The Key Word is the thirty eighth episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering on Nickelodeon March 20th 2014.


Carrying on from the last episode, Natalie asks Daniel whether the photo of both him and Ellali was what he wanted to tell her, but he assures her that wasn't the case. Natalie then questions how long both he and Ellali had been together, but Daniel assures her that he and Ellali weren't together, explaining that they had just been working together on something.

Natalie then says in response that she could see that, and that he was working on Ellali's neck, but Daniel tells her it's not what she thought. Natalie then questions him as to whether the photo had been photo-shopped or whether it had really happened, with Daniel then telling her to just shut up and let him talk. Natalie then tells him to go ahead and do so, with Daniel then beginning by asking her what she remembered about the tennis camp.

Natalie questions what that had to anything, with Daniel then just beckoning her on to answer him. Natalie however tells him that she didn't know, just knowing that she'd just managed to get there and didn't even have enough time to even serve a ball before she had to leave the camp. Daniel then asks her what she'd say if he told that she'd never been to a tennis camp. In response Natalie questions what he's trying to say.

Daniel reveals that he was trying to say that the tennis camp was just an excuse, with Natalie then asking what it was an excuse for. Daniel then reveals that he thinks she'd been hypnotised. Surprised, Natalie says what, with Daniel beginning to explain that he knew it sounded weird, before being cut off by Natalie who says it sounded ridiculous. Daniel then explains that a person who'd been hypnotized doesn't even realize any change, being that's a part of it all. Natalie then irritated, says that instead of telling her the truth about himself and Ellali, this what Daniel had come up with.

Daniel then tells Natalie to sit down, but she says that she doesn't want. However Daniel beckons her on to sit down. Natalie then sits down, as Daniel tells her that she knew that he cared for her and that he only wanted the best for her. Natalie then asks Daniel, who he thought had hypnotized, guessing Nowitzski, with Daniel revealing he knew it was Marcus.

Natalie then says that she didn't have patience for the sick game that Daniel was playing, getting up and continuing to say that she didn't know what his problem was, but that if anyone was hypnotised there it was him and not her. Natalie then tries to leave, only to find that the door was locked. In response Natalie says that he couldn't be serious, but Daniel reveals that there's no other way and that they had to de-hypnotize her. Natalie then says that was no problem and that she'd call her father, but Daniel expresses that someone had messed around with her mind, asking whether she got it.

Daniel then gets a call from his mother, with Natalie then saying that she's sure that his mother would be happy to find out that her son was a psychopath who locked up his girlfriend. Daniel then takes a look at what his mother had said, with Natalie then asking who cared. Daniel then reads out the text, reading ; "I need you to do something", Daniel then asks Natalie whether that was enough for her to believe him, adding that before she had left, Natalie couldn't stop talking about how suspicious she was of his mother, but that ever since she came back she had become Judy's personal assistant.

Daniel then asks Natalie to just listen to him, asking her why they just suddenly got back together, explaining that Natalie had hated him before she had left for the tennis camp and that when she had come back she had wanted herself and him to get back together, before asking Natalie whether she understood what he was talking about. Natalie in response asks what she had to do, with Daniel telling her to first sit down.

Daniel then says that he knew it was hard, but that she needed to try and relax. Natalie then sits down, as Daniel tells her to take some deep breaths and relax, assuring her that everything's fine. Daniel then begins to read the pages from the hypnotism book, reading aloud; "For the next minute, breathe calmly. Try and completely relax your body and clear any thoughts from your head".

Back in the science lab, Daniel has completed the de-hypnotism process, with Ellali having arrived in the room. Ellali takes a look at Natalie, asking Daniel whether she was ok , with Daniel saying he thought so and hoped she would be. Daniel then tells Ellali to write down on the black board what they would have to tell Natalie as soon as she woke up, with Ellali then complying. Daniel then takes a look at the pages again, reading that it said in the transition into the latent stage, with Daniel then adding that's where he thought they were at that moment.

Daniel then continues to read that they would need to make Natalie regain the state consciousness that she was in before her original hypnotic state. Daniel then asks what that even meant, with Ellali saying that she thought that they had to write down things that would remind Natalie of the situation she was in before she was hypnotized.

Ellali then begins to write on the white board, writing "Going to tennis camp". Daniel then asks what else they could write down, with Ellali suggesting Alfie's girlfriend, with Daniel then saying that there was no choice to write that down. Ellali then writes it down on the white board, but just then Natalie begins to get headaches. Ellali asks Daniel what was going on, but he says he didn't know trying to ask Natalie. Daniel asks her what was going on, telling her to speak to him.

Daniel tries to get her to wake up, asking her what's going on. Ellali then finds something in the pages that Daniel had missed, being the fact that sometimes the hypnotized patient would be dependant on a key word and that without said key word, the patient may suffer symptoms of uncontrollable pain along with catatonic shock. Daniel in shock calls himself an idiot, having not thought of that.

Daniel then asks Ellali what catatonic shock was, just as Natalie freezes with Ellali revealing that was what it was. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Dina has told Matti about her talk with Alona on his Louie, with Matti then questioning her on whether it was definitely Alona she'd spoken with. Dine expresses that she was absolutely sure that it was Alona. Matti then questions why Dina hadn't just told Alona it was all a big misunderstanding.

Dina reveals it was because Alona wouldn't listen to her, adding that someone had managed to get it into Alona's head that Dina was collaborating with the bad guys. In annoyance Matti says crap, as Dina continues revealing that Alona had looked at her as if she thought that she'd cut Matti up into pieces and stuck him in the freezer, with Matti then going oh my god in response.

Back in the science lab, Ellali and Daniel are trying to come up with trans-breaking words, to try and snap Natalie out of her trans, firstly trying the word Marcus. Ellali then tries Einstein, but Daniel then questions what Einstein even had to do with it, Ellali then explains that she didn't know and was just coming up with words that Marcus may come up with. Daniel then suggests she use psychopath, with Daniel then trying it.

Ellali then tries the Cat in the Hat, but Daniel just asks her to stop it, with Ellali responding by saying that at least she's trying. Daniel then blames himself for what's happened, asking what was he thinking, with Ellali trying to assure him it'd be ok. Daniel then asks Ellali whether the book had said how long the phase could long, with Ellali revealing it was indefinitely. Daniel then laments that had turned Natalie into a vegetable.

Ellali then reveals that they had two options they could choose; either talk to Louis or talk to Marcus, then asking which Daniel would prefer. Daniel goes with Marcus, with Ellali agreeing, as Daniel tells her to take care of Natalie, as he goes off to find Marcus. Daniel then walks round the corner to see his mother knocking on the door to Marcus's workshop.

Judy calls out to Marcus to open up if he was there, just as Daniel arrives, asking where Marcus was. Judy then reveals that she was also looking for Marcus as well, with Daniel then asking his mother what she needed from Marcus. Judy reveals that she needed an extension cord from him, with her then asking Daniel the same. Daniel reveals that he's after an electric screwdriver. Judy then questions the fact that Daniel's meant to be in classes, but Daniel just tells her that he was currently in between classes.

Judy then gets a call on her phone, telling Daniel that she didn't have time to wait for Marcus, saying goodbye to Daniel, before kissing her son and heading off. Daniel then heads into the cafeteria to asking around to see whether anyone knew where Marcus was, just as Alfie arrives, angry at Daniel and shoving him.

Daniel shocked, asks what's wrong with him, as Alfie exclaims that nothing was ever enough for Daniel, adding that first he'd taken Natalie, then his place on the basket ball team, shoving Daniel again. Daniel then fires back, exclaiming that both of the things Alfie had mentioned were his before Alfie had even arrived at the school. Alfie then tells Daniel to shut up, asking what's going on between both him and Ellali. Daniel just says that it's firstly non of his business and that it was also not what he thought.

Alfie then angrily asks whether Daniel wanted to know what he thought, before attempting to punch Daniel, only to be pushed back by Daniel, who asks what's wrong with Alfie once more. Daniel then leaves, saying that any other day he'd kick Alfie's but, calling him an idiot as heads off. In the main corridor, Daniel is talking to Ellali, who asks whether it had worked, with him saying yes. Daniel then adds that he hoped Ellali hadn't suffered, before Ellali beckons them on.

The two begin heading towards Louis' office, as Daniel notes that Louis was going to kill them, with Ellali then saying she had realized the two of them were about to spend their last minutes in the Greenhouse. Daniel then acts out the lines they were going to tell him, with Ellali joining in. After hearing it, Daniel says their going to be dead, but Ellali says that they had no choice in the matter.

Ellali then begins to knock on the door, as the two then get an alert on their Louies. Ellali having seen the alert, realizes what it meant, with both her and Daniel then racing up the stairs. The scene then flashes back to when Natalie had accused Daniel of wanting to talk about the photo. In the Eagles dormitory, Ron and the other Eagles are looking at the photo that had been posted, with Ron then getting up and asking Sophie whether she'd taken the picture.

Sophie assures him that she wasn't the one who'd taken it. One of the other Eagles girls then asks whether the image was actually real, with Sophie assuring her that of course it was. Ron then asks where she'd managed to get the photo from, Sophie then says that she's noticed that Ron had actually decided to talk to her. Ron then asks whether she wanted him to beg or whether she'd just give him the details.

Sophie then asks him what he wanted to know, with Ron revealing that he wanted to know everything, with another of the Eagles boys asking where she found the photo, but Sophie just tells him that he couldn't expect her to just give him her source, with Ron then asking again if it was real, with Sophie assuring him it was. Sophie continues explaining that as they could see Ellali and Daniel had shared a very intimate moment together.

Angry, Alfie then heads off. Back in Robbie's room, Robbie continuously mutters Alona's name, also asking what someone had done to Alona continuously, just as Judy arrives in the room. Judy walks up to Robbie's bed, telling him it was her and assuring him that everything was alright, asking him to calm down. Robbie then grabs Judy's hand telling her that the kids knew about the satellite and about Alona, before Judy tells him to go back to sleeping, once again assuring him that everything's fine.

Judy then takes out her phone and sends a text, before placing it back in her handbag. Judy then calls for Natalie, believing Natalie to have arrived, but it instead turns out to be Louis arriving through the door and saying hi to Judy. Louis then asks her how they're doing, with Judy reporting that Robbie was sleeping like a baby. Louis then walks over to his son's bed and bends down watching over his son.

Back in the Ravens dormitory, Iftach stops Ellali from leaving the dormitory, exclaiming that he was sick of her ignoring him, but she just asks him to let her go. Iftach then begins to explain that there was two possible explanations for the photo; being that their either a couple or that they had something to hide, but Ellali just tells him that the third option was that she didn't owe him any explanations.

However Iftach tells her that she wouldn't leave the dorm without her telling him, apologizing. Ellali then covers up saying that she and Daniel were together, going onto say that their in love and are crazy about each other and that it was embarrassing to be caught in photos like that, adding that everyone now knew about them. Ellali then asks him to go, heading off.

Back in Robbie's room, Judy is on the phone to Ze'ev, telling him that she didn't know what to do, and was feeling like a security guard at the mall, making sure that Robbie wouldn't let anything slip out. Ze'ev then asks why his hypnotised sister couldn't just take her place, with Judy then revealing that Natalie had a lot of nerve as she wasn't answering her calls and exclaiming that she was going crazy over there.

Judy continues, saying that every time he woke up it just got more dangerous. Ze'ev then just tells her to listen to him, directing her over to Marcus who had a dioxin solution ready for Robbie, explaining that it worked just like cyanide, but without leaving a trace. Judy then confused, says what as Ze'ev continues saying that she needed to add the dioxin into Robbie's intravenous infusion. After a short pause, Ze'ev then asks whether Judy was still with him.

Judy then says that he's right, adding that while she wasn't thinking of going that far, Ze'ev was right, with Ze'ev then asking him to take care of it. Judy then ends her call, before calling Marcus who is busy at work in the Hole. Marcus is putting together the dioxin syringe, just as he gets a call from Judy on his phone. However Marcus just denies the call and continues working, testing a microphone, before getting up.

Back in the cafeteria, Alfie is talking to his sister, saying that he had thought there was something going on between her and Daniel a long time ago, but that he thought in the end that there would be no way, Ellali would do that to him, just as Marcus arrives behind Ellali. Ellali confused, says what she did to him, with Alfie confirming that was what he had meant.

Alfie goes on, saying that Ellali had been humiliating him with the one person who had been trying to ruin his life since he had got to the Greenhouse. Ellali then asks him to listen to her, with Alfie telling her to go ahead and speak up. Marcus then bends over beside Ellali, looking at her drink, taking it and asking Ellali whether it was a normal chocolate milk, before putting it down and asking for a chocolate milk at the counter.

Ellali then begins to try and explain again, asking Alfie to listen to her. Ellali then gets a text on her Louie, with Alfie asking whether it was Daniel who had texted her. Ellali tells him that she has to head off, but promises that they'd talk later about it, before heading off. In the Hole Marcus arrives and syncs up a camera in the old science lab that Ellali and Alfie are using, seeing Daniel on the monitor.

In the science lab, Daniel asks where Ellali had found the pen, with Ellali revealing that while it was weird, she had found it in her pocket. Ellali then asks about what she had missed, with Daniel telling her that she had no idea how hard it was. Daniel then asks her whether she had seen the photo that Sophie had put up of the both of them, with Ellali revealing that she had, believing that someone must of followed them and took their picture.

Daniel then reveals that why's Natalie thought he'd dragged her there for, but that in the end she understood. Ellali then bends forward towards Natalie, asking Daniel whether she was ok, with him saying that he hoped she would be. Daniel then tells Ellali to write down things on the white board that they have to tell Natalie when she woke up.

In the Ravens dormitory, Matti is staring at his Louie, before saying that he didn't understand why Alona hadn't called yet, with Dina telling him that it wouldn't help to just stare at his Louie. Matti then continues, saying that he knew that would happen, pondering why he didn't tell Dina to not answer when Alona called. However Dina just tells him to relax, as what was done was done. Matti then says that Alona must be going crazy.

Over at the lockers, Iftach asks Amy whether she had taken the photo of Daniel and Ellali, but Amy questions who would care about who took the photo and that at least Iftach knew the truth now and that that was the main thing. However Amy tells him that he shouldn't think that she's happy about it, assuring him that she is not happy whatsoever. Iftach then sarcastically says that he could see how just how upset she is and that she was really broken up about it.

Amy then says that that was just Ellali's choice, asking Iftach what he could really do about it, however Iftach doesn't buy it and believes that there must be another explanation. Amy then expresses that Ellali had told him that she and Daniel were together, asking what more Iftach would want. Iftach then says he's sick of it, getting up. Amy asks him where he was headed, with Iftach revealing he was going to go and see louis .

Iftach explains that he's just sick of what was going on around the Greenhouse and that she was sick of all of Amy's secrets and that it was time Louis knew that his school was falling apart, before heading off to go and see Louis. In the Hole, Judy has arrived, with Marcus asking her if she was kidding, but Judy expresses she's not, asking him to give her the dioxin quickly, before Robbie woke up again.

Marcus then questions whether Judy was insane, thinking of killing Robbie, ultimately refusing to help her, but Judy reveals that she wouldn't be the only one that would take the fall when Robbie woke up and started talking. Marcus expresses to her that he couldn't do that to Louis and didn't understand how she could do it either. Judy then firmly puts across that she was a soldier and that their all soldiers, who had a mission to do and that when things got complicated they had to keep their cool and not crack under the pressure.

Marcus then expresses he's not a murderer, with Judy saying she knew and that she knew who he was; being a good man who was sent to prison for a crime that he didn't commit and that was then forced to escape and go and live underground. Judy continues saying that he was a good man who hadn't seen his children for a long time and that now he wanted to give them a good life, with Marcus then saying that was right.

Judy then expresses that they were so close, and that the money he'd get would be enough for his children and his children's children to live off of forever, before asking him to get what she wanted. Marcus then heads around the corner and fetches the dioxide. Judy takes the bottle, asking whether it was really the dioxin, telling him to not play games with her, just as Marcus says that one day they'd pay for what their doing, with Judy then heading off. Angry, Marcus then knocks some sheets of paper off the table.

Marcus then continues, to watch the footage of Ellali and Daniel trying different de-trans words. Back in the corridor, Ellali tells Daniel that she couldn't believe that Alfie had attacked him in that way, with Daniel then saying that Alfie had needed to control himself and that the thought of them together had driven Alfie crazy, before Ellali says that she could be whoever she wanted. Daniel then asks how everything could go wrong like that, adding that he had thought everything was going perfectly.

Daniel continues, saying that now Natalie was immobile, Ellali's brother wanted to kill him and their about to ruin themselves by approaching Louis about it. Just then Iftach arrives in the corridor, with Daniel saying that was just what he had needed that day. Ellali asks Iftach what he was doing there, with him revealing that he was going to go and tell Louis about what the two of them had been doing, asking whether they wanted to join him.

Daniel is disbelief, says he's doing what, just as Iftach says that he knew they weren't really together, so they must be up to something fishy and that Louis deserved to know about it, but Ellali expresses that she had told him they were together. Just then Iftach says there'd be no way she'd ever go out with Daniel. Daniel then asks him to watch his mouth, before Ellali stops him from breaking out into a fight, by kissing him in front of Iftach. In response Iftach just heads up the stairs.

Ellali then told Daniel it had worked, just after Iftach had head upstairs, with Daniel telling her that she had hoped she didn't suffer too much, before the two decide to go and confront Louis. Just before Ellali knocks the door, the two get a text from an unidentified number, telling them that the word was Kournikova. Ellali then asks Daniel whether he knew what that had meant, before the two race off.

Back in the Science lab, Daniel asks Ellali whether she's sure it was from Marcus, adding that he didn't want to make Natalie's condition worst. Ellali then says that no one else could of sent it with a message like that , with Daniel then further asking how Marcus would of known they were looking for the word, with Ellali asking him why he hadn't noticed that everyone was following them. Daniel then says the word Kournikova, waking Natalie up.



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