagles, as Suzanne reveals that to be the correct answer. The next question goes to Jackie, who has to answer the question; "what do you call a two-dimensional array made up of numbers or letters?". Jackie then struggles to answer it as, Alex answers with Matrix for the Eagles.

Suzanne then reveals to the Eagles that Alex had been correct. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Aspen tells Jackie to focus, with Hayley then quickly telling her to leave Jackie alone as she was distracting her, but Aspen then just says that she was only trying to help Jackie. Suzanne then pushes Jackie for the answer, as Aspen hints that there was a movie trilogy named after the answer, prompting Suzanne to remind her that they weren't allowed to help each other, otherwise they'd risk disqualification for the entire team.

Jackie then incorrectly guesses Back to the Future, with Suzanne revealing to Jackie that it was actually the Matrix, then notifying the Ravens that they were back to 0 points. Hayley then assures Jackie that it wasn't her fault as Aspen had thrown her off. Hayley is then asked who composed a famous piece of music, with Aspen then singing along to the track. Hayley then tells Suzanne that the quiz was ridiculous as it was just creating tension between them.

However Suzanne then points out that the strength of the team relied on the abilities of the individuals, with Hayley then remarking that it had been too bad they couldn't just pick the individuals in their team, with Suzanne then asking for an answer to the question she asked. Hayley then gives the answer of Handel, prompting Aspen to then give some background on the artist, as Suzanne reveals she was correct.

In the Cave, Marcus calls Judy up to take a look at some charts that are showing that the tectonic subductions were finally active, with Judy then realizing that they had reached the threshold, before asking when they could start. Marcus then notifies Judy that it'd be soon as he still had to calibrate the drag coefficient of the magnetite, revealing that it could take 72 hours at the very least.

Impatient, Judy asks how he'd be able to do it in 24 hours, but Marcus then tells her that it'd be impossible to start the next day, with Judy then telling him that nothing was impossible for him, before notifying him that she was going to let the Client know that they were ready for a trial run. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Suzanne reveals that they had 12 correct answers in a row, before revealing it was Max's turn.

Whispering to Leo, Aspen tells him that it maybe a good idea to move Jackie so that she wouldn't ruin their streak, with Jackie agreeing with her. Hayley, in response cuts in defending her friend, guessing that Aspen learnt how to be rude at her school in London, adding that she bet that Aspen aced it in class. Leo then tells his team to focus, as Suzanne asks Max what a geometric entity with magnitude and direction was called. Jackie then reminds Max that they had just learnt that in maths class.

However Max then just says that he was drawing a blank, then incorrectly guessing isosceles triangle, with Suzanne asking him to confirm whether or not that was his answer, with Max then saying yes. Suzanne then reveals it to be vector, with Max then pondering how he could of forgotten it. Max then leans over to Jackie and whispers to her, that there was no longer any pressure on her. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Sophie manages to correctly answer that the release of Sgt. Pepper was in 1967.

Suzanne then reveals that to be correct, then asking Brooke whether she was ready for some American literature, as Sophie points out that it was Brooke's favourite subject. Suzanne then asks the question; "Which novel ends with the line; So we beat back on , boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past"?. Aspen then begins to struggle to answer the question as she reveals they hadn't studied American literature back at her old school just yet. Aspen then asks Suzanne to re-iterate the line, being; "Ceaselessly in to the past", but Aspen then just says that she had no idea.

Hayley then says that they should move Aspen so that she wouldn't ruin their streak, just as Aspen tries to guess Tom Sawyer or Moby Dick, but Suzanne tells her that she was just guessing and as such she couldn't accept it. Panicking, Aspen says that she had no idea, apologizing and calling herself an idiot. In the Eagles dormitory, Brooke repeats the line; "Boats against the current", as Sophie says that she knew Brooke knew the answer.

Suzanne then warns Sophie that if she said one more word, she'd have to disqualify the Eagles, with Sophie then apologizing. Brooke then says that she couldn't quite remember, with Suzanne then revealing the answer to be the Great Gatsby. After failing to get the right answer, Brooke apologizes to her fellow Eagles, as Sophie exclaims that they had talked about the answer during their lunch on Friday and that Brooke had told her that the book made her cry.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Aspen is sitting with Leo and proclaiming that she'd never forgive herself for her mistake, adding that she had single-handedly destroyed the entire challenge for her team. But Leo is quick to assure her that she just didn't know an answer to one question and that that was all that happened. Having seen Aspen, Hayley says that it was all unbelievable that Aspen needed to be the centre of attention all the time.

However Jackie says that she felt sorry for Aspen, before Hayley questions what Jackie had said. Jackie then explains that she knew how it felt to ruin everything, getting up to tell Aspen that it wasn't her fault and that it had just been a game, with her having done her best. Jackie then walks away as Aspen continues to sob and as Louis arrives in the cafeteria.

Louis then congratulates the teams on an exciting challenge, noting that the results were very close, with the difference being only one answer between their teams scores. Louis then reveals that the Eagles had 11 correct answers in a row, before revealing that the Ravens had 12 in a row correct, meaning they won the challenge. The Ravens then celebrate, as Brooke takes the fall for the Eagles challenge failure.

Daniel then heads off, as Jackie walks up to Max, telling him that he was a true friend for what he had done for her. Louis then rocks up to Max, giving him Emma's number, asking Max to give Emma their love when he called. Jackie then beckons Max to make the call, with Max then heading off and doing so. Aspen then walks up to Jackie, wanting to apologize for how she had acted towards her previously, adding that sometimes she could be a little careless.

In response, Jackie says that it was okay as she could be like that too sometimes. In the Eagles locker rooms, Daniel has arrived and walks up to Brooke's locker, undoing the lock and rummaging through her stuff to find Brooke's copy of the Great Gatsby, noticing the notes Brooke had made in the book. In the computer lab, Max has finally managed to call Emma, who answers the phone.

Max assures her that it was him on the line, going on to say that they didn't get a chance to talk previously as Emma had left in such a hurry, with Emma then saying she knew, as Jason intercepts their phone call. Max then asks Emma how her mother was, with Emma revealing that she was feeling good, before correcting herself and saying not really. Hearing Emma's voice, Max notices that her voice sounded weird, asking whether everything was ok.

Emma then tells Max that she needed to go, causing the line to disconnect. In Louis' office, Jason takes out his ear-phones. In the Cave, Judy gets a text, before then passing her phone over to Marcus, telling him that she had received the encrypted IP address. Judy then gets a call from the Client, reporting to him that they were all ready to go ahead with the trial run the next day. The Client, in response to all this asks whether their tracks had been covered. Judy then assures the Client that the satellite that could have traced them was no longer functional, concluding by telling the Client that they were ready. The Client then asks when their earthquake would take place.