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The Opening Challenge is the second episode of the first season of Greenhouse Academy, premiering on Netflix September 8th,2017.


The episode begins at the Woods household, where Kyle has broken into. Kyle is looking at a Woods family photo, before noticing Carter sleeping on the adjacent couch. Kyle then puts the picture back down on the desk, accidently knocking it onto the floor, causing Kyle to look round to see if Carter had woken up. He then placed the photo back and finished his work on the Wood's family laptop. Kyle quietly heads out, just as Carter awakes and notices the laptop had been switched on.

Carter picks up the picture of him and his family, before heading downstairs to investigate what had happened. In the Ravens clubhouse, Max is busy brushing his teeth as he walks up to Jackie, who's playing on the PlayStation. Max sits down on the couch, trying to advise Jackie on how to play her game, before Jackie bluntly asks what he wanted. Max then points out that Jackie shouldn't of been leaning forward as it could potentially numb her hand, disabling her ability to play video-games.

Max then begins to start talking about the fact that he slept on a wheat pillow, which he would heat up in a microwave before going to bed. Leo then walks up to him, asking him why he was bothering Jackie, causing Max to apologize to Leo, calling him sir. Leo then corrects him, by saying captain to which Max repeats while saluting. Leo then dismisses Max. After that Jackie tells Leo that he'd scared Max, with Leo then proceeding to direct Jackie in her game.

While Leo is telling his Ravens to try and not stay up too late, Hayley is sitting in a nearby arm-chair, listening to her music and then texting Alex via her Louie. Hayley asks her brother how it was going, while Alex was busy taking part in an arm-wrestle at the Eagles dormitory. Alex was wrestling with Parker, who was being cheered on by his fellow Eagles. All the while, Sophie was filming the event, while also cheering Parker on. Daniel tries to psych Parker up, asking him whether he'd really let Alex beat him.

Sophie then cheers Alex on, while continuing to film the two of them. As the wrestle continues, Alex's Louie activates trying to notify Alex of his text, but it's instead picked up by Brooke, who had been watching the wrestle. Brooke then reads the text from Hayley, calling it sweet and causing Alex to lose his focus. Brooke then shows Daniel the text, after Parker managed to win. After reading it, Daniel then says that he still pondered why Brooke's father had accepted Alex.

Brooke says that her father was too nice, before her and the other Eagles headed off. Tired, Alex begins to walk off, before sitting down. Sophie then walks up to him, asking him to give her a smile, but Alex quickly brushes it off as he wasn't in the mood. However Sophie explains that it was for her official Greenhouse blog, while beckoning him on. Sophie continues saying that it would give the Eagles a better chance to know him. Alex still insists no, as Sophie continues to beckon him.

Alex then finally gives in, with Sophie asking him to show her his muscles, with Alex then posing for the camera. Alex continues to pose for Sophie, as she tells him how great he looked, while laughing. Sophie continues taking photos, as Alex lifts up his t-shirt to show off his abs. In the Eagles hallway, Hayley is on the phone to her friend; Meredith. Over the phone, Meredith asks Hayley what she meant, when she had told her that she'd enrolled at the Greenhouse.

Hayley asks her not to ask her that, before Meredith believes that Hayley had been joking. Hayley explains that she couldn't just leave her brother; Alex alone at the school. While chuckling, Meredith agrees with her as Hayley tells Meredith to let Owen know that she wouldn't let the school brainwash her; fighting the school from the inside. Just then Hayley reaches the door to the Eagles dormitory and knocks. Brooke then answers the door, asking Hayley whether she'd lost something.

Hayley then sarcastically remarks that it was great to see Brooke, before asking her whether Alex was there. Brooke then asks Hayley what she'd do if he was there, before Hayley asks whether she could come in. Brooke is quick to push Hayley back, remarking that no Ravens were allowed, causing Hayley to ask whether they were in the fourth grade, in disbelief as to how Brooke was treating her. Brooke then closes the door in Hayley's face. Hayley then begins to walk off, before bumping into Louis.

Louis guesses, that Hayley had had trouble sleeping there for the first night, before Hayley assures him that she was fine. Louis then walks past her, explaining that he had always felt energized on the first night of the school year, while assuring Hayley and knocking on the door to the Eagles dormitory. Hayley warns Louis that the Eagles were a tough crowd, with Brooke then answering the door once again, only to see her father there. Louis then tells her that he was just checking on her, before the two hug and Hayley heads off.

Back at the Ravens dormitory, Hayley asks Emma whether she had an extra toothbrush as she hadn't known she'd be staying there that night. Emma then directs Hayley towards the main office, while handing her a tube of tooth-paste, however she then remarks that Hayley would need more than just that to survive the rest of the year. But Hayley says that she just needed to survive the month. Leo then rocks up, showing Hayley the images of Alex posted by Sophie on her blog.

Chuckling, Leo then remarks that the Eagles would eat Alex alive. In the Eagles dormitory, Parker and Daniel are pouring over the images on Sophie's blog, with Parker expressing his disbelief at the fact that they had lost Tyler for Alex. Parker continues, by calling Alex an embarrassment to the Eagles, before Daniel tells him to not get too attached to Alex. Confused, Parker asks what he had meant by that, with Daniel explaining that as Alex had a temper and that it would happen again, adding that Louis wouldn't forgive Alex the next time.

Daniel continues, remarking that they'd throw Alex a proper going-away party, with the two then in agreement with each other. Parker then asks Daniel what their plan was, with Daniel just asking Parker to trust him. Just then Daniel's Louie chimes and he gets up to announce that the opening challenge for the year had begun, announcing that they'd leave in three minutes. Parker then psyches his team-mates up as they get ready, while Alex asks what the opening challenge would be. In the Ravens dormitory, Leo explains that the opening challenge was the first challenge of the year between the two teams.

Leo continues, saying that no team wanted to lose, with Hayley cutting in by asking whether winning was the only option. Leo then replies saying that that was exactly the case, before revealing that the Eagles had beaten them in the challenge last year and that the legacy of the house was at stake and that when they lost the challenge he felt sick and that when he was sick, he wasn't nice asking whether they'd want him to be nice. The rest of the Ravens then obediently agree with their captain, with Jackie telling Max that he didn't have to call Leo captain.

The Ravens then head off to the challenge, with Alex catching Hayley before she headed down the stairs. Hayley, unimpressed asks whether he really wanted to talk at that point. Alex apologizes to his sister, explaining that he had been busy the prior night, with Hayley then implying she'd seen the images of Alex. Alex then asks her whether she'd seen the photos, with Hayley nodding her head as Daniel and Brooke pass by. After the look that the pair give Hayley and her brother, Hayley tells him that he didn't want to be seen with the enemy.

Hayley then tells him to watch his back, before heading off. In the classroom, Louis introduces the two teams to the opening challenge of the year, with the teams cheering in response. Louis then begins, explaining that as they knew the school wasn't a normal school and that their goal wasn't to prepare them for regular state-exams, further explaining that other than a 2-week vacation at the end of the school year for the students to prepare for the unimportant test, before remarking that they wouldn't be dealing with any of that.

Louis then goes on to say that his only job was to feed his students curiosity and remarking that the Ravens and the Eagles had been rivals for decades, with the current year being no different. Louis then announces that he was sending them a riddle, and that they would have to solve the riddle to find the key that would unlock the case that Louis was pointing out. Louis continued announcing that the first team to arrive there and ring the gong would win the challenge, before Parker asks what the prize was, with Daniel adding he wanted to know what the Ravens were to going to lose out on that year.

In response, Hayley questions the Eagles behaviour, but Leo tells her to let Daniel talk, with Louis then revealing that he was just going to say that the winning team would get a treat to start off a very sweet year, before sending the riddle to the captain's Louie's. Each of the students then receive the riddle, before huddling together in their teams. Daniel reads the riddle aloud; "Ten from the sea to the sand he walks", with Leo continuing; "to look in the soil but not in the box". Parker says that the riddle had to mean 10 steps, with Daniel agreeing. Over at the Ravens huddle, Leo says that it must mean 10 steps from the sea.

Brooke then realizes that the riddle was pointing to the beach, with Sophie agreeing as the Eagles then head off, with the Ravens in tow. Hayley then hesitantly gets up, wiggling her finger at Louis as she heads off. At the beach the Eagles are busy digging for the key, alongside the Ravens who are digging adjacently to them. While this is occurring Hayley is lying down on a sand pile, to which Leo tells her not to work too hard.

In response Hayley remarks that she was waiting for the real classes to start. Over at the Eagles side, Daniel is looking down at his leg, just as Brooke notices him. Brooke asks whether he was ok, with Daniel assuring that he was. Having failed to find a key in his spot, Alex charges over to the rest of his team-mates and tries to get them to dig harder, before starting to dig again himself. In response Daniel remarks that Alex had only been there 2 days, adding that he was already giving them orders. Seeing the look on Alex's face, Sophie tells him not to pay attention to the pair.

Alex then asks whether Sophie was just looking for more humiliating stuff to write about in her blog, with Brooke then butting in, telling Alex to go off and cry to his sister. Alex then gets up, as Sophie continues digging. Hayley sees her brother walk off and then gets up to start digging, much to Leo's surprise. However Hayley tells him that she wasn't doing it for the Ravens, but was instead doing it for her brother; Alex, with Leo saying that she should just go with whatever was good for her. Hayley then remembers something about the Greenhouse foyer, taking out her Louie.

Leo asks Hayley what she was doing, with her revealing that there had been something off about the riddle, getting Leo to look at the riddle. Hayley then repeats the final part of the riddle; "The Key is inside the soil, but not inside the box". Hayley then ponders what a box had to do with any of it, before asking why it wouldn't be in the box. Leo then suggests it could be outside the box, with Hayley adding they should think outside the box, then revealing that she thought she'd solved it, taking Leo with her as Sophie films the pair.

At the Woods household, Eric has come to investigate the household for Carter, with Carter asking Eric whether he was going to dust for prints, as he was leaving. However Eric reveals that there was no signs of burglary on the premises, believing that Carter may of just had a bad dream, but Carter insists that someone had broken into the house during the night prior. Eric then begins to say that he hated to be the one, but that he'd have to tell Carter it had to stop.

Carter, irritated then tells Eric that he hadn't called Eric round for a lecture, with Eric then telling Carter that he wasn't trying to do so, adding that Carter knew he loved him and that Carter's current mood had already cost him too much, but Carter angrily replies back that it was his wife they were talking about. Eric then breathes a deep sigh, as he continues saying that Carter had gotten himself into a mess, telling him to take a look at himself, noting that Carter hadn't changed his clothes in days, before Carter tells him to leave.

Eric then heads off, while telling Carter that he knew that one day everyone would leave him, adding that even Carter's kids hadn't wanted to stay there, asking Carter to try and not lose his kids, as he had already lost his job and wife. Carter then asks him to leave again, with Eric complying. Back at the Greenhouse foyer, Hayley mentions the fact that the riddle had told them the key was ten from the sea, adding that she didn't think it meant the ocean.

Hayley then points out the painting behind her and Leo, with Leo walking over to the painting of the sea and walking ten steps away from it, to stop in front of a plant pot. Leo then asks Hayley to do the honors, handing her the little rake, before she rakes away at the soil and finds the key, just as Alex shows up. Alex, interested asks what Leo meant by honors. Alex then sees the key in Hayley's hand, remarking that he knew she'd find it. Hayley then tosses the key to Alex.

Surprised, Leo asks her what she was doing, with Hayley telling Alex that as he had the key, the Eagles would worship him. But Alex then gives her the key back, telling her that he didn't need his sisters hand-out before running off, all while Sophie was watching from round the corner, recording the ordeal on her Louie's camera. Back in the classroom, Louis has gathered the teams to announce the result, remarking that a smart leader always thought outside the box, adding that the Ravens had understood that.

Louis continues, noting that the Ravens had instead gone to the hall instead of looking in the more obvious place. Leo then unlocks the glass cabinet with the key and takes out the stick, asking Hayley to ring the gong as she had earned the right to do so. Hayley then takes the stick and rings the gong to applause from her fellow Ravens, as Louis announced the Ravens as the winners of the challenge. Later that night, Leo leads the Ravens back into their dormitory after a victory, before noticing the food-spread that had been put out for them as reward for their win.

The Ravens then begin to dig into the spread, with Jackie placing her backpack by the side of the table. When going for a bit of punch, Max accidently spills some over on Jackie's backpack. As Leo proclaims that the Eagles didn't stand a chance, Max frantically tries to cover up the damage he had done to Jackie's bag. Max then takes out Jackie's sodden sketch-book. Max then heads back round the table to Leo, in an attempt to try and cover up his mistake. In the Eagles dormitory the Eagles are lamenting on their loss, with Daniel believing their loss to be his fault.

Sophie then reveals to Daniel and the rest of the team, that he wasn't the reason they'd lost out on the challenge, then showing them the footage of Alex tossing the key back to his sister, with Parker asking whether Alex really let the Ravens win in disbelief. Sophie then adds that Alex had been more loyal to his sister than his own team. Alex then reveals that Hayley was the one who had found the key and that she had tried to give it to him.

Brooke then ponders why Hayley would of done that, with Alex telling that that was just what his sister was like, adding that she cared more about him than the competition. Daniel, annoyed then asks whether Alex had just admitted that he could of taken the key, with Alex saying yes. Alex however points out that that would of been cheating and as such wouldn't of been honorable. Daniel in response says that there was nothing honorable about betraying his own team. Back in the Ravens dormitory, the Ravens are cleaning up after the spread.

Jackie then sees the state of her backpack and asks who had spilled on it, before taking out her sodden sketch-book and asking who could of ruined it, angrily remarking that she'd kill the one who ruined it. Max then sneakily searches through the bin, taking out Jackie's sketch-book and then quickly heading off. In the window Hayley is sitting down, just as Leo rocks up, believing that Alex hadn't called her back.

Leo then suggests that Hayley should let her brother get some space, adding that he would need to learn to take care of his own problems. In a distant car-park Kyle is reporting to Judy, asking Kyle whether he had really just deleted all of the files while Carter was just sleeping on the couch behind him. But Kyles tells her not to underestimate him as he was a professional at his job, with Judy adding that he had better be with the rates he was being paid.

Kyle then assures Judy that he had checked the hard-drive and that everything had cleaned, with Judy then asking for extra-reassurance, going through all of the files that should of been deleted. Kyle then asks her to relax, assuring her that he had deleted all of the files that she had mentioned, then handing Judy a copy of the entire hard-drive so that she could check for herself.

Judy takes the hard-drive. At the Eagles basketball court, Alex is trying to get his fellow Eagles to pass the ball to him, with Daniel then passing the ball to another player, before Parker passes it back to Daniel. Daniel then gives in and throws it into Alex's arms, before asking him whether it had hurt. Alex then bluntly retorts that he was fine, with Daniel teasingly telling Alex that it was ok to cry as they were all friends there, just as Hayley arrives on the court.

Hayley then begins to walk down the side of the court, just as Parker manages to catch the ball, after Daniel passed it . Hayley sees her brother struggling, just as he is knocked down by Daniel. She runs over to Alex, demanding that the other Eagles stop bullying her brother, adding that Alex hadn't done anything to them. Daniel then jeeringly announces that Alex's big sister had arrived to save him, just as Alex gets up. Alex, annoyed asks what his sister was doing, with Hayley confused asking what he meant.

Alex then angrily remarks that he didn't need his sisters help, before telling her to mind her own business and that he didn't need a Raven to fight his battles for him. Hayley then heads off, with Daniel surprised at the backbone Alex had showed off, with Parker telling Daniel that he didn't know Alex had some backbone, before they began to play again.

Alex then gets more time with the ball and the other Eagles begin to accept him as a part of the team, with Alex shooting a basket. In the main building, Max sneaks into the computer lab and begins work on Jackie's sketch-book, managing to produce a fresh copy of the sketch-book. Max then takes a look inside the sketch-book, becoming puzzled at the designs he sees. in the Eagles hallway, the Eagles basketball team are arriving back, as Parker notes that he didn't know Alex was as fast as he was. As the boys head through the door, they proclaim that Alex would help them kill their rivals in the next game.

Daniel then leads the team through the door, only to see his mother standing adjacent to him. With Daniel in shock, Judy asks him whether it was really a way to greet his mother. Daniel then strides up to his mother, asking her what's up, before the two hug. Judy then asks Daniel what they were feeding him there, as his face was son thin. Daniel then reveals that they had been starving them there and that they'd even had to take cold showers. Judy then sees the other boys laughing and asks whether they made fun of their mothers too.

Parker jokes that they did, but unlike Judy they didn't quite get the jokes. Brooke then brings Judy some chamomile tea with honey, before Judy remarks that Brooke had been getting prettier everyday. Daniel then walks over to Brooke to see how she's doing Judy then notices Alex, asking his name. Alex then introduces himself as Alex Woods, before shaking her hand. Judy then asks the guys to be nice to Alex, as she thought he was born to be an Eagle.

In Jason's office, Judy has arrived, angrily asking Jason how he could of accepted Alex. However Jason expresses that it was his father that had accepted Alex into the school, with Judy then asking Jason whether he was really the dean of the Greenhouse or his father's puppet, asking Jason whether he knew how dangerous it was to have Alex and Hayley at the Greenhouse, but Jason promises her that the two wouldn't bother them. Judy then agrees, remarking that it was because Jason wouldn't let them interfere, asking Jason to watch over the two constantly. Judy then exerts that the mission was too important for Ryan's kids to ruin it for them.