The Letter is the twenty second episode of the first season of The Greenhouse, premiering February 7th, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


At the ministerial embassy, Mordi asks Ze'ev if everything's alright, with him expressing that he's just trying to understand what the prime minister told him. Mordi goes on, explaining that the conversation, he'd had with Boaz had really opened up his mind, adding that suddenly he understood what their mistake was, explaining that when Naomi came to them with her discovery years ago, they should have announced it to the world.

Ze'ev then questions the idea, asking whether that would just give their enemies the technology. Mordi then calls Ze'ev negative, but that it's ok, adding that's the reason he needs him by his side but that that time he's wrong. Mordi explains that when he reveals the truth, the entire world would understand that their intentions were only for peace. Ze'ev then says they should think about this, explaining they should think carefully about when and how to announce it. However Mordi tells him it's all been arranged, that in three days during the memorial of Naomi's death he'd be going to the Greenhouse to deliver the most important speech he's ever delivered.

Mordi then assures Ze'ev, that his secretary; Galit has already spoken to Louis about the ceremony and that everything's been arranged, as he begins to get up and get his blazer on. While doing so, he asks Ze'ev to put his trust in him, adding that while it may take him a while, but that in the end even he'd understand it's the right thing to do, before leaving.

In the dimly lit car park, Judy exclaims it's like giving the president of Iran a nuclear bomb as a present, as Ze'ev calls it naïve and stupid. Judy then asks Ze'ev whether Mordi was once a Raven, with Ze'ev nodding his head. Judy then assures him that Mordi would not deliver that speech. However Ze'ev then asks about the other problems that had emerged, asking whether she'd taken of that. Judy says she had, as Ze'ev unhappily says at least she managed to do that.

In the hole, Marcus is searching for something on his computer, as it's revealed that Natalie's being kept in a prison cell, deep within the hole. At the police headquarters, Arik walks up to Perache and takes the coffee that Perache had made for him.

In Danielle's cubicle, Guri has arrived, asking how she is, as she says she's fine, asking him the same thing. Arik over the other side of the office, having seen what happed, asks what Guri was doing, with Perache expressing he didn't know. Arik then takes a biscuit, as he walks up to Guri asking what's up. Guri says everything's fantastic as he shakes Arik's hand. Arik exclaims great and asks him whether he was just in the neighborhood and just decided to drop by. Guri explains that he just came to get his job on the force back. Arik, pauses for a minute, before saying cool.

In the Ravens dormitory, Ellali expresses to Dina that they knew Robbie was hiding something, also adding that they knew Natalie was also involved with whatever's going on. Matti then looks cautiously over at Iftach, as Ellali asks what's wrong, with Matti telling her that Iftach could hear them. Ellali turns around to see Iftach, but then tells them that Iftach couldn't hear a thing, as the two give her strange looks. Ellali then asks them not to tell her that they want to involve Iftach in their investigation too, adding if that was the case they could count her out.

The two keep giving her looks, as she then says it's nothing personal. Matti then clearly asks what they'd do about Alona, expressing that should be their main concern, with Dina suggesting they just ask Alona. However, Ellali then says that'd be too risky, adding that if someone is threatening her, she may rat on them, pondering whether there was a way of following her without Alona knowing, but Dina then adds that she'd notice them if they were to follow her. Ellali says exactly, and that's the reason they must find a clever way of accomplishing that, adding if only there was a way they could listen in on their conversations. Matti then comes up with an idea.

He explains that, he has a bugging chip, which is very thin and advanced, as Dina jokes it's just like him. Ellali then asks whether it's possible to plant in Alona's Louie, with Matti saying it is, but asking how they'd manage to take her Louie without her noticing, with Ellali explaining they'd need a distraction, asking Dina to be said distraction. Dina says no problem, as Ellali exclaims great and claims that is their mission for the day, with the three then getting up, unbeknownst that Iftach had heard them.

In the Eagles dormitory, Orna is there explaining a situation, where it's 24 hours before the elections that their the prime minister and that an IDF soldier has been kidnapped and is being held hostage by terrorists, adding that the military commander in chief, recommends military action in order to rescue the kidnapped soldier, but that their political advisor recommends to wait until after the elections are over, finishing by saying that if the military option failed, they'd lose the elections.

Orna then adds one more important thing to the situation, explaining that they know that if they happen to lose the election, the military commander in chief would be happy to take their place as PM. She then asks the Eagles what they'd do in this situation, adding the clock is ticking. Sophie's the first to chime in, saying that she doesn't believe the elections are a factor and that the soldier's life is more important. Eitan, however then questions it, asking what would happen if the commander in chief would be lying to her, just so he could take her position when she fails. Ron then adds he'd listen to his political advisor, explaining that he agrees with Sophie, that the soldier's life is the more important thing.

Ron continues, saying that the pressure of the elections, would only make the situation a lot more difficult, adding it's better to get elected, getting the people's mandate and then go towards the military option. Orna then tells Ron that was a good point, as she asks around for anyone else to answer. Daniel then says he doesn't trust advisors, explaining that one minute their on your side, and the next minute they'd be stealing your girlfriend, looking at Alfie.

In the hole, Marcus opens up the cell door of Natalie's cell, sitting down with her. He tells her to eat something, guessing she must be hungry, however Natalie just gives him a sharp glare, as he tries to explain he never meant for Natalie to be imprisoned. Natalie then exclaims that she couldn't believe she didn't realize Marcus was on Judy's side, adding it was so obvious. Marcus explains that he understands how it all must seem to her, but that, before being cut off by Natalie, who questions how he seems to her, threatening to hell father about this, wondering what he'd feel when he found out that Marcus was a liar.

Marcus then gets up, as Natalie tries to stop him, as Natalie explains he's known her since the day she was born, begging him to let her go. Marcus then shakes his head, exclaiming he couldn't and that she should eat something, before he heads off. Natalie then angrily gets up, throwing the plate on the floor and shaking the cell, demanding to be let out of there, before breaking into tears. Back at the police headquarters, Guri is trying to get his job back.

Guri expresses to the chief, that he knew he crossed a line, but that it had already been a year since it had happened, as Arik cheerily questions a year, exclaiming that time really does fly. Guri continues saying that everyone needs time to mourn, but that that time for him had come to an end and that he wanted to return to the force. However the chief, expresses it's complicated, explaining that Guri wasn't functioning and that he'd become too paranoid, adding that he thought they were scheming against him and that Guri had thought everyone was lying to him. Guri expresses he knew, but that he had put all of that behind him, promising to the chief.

The chief then looks at the ordeal from the other side, looking at what sort of a policeman Guri was before the tragedy had occurred, telling Guri to give him a few days to have a think about it, with Guri agreeing, as the chief asks if he minded that he speak to Arik privately. Guri agrees to let them, and gets up, adding he'd talk to Arik later before heading off. The chief then bends over, asking Arik what he thinks about the decision, with Arik questioning the fact, that the chief's asking his opinions, however he says no, adding that he's biased as Guri is his friend. The chief however says he knows that, but places his trust with Arik, asking him to do him a favor and check Guri out for him, adding that he wants Arik's word that Guri is fit to come back to the force.

Back at the Ravens dormitory, Matti is once again playing a game of chess with Alona, as Dina asks why he didn't beat Alona with the donkey, as Matti corrects her, telling her that it's a horse, as Dina points out that it looks like a donkey. Matti then expresses that actually it's a knight, adding he didn't beat Alona, because she'd of beaten him with her bishop. Over in the chair, Ellali is typing up a text on her Louie to Alona, asking her why she hadn't kicked Matti's butt yet in their chess game. Alona then gets the text, smiling over at Ellali, then putting her Louie down.

Dina then puts the fake Louie down, in order to make sure that Alona would pick it up, while asking whether the king was the best chess piece, but questioning what's so good about the piece if he could only move one square in each direction, exclaiming that chess is weird, as she tries to reach for Alona's Louie. Alona then grabs her Louie, putting it over her side of the table, exclaiming they shouldn't mix up their Louie's.

In the Eagles dormitory, Daniel is pouring Orange juice, as Alfie walks up to confront him. Alfie tells him to listen, expressing that he hadn't done a thing until Daniel and Natalie had already broke up. Daniel then fires back, saying that Alfie was just waiting for his chance to take Natalie. However Alfie says that's not the case at all, explaining that he always defended Daniel and that it had been Daniel's fault that it had occurred. Daniel then sarcastically questions Alfie as to whether he's now couples therapist as well. Alfie expresses he's not, but tells Daniel not to blame him for what happened for his break-up with Natalie. However Daniel says he'd do whatever he wants, with Alfie telling him to go right ahead, but telling Daniel to not even dare to call him out in front of everyone like that.

However Daniel then asks what if he didn't care about what Alfie had said. Alfie then expresses that he knew, that Daniel had told the tall guy on the opposing basket ball team to try and provoke him. Daniel then believes that Natalie had been telling Alfie her crazy stories, with Alfie assuring him he wouldn't tell anybody about what he'd done, but that now he knows who Daniel really is he's not afraid of him anymore. Daniel then expresses he's seen that Alfie's grown a pair, but that it's a shame Natalie isn't there to see it, but Alfie says he's just glad Natalie could get away from that nonsense, before heading off.

Back in the hole, Natalie is calling out to Marcus for help, but he tells her there's no point calling for help as no one would be able to hear her from in there, telling to try and get some sleep, however Natalie exclaims she wouldn't rest and she wouldn't shut up, until he let her go, continuing to call for help. Natalie then sees Judy arrive through the entrance of the hole, as Judy walks up to her.

Judy tells her not to waste her vocal cords, adding she thinks it's time that she and Natalie have a little talk, asking Natalie for her agreement. Back at the ministerial embassy, Ze'ev arrives, asking for a moment of Mordi's time. Mordi says sure, as Ze'ev expresses he thinks they should delay their visit to the Greenhouse till the 20th of that month, due to the fact that they have a meeting with the Australian ambassador on the 5th and that it would be a shame to cancel it.

Mordi, in disbelief questions what's wrong with Ze'ev, adding he's sure the Australian ambassador would understand that he must attend the memorial event for the shuttle disaster, questioning whether Ze'ev really thought he'd be making all the arrangements by himself. Ze'ev then replies no of course not. At the hole, Judy is talking with Natalie in the cell, expressing that she always thought Natalie had too much spare time at the Greenhouse.

Judy continues, bringing up the whole case with Daniel and his stupid mistake with the gun, with Natalie then jeeringly saying, it's a good thing that he had Judy destroy the evidence, getting him out of trouble. Judy then expresses, that she's not sure Daniel appreciates her as much as he should do, then questioning why their even talking about Daniel, adding he's not the one who's hand-cuffed in the cell their in. Judy then Natalie if she knows why she's there, questioning whether Natalie really expected her to sit quietly, as Natalie makes false accusations about her.

Natalie then realizes that Arik was working with Judy as well, asking for confirmation from her, adding that of course everyone was working with Judy. Judy then asks if there's anyone else, who she told her "Vicious stories" to, with Natalie expressing sadly that she only told Arik. However Judy tells her not to be sad, expressing it's a good thing that he was the only one who Natalie told, adding that's the only reason they could sit in the cell and have a civilized conversation. Natalie then exclaims that her father; Louis would kill Judy if he found out about what's going on, but Judy says that Natalie's father is sitting peacefully in his office and that Natalie's meant to be at tennis camp for a week, so he wouldn't be worrying about Natalie whatsoever.

Judy then continues, expressing that a week is a very long time, then getting up, as Natalie asks what she's going to do to her, expressing she was Daniel's girlfriend. However Judy coldly says that Natalie broke her son's heart, adding that she deserved to be in the cell for just that, leaving Natalie in tears.

In the Eagles dormitory, Alfie is busy studying, just as takes his Louie out and starts texting Ellali, to ask whether she's still mad with him, before getting back to studying. Alfie then tries to call Natalie, but finds that the number he tried to dial is not available. In Louis' office Louis is on the phone, just as Robbie arrives in the office. Louis then exclaims that Robbie would never guess who just called him, with Robbie guessing the lady from the lottery, but Louis says it's much better than that, adding it was Mordi's office.

Louis explains that the prime minister wants to deliver a speech at the Greenhouse on the memorial of the shuttle tragedy, with Robbie expressing his surprise, as Louis continues, adding he knew Robbie had wanted more responsibility and that now he had it, explaining that he wanted Robbie to arrange the entire visit, co-ordinating the event with the prime minister's secret servicemen and the journalists, as well as organizing the catering service and the sound system, basically whatever needed to be done. Louis then asks whether he could count on Robbie, with Robbie saying of course he could. Louis then notes there's one more thing they need and that is to bring Natalie back from the tennis camp.

Robbie questions it, asking what and why, with Louis expressing this was a once-in-a-lifetime event, adding Natalie would never forgive him if she missed the event, telling Robbie to take care of it. At the Reshef household, Arik is talking to Guri, expressing that he doesn't get Guri, asking him why he'd want to come back to the police force, as well as complimenting Guri's cleaning skills, saying that the cleaning industry would be desperate for someone like him. Guri then realizes he never actually apologized for the way he behaved the last time, Arik had visited him, admitting that he was a jerk.

Guri continues, explaining that he finally understood what Arik and the kids had been trying to tell him. Arik expresses he's glad for Guri and the kids. Guri then expresses his amazement that it had already been a year since the shuttle tragedy, with Arik saying it's unbelievable, adding it felt like it had happened that morning. Guri explains that it had taken him almost a whole year, just to realize that Naomi wasn't coming back, but then he thought what would she want him to do, adding she'd want him to live a good life in a clean house and to go back to a job he loved.

Arik then looks up at Guri's notice board, seeing a folded piece of paper and asking what it is, as Guri asks him to pass it to him. Arik takes it off the board, and passes it over to Guri. Guri then explains that the night before the satellite launch, Naomi had given him that letter and that she told him to open only if she didn't return. Arik then asks what Naomi wrote, asking whether Guri minded him asking. Guri expresses that while it may sound a bit strange, it's the one thing he still couldn't bring himself to do it.

Arik in disbelief, ask whether Guri really didn't open the letter, but Guri expresses that he hadn't, re-iterating that he just couldn't bring himself to open it. Guri then sees Arik's expression and says he knows what Arik's thinking; that he's still a little bit crazy. Back at the Ravens dormitory, Alona is explaining chess to Dina.

Alona explains that the idea is to keep creating defensive lines, that would allow them to move forward on the playing field, siting the fact that her knight is protecting the bishop she just moved as an example, asking Dina whether she got it, with Dina saying no. Alona continues to explain, showing Dina how the knight could move on the chess board, showing off the different places it could move. Ellali then walks over, saying she saw Matti sweating buckets over there, purposely pretending to accidently spill a glass of water over Alona's Louie. Matti then takes it, telling Alona he knew how to fix it.

Back at the Reshef household, Guri is seeing Arik off, as Arik tells him he'd talk to their chief and see if he could get the ball rolling. Guri then thanks Arik, with Arik adding he doesn't need to do so, before beginning to head off. Guri then tells Arik to wait a second, as he heads back into the house and fetches Naomi's letter, giving it to Arik. Arik asks what he's meant to do with it, as Guri expresses Arik's his only friend and asks him to keep it for him, adding that as long as the letter is in the house, he couldn't stop thinking about it, but that he still couldn't bring himself to open it, telling Arik to keep the letter.

Arik then questions it, asking whether he should keep a personal letter from Naomi, with Guri beckoning him to just take it, expressing that one day he'd be ready to open the letter and that then he'd know it's safely with Arik, asking him to do it. In the hole Judy and Marcus, spot Robbie waiting outside the hole on a security camera.

Marcus asks Judy whether he should let him in, with Judy expressing absolutely not, before adding she'd go out and see him herself. Judy then takes her handbag and heads out to see Robbie. Outside Judy says hi to Robbie, with him doing the same, as he asks her whether Marcus is inside. Judy expresses that Marcus is currently busy, however Robbie says he must talk to Marcus about bringing Natalie back. Judy exclaims no way, as he questions her as to whether she believed it to be his own idea, explaining that he's sure she heard that the prime minister is on his way there, and that Louis wanted Natalie back for the occasion.

Judy expresses he knows that's impossible, as Robbie tells her to tell that to Louis. Robbie then adds that Louis' so stubborn, that he'd walk all the way there just to bring Natalie back. Judy then begins to ask Robbie something, pausing as Robbie beckons her on. Judy then tells him that there actually isn't a tennis camp, with Robbie expressing his surprise and asking her what she meant. Judy re-iterates there's no camp and that the tennis camp didn't exist. Robbie then questions where his sister is, as Judy assures him, she's in good hands. Robbie then puts his hands on her, asking her what she did with Natalie. Judy tells him to take his hands off of her, asking him who he thinks he is.

Judy continues, saying that had Robbie kept his eye on her like he was meant to it would have never had to reach the current point, Robbie then asks where Natalie is again, asking whether she's down in the hole and that if so, he'd want to see her right away. Judy then says no problem, pondering how Natalie would react when she finds that Robbie's been working with Judy as well.

Back at the Ravens dormitory, Matti arrives back, having fixed Alona's Louie, handing it to her, as she says thanks. Iftach then gets up, telling Ellali he'd ask what's going on there, but that she probably wouldn't tell him, however Ellali expresses she has no idea what he's talking about, before walking off.

At the police headquarters, Arik returns to his office desk, placing his wallet on the desk, then sitting down and taking some scissors, opening up the letter he'd been given by Guri. He takes it out and begins to read the letter, which reads; "Dear Guri, Ellali and Alfie, I hope you never have to read this letter. In the last few years I've kept a big secret from you. That secret is the real reason behind my flight to space. Ten years ago I happened to discover a correlation between the magnetic behaviour of the meteor by the Kinerat and seismic shifts inside the earth's core. Because I knew the meteor was just a massive rock, which had fallen on the moon's surface and because the moon is known to have strange effects on the earth, I developed a theory which turned out to be correct". In the hole Judy gets Marcus to free Natalie, as the letter continues; "Along with a small group of insiders, I realized that if we could bring enough of the magnetic element back to Earth, we could build a device which would not only predict where and when an earthquake would occur, but would also be able to prevent it using magnetic shockwaves. This would allow us to save the lives of hundreds of millions of people. At some point the Prime Minister and the secret service decided this was a national project. They swore me to secrecy. The Prime Minister believes that if we can show the world, we're capable of preventing natural disasters, we're able to achieve true peace with enemies. My dear,beloved family, hiding the truth from you was the hardest thing I ever did. Unfortunately that's not all, if you're reading this letter I must be dead. That means evildoers have managed to take over our operation, Operation Nexus and thwart it. I suspect two people in particular; my secret service handler; Judy Goren and the Prime Minister's Chief of staff; Ze'ev Ne'eman. Unfortunately I don't have enough evidence to prove it and I'm count on you, especially you Guri, to discover the truth in the worst case scenario. I love you always. Yours truly, Mom".

Back at the Eagles dormitory, Alfie is making a call on his Louie, asking for the number to the tennis camp that Natalie Klein had gone to, adding he just can't, as Natalie all of a sudden, arrives through the door. Alfie then tells them to forget it, before hanging up, while asking what Natalie was doing there, as she says hi. Natalie then walks over to Daniel, who's reading a magazine. She sit's beside him and expresses that she's just realized something, that she'd made a terrible mistake and that she loves him, as Alfie watches from the table in shock.



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