The Eagles are one of the main teams/ dorm groups at the GreenHouse.

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The Eagles are often shown as being the more sporty of the two houses at the Greenhouse, preferring to win in areas likes sports, rather than read books and do maths. The Eagles are also shown to value team-work and good-sportsmanship, but are not afraid to play dirty.



In in the original series, the Eagles are shown to wear grey polo-shirts featuring their Eagles insignia most of the time, with their captain wearing one featuring a collar in the team's colours; purple and yellow. They've also been seen wearing purple, yellow and pink t-shirts featuring their insignia. The girls have been seen wearing light-blue skirts as well.

Members of the Eagles basketball team usually wear grey basket-ball vests, featuring their names and numbers across the back. As well as this Daniel has been seen wearing a black version of this vest.


The Eagles in Greenhouse Academy are mainly seen wearing uniforms that feature the Eagles aesthetic of Yellow, Purple and Grey, and have also been seen wearing black and white jackets, as well as dark purple and white, featuring an arrow pattern.

The Eagles basket-ball team have also been seen wearing black and white basketball vests, with Parker having been seen wearing a yellow and purple Eagles vest a lot of the time as well.


Original Series

Former members


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