The Ravens Clubhouse is a clubhouse of one of two main teams located in Greenhouse Academy and is one of the main locations. This place is home to many of the Ravens such as Jackie Sanders, Leo Cruz, Max Miller, Emma Geller, Aspen Fairchild, Hayley Woods, and Becca.


The Clubhouse is equipped with a functioning door that only opens with the Ravens' Louie, making it so that only the Ravens can come into their clubhouse. Inside the clubhouse, there is an open game room with a pool table and a chess table. Next to the games, there are white tables and a blue table with seats where students can relax and study. There is also a small couch on the windowsill where students can sit and look outside as well as a bunch of soft gaming chairs and saucer chairs for reading. In the living room, there is a big red couch and a brown coffee table surrounding it. There is also a projector next to the couch where students can watch anything they would like and there are also video game controllers so students can play video games.  The surrounding walls are all either blue or red and have bookshelves filled books and art portraits.

The Locker Room

The Ravens Locker Room has mosaic tiles and wooden benches where students may sit. The students are each assigned a blue box locker with their names on it, preferably their first name and last name initial (ex. Jackie. S). The students are also allowed to decorate their lockers with stickers of their choice. Above the lockers, there is a box, hidden with keys to unlock lockers. Only certain people have access to it, however. Towards the back of the locker room are the showers where students can get refreshed. There is also a bathroom in the locker room, with doors that are blue with a red arrow going across and there are also 2 sinks, equipped with warm towels and toothbrushes. 

The Bedroom

The Ravens bedrooms are equipped with white beds with wooden black headboards, a wooden nightstand, and a red lamp, blue covers, and white pillows. The beds can each fit one student and students have room to charge their electronics and Louie. The bedroom has a wooden closet to store clothes as well and a bookshelf. 

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