The Investigation Begins is the thirty fifth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering March 17th 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Ellali and Daniel stumble upon an old school science lab, with Ellali asking what the place is. Daniel then reminds her that she had wanted a place no one ever went at the Greenhouse, just as he turns on the lights. Ellali then picks up a smell, asking Daniel whether he could smell it too. He picks up a jar of formaldehyde, guessing that to be the source of the smell, but Ellali just gets disgusted.

Daniel then explains that the room used to be the chemistry and biology lab at the Greenhouse, but that at the current time it was just an unused storage room within the school, with Ellali asking why and guessing it could be haunted. Daniel says it could be, just he lifts up a stuffed animal and spooks Ellali, with her telling him to stop it and calling him an idiot. In response Daniel says that he had thought she was tough.

Daniel sees Ellali looking around and asks what's she looking for. Ellali reveals that she was looking for a white-board which she manages to find, placing it on a nearby stand and adding that they could then begin working. She then looks for a marker, just before Daniel finds one. Ellali oblivious says that there are tons of jars in there full of rat intestines, but none with a marker, just as Daniel tells her he'd found one. Ellali then questions whether he really just walked around with a marker in his pocket, but Daniel expresses it's not just a marker.

Daniel reveals that he got the marker from the technology director at Google, adding that the director had visited the school a year prior to then. Ellali tells him not to show off, but Daniel tells her not to diss it, explaining that Google had specially developed the marker to help stop company secrets from leaking out, telling Ellali to write something with it.

Ellali writes down the sentence "The Investigation Begins", while sarcastically saying it even wrote. Daniel then asks for the pen back, with Ellali asking why she should do so, but Daniel just tells her to give it to him and have a little faith. Daniel takes the marker and shines it at the white-board making the writing disappear, with Ellali calling it cool, as Daniel announces the investigation has begun.

Back in the lab, Ellali and Daniel are beginning to investigate, with Ellali noting that they that somehow their mothers are connected, but that they still didn't know in what way, as she writes it down on the white board. Ellali then goes on, saying that they also knew that Natalie changed her opinion of Judy, as well as the fact she most likely wasn't in any tennis camp. Ellali then notes that they also knew that Marcus had taken a book out from the library on the topic of hypnotism, adding that could however be a coincidence.

Ellali then notes that they also knew Alona was working for Robbie and that someone had been giving Robbie his orders and that they also knew that Robbie was walking towards Daniel's mother; Judy, just before he was shot and after they'd sent him a text. However Daniel adds that all of that still didn't tell them anything much, with Ellali agreeing, before turning back to the board.

Daniel then suggests they think rationally about it, explaining that Naomi; Ellali's mother was gone and that they'd never manage to get anything out of his mother, with Alon also being gone, Robbie in hospital, with only Marcus left. Daniel then realizes that Marcus was is the weakest link and suggests they have to break him, with Ellali agreeing, saying that made the most sense. Daniel then says that's how the Eagles worked, that they thought rationally.

Ellali then responds by questioning whether that meant the Eagles always picked on the weakest link, then asking what they would do with Marcus. Daniel then explains that Marcus had been at the school since it's opening, but Ellali asks specifics such as whether he had a family or his age, with Daniel revealing he had no clue on the subject. Ellali then questions who would know that, just as Daniel suggests they could access Marcus' personal file for it. Ellali agrees with the idea, before asking Daniel how they'd do it, but he says he'd take care of it. Ellali then asks what she's meant to do, with Daniel telling her to go and get them something to eat, adding he's hungry.

Just as he heads out, Daniel then tells Ellali to wait 30 seconds before she leaves the room, so that no one would see the two of them together, with Ellali in agreement. After Daniel had gone, Ellali takes her jacket and turns the ink invisible with the use of the pen. At the Channel 2 news offices, Miki Sevan's Crime correspondent enters her office.

He asks her whether what he heard was true, being that her regular segment based around the Greenhouse was cut, but Miki expresses that no one had cut the segment, but that Sophie had chickened out of the segment, with the chief guessing it was Sophie. Miki explains that Sophie had rung up whining about the fact that her friends were ostracizing her or something along those lines, but that she didn't really listen to it. Miki then adds that that was ashame, as she thought Sophie had good potential. Miki then notices him being there and asks why a crime correspondent would be interested in what she did.

He explains that he had some time to watch the segment and that he'd seen something interesting within it, as Miki asks what it is. He asks Miki whether she had the news item there, with Miki saying she did and bringing up the footage from Sophie's report. The Correspondent tells her to fast-forward the footage. He then tells Miki to pause it and then go back a little, before pausing it again on a clip of Dina . Miki Sevan asks who it is, with the crime correspondent pointing her out as Dina Navon.

The crime correspondent continues, explaining that Dina had robbed a bank the August prior to then and that he'd covered Dina's trial, adding that they had never actually reported on the trial because she was a minor. Miki then asks him how the trial had ended, with him telling her that judge had sent her to juvenile detention. Miki then questions whether it was Dina in the screen cap, saying that she seemed pretty free to her. However, the Crime Correspondent assures her that he never forgot a face, and certainly not Dina's, adding that he'd checked and that Dina had never been pardoned.

He continues, saying that as far as the court was concerned, Dina was still meant to be in prison. Miki then expresses that if Gadi was right about the case, they would have a great story on their hands, with Gadi labelling it "Leadership School Evades the Law", adding that would be a pretty good story, as well asking Miki whether she thought it was even better than Sophie's blog.

In the Ravens dormitory, Dina creeps up on a sleeping Matti and surprises, with Dina then telling him to relax and saying that she had something she needed to tell him. Matti asks what it was, but Dina says they should do it outside and then seeing Matti look at her strangely, asks why he's looking at her that way, asking whether he was ok. Matti says he was fine, asking why she asked him. Just then Matti gets a call on his Louie and declares that he has to head off, getting his slippers on, with Dina then asking him what's up. Matti then covers up, saying that it was just his mom calling.

Dina, confused then questions the fact that his mother had called him from an unmarked number, but in response, Matti just says that his mom had had stalkers before. Confused, Dina asks whether his mother was a celebrity in response, with Matti expressing it was a long story, before heading off, with Iftach having seen from across the dormitory.

In Louis' office, Alfie is complaining to Louis about the incident with him and Ron, expressing that it was just as much Ron's fault as it was his, and then questioning why Ron got to stay on the team in said case. Louis however just tells him that he should focus on what he did wrong, being that the quicker he started to do that, the shorter his suspension would be, but Alfie exclaims that it wouldn't matter anyway as Daniel took his position in the starting line-up anyway.

In the reception area of Louis' office, Daniel is visiting, as Ahuva; Louis' secretary tells him that her niece was so upset when she had managed to miss his first game back as a member of the Eagles basket ball team. Daniel then suggests they make it up to her, asking for her name as he takes out a slip of paper. Ahuva tells him it was Coral, with Daniel then telling to notify her niece that she was invited to the Eagle's next game and that she could sit in the front row. Ahuva in response exclaims that her niece was going to freak out. Alfie then comes out of his meeting with Louis, seeing Daniel and saying it was obviously like old times and asking him how he could stand to look at himself in the mirror, before storming off.

Ahuva then assures Daniel, that Alfie was just jealous, as he tells her that someone once told him that when they stopped envying him that's when he had to worry, with Ahuva agreeing and saying that was so true. Daniel then asks her for a small favor, with her eagerly nodding her head. Out in the Greenhouse lawn, Matti answers the call from Alona on his Louie.

Matti expresses his relief that she had called him, as she asks whether there was any news on the agent. Matti reports to her that he knew which girl was the co-conspirator, with Alona asking how he knew it was a girl. Matti asks her whether she was sitting down, as he expresses that she wouldn't believe his news. Alona persistently asks who it is, as Matti reveals it to be Dina. Alona asks whether he's sure about that, as Matti replies that at first he wasn't too sure either, but that now he was sure of it, explaining that Dina had been acting so weird as of late.

Matti goes on, saying that Dina had always been on the phone and that he had managed to catch her sneaking around his Computer Lab and that he had then heard Dina talking to someone about Alona. Alona expresses her surprise, calling it weird, just as Matti adds that wasn't all there was. Matti says that just when Alona had called Dina had wanted to talk to him about something and that it had sounded like a secret. Matti then asks Alona what he should do about it, with Alona telling him that he should firstly calm down, as he replies saying that's what Dina always used to say. Alona then says that the conspirators had probably asked Dina to recruit him as well.

Matti then expresses his disbelief at the fact that Dina had been asked to enlist him, asking Alona why Dina would want to enlist him, as Alona tells him that someone with the skills that he possessed would be a real asset to them. Matti doesn't believe it, saying they couldn't enlist him, telling Alona that he didn't feel too well and could no longer do it, then asking what he should do, and how he could avoid Dina. Alona then tells him that firstly he should try not to be alone with Dina and to keep his eyes open, with him saying ok. Alona then tells him that if she were in his shoes, she'd just run. Matti, alarmed asks why and who he'd be running from, with Alona telling him they'd catch him soon, as he asks who would, just as he's sprayed by the sprinklers and running away.

In the Ravens dormitory, Ellali is gathering food, just as Dina rocks up, jokingly asking whether they rescheduled the class trip without her knowing. Ellali then tells her that she's glad she's there, explaining that she and her partner had made quite a progress, as Dina says that she still couldn't believe that Ellali and Daniel were actually working together, with Ellali saying she couldn't either, before asking about the key. Dina reports that she's still working on it, adding that she had wanted to ask for Matti's help, but that something was up with him.

Ellali asks her what she meant, as Dina expresses she didn't know and that she couldn't talk to him, adding that Matti was then weird in a whole new way , as Ellali tells her that Matti was her area of expertise and that she had to head off, promising to talk to Dina later that day. Matti then arrives through the door, looking soaked and heading off towards the lockers, with Ellali then going off.

Out in the Ravens corridor, Ellali takes out her Louie and calls Daniel asking about his progress. He reports to her that he had managed to obtain the file they needed on Marcus, as Ellali asks how he managed to get it. Daniel tells her that he had told Ahuva that they were making a surprise video for Marcus' birthday and that to do so they needed Marcus' file. Ellali further asks him how he knew when Marcus' birthday was, with Daniel revealing that he didn't actually know, but that Ahuva didn't know either, as Ellali jokingly says that life's obviously easy when you're a liar.

Ellali then tells him that she has to go, just as Iftach walks up to her, asking who she was talking to. Ellali quickly puts her Louie away, as she says hello to him, as he persistently asks who that was that she was talking to. Ellali then questions why that was even any of his business. Iftach expresses it wasn't any of his business, but that he'd been trying to get a hold of her for a long time.

Ellali tells him she knew, but adds that it still wasn't a good time, apologizing before saying she had to go. However Iftach stops her from passing, expressing that he just wanted to let her know that he hated the way things were between the two of them at the moment. However Ellali tells him that's just how it is, before heading off up the stairs. In Miki Sevan's office, her crime correspondent is trying to get into Dina's case file, but to no avail.

He expresses his disbelief, as he explains that Dina's case file had been blocked, as Miki asks whether that was the way it should of been. He then explains that that shouldn't be the case, as usually he'd know how to get around the security system, calling it something else, adding that Dina's case file was very well protected. Miki then asks whether he could hack into the file, but he tells her there'd be no way, as he hadn't seen that level of encryption.

Miki then questions what he was trying to saying, guessing that it meant they had nothing to go on. The correspondent says that unfortunately that was the case, with Dina's whole casefile having been in there, including the robbery, the trial and her sentence, adding that as she could see the file had been blocked, before apologizing to Miki.

Back in the Ravens dormitory, Dina is trying to use the key on some of the lockers, but to no avail, just as Matti comes out of the cubicle having dried off. Matti asks Dina what she's doing, as she tells him that she's glad he'd finished his shower and that she'd been waiting forever, before asking him how he'd managed to get so wet. Matti reveals it was the sprinklers, prompting Dina to asks what he was doing by the sprinklers. He tells her he was just standing.

Dina tells him that he was acting weird that day, but he just brushes it off saying he wasn't before heading off. Dina questions what he meant by "bye", expressing that she had told him that she wanted to talk to him, asking whether they could do so. Matti says he doesn't know, as Dina questions what there is to know, but Matti expresses that he was kind of busy at that moment, saying they should talk later, before heading off.

Out in the Greenhouse grounds, Iftach is sitting on the bench, just as Amy arrives, sitting down next to him. She says hi to him, before asking what's up. Amy then goes on saying that she didn't think she'd told him, but that when she had arrived in London during her first week of school, she had to read a 300-page book, in the English language and that she had to give a lecture on the book in front of her class and that before then the longest thing she'd read in English was a list of songs on a CD cover, with Iftach then saying ok.

Amy then continues saying that she hadn't managed to sleep for 3 days and that she had taken an English-Hebrew dictionary and translated all the text one word at a time until she had finished and that she had managed to get an A for it. Iftach then says that he had a feeling she was trying to tell him something through her story, with Amy revealing that she never gave up when things had gotten tough and that she wouldn't give up on him.

Iftach then tries to begin explaining to Amy, before she stops him telling him to listen to her, expressing that she saw and felt him and that she knew his heart wasn't in it at that moment, knowing that he'd fallen in love with Ellali. Amy then continues, saying that she had also known that what he had with Ellali was only temporary, finishing by saying that his relationship with her would be forever, asking whether he understood the difference.

Iftach just replies by saying that he understood that she was starting to scare him, but Amy expresses that that was just the truth and that he shouldn't be scared of it. Iftach then reveals that in actual fact the truth is that he's jealous of Amy, due to the fact that everything always seemed to be so clear to her. Amy in response then questions what there was to be jealous of, questioning Iftach as to whether he thought it was killing her, saying that she couldn't stand how he looked at Ellali, adding that she's sometimes sorry she didn't just Ellali drown. Iftach then defensively asks her what she just said, with Amy assuring him it was just a thought.

However Iftach is persistent and continues to ask Amy what she had just said, but Amy just says she was kidding, with Iftach then guessing that she was sorry that she hadn't let both him and Ellali drown. Amy tries to tell him that she was talking about only Ellali, but Iftach notes that he was with Ellali. Amy then says she didn't mean it, with Iftach then beginning to pick up on something, before Amy asks whether they really had to talk about it at that moment. Iftach then questions Amy as to whether she saw Ellali in the water long before he'd shown up to save her, asking Amy to tell him whether he's right.

Amy then tries to brush it all off, saying that that was enough, but Iftach then says he thought that she wasn't afraid of the truth, persistently asking her to tell him the truth; that Amy had seen Ellali in the water and had not helped her until he'd shown up, asking her whether that was true or false. Amy then tries answer, but Iftach then sarcastically says he's glad they had talked, with Amy asking what. Iftach continues saying it was then so clear to him, with him then getting up, thanking Amy as she asks where he's going, but he just thanks her again.

In the science lab, Ellali and Daniel are pouring over some photos from Marcus' file, while Daniel eats his snack. Ellali tells him to be careful not to get the photos dirty. Ellali then sees a photo of a young Marcus with a young girl, with Daniel saying the girl looked pretty. After giving Daniel a long stare, Ellali says that the fact Marcus and the girl knew each other didn't help them much. Daniel then points out that it's so obvious as the girl in the photo had gone to school there and that Marcus had worked at the school.

Daniel continues saying there's nothing interesting about that fact, further flicking through the photos, while noting that Marcus didn't even show his face in any of the photos. Ellali then says that may be kind of interesting, with Daniel asking what's she thinking. Ellali then ponders why Marcus wouldn't want his picture taken, with Daniel then guessing it was because he wasn't very photogenic. Ellali then sarcastically says that that was obvious, adding that there could of been another reason, guessing Marcus is hiding something.

In Matti's computer lab, Matti is busy at work on his laptop, attempting to gain access to Dina's casefile, managing to successfully gain access. Back at the Channel 2 News offices, Miki notices that Dina's casefile has suddenly opened, calling Gadi over. Gadi sees the file, asking Miki whether she had done something, but she reveals that she hadn't touched it and that it had just happened. Gadi then ponders how the file could even be opened, asking Miki what it meant, as she tells him it meant they had gotten lucky. Gadi then says that Miki now had access to everything on Dina, telling her to copy it to a flash-drive before anyone noticed.

Miki then expresses her surprise at this fact, saying she couldn't believe it, while calling it a great story, surprised at the amount of power Louis had and that he had managed to get Dina out of prison. Miki then reveals she'd open the upcoming news broadcast with the news. Back in Matti's lab, Dina suddenly appears asking Matti what's going on. In the science lab, Ellali tells Daniel to think about the fact that Marcus had lived there for years in isolation with no children or family visiting him and asking Daniel whether he'd ever seen Marcus leave the school, with Daniel saying never.

Ellali then asks whether he'd seen Marcus driving anywhere, with Daniel saying no. Ellali then ponders who wouldn't want to be seen and who could want to hid their entire life, with Daniel guessing it could be someone who's afraid of something, someone who may want to escape something, with Ellali asking what he'd escape from. Ellali then takes out her Louie and does a search for escaped convicts from 1987-1988, with Ellali complying and finding there were quite a few results. Daniel then tells her to narrow it down to unsolved cases with her doing so, as Daniel adds that Marcus would of been 30 then. Ellali then manages to pull up a file for Carlo Sheinberg, reading his file. They then enlarge Carlo's mugshot. Ellali then fixes up Carlo's hair, revealing to actually be Marcus.



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