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The Interrogation is the second episode of the third season of Greenhouse Academy and the 26th overall, premiering October 25th,2019 on Netflix.


Carrying on from the previous episode, a helicopter is heading towards the cliffside as Hayley signals it over, desperately waving her arms in the air. Hayley then directs the drivers of the helicopter to where Sophie had landed. The scene then flashes to the hospital, where Sophie's being hurriedly taken to the emergency room.

In mid-run, the doctor reveals that Sophie had fallen on a bush after her fall from the cliff, but that she had managed to sustain massive injuries and difficulty breathing, before asking her assistant to fetch a test-tube. As Sophie lies unconscious on the hospital bed, Daniel, Hayley and Leo arrive on the scene and race to the reception.

Hayley is quick to inform the receptionist that their friend had been sent to the hospital, but the receptionist just tells her that they'd need to head to the waiting room, as only family were allowed into the room at that moment. The receptionist then see's a bruise that Leo had sustained and attempts to examine it. Leo tries to assert to her that he was fine, but the receptionist's having none of it and tells him to sit down.

Leo then gives in and follows the receptionist, as a news report regarding the situation by Michelle Wallace plays in the background, noting that at least 3 of the Greenhouse's students had been injured or taken sick. Just then, Hayley realizes that the report was about their situation, pointing to the nearby television.

The report continues, talking about the previous controversies surrounding the Greenhouse, while showing footage of Jason being arrested after the incident that occurred in the previous year, as well as the arrests of both Marcus and Judy. Michelle then begins to conclude by revealing that they hadn't been able to reach Louis for a comment on the situation. As the report, closes off Louis rocks up to Daniel and Hayley, looking over at Leo and then asking the pair what had happened.

At the state prison, Jason is sitting on a bench in the courtyard, just as he hears some of the other prisoners chatting and looks over to see 2 brutish men working out and another pair gossiping. The 2 brutish men give him cold stares, just as one of the prison guards walks up to Jason. The guard towers over of Jason, before notifying him that he had dropped something.

Confused, Jason asks for clarification, before the guard then moves his foot out of the way to reveal a key. The guard explains that there was going to be a small confrontation between some of the inmates within half an hour, before pointing Jason towards the laundry room, adding that the key would let him in. The guard then heads off, as Jason looks around, before placing his foot over the key.

At the hospital, the nurse is looking after Sophie's meds, just as she wakes up and sees Brooke entering the room. Concerned for her friend, Brooke sits beside her, asking whether she was ok. Sophie then quietly assures Brooke that she would be, before jokingly questioning why someone would need 2 lungs and smiling. Brooke then begins to explain the horror of having seen Sophie fall off of the cliff, then revealing her relief at the shrub breaking Sophie's fall.

Sophie then agrees with that fact, but then lamenting that she wished the bush had been a little less thorny, with Brooke adding that it could of been like a beanbag chair. To this, Sophie asks her friend to try and not make her laugh, just as Louis arrives in the room. Louis walks over to the Eagles team captain, showing clear concern for her condition.

Louis expresses his relief to see that Sophie had been all right, just before Brooke tries to re-iterate the concerning nature of Sophie's condition. However Sophie stops her, assuring her that she was alright, with Louis then asking his daughter whether he could talk to Sophie alone. in an adjacent hospital room, Carter is asking his son, what he had been thinking when he drunk the dirty water and why he hadn't called for help.

In response, Alex then glumly states that he hadn't known why, before firmly stating that he and the Eagles had been trying to win the challenge, with Carter then sarcastically saying that of course that had been the case. Back in Sophie's room, Louis is asking her how she was feeling, before Sophie reveals that she had felt awful. Louis begins trying to apologize, but Sophie stops him, assuring him that it was her that should of have been sorry.

Sophie displays her disbelief at the fact that she had let this disaster occur. Louis however tells Sophie that she didn't let herself fall off of the cliff, before being cut off by Sophie, who asserts that it had been all her fault, as she was the Eagle's captain. In the waiting room, Hayley is explaining to her mother that none of the teams had wanted to lose and that she had known what the pressure was like at the Greenhouse.

Ryan then begins to ask Hayley why she was wearing Eagles colours, with Daniel being quick to step in for Hayley, saying that it was on him. However Hayley still takes the rap for it, asserting to Ryan that she had chosen to wear the Eagle's colours. Just then, Ryan's phone goes off, with her then revealing that it had been Hayley's father, who was letting her know that she needed to sign some papers in order to let Alex go from the hospital. Ryan then asks Daniel to look after her daughter, with Daniel assuring her that he would.

Ryan then gives Hayley a kiss, before heading off, with Daniel then putting his arm round Hayley, as Leo watches on. Confused, Hayley asks Daniel what he had been smiling about, just as Becca tells Leo that she had been told by the nurse to make sure Leo's wound didn't get infected. Before Leo could thank her, Becca assures him that it hadn't been a problem for her.

Becca concludes, by saying that had it been the least she could do for her captain and that he'd been through a lot, with Aspen also having gone back to London. In response, Leo just bluntly tells her that everyone had been through a lot, prompting Becca to then blame Hayley, remarking that the teams wouldn't have ended up fighting if it weren't for her switching to the Eagles. Becca then further suggests that Hayley could of been the one that burnt the their team's flag.

In response to this, Leo asserts that Hayley would never of done that, which only make Becca further ponder as to who could of done it. in the corridor, Louis is trying to assure Carter and Ryan that the hike had just been a routine leadership challenge, where the teams had unfortunately failed. As Carter lets out a big sigh, Ryan reminds Louis that she had never been left alone in the woods by herself, when she attended the Greenhouse.

To this, Louis reveals to them that the kids hadn't been alone and that they always knew where they were. Carter then laments that Sophie had been lucky a bush had broken her fall, just as Louis cuts in, reminding him that it had and trying convince the pair that he now had everything under control. But Ryan is quick to counter, telling Louis that it hadn't been ok and that all the Greenhouse parents had been upset with him, before adding that it was their kids out on the hike and that they'd pushed themselves to the point where their lives were at risk.

Louis questions the extremity of what Ryan had said, before Carter notifies Louis that there was going to be an investigation into the incident, with the state being keen to get some answers. Carter concludes, by revealing that he had been hired to get those very answers. This alarms Louis, with him asking whether it had been the start of an interrogation, before storming off. Later that night at the Raven's dormitory, Max is on the couch thanking Emma for looking after him after his fall.

Emma then notifies Max that he should probably let Jackie know about he was doing, as she had most likely seen the news coverage of the incident. Max then attempts to try and tell Emma something, before she makes the excuse that she needed to talk to Leaf as well, then walking off just as a knock sounds at the door. Hayley then appears in the doorway, causing a stern stares and a sharp silence.

Noticing this, Hayley remarks that it had nice to see them as well, just before Becca cuts in asking Hayley why she had been there and believing her to now be an Eagle. Hayley then gives in and admits that she was now an Eagle, before revealing that she had just been there to pick up her stuff. Leo and the rest of the Ravens then coldly watch as Hayley heads towards the lockers. Emma then attempts to try and break the silence, by asking Leo to act as their captain.

Emma adds, that as their captain, Leo couldn't just let Hayley leave, with Max chiming in and declaring that Hayley was one of their own. Seeing these reactions, Leo then decides to stand up, just as Hayley comes back from the lockers. However Leo is unable to act, with Hayley just giving him a cold stare as she heads out of the dormitory. As she exits, Hayley takes one last look round, before heading off.

In the Eagles dormitory, Brooke is on the couch with Alex and Tammy, revealing that she had just gotten a text from Sophie at the hospital. Brooke then chuckles, as she reads that Sophie had already gotten bored. Just then Hayley arrives in the dormitory, with everyone then turning round, as Daniel rocks up to welcome her. He asks her how she's doing, before telling Hayley she could stay for however long she wanted to, joking that she could even stay forever.

Alex then chimes, in jokingly telling Hayley not to let Daniel pressure her, as that was his job, before telling his sister that she should stay forever and giving her a big hug. As they embrace, Hayley tells her brother that she loved him too, just before Brooke suggests they get a bed set up for Hayley.