The Perfect Solution is the third episode of the third season of Greenhouse Academy and the 27th overall, premiering October 25th,2019 on Netflix.


In the Eagles dorm, Jason comes inside and quickly takes Brooke. Brooke, who is petrified and scared, whispers and yells to Jason why he would come back to the academy. Jason tells her that he needs some help and that he was all alone and scared. Just then, Brooke and Jason hear the door open and Jason quickly hides under the bed. Alex opens the door and asks Brooke why she looks so scared. Brooke tells him that she just needed to freshen up and he tells her that he had to do the same. After Alex leaves, Brooke takes Jason to the old biology lab and tells him to hide over there while also giving him a pillow and a blanket.

After a few minutes, Louis meets with the kids after, to talk about what would be happening. He tells the kids that he was looking for a replacement for the academy and hasn't found the right one yet. The kids had previously discussed with one another as to what the possibilities were for the new headmaster. During that time, Hayley jokes around with many of the kids, implying that a new headmaster couldn't just fall out of the sky. Just then, Alex gets a brilliant idea and tells Hayley that she was a genius before leaving. Alex then knocks on the door of Louis' office and then comes in. It is implied that he has told Louis and the 2 of them plus Suzanne and Brooke join the rest of the kids in the cafeteria.

Louis tells them that Ryan Woods would be the new headmaster of the school to which most of the kids cheer. Parker then plans a going away party for Louis to which all the kids enjoy. On one side, The Woods kids are happy and ecstatic that their mom would be joining them, while on the other side, Brooke is disheartened and sad as she is not able to let go of her father. Through this, she and Alex grow a bit distant. In the morning, the kids and teachers welcome Ryan and Carter Woods in the academy. During this time of celebration, Jason messages Brooke and asks her for food. She quickly and very discreetly takes some food upstairs. However, Alex sees her and asks her why she had the food. Brooke quickly replies saying that she hadn't been eating after her dad was leaving. Alex takes it and Brooke enters in the biology lab. Just then, Alex barges in and finds out what Brooke was hiding. He then tells Jason to get out immediately to which Brooke gets very upset and storms out. Brooke then meets up with her father to say the final goodbyes to which Louis says that it won't be long till he came back and he tells her about plans to host a tech convention. Brooke and Louis then visit Abigail's grave and tell their final goodbyes. Jason hides behind Louis' car and quickly makes a run for it and heads towards the cave.

Meanwhile, at a filthy hovel, we can see a man with a lot of tattoos giving money to Russian mobsters. We then find out through there that he was in part of a gang and that his name was Enzo. While also flipping through a newspaper, we find out that Enzo used to previously date Sophie and afterwards, he sets out to find her. Back at the cave, Jason opens up a bed and gets out a dirty spoon with a can of corn and begins to eat. Just then an image pops up on the screen reading, would you like to see who let you out? Jason quickly turns it off and heads back to sleep. At the Greenhouse, Enzo meets up with Sophie to discuss what happened. Sophie tells him to go away and that she didn't want him in her life anymore but Enzo told her that he would stay forever. Just then Sophie heads back inside and goes to her room while we find out that Enzo has stolen Sophie's Louie. Enzo looks through the Louie and finds a picture of Sophie and Parker which causes him to get upset.



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