The Osmonds are one of the main families in Greenhouse Academy. The family consists of Louis OsmondAbigail OsmondJason Osmond, and Brooke Osmond.


The Osmonds are one of the main families commonly seen throughout Greenhouse Academy. This family is home to the headmaster/founder and dean of GHA while also being home to a fellow Eagle, Brooke. These characters are all secondary characters on the show. Brooke's father, Louis Osmond is the headmaster and founder of GHA while her brother, Jason Osmond is the dean of the school. Her mother, Abigail Osmond was also one of the co-founders of the school and helped Louis run the school before her passing in 2005 to natural causes. The Osmonds own 2 homes, one near the school, and another somewhere in California. Brooke had always been going to GHA ever since she was young and became friends with a new girl who transferred to the school, Sophie, one year before the Woods siblings came to the school. Some of their family friends include Marcus, Judy Hayward, and Brooke's ex and also a member of the Eagles, Daniel Hayward.


Their family is portrayed by Parker Stevenson, Yiftach Mizrahi, Grace van Dien (S1-2) and Danika Yarosh for the remaining seasons. Abigail's character was never actually seen but her grave is shown in S3 and she is roughly mentioned throughout seasons 3-4.

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