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The Outsider is the eighth episode of the first season of Greenhouse Academy, premiering September 8th,2017 on Netflix.


In the Eagles dormitory, Brooke is asleep on the couch, just as she hears a creak. Brooke gets up and turns only to notice, Judy sitting in a rocking chair behind her. Brooke then cautiously walks over to Judy, putting her hand on Judy's shoulder, which prompts her turn round. Judy then asks why Brooke would stick her nose in other people's business, before shining a torch at her.

Brooke then quickly runs to Daniel in the bedroom, begging him to wake up, before screaming upon seeing his appearance. Brooke then suddenly wakes up, realizing it had all been a nightmare when looking over at the window. To further assure herself, Brooke heads over to Daniel's bed and turns him over, only to find that he was fine. Brooke then sighs and turns to see a card to Daniel from his mother.

In the Cave, Marcus is briefing Jason and Judy on their plan, explaining that all he would need from Jason would be a one-minute window, that would allow him to hack NASA's servers. In response, Jason sighs, before asking Judy who else knew about the plan. Judy then looks to Marcus, before telling Jason that she wished she could tell him, but that what she could say is that their world would be a lot safer thanks to his efforts.

Jason then opens up the container that Judy had given him, to find the USB device contained inside. As he took it out, Judy asked him whether he knew what he needed to do, with Jason then nodding his head in response. Judy then finally assures Jason that he could carry out the mission, before beckoning him onwards. As Jason left the Cave, Judy says god help them.

In the Greenhouse foyer, Hayley and Leo are awaiting Jason's arrival for their trip to NASA, as Leo ponders whether the two of them would be able to watch the NASA satellite launch from the control room. However Hayley stays silent, with Leo then just concluding that it probably wouldn't be the case, before going onto mention that he and Hayley would be stuck in a car with Jason for the next hour. Leo then adds that he had hated the smell of Jason's aftershave.

Just then, Jackie walks up saying hi to Hayley and saying that she had thought Hayley could use a snack for the ride, carrying a packet of cookies. Hayley then recognizes them as chocolate chip, before being handed the container and hugging with Jackie. Emma then enters the foyer, commenting on how lucky Leo and Hayley were that day, as she'd give anything to see the launch. Hayley then tries to sell her ticket for free towards Emma, just as Jason arrives.

As Jason, overhears what Hayley was trying to do, he tells her that she couldn't, as Hayley would be NASA's guest of honor, due to her mother; Ryan Woods. Hayley then whispers into Jackie's ear that the event would be torture, with Jackie then assuring her that she'd be fine. Jason then heads out towards the car, beckoning Leo and Hayley to car as well, with the two then leaving.

In the Eagle dormitory, Brooke is telling Sophie about her nightmare, revealing that she had been seeing Judy in her dreams. In response, Sophie tells her that she needed to relax, but Brooke insists that she wouldn't be able to do so, as she knew Judy had done something to the FBI car. Sophie then points out that the woman Brooke was talking about was indeed Daniel's mother; Judy.

Brooke then conveys that she was worried for her boyfriend, due to this fact. Sophie then points out that her friend had been so stressed and tells her that she needed to stop worrying the ordeal, mentioning to Brooke that as she was her captain, she should listen to her. Brooke then admits that Sophie had been right, being that it was her friend's first day as captain of the Eagles and that she had been there conspiracy theorizing, before apologizing and giving Sophie a hug, as Sophie assures her that it was fine.

As the two come out of their hug, Sophie tells Brooke that as her captain she ordered her to not obsess over Daniel's mother. Brooke then agrees to do so, before Sophie gets up and heads off. However, once Sophie had gone, Brooke takes out her Louie and looks up the causes of a car engine fire. After inputting her search via voice-command, a page of search-related images are brought up, to which Brooke flicks through.

Just as Brooke is searching on her Louie, Daniel comes from behind her, and notices what she was doing. Daniel says morning to her, which prompts Brooke to turn round and say hi, quickly closing her Louie. Brooke asks Daniel how his leg was and whether he had slept well. Daniel then points out that Brooke couldn't let the whole shrapnel incident go, as Brooke tells him that she had only wanted to know what happened.

Disappointed, Daniel shakes his head and hobbles back round the corner. In the Ravens dormitory, Emma and Max are watching a news report to do with the upcoming satellite launch, as the presenter explains that the GOWS-11 was the first in a series of next-generation geostationary weather satellites, that was launched back in September. Jackie then prompts Max to try and talk to Emma, through the use of a written note.

Max then nervously attempts to get Emma's attention, with Emma then asking him what he wanted, before Max coughed and told that it was nothing while nervously smiling. Max then takes a deep breath and looks back at Jackie, who signals him over. In response to Jackie's signal, Max gets up and heads over to her, with Jackie then asking him what he had been doing, as he was blowing his chances with Emma.

Max then asks what chance she was talking about, with Jackie clarifying that it was the chance for him to ask out Emma. Max then gives out a sigh, as Jackie continues by saying that both he and Emma shared an interest in astronauts. In response, Max attempts to correct Jackie by telling her that it had been an unmanned mission, before being interrupted by Jackie, who tells him to focus.

Jackie goes on saying that she was just trying to say that both Max and Emma were into the "Unmanned nonsense" and due to this fact it would be the perfect time for him to spend some quality time with Emma. Max then points out that everyone would be watching the launch of the satellite, with Jackie then suggesting that Max tells Emma that he wants to watch the launch outside, asking Max whether the spacecraft would be flying over the ocean and concluding that they could make a picnic out of the event and adding that he and Emma would both be able to have a moment, watching something they both deeply care about.

Max, in response says that it wasn't a bad idea, with Jackie then telling him that he would need to keep it casual and not try and make it too over the top, as he wouldn't want to scare her. As Max agrees to what she tells him, Jackie tells him to be cool and mysterious. Max then says that he'd be mysterious, with Jackie pointing out that girls liked that, going onto say that at the right moment, Max would need to look deeply into Emma's eyes and say that she had beautiful eyes.

Max then agrees with Jackie, mentioning that Emma did have beautiful eyes, then complying with what Jackie had said and heading back to Emma at the couch. He tries to act cool, while walking to the couch and as he sits down next to her, he puts his arm round her. Max then asks Emma why they should watch the launch on TV when they could instead watch it outside.

However, Emma is quick to point out that they were 60 miles from the launch and as such they wouldn't be able to spot a thing, with Max then revealing that he had an 80-millimetre portable refractor telescope. In response, Emma calls it awesome, with Max then correcting himself saying that his telescope actually had zero chromatic aberration and that there was a t-thread adapter in which he added himself to the telescope. Jackie then signals for Max to stop, with him then doing so and suggesting that he and Emma go and watch the launch outside.

Emma then tells Max that she'd love to do so, with Max asking for clarification as to whether that had meant yes. Emma then nods her head, prompting Max to cheerily smile and give 2 thumbs up at Jackie. At the NASA space center, Hayley and Leo have arrived with Jason, just as Brandon Thomas recognizes her.

The three then turn, as Hayley walks over to him, saying hi and shaking his hand, as he pointed out Hayley's Greenhouse uniform, adding that she had looked so much like her mother; Ryan. Hayley then thanks him, as Leo introduces himself with Brandon recognizing him as the captain of the Ravens, calling it impressive. Jason then cuts in, introducing himself and expressing how much of an honor it was to meet him.

Brandon then points out that Jason was Louis' kid, as he asks Hayley how her father had been doing, with Hayley revealing that he was doing well. Jason then asks Brandon whether they could have a VIP tour of the center as Hayley was the guest of honor, but Brandon tells him they could do so another time.

Brandon continues, making note of how busy they were at that time. Jason then agrees, before Brandon asks Hayley to tell her father and Alex that he had said hi and that in the mean time the three of them could make themselves at home, assuring them that they had the best view of the launch. As Brandon heads off, Jason turns round to Hayley and Leo and notifies them that he needed to head off to the toilet.

Jason then asserts to the pair that they must stay in the area, as anywhere else in the base would be restricted. Jason then heads off, as Leo wishes him good luck. Back outside at the Greenhouse grounds, Max is preparing for the viewing of the satellite launch with Emma.

Max takes out a number of picnic items from his bag, including a pie, to which he sticks a little American flag into, before bringing the telescope over. He sets the telescope down in the appropriate position and moves the lens towards the sky, while taking a look through the glass. At the NASA compound, Jason has found his way into a nearby corridor. Jason is then quick to notice the restricted area.

Jason then casually walks up to the security guard, remarking that it was an exciting day, as he reached the guard's desk. Jason tries to nervously create some pep for the NASA satellite launch, as the guard gives Jason a nervous stare, before reminding Jason that he was in a restricted area.

Jason then begins to rummage through his bag, as the security guard watches him. Back in the main hall, Brandon has arrived at the stage and begins by saying in 1962, which was 7 years before the first man landed on the moon, President Kennedy had said; "We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained".

Brandon then continues, mentioning that Kennedy hadn't lived to see his dream, just as Leo asks Hayley whether she was ok, having seen the look on her face. Hayley nods her head, as Brandon continues, saying that more than 50 years later, their very own Ryan Woods had inspired them to set sail on that sea once again and that without Ryan's work, their satellite wouldn't be able to exist.

In response, Hayley turns to Leo and tells him that she couldn't take the pity she was getting, but Leo assures her that everyone had loved her mother and that Brandon was glad that she had come to the event. Hayley then bluntly turns round and tells Leo that while it was nice that they made her mother into a symbol, but that it had nothing to do with her.

Back at the security guard's desk, Jason produces a document and hands it to the guard, with the guard then pointing Jason towards the guest area of the compound, as only authorized personnel were allowed within the restricted area. However Jason then tells the guard that he was a VIP guest of Brandon Thomas and suggests the guard calls him.

The guard looks down at his screen, as Jason begins to head off. In the guest area, the audience are applauding Brandon as he continues with his speech, by saying that at that time when their newest satellite was ready to launch, they should all honor the brave woman who gave her life so that their country's space program could progress.

Brandon goes on, saying that if Ryan had been with them that day, then he was sure that she'd be as excited as he was, right after she had told him how boring his speech was. As the audience clap and laugh, Hayley expresses her relief that the speech had finished, however Brandon then mentions that they were honored to have the daughter of Dr. Ryan Woods with them.

Hayley then sighs, and expresses her disdain at the fact that this was occurring, as Brandon introduces her as Hayley Woods. The audience then clap, with Brandon holding a toast to Hayley and to the new satellite, before wishing everyone good luck and thanking them for their attendance. Hayley then tells Leo that she couldn't take it anymore and then heads off, with Leo in tow.

Back at the guards desk, Jason attempts to get through to the restricted area, with the guard then acting quickly, trying to push him back. Jason then demands the guard to take his hands off of him as he was a VIP guest, while the alarm goes off. The guard then calls for back-up, through his walkie talkie, notifying them that he had a code-3 emergency. As the guard pushes him back, Jason tells the guard that he was the dean of the Greenhouse. The guard then tells him that he'd have to escort him out of the compound.

Out in the Greenhouse grounds, Max is patiently waiting for Emma with his telescope, looking down at his watch to check the time, before taking out his Louie. He attempts to call Emma, but doesn't manage to get a response, admitting that it had been no use trying to call, as he accidently leans his elbow on his pie. Max is quick to take his elbow out of the pie. Back at the NASA compound Hayley has found a seat, just as Leo arrives.

Hayley and Leo watch the launch occurring on a nearby screen, with the two then saying hi to each other, as Leo puts his hand on Hayley's. In the Eagles dormitory, Alex is watching the launch alongside Brooke, Sophie and the rest of his fellow Eagles. Noticing Alex's expression, Brooke moves closer to comfort him, while Sophie offers Daniel a chip, Brooke asks Alex whether he was alright, with him then assuring her that he was.

As the news reporter on-screen begins to count down the launch of the satellite, Alex then mentions that had just been a little strange. Just then the satellite launches off, with Brooke putting her hand on Alex's, prompting Daniel to give a cold stare in her direction. At the NASA compound, the audience begin to applaud, while Max is busy trying to watch it through his telescope back at the Greenhouse grounds.

Emma then rocks up to Max's picnic, while he's busy looking through the telescope for the satellite launch. Max then looks up at her, prompting her to ask what was up. Max then reveals to her that she had missed the launch of the satellite . In response, Emma sighs and apologizes to him, then explaining that their showers had been occupied and that the hairdryer had stopped working, then expressing her disbelief at the fact he had set up a picnic, alongside the telescope.

Max then mentions, that the pie he'd prepared had looked really nice, before he managed to accidently smash it. Emma then tells him that she had felt terrible, before asking whether it had been a cool launch. Max then says that it was, before trying to compliment Emma by saying that she had beautiful eyes. Confused, Emma asks what he was saying, with Max trying to clarify by saying that he hadn't just meant at that point but in general, as well as then but that Emma couldn't see her eyes.

At the NASA compound, Hayley asks Leo whether the launch was over, with Leo revealing that he had thought so. Hayley then looks up, as Leo says that everything had gone pretty well with the launch. Hayley then corrects Leo by saying that he had meant everything went well that time. Leo then says that he couldn't even begin to imagine what it must of been like to be there for Hayley, before apologizing to her, as he had not seen that prior.

Hayley assures him however, that she was fine, with Leo then going on to say that he was also sorry for being a bit of a jerk to her, before Hayley gives him a cheeky stare. Leo then admits that had been a really big jerk, with Hayley then agreeing. Leo then mentions that he had just been scared about the situation. Curious, Hayley asks him what had been scared of, with Leo then revealing that he really didn't know. Leo then begins by saying that since the moment he had seen her, he kind of knew.

Confused, Hayley asks him what he had known, with Leo then going in for a kiss. The two then chuckle, just as their Louies chime, with Leo then discovering that Jason had been waiting for them outside the compound. Hayley then ponders where Jason had been the whole time, with Leo guessing that he had gotten himself stuck in the toilet, causing Hayley to then laugh and say that it had made sense. Hayley and Leo then get up and head off.

Back at the Greenhouse, Leo, Hayley and Jason have arrived back, just as Max arrives with his gear to walk back with them, with Emma in tow. Later that evening, in the Ravens clubhouse, Leo puts some headphones on Hayley, asking her to listen to a song, with Hayley realizing it had just been Prince on a piano, believing he had only played on a guitar. Leo then remarks that Prince could play anything. Hayley then puts the heads up between her and Leo's ears.

At the table, Max and Emma are playing a game of chess, as Max tells her that it was her move. Emma then reaches forward and attempts to make a move, but is then told by Max that her king had no defenses and as such he'd be able to checkmate her in 5 moves. Just then some breaking news arrives, with the report being about NASA's confirmation of the fact that they had lost communication with the satellite. Becca then attempts to change the channel, with Leo then asking her not to.

Becca asks him, who would care about a lost satellite, before Leo tells her that the satellite had been launched in honor of Hayley's mother. Becca then apologizes to Hayley, but she assures her that it had been alright. The news report then continues, revealing that Brandon Thomas had issued a full investigation for the cause of their communication loss. Max then stands up, expressing his disbelief, before trying to ask Emma whether she had seen it, but discovers that Emma had gone when he turned around.

The report continues, saying that the late Dr. Ryan Woods who died in the Athena shuttle explosion. As the report, continues, Louis and Jason watch from Louis' quarters, as Jason asked how it could happen as they were just at the NASA compound, with Louis just telling him that that sort of thing happened, noting that Jason should be glad as it had been an unmanned mission that time and as such no lives had been lost.

In the Cave, Jason has arrived to see Judy and Marcus, handing Marcus the USB. Marcus then proceeds to plug this USB into his laptop and creates a link to the satellite, noting that they were as of then directly linked to the satellite that had been launched. Judy then congratulates Jason, remarking that she knew he could accomplish it. Jason then modestly tells her that she was the one who came up with the plan. The scene then flashes back to when Jason needed to head to the toilet at the launch.

Jason then rocks up the security guard, as Max back at the Greenhouse tries to get in contact with Emma. In Max's computer lab, Emma comes through the door and quickly gets to work on Max's laptop, as the security guard back at the NASA compound, tells Jason that he should take himself to the guest area. As Jason tells the guard that he was a VIP guest of Brandon Thomas', Emma works to help take control of the satellite.

Jason then attempts to create a distraction, so that Emma can gain access to the satellite data, which is then downloaded onto a USB, before she then headed off to meet with Max. As she and Max met up with Hayley, Leo and Jason, she deliberately pulled back in order to secretly hand Jason the USB, with Jason mentioning that diversion had been a great idea, mentioning that he didn't think it would work. Judy then asks him whether Emma's friends had suspected anything. Jason then asks why they should as Emma was quiet and shy, being an outside. In response Judy calls Emma the perfect accomplice.

In Louis's quarters, the doorbell suddenly rings, with Louis going over to open the door. He opens the door, only to find Emma standing there. Concerned, Jason looks over at her , as she asks to see Jason, while beginning to tear up.