The Da Vinci Code is the thirteenth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering January 23rd,2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


In the Eagles dormitory, Natalie is asleep on the couch, as she gets up and notices a mysterious figure rocking in an arm-chair on the opposite side of the dorm. Natalie carefully gets up and creeps over to the woman in the arm-chair, putting her hand on her shoulder, as the woman turns, revealing herself to be a nightmarish version of Judy, who asks why a pretty girl like Natalie would stick her nose in other people's business to Natalie, as she holds up a gun and begins to laugh in a deranged demeanour, causing Natalie to scream in fright.

Natalie then runs to Daniel's bed, and rolls him over, to reveal a nightmarish Daniel, causing her to scream again, however she then wakes up as it turns out to be a nightmare. She slowly gets up and heads over to Daniel's bed to check up oh him. She then sees a note in Daniel's bag that reads: "For me, you are ALWAYS a captain", revealing it to be from his mother Judy.

Outside, Robbie is waiting in the mini-bus, with Alona wondering where Alona's Raven friends are. Meanwhile in the Eagles dormitory, Natalie is talking to Sophie about Judy, with her exclaiming that Judy's even appearing in her dreams. Sophie tries to calm Natalie down, questioning whether she get's it's time to calm down. But Natalie says she can't calm down until she properly understands what happened with Judy and the whole shrapnel business. Sophie calmly says it's a shame Natalie doesn't listen to her captain. Natalie then tries to change the subject, realizing it's Sophie's first day as the captain of the Eagles and that she shouldn't be sat there going on about Judy, before hugging with Sophie. Sophie however forgives her, calling Natalie a little nuts.

Sophie then picks up her Louie device and notices a message from Natalie's father, calling Sophie into his office. Natalie then asks Sophie to be nice to her father, as he's currently sick, with Sophie agreeing and heading off. Natalie then gets out her Louie and starts to search for an Engine Fire, discovering a variety of images. In Louis' quarters, he welcomes Sophie in.

Louis, explains as she goes through the door, that he has a bit of stomach flu, but assures Sophie that it's not contagious, with Sophie notifying him she'd already been told by Natalie and that she said to say hi. Louis thanks her, before asking her in. The two then sit down, with Louis expressing his dismay at not being able to go to the Space Agency, with Sophie realizing that the current day is the launch of the satellite. Louis said she's right, calling it historic, adding it took them ten years to achieve this goal, before getting to business.

Louis asks how Sophie is doing as the new Eagles captain, with Sophie saying she didn't sleep all night, as Louis asks whether she suddenly felt the weight of responsibility. Sophie says she is a little, but that she's fine, with Louis saying she's going to be even more fine, with Louis saying she most likely wants to know why she was asked in, with Sophie nodding her head. Louis then takes out the new Louie model that was made especially for captains, adding it could unlock the clubhouse door, with Sophie expressing her thanks. Louis then notes, that he's got something else for her, getting up to get it. Louis then unveils a brand new Eagles captain uniform, handing it down to Sophie, expressing anyone could wear it, but that no everyone could be worthy of it, with Sophie saying she hoped she would be. Louis then makes it clear, she's going to have a lot of advisors now and that it's important to listen to others, but that the most important thing would be to listen to herself. Sophie then says she'd do her best.

Sophie then says, she was nervous before, being cut off by Louis, who says he believes in her and that he's there for her. Back in the Eagles dormitory, Natalie is busy looking at photos of an engine fire. Daniel then rocks up, asking Natalie whether it's a bit too early in the morning for photos like that. Natalie asks what he's doing there, with Daniel explaining he's not the captain anymore, but doesn't mean he couldn't sleep in the dorm anymore, Natalie realizes he's joking as he begins to carefully sit down.

Natalie then asks him, whether he went for a morning run during the morning. Daniel gestures at the state of his legs in response, with Natalie adding to cheer on or something. Daniel, then unhappy questions whether she believes he's a cheerleader now, sarcastically thanking her. Natalie then says she has not patience for the vibe Daniel is giving off at the moment and slumps back into the couch. Daniel then asks whether the images Natalie was looking at, had anything to do with a police car that had recently exploded, with Natalie expressing she wants to know what happened. Daniel clearly expresses he's not happy, exclaiming she just wouldn't let it go, sarcastically adding incredible.

Sophie then arrives on the scene, with Daniel asking what advice she'd give to someone who is trying to ruin her boyfriend's life as captain, but Sophie expresses she's a captain and not a couples therapist, Daniel then gets up and storms off, telling Sophie to be careful with the shirt as it shrunk in the wash. In the Ravens dormitory Dina is playing on the play-station.

Dina says it's so boring at the Greenhouse today, noting it was because everyone was at the launch of the Binyamin satellite launch event. The other Ravens girl then stops reading her book, asking whether Dina's finished on the Play-Station, with Dina replying by saying she's had enough for now, handing it to the other Raven. Dina then takes her Louie and begins to type a text to Matti, asking for an update on how the event is going and how it's going with Alona, Matti then replies back, saying it's going terribly. Dina then lays back, and sarcastically asks if it's a good book the other Raven is reading, with her saying not bad, with Dina saying cool, remarking it's a good day to read.

Dina then bends over and picks up the copy of "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown, as the other Raven continues playing on the Play-Station. Dina however quickly bores of the book, and slumps back into the sofa. Back at the Eagles dormitory, the Eagles are arriving back from their run.

Ron and the rest of the team, began chanting "Gershon, Gershon you could kill", with Sophie asking how it went, while they continued to chant. Sophie keeps trying to get through, asking them whether there was something they promised to do. The other girls ask whether it was about the mess the boys made, just as Sophie gets up telling them to just wait. As the boys begin to unchanged, Sophie tells them they have to stop leaving their mess after they go out for a run, exclaiming the place is full of mud. Just then Ron asks someone to pass him a towel, also asking if someone had taken his soap, as Sophie asks them to move it. Ron however explains that they just ran 12km and that if she really is bothered by it, she could just clean up after them. But Sophie's not having it, saying firstly it's not ok.

She goes on explaining secondly, that they never clean up after themselves, asking why they'd clean up after them anyway, adding their not the guys maids. Eitan then remarks she's just been a captain for 30 minutes and that she already thinks she's better than everyone else.

In Marcus' work shop, Natalie arrives, saying good morning to Marcus, who's busy sorting out different tools and gear. Natalie then asks him how it's going, with Marcus saying he's still alive and kicking. Natalie then asks whether she could ask him something, with him saying go ahead. So Natalie tells him it may sound a bit strange but to just stay with her, as she begins to ask that if she wanted to explode her own car, without leaving a trace of the fact that she did it. Marcus then questions when she even managed to get a drivers license, but Natalie expresses it has nothing to do with her, causing Marcus to ask who.

Natalie expresses that it's for school, just asking her to just help him. Marcus begins to explain that she could wire the engine but it's a bit dangerous, before pausing, asking what she's trying to do and that he didn't want any trouble with her dad, but Natalie expresses it's just for school, asking him to continue explaining how to wire the engine again. Marcus, continues saying she could pop up the hood and play around with the car battery wires or that she could put explosives in the fuel tanks and that it would make quite a nice explosion, adding that really there are a lot of different ways really, but that this one would work.

Natalie then asks what if someone discovered it on purpose, but Marcus explains the total impossibility of that outcome, adding the car would be burned and that ultimately it would be a total loss and that no one could discover a thing, unless they were to see you during the event, with Natalie questioning that someone saw, as Marcus replies saying either that or filming it. Natalie then thanks and hugs Marcus before heading off.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is watching the boys getting changed in the locker rooms, as one of the other Eagles girls brings her the mop, with Sophie exclaiming she'd take care of them. Sophie then asks the guys again whether their ready to start cleaning up. Ron then sarcastically says he'd think about it, before quickly saying no, causing laughter to erupt from the other boys, with Sophie asking them what's up. Daniel then walks over to Sophie , with her asking what is it. Daniel expresses that the boys would never clean up, and in which case it would be best not to force it on them, adding she'd just wear herself out. Sophie giggles to herself, adding that's the way boys are and that they'd never change, before questioning Daniel's advice to give up. Daniel explains that she should give them a chance to get used to her, and not to be so tough on them. Sophie agrees and heads back to the locker rooms.

Sophie then tells the Eagles boys to listen up, explaining that no one would leave the room until they finish cleaning up the mess they've made and the trash they've left around the place. She notes it's a practice for Gershon, adding they should get to it whenever their ready. Ron then says they should just get out of there, as they all clamber past Sophie. Ron calls her Sophie nuts as they reach the door, but Sophie locks it with her captain's Louie, asking what they didn't understand about what she said.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Natalie is talking to the police force, asking why she couldn't have access to their cameras, with Natalie expressing it's public property and that police force belongs to them all, before then asking to speak to their supervisor, repeating that she asked to speak, Natalie then out of annoyance takes her Louie out. Having overheard, what happened Dina says Natalie shouldn't waste her time, with Natalie questioning her. Dina then turns around in her seat, adding Natalie can't be nice to them, with Natalie defensively asking whether Dina was listening to her conversation.

But Dina explains that Natalie was yelling into her ear, and that she didn't have a choice, Natalie apologizes for bothering her, before beginning to head off, just as Dina says Natalie could get into their computer system if she liked, with Natalie stopping and asking about the computer system. Dina exclaims it's the police computer system, asking why Natalie should be so surprised. Dina then goes back to her book, saying it was just an idea, telling her to just forget it, if she wasn't interested, however Natalie says she is, asking Dina how they'd do it.

At the Eagles dormitory, the guys are beginning to clean up their mess, as Sophie watches over them, telling Alfie to clean under the bench. Eitan then complains that their meant to be in the gym at the moment, but Sophie tells him to stop talking and continue cleaning. Ron then over at Daniel's seat, asks Daniel what's happening to their dorm, adding he feels like he's in military school. Just then Sophie notices a box on the lockers and asks Eitan what it is. Eitan expresses it's just a box, with Sophie then telling him to get it out of there, as it's taking up too much room. Sophie then lifts up the lid of the box and sees a rabbit moving about in there.

Sophie, surprised exclaims what the heck, with Ron pointing out to her how cute the rabbit is, asking her to let them keep him, with Eitan then adding they like him. However Sophie says there's no way, but Ron keeps on begging. However Sophie tells them not to try it, exclaiming their not allowed to keep animals in the dorms. Ron further puts the pressure on her, saying he's so cute. Sophie then begins to crack asking them to not put that much pressure on her, exclaiming she's love animals.

In Matti's computer lab, Dina is taking Natalie in, as Dina expresses that no one could find out they were in there, especially Matti. Natalie expresses her amazement at the lab, complimenting her father on the work he did to set up the lab. Dina then asks her what she needs as she sets up, with Natalie expressing she needs help accessing the street cams on the highway, with Dina asking her the date of the occurrence. Natalie says it was three days ago, before Dina asks what it's for. Natalie then expresses that Dina couldn't tell anyone. Natalie then begins to explain, asking Dina whether she heard about the policeman's accident, noting him as the one who took Daniel's bullet shrapnel to Tela-Aviv.

Dina expresses she did hear about it, but wasn't very interested in it whatsoever, as Natalie then adds she wants to see if the accident was staged or not. Dina then begins to get to work as she expresses she knew Natalie was bored, but not this bored. Natalie defensively asks what Dina wants from her, adding she thought Dina wanted to help her, before asking why she's helping her, but Dina just says she was in the middle of a book, before being interrupted by Natalie and that's all there is to it. Natalie then flicks through Dina's book, noting she's read to the middle, as Dina tells her to forget about it. Natalie then puts it down, calling it overrated, with Dina asking if she'd read it before, Natalie then says she has, adding firstly it's suspenseful, but that it then gets boring. Dina then adds it's the first book she started, having not been forced to read it, saying she doesn't really have anything to compare to it. Natalie then assures her, she'll bring a better book next time.

Dina then manages to find the entry point for the police cams surveillance, with Natalie noticing they need a password, as Dina pulls out a code-breaker device. She then plugs it into the computer, as it checks the password. The password then verifies and allows them access, as the two girls hug in celebration.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, Sophie has gathered the other Eagles up, beginning to explain that she knows the rabbit, before being interrupted by Ron who says his name is Gershon, as Sophie continues, adding the rabbit's cute but that they couldn't keep him, with the others asking whether she wants to let the rabbit go, adding he'd probably get run over. But Sophie expresses to Eitan they couldn't allow it, as they have rules at the Greenhouse, with Ron continuing what Eitan said, saying unless the jackals get him first. At that point Sophie tells them to just stop it, explaining that if Daniel was still the captain , they wouldn't even bring a snail in there, adding their just making her life hard, asking Daniel for approval. However Daniel says he wouldn't interfere with Sophie's leadership, as Sophie sarcastically thanks him, saying she'd take the rabbit to the humane society. one of the girls then says no, adding they'd probably kill the rabbit, with Alfie adding it's true, as Sophie says she could take the rabbit to country to have a great life, with Ron sarcastically adding he would have a great life, that is until someone cooks him in a stew.

Ron, continues saying that the rabbit must stay there, adding they've grown to attached to him, but Sophie expresses they must get rid of it, with Ron beckoning her to give the rabbit a chance, adding that Gershon will stay, period. Sophie then takes the rabbit's box, as Gershon then shows up in the dormitory.

Back at Matti's computer lab, Dina has managed to hack into the police cameras, asking which highway Natalie is looking for. Natalie then searches for the highway number of Ruler Road on her Louie, returning with Highway 65. Dina then manages to find the highway, expressing her surprise that it has 8 different cameras, asking which date Natalie needs. Natalie says she needs the tenth of the month, however Dina discovers that all the cameras are blacked out, noting that it's strange all eight of the cameras broke down on the same day, but Natalie says that nothing about this really surprises her no more. Dina asks Natalie whether there's a coincidence, with her saying it couldn't be, questioning whether Dina really thought the cameras just happened to malfunction on the day the car went up in flames. Dina however questions it, asking why someone would go through all that for Daniel's sake. Natalie then gets up, thanking Dina for her services, and calling her a genius, with Dina saying it was nothing.

Natalie then asks Dina to keep everything that happened between them a secret. Dina then jokingly says she would, with Natalie asking her to alert her if she hears/sees anything, before heading off. Dina then shuts down the computer and unplugs everything.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is apologizing to Gershon for her team, explaining that it's her fault as they had to clean the clubhouse and it took longer than, before being cut off by Gershon, who's not happy about the boys absence at practice, explaining he didn't want to hear excuses, adding their ten minutes late for practice, before saying they should head off, adding the boys would make up for this by doing a lot of push-ups. The boys then head off, as Gershon notices Sophie holding a box, asking whether it's something for him. Sophie looks around at her fellow Eagles and tells Gershon there's a bunch of library books they've been keeping for a whole year in the box, adding they'd have a hell of a fine for them, asking Gershon whether he wanted to see them.

Gershon says he doesn't, asking Sophie to get rid of them, as begins to head off. Sophie then questions whether everyone really though she'd rat on them, and whether their nuts, but also adding this doesn't mean the Gershon issue has been solved, adding she means the Gershon with a tail. Everyone thanks Sophie for saving them, as Alfie gets a text from Ellali on his Louie, explaining that the agency has kept talking about their mother and that it's too hard for her and she's off to see their father, before Alfie closes his Louie.

Alfie then heads over to the couch, and sits down to watch the launch of the Binyamin satellite. In the corridor, Natalie walks down the stairs, just as she passes Marcus saying hi, before Marcus stops her to ask whether the car she wanted to explode, was done in the right way, with Natalie saying not exactly, before Natalie asks him what he could tell her about Judy. Marcus puzzled, questions Judy, with Natalie explaining she's Daniel's mother, asking whether she has connections with the police, Marcus then says he forgot, making the excuse that a delivery man's on the way with some equipment he ordered, before heading off up the stairs.

Back in the Eagles dormitory, Ron and Eitan are talking about famous Basket ball players, as one of the Eagles girls strokes the bunny rabbit he's cradling, just as one of the girls chips in with her opinions. Sophie then asks them to stop coming up with names, explaining their not going to keep the rabbit, adding they couldn't get attached to the rabbit, just as Eitan comes up with the name; Nowitski, with Ron calling that name brilliant, then adding they could bring the rabbit to games and that he'd love it. Sophie then calls Ron a genius, having realized a plan.

Sophie then asks Daniel if they should the rabbit their team mascot, with Daniel beginning to explain the team regulations are a little different to the clubhouse regulations, saying they were written much later, meaning they had nothing against animals contained within them. Sophie then says great and heads off to discuss the matter with Louis. Out in the fields, Dina is pulling up a chair.

Dina sits down and begins to look around the area, to see if there was anyone watching, before beginning to read her book. Dina remarks that her book is really suspenseful. Back at the clubhouse, Alfie is watching the satellite launch, as they begin their countdown. Natalie then sees Alfie and walks over to him, asking whether he's ok. Alfie says he is, explaining that it's just a bit strange, just as Sophie arrives back.

Sophie exclaims she's just talked to Louis and Gershon, revealing the good news and presenting their new team mascot; Nowitski, with everyone clapping and cheering, as Eitan holds up their new mascot. Sophie then explains that he'd stay at the gym and that they could make Nowitski a cool place to live, adding their responsible for cleaning up any mess Nowitski makes, adding that she and the other girls would be responsible for grooming and his shots, thanking Daniel for the tip off.

Back at the launch, the satellite is about to, launch off, as Alfie says they must be celebrating back at the space agency, asking Natalie whether she believes it to be a heck of an accomplishment, with Natalie calling him a special guy. Out in the fields it's night, as Dina just wakes up from her sleep and sees someone searching the grounds, making it out to be Robbie, before getting up and following him. She follows Robbie's path over of the rocks. Back in the hole, Judy is congratulating Robbie on managing to obtain the satellite access codes, with Robbie being modest, and saying she came up with the brilliant plan and that the diversion was a great idea, adding he didn't think it would work. Judy then asks whether Alona's friends suspected anything, just as Marcus arrives back and Robbie assures her that Alona's a strange, quiet girl, calling her the perfect collaborator.

Marcus then sees, Dina approaching the hole, in one of their security cameras.



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