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The Quick One is the second episode of Season 4 of Greenhouse Academy and the 34th episode overall, airing March 20th, 2020.


As the rescue team, Alex, Daniel, Carter, and Ryan continue to sift through the collapsed cave, Hayley emerges from a hill. Daniel calls out, "Hayley?" and they all run to her. However, to Daniel's dismay, the first thing she says is, "Where's Leo?"

In the hospital, Leo's parents are crying over him. A new doctor, Dr. Hovey, says she has indeed seen something like Leo's virus before. She says a few days ago, a mobster had the same symptoms but died a few hours after arrival to the hospital.

Back near the cave, Hayley says she can't remember where she came from. "I crawled from a tunnel," she recalls. A person from the rescue team says it was probably a natural cavern that opened after the first explosion. "I tried to yell to stop the drilling, but no one could hear me," Hayley explained. Daniel had thought this earlier, so he glared at the leader of the rescue team. Hayley explained that she saw an opening in the rocks, and she crawled in just as the cave collapsed.

Again, Hayley asks where Leo is. Her mom hesitantly explains to her that he is in the hospital. Hayley is concerned because she thought he got out of the cave in time. Her mom tells her of the disease Leo got. "But he's gonna be okay, right?" Hayley inquires, concerned. No one answers her. "I want to go there. Please. Now." Hayley demands.

Inside the Greenhouse, Brooke talks to her dad through her louis. "They aren't telling us anything." Sophie talks to Parker and Becca, saying that there are tons of stories of people who were found alive after days under rubble. However, Becca is not encouraged. "For every story like those, there's a hundred of people who didn't make it." Alex bursts in, saying that they found Hayley. He explains to the Ravens and Eagles what happened, as Suzanne texts the Client.

In the Client's mansion, the Client tells Jason that Hayley is alive, which Jason is glad to hear. He asks about Leo. "I don't know." says the Client carelessly. "Died, I guess?" Jason looks sad. "What's wrong?" the Client asks him. Jason recalls the Client telling him that they could do this without hurting innocent people. The Client responds with asking if they forced Leo into the cave. "Maybe this will cheer you up." suggests the client. He shows Jason three vials of the virus extracted from the magnetite. The Client explains to Jason that he will use it at Louis's tech conference. "Where else would you find 10 billionaires underneath one roof?"

In the hospital, Hayley really wants to see Leo, but he's unconscious and potentially contagious. Hayley's dad explains to her that they were so afraid she had the same virus, which is why they tried so hard to get her out fast. Hayley tells them that she thinks she did have the virus. "Well, most of the time I was passed out," she explains. "But when I woke up, I felt groggy. I could barely move my body. I felt frozen." She doesn't know how she got better. They ask her what she did, saw, or touched. She said she saw a mouse and drank some water. Dr. Hovey thinks that the water is an antidote to the virus. However, the second explosion buried everything, so they can't get the water for Leo. However, Dr. Hovey thinks that they can still save Leo by using Hayley's bone marrow. "Do you think I could save him?" asks Hayley, desperate.

Back in the Greenhouse, Brooke, Alex, Parker, Sophie, Emma, and Max discuss how the bone marrow transplant would work. Max explains that bone marrow produces blood cells, and that Hayley's blood cells would be immune. Therefore, if they successfully transplanted bone marrow into Leo, the blood cells could start to fight off the virus. However, as Max explains, bone marrow transplants are complicated, and many things could go wrong. Then, Louis walks in, and, like Ryan, asks them for their good vibes.

In Hayley's hospital room, Daniel apologizes to Hayley for not going into the cave. Hayley explains that had Daniel gone in, they would just be in reverse positions. "When you showed up, I thought I was dreaming or something," Daniel says. Hayley replies not to talk to her about dreams. Daniel asks, "Why?" Hayley begins explaining to Daniel, but then Dr. Hovey comes in and tells them that it's time for surgery. She explains to Hayley that there are two ways to do it. One way, which would be quicker, would be excruciatingly painful since Hayley is allergic to lidocaine (an anesthetic). The other would be slower but would save Hayley a lot of pain. Without a moment of consideration, Hayley chooses the quick one. "Let's do it. Whatever it takes. Let's save him," she demands.

In the Greenhouse, Brooke shows her dad the secret closet room.

In the hospital, Hayley is prepped for surgery. As the huge needle is plunged into Hayley, she screams.

Back in the Greenhouse, Louis is in shock. Brooke and him realize that he would have had to build it right under their noses. Louis is so angry at himself. He thought everything was okay, and now this. Brooke tries to tell him that it's not his fault. "Isn't it?" Louis asks. "If it weren't for this room, Leo wouldn't be in the hospital fighting for his life."

In the hospital, Hayley continues to scream as Dr. Hovey extracts the bone marrow. Just as they finish, a doctor burst in, saying that Leo is thrashing and is going into multiple organ failure, which means every system in his body is shutting down. The doctors start doing CPR on him. Hayley is so concerned for him. "He's not dying, right? He can't die!" In Leo's room, Leo is responding to nothing, and his vitals continue to drop.

In the greenhouse, the Ravens and Eagles discuss. Becca wants to know how he got the virus. Max, Emma, Sophie, and Parker reluctantly explain everything. Suddenly, Emma has an idea. Since heat activates the virus, could cooling deactivate it?

In the hospital, Daniel bursts into Leo's room. He tells the doctors to ice down Leo. Dr. Hovey walks into Hayley's room. "Your idea of cooling down his body? Well..." Dr. Hovey starts. "It saves his life." Leo is recovering and is even reacting well to the antibody from Hayley.

In the Greenhouse, the Eagles and Ravens celebrate. "Oh my God, this is the best news I've heard in my entire life!" Sophie exclaims. Louis tells them that what saved Leo was Ravens and Eagles working together.

In the hospital, a nurse takes Hayley to see Leo. Leo wakes up. "Hey Cruz," says Hayley. "You'd do anything to get out of class, wouldn't you." They both smile and laugh, as Daniel watched from afar.