The English Opening is the ninth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering 16th January, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


The episode starts two weeks prior to the events of the previous episode, with Daniel on his morning run down by the Kinerat. Eventually down stops for breath, doing some stretches and then gets into his swim gear and begins walking into the ocean. He gets washed and then gets dressed again on the shore, just as he notices a gun lying on the sand. Fast-forward in time two weeks; and Daniel's being carted off to the hospital after sustaining a serious injury thanks to shrapnel in his leg at a basket ball game, with Ron holding Natalie back from running after him. In the flashback Daniel then picks up the gun and tries aiming a few shots, injuring himself in the process. Back to present Daniel gets loaded onto the ambulance, with his mother; Judy accompanying him.

In the Ravens dormitory Iftach and another Raven are playing on their PlayStation, as Ellali reads her book. Meanwhile Dina and Matti are playing chess, with Dina saying thank you to Matti for the millionth time, calling Matti a true friend. Matti modestly tells her it was nothing, saying that watching Toy Story is a must, but Dina says that it wasn't just nothing and she owes him big. Dina then begins to ask how she could repay him back, offering breakfast in bed for one week, with Matti saying no because he'll crumb all of his bed, which would attract ants, but Dina says she's clean up. Matti however just tells her to forget it. Matti then asks her whether she wants to play chess, with Dina jokingly questioning chequers, but then explains she doesn't know how to play chess, saying that at least she had the gut to say so, adding Matti helped her grow as a person.

Matti then persistently says he teach her how to play chess, but Dina says she doesn't feel like it. Matti points out that she owed him one, but Dina tells him to forget about it. Alona then arrive back with big news about the basket ball game, with Ellali asking what it was. Alona assures Ellali that Alfie's fine, adding it was a close game, explaining that Daniel made the winning shot allowing the Eagles to win last second. Unhappy, Iftach questions why she interrupted his game with this news, but Alona tells him to keep listening. Alona then continues but asks whether everyone's listening. Dina who is curious beckons her on, with Alona explaining everyone ran out to hug him, before pausing.

At the hospital, Louis is trying to reassure Judy that Daniel will be fine, explaining how he knows the doctor and that he's in very good hands. Judy then explains how she questions how a healthy, strong boy like her son; Daniel could just collapse like that. Judy then questions Louis on whether there's something he's not telling her, but Louis then rhetorically asks is she crazy, expressing that the important thing is that Daniel comes out safe and sound from surgery. On the other side of the waiting hall, Sophie asks Natalie to look her in the eye and then asks whether there's anything she wants from the cafeteria. In sadness, Natalie then explains she knew Daniel was going through something. Sophie curiously asks whether the ordeal had anything to do with what they almost discussed the day prior to now. Natalie expresses her sadness, saying that instead urging him to tell her, she just went along and forgot it.

Sophie tries to calm Natalie down, telling Natalie that she shouldn't be doing this to herself, adding she's the best girlfriend in the world, with Natalie agreeing. Sophie then sees Daniel's doctor and gets Natalie to turn her attention to him, getting up. As the doctor comes out, Judy asks how Daniel is, with the doctor saying he came out of his surgery, explaining that he's just coming out of it and is still unconscious, assuring them there's no reason to worry. Natalie then asks if he's alright, with the doctor saying he's already alright, Judy then asks him how Daniel's foot is, but he explains it's too early to tell and that their still examining the damage that the shrapnel they found did to his foot. Judy alarmed at the thought questions what he's talking about.

The doctor then explains that they took out a piece of shrapnel from Daniel's ankle during surgery, deducing that the shrapnel had been wedged in there for a few days. Judy then looks at Louis, asking whether he knew about this at all, with him saying no. Judy then turns back to the doctor questioning him on the shrapnel, adding it could just be a nail. The doctor then explains that he has been in three wars prior and has an idea of what bullet shrapnel is, also pondering how Daniel could have survived a whole basket ball game, with it wedged in his ankle. Judy adds that he not only survived but won the game, just as the doctor says he has to notify the police of this news. Louis thanks the doctor, as he walks away with Judy following him. Sophie then says she knows now why Natalie didn't want to tell her anything, with Natalie trying to hush her. Louis having overheard, tells Natalie they should have a talk.

Back at the Ravens dormitory, Iftach is questioning Alona on Daniel being in hospital, with Alona nodding in confirmation. Iftach in awe of the news, says he couldn't believe it, with one member of the Ravens trying to start a party, turning on the TV, with everyone getting up and beginning to dance in celebration of Daniel's outing . Ellali looks over at Iftach, who is in disbelief of this fact. At the table, Matti is busy playing chess by himself, as Dina walks over telling him to leave the chess and come and dance with her, grabbing his arm and pulling him away from the chess. Still in disbelief, Iftach asks for the music to be turned off but the rest of the Ravens just continue to dance. Annoyed, Iftach then gets up, sharply repeating turn off the music, causing everyone to stop dancing. He questions what's wrong with everyone.

Alona asks him hypothetically whether the Eagles would be dancing in the opposite situation, with Dina adding that they made Iftach look like a ninja turtle. Iftach explains that's whole point and that their not like the Eagles, declaring he's going to see whether they need any help, asking who else will come with him. When no one answers, he questions whether anyone will come with him, with Ellali finally giving in and calling him a drama queen. The two then head off.

Back at the hospital, Louis is talking to Natalie about Daniel, with him saying he knew Natalie just wanted to protect Daniel, but Natalie says it's not about protecting him, further saying she has no idea how Daniel managed to lodge the shrapnel in his foot. Louis however expresses that Natalie must be honest with him, going onto explain that he knew something was up when, she asked him about the police. Natalie questions him on what that has to do with anything, but Louis folds his arms sternly, with Natalie walking away. Judy then tells Sophie that she should head back to the Greenhouse, adding she and Louis will bring back Natalie later, finishing by asking Sophie to keep it to herself, Sophie then gets up and heads off.

Around the corner, Sophie takes out her Louis device and begins typing a post. Around the corner, Natalie walks up finally giving in to her father. She begins to explain that two days prior, she walked past Daniel's locker and that she thought she saw a gun. Louis quickly expresses his shock at what his daughter was telling him, asking Natalie whether that was on the day, the police were at the school, with Natalie continuing saying she asked him about it, with Daniel showing her his locker, with only barbells being found, causing Natalie to believe she'd been mistaken. Judy then tries to break up Natalie and Louis' talk, saying as it was only a barbell, end of story, but Louis says he wants to get things straight, asking Natalie how much time passed between seeing the gun and the barbell, with Natalie saying a few hours.

Judy asks Louis what he's trying to say, with Louis explaining he hopes the shrapnel in Daniel's foot doesn't match the gun that the police were looking for, with Natalie then apologizing to Judy about the ordeal. Back at the dormitories, Ellali and Iftach are walking up the Eagles dormitory, as Ellali comments on how sensitive Iftach is for a heavy metal music fan. Iftach then says that Heavy Metal fans can be sensitive and that Daniel's a captain like him, saying it was a matter of solidarity, asking her not to annoy him, as they reach the door.

Iftach, knocks on the door, with Robbie immediately answering, saying it's not a good time to be visiting the Eagles dormitory, with Iftach asking why it's not good at least for some bonding between the two teams. Robbie then lets the two past, with Ron upon seeing them adding they were depressed enough already. Iftach explains that their intent wasn't too depress them, but that they've come to say their crossing their fingers for Daniel's safety, offering any help if they need it. Ellali then asks her brother whether they'd heard anything from the hospital, but he shakes his head adding that the last they had heard was that Daniel was in surgery.

Alfie then begins to blame himself, saying that had he not allowed Daniel to play on it may not of happened, questioning why he listened to Daniel. But Ellali comforts him saying that Daniel's stubborn, telling Alfie not to blame himself for what happened. Robbie then receives a call from his father, being shocked at what he's been told by Louis, asking Louis to update him as soon as possible, before being stopped and just agreeing with what Louis said, before hanging up. Alfie then asks what Louis has said to Robbie, with Robbie explaining it's not for them to know, however everyone then gets a new blog alert from Sophie with some important news. Ron begins to read the blog post from Sophie, revealing it's about the shrapnel in Daniel's leg also adding that he's out of surgery, but still unconscious.

Alfie questions why Daniel had shrapnel in his leg in the first place, with Ron asking whether this had anything to do with the gun the police were looking for. Ellali expresses her surprise at the news, as well as telling her brother not to feel guilty about it, explaining that he would of collapsed from the shrapnel regardless of the game, Robbie then leaves the dorm. Back at the hospital, Natalie is waiting to be taken back to the Greenhouse, as her father asks whether there's anything else she didn't tell him, going on to ask whether it's something small that could complicate matters even further.

Natalie then questions whether it's complicated enough already, unhappy that her father still can't trust her enough, believing he thinks she's lying. Louis expresses that's what happens when somebody breaks a persons trust, going onto say that she could of saved her friends from going through an unnecessary polygraph test. Natalie desperately asks him to stop, but Louis expresses the seriousness in the matter, questioning her as to whether she really knows how serious the matter of having a gun on Greenhouse premise is, adding that the gun is the one the whole police force were looking for, finishing by saying their reputation is now at risk.

Natalie then realizes what it is, believing her father to only care about their reputation. Louis however further presses on, angrily asking her whether she knew she could be classed as an accomplice to the crime. Natalie in response sarcastically thanks him for being on her side, before storming off. In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Iftach asks Ellali whether she's realized what's going to happen if the police find Daniel is connected to the missing gun, adding a criminal investigation would take place if that were the case. Iftach continues saying Louis would have to kick Daniel out in said case. Ellali tries to reassure him however that they couldn't be sure of it.

Iftach continues, saying if he shot someone, he could be charged with murder. Ellali then sarcastically jokes that he's been watching too many CSI Miami episodes, adding he's getting a bit carried away with it. Iftach then gets another news blog alert on his Louis, seeing that Natalie posted an image of Daniel on the blog. Iftach begins to describe the picture, expressing his concern, with Ellali sarcastically saying he should take Daniel some chocolates and replace Natalie by his bedside. Iftach asks what her problem with his curiosity is, explaining he's just curious to know Daniel's condition, getting up and leaving the cafeteria, with Ellali following him.

In Daniel's hospital room, Judy is watching over him with the doctor and Natalie, expressing her surprise over the shrapnel found in Daniel's foot. Judy then turns round to see Natalie sitting behind her and takes out some money from her purse, asking her to go and buy a snack for them, with Judy then asking if the doctor wanted anything like a coffee, saying that he couldn't of slept in hours. The doctor however, says he's ok, as Natalie heads off. Judy, noting that the doctor had been in three wars, asks him what sort of weapon the shrapnel could of come from, with him telling her he's not a ballistics expert. Judy then asks to see the shrapnel, adding she's curious to know what injured her son. The doctor however said that that wouldn't be possible.

Judy asks him how much a doctor like him earns, curious the doctor asks why, with Judy saying she'd like to make a donation to their health system, in particular the doctor's wage. The doctor, confused says excuse me, with Judy explaining that he saved her son's foot and would like to repay the favor. The doctor questions whether she's trying to bribe him, but Judy dismayed questions it, with the doctor saying that's how he heard it, also adding that the shrapnel had been sent to a forensics lab in Tela-Aviv. Natalie then arrives back with the snack, tossing it to Judy, expressing that she couldn't get any change, with Judy exclaiming that's what happens when they let their doctors work for 24 hours straight.

Back at the Ravens dormitory, Matti is busy setting up a chess board, asking Alona for a short chess tournament, with Alona doing an equation based on said question, explaining three games in one short tournament, with each game being ten minutes equaling a total time of half an hour. But Matti narks her on, saying she'd never last half an hour against him, adding he's check-mate her in two minutes, also using reverse-psychology. Alona however expresses reverse-psychology doesn't work on her, with Dina praising her from the couch for that comment. Iftach and Ellali then arrive back.

Iftach asks everyone, whether they've heard about the news, with Daniel and the gun. Dina too busy concentrating on her game, says "Die you Loser", with Iftach pointing out how careless they've become to Ellali, expressing they don't care about Daniel's fall, asking her whether he's overreacting. Ellali believes he is, with Iftach sarcastically thanking her, Ellali then asks him to come with her, with him asking where, as she takes him away. At the table, Matti after failing to tempt Alona, says he'll just play by himself, adding it could be good practice. Alona then gives in, saying she'll play with him. Matti asks her whether she needs him to go over the rules, but she says she'll be fine.

The game then begins with Alona moving one of her pieces forward on the board, with Matti realizing it as the English Opening, noting he has played since he was 4, and that he used to play with his grandpa. Matti then goes on to say that he's managed to work out that he's played three more times than Kasparov when he was Matti's age. Matti then proclaims Gary Kasparov as the greatest chess player of all time, with Alona adding that Matti's basically saying he's better than the greatest chess player of all time and that he's going to kick her butt in their game. Matti tells her not to be so negative, expressing he didn't say he'd kick her butt, but also saying he doesn't know anyone in the Greenhouse that could beat him.

Alona then sarcastically says that losing to Matti is a real honor, with Matti thanking her, before Alona makes an interesting move on the chess board. At the Tela-Aviv Police Headquarters, Arik is on the phone, just as the chief walks up to his desk. The chief hands Arik a photo of Daniel, asking Arik what he knew about him, with Arik explaining he asked a round a bit, having heard he's the captain of the Eagles basket ball team, as well as being good and popular. But the chief then asks Arik, why Daniel's walking with shrapnel lodged in his leg, before telling him to let him know about the shrapnel, as soon as it's out of Daniel's leg. Arik however stops him, asking whether he thought it may have something to do with the missing park ranger's gun. The chief rhetorically asks him how many guns he thought had been left lying around on the beach in response, with Arik replying another good question. The Chief then sarcastically says great, asking Arik to find the answers in the next few days, also adding to call Daniel in for questioning, when he finds out the shrapnel matches that of the missing park ranger's gun, before heading off.

Back at the hospital, Natalie is watching over Daniel in his hospital bed, as Sophie enters the room. Natalie surprised says she thought Sophie had left the hospital, with Sophie saying of course she hadn't, asking whether Natalie's mad. Natalie says she's mad at Daniel and herself. Sophie then says to wait until he wakes up and sees all the status updates people have written about him, Natalie however goes on pondering why he never told her anything, asking why he didn't think someone would eventually find out about the bullet in his foot. Sophie then asks Natalie, whether she thinks Daniel shot someone, with Natalie asking her whether that's what people are currently thinking. Sophie says she doesn't know, but notes that thought may of come up. When Daniel begins to wriggle about, Natalie gets Sophie to get the doctor.

Natalie tries to comfort Daniel, who is just waking up, expressing her appearance and that he'll be fine. Daniel then asks for his mom, with Judy arriving in the room assuring Daniel she's there. Back at the Greenhouse, Ellali is taking Iftach into his music room, explaining he once told her that music was the best way to let out your anger, with Iftach asking whether he seems angry to her. Ellali hands him his guitar and turns on the amp, as Iftach begins to strum away. After a few rapid strums, Iftach admits he's a bit angry, beginning to sing and strum at the same time.

Ellali then receives some news about Daniel on her Louis, saying that Daniel's now awake, with Ellali asking Iftach why he stopped playing. Iftach then begins playing again. Back at the hospital, Daniel explains what happened with the shrapnel, explaining that it happened two weeks prior during his morning run to Tzemach and back to the Greenhouse, also saying there's an abandoned beach not too far from the Greenhouse, that he likes, adding he likes to go far into the water after running. Continuing, he explains that when he came out of the water, he stepped on something, which turned out to be a gun, further explaining it was loaded as he picked it up, his mother then asks him what he was thinking, with Louis beckoning him to continue. Daniel goes on explaining he has no idea why he would shoot it, possibly thinking it may of been the adrenaline from the run, saying he couldn't help it as is he was a zombie, taking an empty beer bottle from the beach and aiming at it, shot.

Judy expresses her clear disbelief in what happened, with Daniel explaining his hands then felt hot and that he threw the gun in the sand after being startled and that he then began to feel terrible pain in his foot, saying that he had no idea how he shot himself, saying that something must of been lodged in his leg. Louis then asks him what he did with the gun. Daniel then explains he got scared, worrying that if the police were to find it, they'd find fingerprints and so hid it in his locker, apologizing for lying to Natalie about it, expressing he didn't want to get her into trouble when the police showed up and decided to get rid of it. Louis, still in awe asks Daniel whether that was correct, adding it was very bad judgement on Daniel's side.

Natalie, however stops him expressing that Daniel's already in enough pain over it, with Judy saying it's good Daniel's in pain. Louis expresses the consequences before angrily storming off. Back at the Ravens dormitory, Matti and Alona are still playing chess, with Matti about to make a move, however Alona tells him he can't move that specific piece as she'd checked him. As he makes another move, Alona further comments saying she wouldn't do that, with Matti asking whether she checkmated him. Matti expresses his dismay at losing, remarking the last time he lost was at a chess fair in 2007, because he had a migraine. Alona tells him to forget it, saying he'd win next time, because she'd let him win, shaking hands with Matti and getting up. Dina then accompanies Matti, with him asking whether she saw what just happened, adding he lost. Matti then compliments Alona's gameplay style.

At the police headquarters, Arik is on the phone to his partner Perach, who he explains to the chief had an accident, explaining he was on his way with the shrapnel piece and that his car went up in flames, but had managed to get out alive. The chief asks about the shrapnel, but Arik says it's gone, burnt up, with Perach describing it as a bonfire. The Chief, in anger then hits the desk, with Arik asking whether he still wanted to call Daniel in for questioning, with the chief questioning it, explaining there's no evidence to tie him to the gun. Arik then gives Judy a call, once the chief left. At the hospital Judy takes notice of the text Arik sent her, that said it had been taken care of, as Judy walks away.

Back at the Greenhouse, Ellali asks Iftach what his story with Daniel is. Iftach, confused asks what story, with Ellali talking about the "He's my Nemesis" stuff, with Iftach saying their job was to be the best and that they sometimes have to pay the price, finishing saying he respects Daniel, but is quick to say that he also couldn't stand the guy, with Ellali saying he cares about him as well and that it's a good way to feel. Iftach explains that he wants to keep beating Daniel because he is a worthy opponent, just keeping it professional, with Ellali sarcastically agreeing, also saying that he hates him so much, he kind of likes him too, with Iftach asking her to stop, but Ellali says she'd just like him to admit that he's not just sensitive but nice too, with the two sharing their first kiss.



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