The Red Button Part 1 is the forty ninth episode and first part of the Season 1 finale of The Greenhouse, premiering April 4th 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the last episode, the Greenhouse students are being held hostage by Ze'ev's men. Alona then calls their situation unbelievable, exclaiming that after everything they'd gone through they were still stuck in that situation, with Matti adding that he felt like he was playing chess against a super-computer. Alona then says that it was like playing a game of chess after having lost your queen.

Matti then agrees with Alona, with Alona then lamenting that there was no chance they'd be able to find their way out of their predicament. Matti then continues saying that it was like playing, before Dina cuts in suggesting it was like playing backgammon, when the guy in front of you drove you so nuts you threw the board at him, before the guard then tells her to be quiet, with Dina then telling Alona and Matti to both be quiet.

Over at the adjacent table, Louis gets up asking the guards to wait a second, before one of the guards just bluntly tells him to sit down, with Louis then introducing himself as the headmaster of the school, but the guard then just re-iterates what he had said before, as Louis continues. louis tells the guard that he had just wanted to talk with the guard's boss, expressing that there was no reason to hold the students hostage.

Louis then offers to sacrifice himself in exchange for letting the students go, however the guard now irritated orders Louis to sit down, calling him gramps. Louis then tells the guard to think for a minute as to why he was there, expressing that violence was never the answer. However, the guard then tackles Louis, with Natalie, Daniel and Sophie then concerned getting up to comfort Natalie's father, with Iftach accompanying them. The guard in response aims his gun at the group, as they help Louis up.

Louis expresses to his students that he was fine, just as Boris arrives in the cafeteria asking the guard whether there had been a problem, but the guard assures him that everything was fine, with Boris then convinced, asking Daniel to come with him. Daniel asks where Boris wanted to take him, with Boris then beckoning the guard to grab Daniel. Natalie then asks where they were taking Daniel. Boris then takes Daniel to Louis' office, throwing him in.

Daniel then comes face to face with his mother; Judy. Back in the Cave, Naomi and her daughter; Ellali are cuddling, as Ze'ev orders one of his henchman to bring him some documents, just as another one of his guards arrives and notifies him about Guri Reshef, with Ze'ev then heading off towards the jail cell and letting Ellali and her mother know that someone had come all the way from Tel-Aviv to rescue them, before then revealing him as Guri the brave officer, then asking the pair what they had to say about that.

Naomi, surprised asks whether Guri had really been there, with Ellali adding that it couldn't be. However Ze'ev assures them that it could be, then rhetorically asking them how he knew, revealing that Guri had left one of his best men on the basket ball court. Ze'ev then goes on, explaining that under different circumstances he maybe upset, but that today he had felt it was his day.

Ze'ev then remarks that he now had one less partner to share the money with, with Naomi then questioning Ze'ev as to whether that was really what the operation had been all about; money. Ze'ev then states that Naomi had slept for too long, explaining that they lived in a jungle and that in the jungle it was the lions who had all the money and that he had planned on being a very, very rich lion. Naomi then remarks that Ze'ev had mixed up his animals, then calling him a rat. Ze'ev then speaks into his walkie-talkie, notifying his guards that Guri Reshef was walking around the premises and was very dangerous.

Ze'ev then expresses that the order was to shoot to kill, before walking off. Just then Ellali expresses she couldn't take it more, but her mother assures her that they were going to be fine, sitting down and comforting her. Ellali then asks Naomi why she was saying that, asking whether she'd actually heard what Ze'ev had said, but Naomi then reveals that she was counting on Ellali's father, expressing that what was important is that Guri is nearby.

Naomi then assures her daughter, that Guri would be able to get them out of there. Outside, Guri and Alfie approach the entrance to Cave, with Guri handling his gun. Guri then tells Alfie to wait for him there, but Alfie then asks whether he had been kidding, expressing that he was coming with too. Guri then gives his son a smile, with him then asking what, with Guri then saying that at the start of the year, he'd sent a young boy to the school and that now he saw a grown man.

Guri then says that Alfie's mother would be proud of him, with Alfie then expressing his amazement at the fact they were finally going to see his mother, calling it unreal. Guri then beckons them onwards into the Cave. Guri and his son then begin to edge forward, just as a voice calls out telling Guri not to move. Just then it is revealed to be Alon; one of the Prime Minister's soldiers, with Guri asking him what he was doing there. Alon then reveals that the Prime Minister had sent him, then revealing that Guri had played Arik's speech for the Prime Minister.

Alon goes on, explaining that thanks to Guri, the Prime Minister had understood that Ze'ev had betrayed them all, with Guri then expressing his relief at hearing that news. Alon then asks Guri what he had planned to do if he hadn't stopped him, guessing he was going to go in there by himself. Guri then reveals that his daughter and wife were inside the Cave, with Alon then assuring him that they'd manage to get them out of there. Confused, Guri asks "we?".

Just then the rest of the Prime Minister's troops arrive on the scene, with their weapons in hand. Back in louis' office, Daniel asks what his mother wanted, with Judy then revealing that she had to go and that Daniel would be coming with her. However, Daniel firmly says no expressing that he definitely was going anywhere and especially not with his mother. Judy then tells her son to speak to her with respect, but Daniel then questions what kind of respect she expected and whether she really believed he'd respect with all the lies she spun.

Judy then remarks that her son thought he was so smart and that he knew it all, but that he didn't actually know a thing and that that was her own fault, expressing that she had kept him from too many things for too long. Curious, Daniel asks what he'd been kept from, with Judy revealing that she had been working for the government, being that she was Mossad agent and that that was her real job. Confused, Daniel asks since when she had been a Mossad agent.

Judy then reveals she had been an agent way before her son was born, expressing that what had looked like a vicious scheme to him, is actually a secret mission that was essential for the security of the company. Daniel, however doesn't believe her and expresses that it was unreal that she'd been still lying to him, then saying essential his ass, expressing that his mother's people were aiming guns at his friends and that one of them had pushed Louis to the ground, angrily asking whether the guard had really done that for the security of Israel.

Judy expresses that that was how it had all began, but that it had gotten a bit entangled. Daniel then sarcastically says that he got it, being a real entanglement. Judy then says that her son could continue with his sarcasm, but states that it wouldn't get him anywhere and then expressing that life wasn't a basket ball game, with there not always being winners and losers. Getting irritated, Daniel asks what she was talking about, asking her to just tell him.

Daniel then goes on, saying that Judy had managed to stage an accident to cover up evidence, hypnotized Natalie and then mentioning Alona, expressing that his mother had completely ruined her life. Judy then assures her son that she had done it all for him, but Daniel then tells her not drag him into it, with Judy then suggesting they head out of there, expressing that they'd discuss it all on the way. Daniel then just tells his mother to forget it, as he tells the guards to open the door, as he wanted to get out. Judy then tries to stop him as he opens the door.

Judy then admits that her son was right; that she had done some horrible things, but expresses that that wasn't what was important right now, then stating that if she didn't manage to get out of there in the next couple of minutes, she'd spend the rest of her life in prison, asking Daniel whether that was really what he wanted. Judy then begs Daniel to come with her, as she didn't have anyone in the world besides him, suggesting they go. Daniel then tells his mother that if she wanted to runaway, just do so, but expressing that he was going to stay there, before heading out while Judy cried after him.

Back outside the Cave, Alon orders o his men to advance towards the Cave from different points, stating that they would only move forward on his order. Alon then notifies the Prime Minister that they were situated just outside the Cave, asking for permission to commence their operation. In the Cave, a guard opens the cell and drags Ellali and her mother out, as Naomi asks what he was doing. Ze'ev then asks Naomi whether she had really thought he'd leave her there, expressing that she'd be coming with him.

One of the Ze'ev's men then bursts through the entrance to the Cave, notifying Ze'ev that the Prime Minister's men had arrived, with Ze'ev then going damn in response. Naomi then asks Ze'ev whether he really thought that it was still his day. In Louis' office, Judy quickly walks to the window and sees Mordi's men inching towards the Cave. In the cafeteria, the students suddenly arise after hearing gunfire, with Alona then asking whether they could hear it. Louis then suggests to Natalie and kids that they get themselves out of there.

Matti then expresses that he'd never heard shots fired in that way in real life, having only heard them in movies. A guard then enters the cafeteria, pushing Daniel forward. Daniel then sits down, as Natalie asks him where he was. Daniel reveals that he had met with his mother; Judy, with Natalie then asking him what his mother had wanted. Daniel then reveals that Judy had asked him to run away with her, but then pointing out that at least she'd admitted to it all. Louis then ponders how he didn't see it all.

Back in the Cave, Ze'ev hears Alon outside, exclaiming that Ze'ev and his forces were surrounded. Alon then orders Ze'ev to come outside with his hands up and that that way nothing would happen to him, re-iterating that they were surrounded. Ze'ev then shakes the cell door in anger. Outside Alon re-iterates his message, as Alfie asks his father whether he thought Ze'ev had done anything to Ellali and Naomi. Just then Judy arrives on the scene, alerting the guards who then aimed their guns at her.

Judy puts her hands up and assures the men that she's not armed, as Alon asks what she was doing there. Judy then asks them to let her go inside, but Alon then asks her whether she had been kidding, but Judy reveals that Alon's threats wouldn't work on Ze'ev, asking them to let her talk with Ze'ev. Alon then asks why they should believe her, with Judy then expressing that they'd won and that she knew that, but adds that Ze'ev wouldn't know that.

Judy then assures Guri, that she'd manage to get Ellali and Naomi out of the Cave, safe and sound and that he knew she was the only one who could do it. Alon then asks Guri whether he bought it. Back in the Cave, Ze'ev is lamenting, just as Judy shows up asking Ze'ev men not to shoot her. Ze'ev then orders his men to put their weapons down, then asking how the Prime Minister's guard had let her in.

Judy then reveals that she had promised the guards that she was going to convince Ze'ev to surrender, with Ze'ev then calling it great that they had bought it. However, Judy reveals that she wasn't lying to them, with Ze'ev then saying what. Judy expresses that it was all over and that they should at least finish their operation without anymore casualties, as it wouldn't help them. Ze'ev then asks her to stop, expressing that they had a mission to complete.

Judy then turns to Naomi and her daughter and apologizes, expressing that it wasn't meant to turn into that. Ze'ev then asks her to relax as everything was under control and that as long as they the device under their control they'd be able to get out of there. Judy then asks Ze'ev what price that'd come to, with possibly thousands of people dead, including her own son. Ze'ev then remarks that he knew Judy would break at the moment of truth, as Judy begs him to drop the operation.

Judy expresses that it still wasn't too late to finish the operation like they should, with Ze'ev then taking out his gun and firing at Judy. Judy then collapses, as Ze'ev exclaims that at that rate, he wouldn't have any partners left by the end of the day. Outside the Cave, Guri asks how long it was taking Judy, with Alon then telling the Prime Minister that Judy was still inside, and asking him to stay on the line.

Just then, Alon exclaims that he had heard something, believing that Ze'ev and his group were coming out of the Cave, telling Guri to take Alfie to the side. Ze'ev then leads Naomi and Ellali out of the Cave, holding the device as Ze'ev and his guard hold the pair at gunpoint. Upon seeing his mother, Alfie exclaims mom with her then saying Alfie, as Ze'ev tells them not to move. Alfie then runs to hug his mother. Ze'ev then notes that they were all happy and emotional, suggesting they move.

As Guri and the guards point their guns at Ze'ev, Ze'ev shows them his red button, warning them that with just one press of it and they'd all be dead. Alon then asks the Prime Minister what they'd do, with Mordi telling them to just do what Ze'ev wanted, with Alon then signalling his men to stand down. One of Ze'ev's guards then suggests they head off, forcing Naomi and her daughter forward.

Ze'ev, and his men with Naomi, Alfie and Ellali as hostages then head off with the device in tow, with the guards stopping the Prime Minister's troops from advancing. In the Greenhouse cafeteria, the group turns when they see Ze'ev arriving alongside Naomi, Ellali and Alfie, who are holding the device. The three are then forced to sit down with the device being placed on the table.

Out in the corridor, Alon is setting up his laptops, while Ze'ev back in the cafeteria is explaining that the moment he pressed his red button, then pausing to ask whether the students saw it, before explaining that the device that had been placed on the table would cause an earthquake that would destroy the foundation of the cafeteria, the school and every building within a radius of 15 kilometres from there, before stating that whoever thought they were a leader, better think before making their move, holding up his red button.

Ze'ev then orders Boris to get the Prime Minister on the line, with Boris then heading off to comply, as Ze'ev then raises his arm again, threatening to press the button. Daniel then asks Ellali whether she had seen his mother, asking whether she was okay, but Ellali stays silent sadly turning around. Outside in the corridor, Guri tells Mordi to not even consider talking with Ze'ev, expressing that they should head inside, before he understood what was going on and take him down.

However, Alon then tells Guri to just let them work, but Mordi tells him that it was ok, with Guri being right, revealing that he wasn't going to talk with Ze'ev but to hold off on going in. Back in the cafeteria, Boris arrives back reporting to Ze'ev that the Prime Minister didn't want to negotiate with a terrorist. In response, Ze'ev questions the fact that the PM didn't want to negotiate with terrorists.

Ze'ev then questions whether the Prime Minister had thought that that was what he was, after everything that he'd done for him Mordi still considered him a measly terrorist. Just then Louis gets up, with Ze'ev ordering the guards to put their weapons down. Louis then walks over to Ze'ev, before Ze'ev puts his hand to stop Louis' advancement. Louis asks him to think reasonably for a second, expressing that Ze'ev was strong and so he didn't need all of his hostages.

Louis then begs Ze'ev to take him in exchange for the students freedom, as that would allow Ze'ev to buy himself points with the Prime Minister. Ze'ev then agrees and announces that all the students could go free, with the students then getting up. However Ze'ev then says that Ellali and Alfie would have to stay, but Louis then tells him that that wasn't smart and asks him to just let them go with their friends. However, Ze'ev then sternly says that that was the deal and either take it or leave it.

Iftach then chimes in, telling Ze'ev to either let the two go, otherwise he'd stay there, as Ze'ev asks whether he was making conditions for him. Iftach then sits down, with Daniel then agreeing and announcing that he would also stay, sitting down with Dina then saying the same as the rest of the group begins to join them. Amy then sits down as well, alongside Ron and the rest of the students.

Later, Ze'ev points out Sophie as the big reporter, asking her whether she had the number for Miki Sevan from the Channel 2 News. At the Ministerial embassy, Mordi sees the live news broadcast of Ze'ev, who announces that he was turning to the people of Israel and their Prime Minister, as Mordi expresses his disbelief. Ze'ev then goes on, explaining that next to him was a device, that with the push of a button could cause an earthquake, the likes of which had not been seen for two thousand years.

Ze'ev then announces that as luck would have it, he had the button there in his hand, demanding a military helicopter with a full tank of gas for himself and his team and that in addition he was demanding a pardon signed by the president. Ze'ev then warns that if his demands were not met within the next hour they'd have to call the government office of maps and request that they draw a new map for the land of Israel and that that time it would be without the Jordan Valley.

Ze'ev then beckons everyone to take photos of each other, then moving the camera round showing the faces of the Greenhouse students, as Ze'ev asks the viewers to go over their faces one by one, so that the Prime Minister would know who he would be willing to sacrifice. Back in the corridor, Mordi tells Alon that he knew Ze'ev and expresses that Ze'ev wasn't joking around.

Guri then questions the Prime Minister as to whether he was seriously thinking of giving into Ze'ev's commands, with Alon then suggesting that they play for the time being until a serious military force could be put into action. Mordi then asks how much time they had, with Alon saying that they just had an hour, with Guri then is disbelief saying that even a minute was too long for Ze'ev, expressing to Mordi that he was making a mistake, adding that they should move in right away.

However, Alon expresses that going in now would be too dangerous, with Guri then expressing that waiting would be too dangerous as well, just as Mordi breaks up the argument. Mordi then tells Alon that they would be going with his suggestion, with Mordi then asking to get Ze'ev on the phone. Back in the cafeteria, Boris arrives with a phone call for Ze'ev. Ze'ev takes the phone call, as the Prime Minister asks Ze'ev how he could do this.

Ze'ev then asks Mordi to do him a favor and spare him the moral preaching, as he didn't have time, before asking the Prime Minister whether he had what he had demanded. Mordi then reveals that his people were working on it and that it shouldn't take more than an hour, as Ze'ev asks Mordi whether he really thought he was an idiot. Ze'ev then believes that the Prime Minister was trying to play time until a full force of troops could arrive. Ze'ev then hangs up the call, talking to Mordi through the news broadcast. Ze'ev then asks whether Mordi had really wanted to make it interesting, telling Boris to choose whoever he liked, telling him to take them and do whatever he wanted.

Boris then grabs Natalie, with Louis then asking him to leave her alone, as Ze'ev asks Boris to execute Natalie, while Sophie shakily filmed Boris about to do so. Just then however, Robbie appears from behind the bar counter and shoots Boris dead in the head, exclaiming that he was shooting, and demanding the guards put their weapons down. As Robbie takes aim, he re-iterates his demand, with the guard then complying. Robbie then moves out from behind the counter, as Natalie runs to his side, just as Mordi's men alongside Guri burst into the room, with Alon ordering everyone onto the ground.

Guri then runs to his wife, giving her a hug, as Alon demands Ze'ev and his guards to put their guns down and get on their knees. Just then Ze'ev threatens to activate the device, holding up the button. Guri and the Prime Minister's troops then aim their guns at Ze'ev, as Ze'ev remarks that he'd let it go and everyone would then be flying in the air. Mordi watches the action from his office, as Ze'ev evilly chuckles.

After communication with the Prime Minister, Alon reports to Ze'ev that Mordi agreed to all of Ze'ev's conditions, but Guri then asks whether he was nuts, as Ze'ev would just getaway and he would still activate the device, but Alon expresses that that was what the Prime Minister had chosen. Guri then attempts to move in and stop Ze'ev, as Ze'ev asks what he has done, while calling a psycho. Guri then orders Ze'ev to neutralize the device, warning Ze'ev that there was less than two minutes.

Guri then asks whether Ze'ev wasn't the sort of person to commit suicide, adding that he'd shoot Ze'ev unless he neutralized the device. Ze'ev then asks Guri what he'd do, believing that he'd just shoot him a moment later, as Guri asks whether his wife if she knew how to neutralize the device. However, Naomi reveals that Ze'ev was the only one who had the code, as Mati laments that it was all over. Louis then orders everyone out of the cafeteria, but Guri says there's no point, while warning Ze'ev that he had one minute to think about it.

Ze'ev then cautiously moves backwards with his hands in the air as Guri and Alon force him round to the device. Ze'ev then begrudgingly inputs the code into the device, stopping the countdown. Everyone then begins to celebrate, hugging as Guri races towards Ze'ev holding him by his collar, telling Alon to get Ze'ev out of there, once he'd handed him over. Guri then hugs with his family, just as one of the guards tries to fight back. However Louis is able to knock the guard out.

Louis then remarks that while he was against violence there was a limit. In the corridor, Alon hands Ze'ev over to a police officer, then giving them the activation button. Mordi then watches the end of the news bulletin, with Miki reporting that the hostages had been rescued, but that the demands had still been met. Outside the Greenhouse, the police officer takes Ze'ev out to her motorbike, then revealing herself to actually be The Client's assistant; Nicole.

Ze'ev then expresses his concern that she wouldn't be able to make it, as she tells him that they kept to her agreements. Nicole then tells Ze'ev to get onto the motorcycle as they had two minutes to get out of there. The two then ride off. Back at the cafeteria, the Reshef family don't realize that the device is beginning to count down once more.



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