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The Hike is the first episode of Season 3 of Greenhouse Academy and the 25th episode overall, airing October 25th,2019 on Netflix.


At the start of the episode, team captains; Daniel and Leo are squaring up to each other, before Daniel throws his fist towards Leo. Leo, however stops him and starts kicking him in the shin, before Daniel continues his assault. Leo eventually manages to knock Daniel off of him, before egging him on more. The scene then flashes back to a week prior to these events.

Out on the Greenhouse lawn, an awards ceremony is being held for the students, with Daniel, Hayley and Leo being interviewed by a reporter for the national news. He asks Daniel and Leo, whether they were aware that they were carrying a live bomb. Leo then smugly states that they didn't and that they though it was just a challenge that Louis had come up with, with Daniel then adding that he was actually trying to grab the bomb off of Leo before it could blow up.

The reporter then turns his attention to Hayley, asking her what her mom; Ryan had said to her when she first came out of her deep-coma. Hayley then jokes that Ryan had just said the usual mom-stuff, having asked what she had done to her hair, as well as telling her that she was wearing too much make-up. Hayley then looks over at her parents, before back-tracking on what she had said and saying that her mom had only said she loved her, with her reciprocating those sentiments.

Elsewhere at the ceremony, Alex rocks up to Brooke and her father; Louis, before leaning in for a hug with his girlfriend and quickly turning away. Brooke, seeing Alex's nerves tells him that he was going to have to kiss her in front of her father eventually. However Alex is quick to nervously say that he didn't think he'd want to do that, with Louis then remarking that he liked his daughter's choice in men and jokingly tells him to be scared.

Louis then walks off, before being confronted by a reporter. The reporter asks him what his next plans for the school were, further asking how the school would be able to recover after something like the events that had transpired there. In response, Louis bluntly states that they'd get the school back to normal and then further revealing that the Science Olympiad was coming up and that a team from the school had come first 6 years in a row.

Louis concludes, by saying that he expect nothing less of his students again that year. Over at the chairs, Max is on the phone to Jackie, who's at home with her family. When Jackie tells Max that she didn't want a long-distance relationship with him, Max rattles off the fact that he had heard there were 3.5-million long-distance relationships in America. Jackie then notifies him that she wanted to end the call, but Max tells her that he didn't want to say goodbye to her.

As soon as he heard her hang up the call, he said goodbye and did so himself, just as Emma sees him and waves at him, while smiling. Max then does the same and says hi, before the Greenhouse students are given their medals, with Leo claiming his medal first, as the crowd cheers. Hayley and Daniel then both claim their medals, before the rest of their friends walk up to claim theirs. Daniel then rocks up to Hayley, holding her hand.

Later that day at the Ravens dormitory, Hayley is on face-time to Daniel via her Louie. Daniel tries to convince Hayley that she'd be great on the Eagles team, just as Leo calls over to her from the table, claiming they needed her there. In response, Daniel sighs lamenting that he wished there was a way he and Hayley could study together, as he missed Hayley. Hayley reciprocates those sentiments, as Leo gets impatient. Hayley in response, then sarcastically cheers for the fact they were studying rocks.

Daniel then pretends to be tired, just as Hayley comes up with an idea. Confused, Daniel asks her what she had meant by that, before Hayley invites him and the rest of the Eagles into the Ravens dormitory to study. Walking in with Sophie, Brooke states that they had brought re-enforcements while holding up a bag of crisps, as Hayley and Daniel give each other a kiss. Confused, Leo asks Hayley what was going on.

Hayley then notifies him that she had invited all of the Eagles over, in the thought that they could study together. Parker then looks around the dormitory, before stating his surprise at how nerdy the dormitory looked. Parker tries to remember the last time the Eagles had been in the Ravens dormitory, with Leo then reminding him that it had been the night they'd vandalized the Ravens common-room. Hayley then breaks up the conversation, stating that they were just a bunch of kids who had to study for a Science Olympiad, before beckoning everyone onto their studies.

Alex and Parker are quick to leap onto the sofa, as Leo sighs and looks on. Later on, in the corridor Louis is upset after having found out the news that the Eagles and Ravens had been studying together for the Olympiad. Suzanne then clarifies that the Ravens had invited the Eagles over, before Louis states that that hadn't been a great strategy, while brandishing a 10th place ribbon, claiming he didn't know they could even get a ribbon for 10th place.

Louis finishes, by proclaiming it a disgrace, as Suzanne laments that she hadn't known what had happened. To this, Louis claims that he did, going on to explain that he had created the 2 houses in order to help encourage a sense of community and competition at the Greenhouse, but that this had been damaged when the teams were unified during the events that occurred the previous year and thanks to that the teams had become too friendly, with their competitive fire gone. Coach Davies then stops them and asks Louis what they were going to do about it.

In the cafeteria, Louis has gathered all of the students, announcing to them that he wanted them to turn in their louies. The students then question this decision, before Louie reveals that they'd be going on a navigation/team-work challenge. He goes onto to state that the two teams would be hiking up at the Santa Barbara Mountains for the next 2 days. As Suzanne collects the student's louies, Louis explains that there would be three flags for each of the houses, that had been hidden across the trail they'd be taking.

Louis then finishes his explanation, by revealing that the house that collected all of their flags would win the challenge, with the losing team then having to clean the Greenhouse grounds, as their previous groundskeeper; Marcus had been arrested. He also added that the winners would get to enjoy a day at the beach, just as Daniel asks what the map he had been given was. Louis then clarifies to him that it was a map, which was something people used to find their way before the advent of smart-phones and Louies. Louis then instructs his team captain forward, in order to give them walkie talkies, that would only be able to used in emergencies, with the team that uses it first, forfeiting the challenge and losing.

Louis then tells them the teams to do whatever they had to do and to be ready, as the bus would leave in 10 minutes. Out in the mountains, the Ravens are walking across the footpaths, as Leo tries to read the map they'd been given. Hayley then sees the way that Leo had been looking at the map and notifies him that he had been reading it the wrong way. To this however, Leo tells her that he could read the map correctly, as he had gotten a 1590 on his SATs.

Hayley then begins to explain that her and Alex's father used to take them camping for three weeks during summer and that they had only been given a compass to help them navigate, before remarking that the choice was Leo's call. Leo then gives in, and directs his Ravens forward down the path that Hayley had identified.

Elsewhere, while walking with the Eagles, Parker complains that he couldn't feel his legs from all the walking they were doing, with Alex then stating he was out of breath. However to this, Sophie beckons her team on, as she felt that they were close to their team's first flag. In response Brooke exclaims that she was exhausted and asks her captain why they couldn't just have a break, just before Parker reminds her that it was her dad that put them up to the hike.

Clapping back at Parker, Alex says that he shouldn't blame the spawn of Satan, but Satan himself, referring to Brooke and her dad. Parker and Daniel then just giggle, as Brooke questions whether her boyfriend really just called her father Satan. Alex then nervously tries to cover up, by assuring her that he didn't, before backtracking and saying maybe. Alex then embraces Brooke, calling her his beautiful spawn, before the pair kiss.

Giving in, Sophie announces that they could take a 5 minute break, suggesting they make some sandwiches, so they could regain their energy, before heading off. Back with the Ravens, Emma is asking Max how everything with Jackie was going, believing that it had been crazy that Jackie's mum had found time for her.

Emma then says that it had been thanks to the national news, with Max then awkwardly agreeing, as they walk along. After a brief pause, Emma asks Max how Jackie had been, with Max then quickly saying that Jackie had been doing great, before glumly adding that they had both been doing great. Finding it hard to hide her happiness, Emma begins to say it was great, before changing course and assuring Max that she was glad to hear it.

Max then laments, that he didn't understand why people had said that long-distance relationships were so difficult, as he had thought that it'd made their relationship stronger and then adding that it would of gotten boring seeing Jackie every day. Unimpressed, Emma heads in front of Max, while agreeing to his point, before then trying to cover up her jealous demeanour, by claiming she had a boyfriend, being in a long-distance relationship too.

As Max expresses his surprise at what she had told him, Emma further states that he wouldn't of known her boyfriend. Max in response, calls it cool, before asking Emma what her boyfriend's name was. Emma then looks away, before saying it was Leaf, only confusing Max in the process. Emma then clarifies that Leaf's parents were hippies. Further along the path, Becca has managed to find the first Raven's flag.

Leo then congratulates Becca, as he and the rest of the Ravens head towards her. Walking behind Leo, Hayley states that it had been good that they'd headed the way she suggested. Becca then sees a nearby rock with an arrow in the direction they needed to head painted on, suggesting they move it to point the other way, as a way of throwing the Eagles off.

Hayley, in response questions whether it would be cheating, before Leo cuts in, explaining that it wasn't really cheating, but that it was instead just to throw the Eagles off their track a little. However Hayley, after hearing what Leo had said calls it dirty, beckoning her team on to win in the right way.

As the other Ravens follow after Hayley, Emma tells Leo that Hayley had been correct, causing Leo to try and awkwardly convince his fellow Ravens, that he had just been joking. Elsewhere, as the Eagles take their break, Brooke is annoyed with Alex, telling him that her father wasn't Satan and that he knew they deserved the hike.

Alex then gingerly looks at Brooke, telling her that he had just been kidding, before then falsely pointing out something on Brooke's face. Confused, Brooke begins feeling around her face, asking where it was, before Alex scrapes peanut-butter on her cheek. Surprised, Brooke reaches for the peanut-butter jar, as Sophie calls it gross.

Sophie, continues by saying that they needed to just eat their sandwiches and head off, with Parker telling Alex and Brooke to grow up. Parker then asks Sophie to help him up, however as she goes to help him up, she gets her hand covered in peanut-butter after being pranked by him. This causes the Eagles to erupt in laughter, as Sophie proclaims that Parker would be a dead man, attempting to wipe her hand down Parker's t-shirt.

Daniel then attempts to wipe peanut-butter on Sophie's arm, while running past, as the Eagles begin to break into a food fight. After the fight, the Eagles are all seen wiping/licking the peanut-butter off their arms, while chatting and laughing, with Daniel having seen what Parker was doing, asking whether he was really eating the peanut-butter that had been thrown in sandwich. However Parker in response, states that it was just peanut-butter and bread.

Daniel then points out that there was also dead-skin, sweat and dirt that came packaged with the ingredients. Brooke, then tells Parker that he was disgusting, as he begins to spit out his sandwich. Brooke then asks Parker where his manners where, while still eating peanut-butter herself, with the rest of her team then groaning in response.

Later in the day, both the Ravens and the Eagles come face to face in the forest, with the teams then joining up and walking together. At night, the teams are setting up their camp tents, just as Hayley sees Leo finishing putting up his tent and saying hi, before walking over to him. Hayley then thanks Leo for listening to her that day, with Leo then in response thanking her for telling him that he didn't know what he was doing.

Hayley in response chuckles, and lets Leo know that she'd be happy to be both his moral and literal compass at any time, with Leo adding that they still made a pretty good team. Just then Daniel rocks up to Hayley, asking her whether she wanted to go for a walk. Hayley then agrees to do so, with Daniel putting his arm around her and saying bye to Leo, as they head off.

Leo then watches on, as Daniel tells Hayley that he had found an off-road spot. Later that night, both the Eagles and Ravens are sitting round the fire, as Leo sings a song, while playing his guitar, with Sophie also singing along. Eventually everyone gets into the rhythm and begin singing along as well, as Max roasts his marshmallows.

The teams then continue singing, with Parker waving his arms. As the teams finish singing, Coach Davies hides behind a nearby bush, having watched them with some binoculars, before talking with Louis through his Louie. Louis asks the coach what he saw, with him then regretfully telling him that the teams were still getting on, with the teams having been in song together, as Louis picks up one of his school's first-place rosettes.

The Coach continues, revealing that his Eagles had been singing, with Louis then lamenting that if they didn't get their students back on track, they'd never be able to get them back on track. In response, Coach Davies asks Louis what he wanted him to do, before Louis tells him to turn up the heat. Confused, the Coach asks what he meant, with Louis beckoning the Coach on telling him that he knew what motivated the kids.

Coach Davies then assures Louis that he had it, just as Leo and the others begin to sing again, as Leo starts strumming on his guitar. In the morning, Max is the first to pop his head out of the tent, getting out and stretching, before walking up the fire and noticing the Ravens flag lying there, burnt. Max is then quick to call for Leo.

After having seen the flag, Leo and the rest of the Ravens confront the Eagles, with Leo pointing out that that kind of act was typical Eagles behaviour, adding that they should rename themselves as the Vultures. Sophie however is quick to argue back, re-iterating that she and the Eagles didn't do it, with Daniel suggesting the flag must of fallen in the fire.

However, Leo isn't convinced, just as Hayley gets up, wondering what was going on. Leo then sees that Hayley was wearing Daniel's Eagle jacket and asks her what she was wearing, before questioning her loyalty. In response, Hayley tells Leo that she had been cold, but Becca's having none of it, calling it unbelievable. Leo then orders Hayley to take the jacket off.

Hayley then rhetorically asks whether Leo was telling her what to wear now, with Brooke telling Leo that you never tell a woman what to wear. Just then, Emma arrives cradling Leo's guitar, after it had been vandalized. Seeing the damage, Leo asks the Eagles what they did, with Sophie then quick to assert that she and the Eagles weren't the vandalizers.

Looking at the spray-painted guitar, Daniel assures them that he didn't do it, with Sophie in disbelief, asking for clarification from the Ravens. Becca, annoyed jokes that it must of been a little critter, who was a big fan of the Eagles. Alex then attempts to break-up the tension, by saying that someone was messing with them, with Brooke then asking him who'd mess with them. However Parker then comes up with the suggestion that the Ravens did it to themselves.

As Becca scoffs in response, Parker continues saying that there was a possibility that the Ravens wanted to start something. Leo angrily asks Parker why they'd do that, with Parker then asking Leo to tell them himself. Tired of the tension, Hayley then butts in to try and stop it from reaching boiling point and defending the Eagles, stating that if the Eagles said they didn't do it, then they didn't.

Hayley concludes by stating that the Eagles were their friends, but Becca then snaps back, saying that they weren't. In order to try and make things fair, Daniel grabs his team's flag and dumps it in the fire, asking whether Leo was then happy, as both of the flags had been burnt. Parker questions why Daniel did it, but Daniel just tells him to forget it. Annoyed, Leo then asks Daniel about his guitar, with Daniel suggesting that he slash all the Eagles basketballs, to make it even.

Before walking off, Daniel tells Leo to forget the whole ordeal. Daniel then wishes Hayley luck, before Sophie suggests that the Eagles pack up and head off. Leo then also beckons his team away. Later, Hayley sighs, before Leo asks Hayley whether she ad been in the wrong team, pointing out that the Eagles went the other way. In order to please, Hayley then packs away Daniel's Eagle blazer.

In response, Leo tells her that he'd be happier if she threw the blazer off a cliff. As Leo storms off, Hayley tells him that it had just been a sweat-shirt. Becca then rocks up, rhetorically asking whether Hayley had been trying to tear Leo up, but Hayley just orders her to stay out of their mess. Becca then retorts that she was sticking up for their captain, adding that it was more than Hayley could say.

Becca then stops and asks Hayley why she didn't just go and join the Eagles, before Emma cuts in, telling her to stop. As the other Ravens pass her by, Hayley gets called a traitor, before she then follows on. At the lake, the Eagles had arrived, with Sophie cautioning her fellow Eagles about the slippery slope. Once down the slope, Sophie then sees her team's flag, stuck inside a rock.

Sophie beckons her team towards it, with Parker then enthusiastically beginning to get ready, just as the Ravens arrive at the scene. As Leo spots their flag, Sophie points out their arrival, but Parker assures his team that he wasn't worried about the Ravens, while taking his shirt off. Alex and the other Eagles cheered him while he was doing so, before Hayley declares that she was going to head in for the Ravens.

However, Leo is quick to stop her, thrusting his guitar into Hayley's hands, before getting ready to head towards their flag. Parker also begins to make his way for the Eagles, as they cheer him on. Sophie then suggests that she and the team fill up their water bottles, revealing that she had iodine pills that she placed on the nearby rock. Just then Leo takes his shirt-off, ready to head off for his team flags.

In the water, Parker is charging towards his team's flag and manages to pull his flag out of the rock, before celebrating. Meanwhile, Hayley warns Leo not slip on the rocks, causing Leo to slip up. This causes an eruption of laughter from the Eagles, with Parker pointing and laughing at Leo. Becca, concerned asks Leo whether he was ok. But Leo assures her that he was fine.

Parker then jokingly asks Leo whether he needed some help, but Leo just tells him to get off of him. Daniel then sarcastically tells Leo that he was doing a good job, with Leo then slipping up once more, as Parker makes his way back to his team, as they congratulate him for his performance. Annoyed, Becca runs up to Parker and pushes him over.

Annoyed at Becca, Daniel asks what she was doing, as Becca's fellow Ravens jump down to join her. Hayley, having seen the chaos tells them to stop, while calling it insane. As both teams converge on each other, Parker pushes Leo back, with the 2 teams then erupting into a fight. Watching from the nearby bushes, the Coach reports to Louis that the teams had been fighting since the morning. However Louis then says that was a good thing.

Louis then explains that he was glad, the Eagles and Ravens had gotten back into a little healthy competition, but the Coach reports to him, that the teams were trying to drown each other. However Louis assures the Coach, that if there was any real trouble the captains would be using their walkie-talkies and that if they were true winners they'd be able to tough it out.

The Coach is still uncertain though and asks Louis for clarification as to whether he was sure, they shouldn't just call the hike off and call it a tie between the 2 teams. Seeing a headline about the Greenhouse's failure, Louis asserts to the Coach that the teams needed to complete the challenge, as there needed to be a winner and loser of the challenge to keep the competitive fire alive, with the Coach then conceding.

Later, Leo is handling his hand wound, just as Hayley rocks up, noting that the wound looked bad. Leo is quick to brush it off, saying that it was nothing as Hayley brandishes Daniel's Eagle blazer. Leo asks her what it was for, with Hayley clarifying that she was offering it to help him clean up the blood, adding that she thought he'd like to mess the blazer up.

After giving Hayley a long stare, Leo tosses the blazer and heads off in the other direction. Emma then approaches him and helps him put a bandage over his wound, while Becca watches from the stream. Emma apologizes to Leo, just as Daniel suggests that he and the Eagles head off.

Becca, then craftily takes the iodine pills and hides them in her shorts, before suggesting that she and the Ravens head off as well. As Emma steadies Leo's bandage, Sophie begins to look around, noticing that something's missing. Hayley then asks Leo whether he'd be alright to walk, but Leo assures her that he would be, as it was his hand he'd injured not his leg. Hayley then looks around at her fellow Ravens in dismay, just as Daniel calls to her.

Daniel tells Hayley that they had room for one more person on their team, with Leo then asking Hayley what was stopping her from doing so, giving Hayley a long and stern stare. Dismayed at Leo's remarks, Hayley asked whether he really wanted her to go, but Leo just bluntly tells her that he didn't care. Emma concerned, asks Hayley not to go.

However Hayley makes up her mind and begins to clamber over the stepping stones to Daniel. Daniel reaches out his hand to her and helps her across to the Eagles, as they cheer. Saddened by Hayley's actions, Max reveals that he hadn't known Hayley was that upset, but Becca then remarks that Hayley had been dying to join the Eagles for weeks. As Daniel helps Hayley up, Leo then announces that it was time for them to head off, believing that they'd be able to win.

In order to spite Hayley, Leo then states that the Eagles would soon realize what a burden she was. Later, Hayley is walking with Brooke and the other Eagles, just as she notices a nearby rock, with an arrow pointing forwards. Brooke then stops and hands Hayley an Eagles t-shirt, with Hayley thanking her while chuckling. Hayley then puts the t-shirt on, with Brooke then believing that she even looked better as an Eagle.

Surprised, Hayley asks for clarification, just as Daniel cuts in, saying that something had been missing from Hayley's uniform. He then takes out a tin of Eagle's face-paint and rubs some on Hayley's face in order to induct into her the team. Just then Sophie reveals to them that they had a major problem, saying that she thought she'd lost the team's iodine pills.

Brooke then asks Sophie whether she was sure of this. Sophie then begins to explain that she had thought that she'd left them by the river, but that she had looked everywhere while looking for them, but to no avail. Parker then points out that there was a possibility the Ravens could of taken them, as they were by the river. The Eagles then look to Hayley, who tells them that she was sure the Ravens hadn't taken them and that she definitely didn't.

However, Sophie is quick to break up the chatter, stating that it didn't matter who took the pills, but that they now had no way of purifying any water they collected. Sophie concludes by saying that she thought she should call Louis through the walkie talkie. Alex is then quick to say no to this, taking out his water bottle, that contained dirty water. Both Brooke and Hayley warn him against it, as there was a possibility he could catch something. Alex in response, just stated that it could of been fine and the river water may of been clean.

Alex then begins to drink the water, as Sophie cautions him not to. Alex then coughs and puts his bottle away, once he finished. Concerned, Brooke asks him whether he was ok, with Alex trying to assure her that he was, then beckoning his fellow Eagles onwards, with Daniel cheering them on. Sophie then tells Parker not to drink their water, before he goes to turn the direction rock around. Seeing this, Sophie asks him what he was doing, with him revealing he was attempting to throw the Ravens off the track.

Being principled, Sophie tells him that they couldn't cheat like that, but Parker then remind her of how the Ravens took their iodine pills, declaring that he was sick of them. Elsewhere, Leo is leading his team, following the map, before stopping. Emma then suggests that they could of missed the fork in the road, with Becca then saying that she believed they were on the right track. But Leo is then quick to agree with what Emma had said.

Leo then believes that they must of gone up too far, therefore having missed the trail-sign. Max then begins to climb over some rocks, believing he could find where they had come from up there. Leo then tells him to be careful, while he was doing so, but Max assures him it was alright. Max then however takes a tumble, injuring his ankle.

Emma races to make sure Max was ok, asking him whether he could walk, as he attempts to get up. Max carefully hobbles up to the rock, initially he saying he thought he could, but then changing gear and saying that he couldn't. Growing impatient, Leo says that they had to move, as they were losing time, but Emma re-iterates the fact that Max couldn't walk, believing they needed to make use of the walkie-talkie.

Firing back, Leo asserts to Emma that if they were to do so, they'd lose the challenge. However Max then beckons Leo and the rest team forward, telling them to find him after they win. Leo then asks for clarification, with Max nodding his head, just as Leo and his team begin to take off.

Emma then tells Leo that she'd be staying with Max, with Leo then assuring her they'd come back for them, once they'd won the challenge. Leo then heads off, as Emma helps Max up and across the rocks. Elsewhere, Sophie is leading her fellow Eagles forward, just as Alex comes to a sudden stop.

Alex then begins to puke, with Sophie then pondering whether they should call for Louis, with Parker agreeing to that sentiment. However Alex is quick to beckon his team forwards regardless, warning them not to drink anymore water. Concerned, Brooke then re-iterates the point that Alex had been sick. Alex then takes a deep breath, just as Parker offers to carry Alex's bags for him, just as Daniel and Sophie suggest they head off.

Back at the rocks, Emma is sitting next to Max, as he munches on his cereal bar. Max then begins to start vigorously chewing the bar, prompting Emma to sheepishly grin. After having finished, Max smiles back at Emma, before lamenting that Jackie would be worried about him.

Max then adds, that would of have been in the same way Leaf had for Emma. Emma then awkwardly agrees, before beginning to try and explain the truth about Leaf. Confused, Max asks what she was going to say Leaf was, with Emma then beginning to backtrack and proclaiming that her supposed boyfriend was a great athlete and as such wouldn't be in the sort of situation they were in. Max, in response then just bluntly states that that had made sense.

Elsewhere, Leo is continuing to lead the Ravens forward, before then seeing his team's last flag in the distance. However Becca, also reveals that the Eagles had also arrived, having seen them on the approach. The teams then come face to face, as Sophie and the Eagles confront Leo and his fellow Ravens. Becca then sees the state that Alex was in and asks what was wrong.

Brooke, while helping Alex forward, reveals that Alex had been sick thanks to the Ravens. Leo then defensively asks Brooke what she had been talking about, with Parker then piping up and revealing that the Ravens had stolen their iodine pills. Leo is quick to knock back the accusation however, then claiming that thanks to the Eagles moving the direction sign, Max had sprain his ankle.

In disbelief, at what she had just heard, Sophie asserts to her rivals that they hadn't moved the sign, just as Alex collapses to the floor. Daniel then walks up to Leo, confronting him, as Leo declares that they should finish the challenge, with Daniel in agreeance. He then bolts forward, with Leo quick to go after him.

As the boys charge forwards, Leo tells Daniel that he and Eagles wouldn't win, but Daniel then retorts that he'd already won, as he had successfully lured Hayley to his side. As the boys reach the top of the hill, Leo knocks Daniel aside, in an attempt to try and grab his team's flag. Daniel is quick to respond however and manages to grab Leo's guitar, threatening to throw it off the cliff.

Daniel starts to try and goad Leo towards him, using the guitar, but Leo then angrily beckons Daniel to do it, as he'd rather win the challenge. Daniel, in response then thrusts the guitar back into Leo's arms, then lunging forward as he attempts to try and take out Leo. The pair then face each other down, throwing fisticuffs towards one another.

Leo manages to push Daniel back towards the cliff, just as Daniel manages to jump on him. Just then Hayley and Sophie arrive on the scene, with Sophie ordering Daniel to stop pummelling Leo, then charging forwards to their team's flag, as Hayley asks Daniel to stop, while pulling him off of Leo. Sophie then proclaims that the challenge was over, holding her team's flair.

Leo, however refuses to believe so, as Hayley asks him to stop. As Leo confronts Sophie, she asserts to him that both teams had agreed to call Louis, as both Alex and Max had been hurt during the challenge. However, Leo then asserts that he was the Raven's captain and hadn't decided anything, ordering Sophie not to set her flair off as the Eagles hadn't won.

Sophie then assures Leo that she wasn't trying to win, before Leo lunges forward, causing Sophie to fall back off of the cliff.Leo manages to catch Sophie's hand, begging her not to let go, but Sophie exclaims that she couldn't hold on, before letting go and falling down.