The Haywards are one of the main families in Greenhouse Academy. The family consists of Judy Hayward and Daniel Hayward.


The Haywards are one of the main families commonly seen throughout Greenhouse Academy. This family is home to the ex-captain of the Eagles and a member of the Eagles, Daniel Hayward. Daniel was the main antagonist of seasons 1-2 before turning into a secondary protagonist for the remaining seasons. His mother, Judy Hayward, is a booster for the school and the leader of an evil group that causes mass destruction. She was also the main antagonist for the first 2 seasons of GHA. They both have a very strong bond, however, it is eventually betrayed by trust. There is no information or mention about Daniel's father so it is unknown what has happened to him or what his living status is. Some of their family friends include The Osmonds.


This family is portrayed by Nadine Ellis and Chris O'Neal.

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