The Red Button Part 2 is the fiftieth and finale episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, premiering April 4th, 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Louis tells the Greenhouse students to clear out and head back to their clubhouses, in order to allow Alon and his team to clear up in the cafeteria. Guri then tells his wife that they are heading home, with Naomi saying gladly as the family begin to head off, however Alon stands in front of them.

Alon expresses to them that they wouldn't believe it, but Ze'ev had managed to escape. Guri then asks Alon what he was saying and asks how Ze'ev had managed to escape. Ellali then sees the counter still going down and asks them to tell her it wasn't weird that the clock was continuing to countdown, with Naomi then exclaiming that Ze'ev had set it again.

Back in the Greenhouse cafeteria, Ellali asks what they'd do about the device, asking whether there was a way to stop it. However, Alon then expresses that it hadn't happened and that the bomb squad hadn't arrived just yet. However, Guri then says that they had to get the device out of there grabbing it, as Alon asks where he'd take it, as the device was like a nuclear bomb. Louis in response then tells his students to take cover and follow behind each other.

Everyone ducks down, as Alon tries to work out what to do. Just then Iftach has an idea, with Daniel asking him what it was. Iftach expresses that he didn't have time to explain, but asks for Daniel's help as he races towards the device, with Daniel following him as the two take hold of the device, before running off with it. Guri calls after them, asking what they were doing and where they were running to, as Naomi reveals that they were taking it to the only place that could withstand the blast.

Outside, Iftach and Daniel race across the beach towards the Cave, carrying the device with them. The two carry the device up to the Cave. However, Iftach discovers that they didn't have a way into the Cave, before asking how long they had left, with Daniel revealing they had 50 seconds left. Inside the Cave, Judy hoists herself up, using the nearby desktop. Outside Daniel sees that they had 40 seconds left and believes that they were done for, with Iftach then exclaiming that he didn't understand.

Daniel then suggests they just leave the device there at the entrance to the Cave, with Iftach asking what they'd do then. Daniel says he didn't know, guessing they'd pray as he and Iftach begin to head off. Just then however, Judy manages to activate the entrance to the Cave, opening the Cave's door. Iftach then notices the Cave opening, with Daniel asking how it was possible. Iftach says he didn't know, but beckons them on.

The two race down the stairs, only to stop having spotted Daniel's mother; Judy lying on the floor after having been shot. The two then continue, with Iftach directing Daniel into the stasis chamber pod. As the two climb down the ladder, Daniel asks where the pod was, as Iftach takes him to it, with the two then placing the device in the pod and quickly closing the lid down over it. Just then the device goes off inside the stasis pod and the impact sends Iftach and Daniel flying back.

Outside the Cave, Ellali is waiting outside, just as Iftach and Daniel emerge from the Cave. Ellali says hi, before hugging the two of them. Iftach then tells Ellali to notify her mother that she shouldn't count on that canister for her next flight, with Daniel then producing Ellali's key, having found it in the Cave. Daniel then asks whether Ellali wanted to keep it, with Ellali saying yes, as she takes it and thanks him.

Back at the Greenhouse cafeteria, an officer has arrived and is writing a report on the case, as Naomi expresses that it was impossible to know. Elsewhere in the caferteria, Sophie is watching a report on Naomi's reappearance, just as Ron rocks up and sits next to her. Elsewhere Robbie is being arrested for his part in the conspiracy, with Louis and Natalie watching him get cuffed, before getting taken away by a police officer. Natalie then hugs her father.

Outside, medics are carrying Arik's unconscious body on a stretcher, with Judy being carted off on a hospital bed, with Daniel watching over her, as she gets loaded into the ambulance. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Ellali is packing her bags as Iftach asks whether she was really taking a week off of the Greenhouse. Ellali then expresses that she believed they rightly deserved their week off, with Iftach in agreement.

Iftach then notes that Ellali probably wanted to be with her family, as Ellali gives him a smile. Iftach then notifies Ellali that if she ever felt bored, she should feel free to come back and see him, with Ellali then saying sure. Ellali then continues packing her bags. Over on the couch, Alona tells Dina that she couldn't thank her enough for what she had done, with Dina assuring her that there was no need and that it had been ok.

Alona then tells Dina that it was great that she would also be staying, adding that she'd go crazy being there on her own for a week, with Dina then welcoming her to the homeless club. Matti then sits down on the couch, as he munches on an apple as Alona asks him what had happened. Alona moves over to sit next to Matti, with Dina then getting up. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is declining phone calls on her Louie, just as Natalie arrives.

Natalie asks her who was looking for her, with Sophie then listing off a variety of different TV and Radio news channels, including Channel 2 and 1, noting that all of those offers had just come about in only 10 minutes. Natalie then asks her why she was ignoring the calls, with Sophie expressing that one live programme a day was enough for her and that besides that, she just didn't feel like doing it again. Natalie then notices Alfie packing and heads over to him.

Natalie says hi to Alfie, with him doing the same, as Alfie gets up. Natalie then asks Alfie whether he needed to go, with Alfie expressing that he did have to, expressing that his family would be waiting for him and that his mother; Naomi was anxious to get home. Natalie then notes that his mother hadn't been home for a long time, with Alfie then saying he hated goodbyes. However, Natalie assures him that it wasn't really a goodbye, as they'd see each other again in a week. Alfie then reveals that he knew, expressing that he just felt they hadn't spent enough time together.

Alfie then continues, explaining that they had gotten together and that Natalie had then gone to tennis camp and had came back hypnotised and that since she had come out of her trance they didn't have time to breath and that they'd nearly died. Natalie then says that from that point onwards, they'd have all the time in the world, with Alfie asking whether she had wanted to come with him. However, Natalie tells him that he needed to be with his family now and that she needed to be with her father.

Alfie agrees with her, before the too hug and kiss each other. Back in the Raven's dormitory, Matti expresses his amazement that until he had arrived at the Greenhouse, the scariest thing that had happened to him was when his hard-disk had been erased when he accidently spilt orange juice on it. Alona then points out that it made Matti stronger, with Matti in disbelief saying yeah right, then adding that if he were to tell someone about everything that had happened that week, they wouldn't believe him, but Alona then assures him that she did.

Alona then takes Matti's hand, with him then asking what's up, before Alona then leans in and gives Matti a kiss. Alona then reveals that she loved him, with Matti surprised asking whether she really did love him. Out in the Ravens corridor, Ellali and Dina are saying their farewells, with Ellali asking Dina to look after the Greenhouse, with Dina promising she'd try. Dina then ponders what else could of possibly happened at the school, with Ellali then saying she was crazy about her, as the two girls hug.

The two girls then blow farewell kisses to each other, as Ellali heads off with her luggage in hand. Just then Iftach arrives at the top of the staircase, then asking Ellali if she needed any help. Ellali asks him what she'd need help with, with Iftach then suggesting her bag. However, Ellali assures him that she'd manage it as it was only to the car. Iftach then asks Ellali to listen to him, revealing that he had just wanted to tell her that he was really happy for her, about her mother and everything that had happened.

Ellali then tells Iftach that it was mostly because of him, as Iftach reveals he'd be even more happy if he and her could be together. Seeing the look on Ellali's face, Iftach assures her that he didn't want to pressure her, adding that it had always happened at the wrong time, then revealing that he loved her. Iftach then goes on, explaining that it had been from the first moment he had seen her, with Ellali then telling him that she really needed to head off.

Ellali then heads down the stairs, as her family wait for her at the bottom of the stairs. Upon seeing her daughter; Naomi then calls her beautiful, as Ellali apologizes for being late, explaining that she was saying her goodbyes and all of that, then asking whether they were going. Just then Daniel rocks up, with Ellali telling her family to wait for her in the car and assuring them that she'd be right there, adding that in the meantime they could turn on the air conditioning as it was 40 degrees outside.

Ellali then turns to Daniel saying hi, with him doing the same, before asking she how he is. Daniel then reveals that he was fine more or less, with Ellali then assuring him that his mother would be fine, as she was really strong. Daniel then adds that his mother may recover from the explosion, but that she would be heading to prison for many years. Ellali then apologizes to him, as Daniel tells her not to let him depress her, beckoning her onwards to her family.

Ellali then takes out her key and hands it to Daniel. Daniel then surprised, asks whether she had wanted it. Ellali then gives the key to Daniel as a reminder of the Galapagos days, with Daniel then taking it and thanking Ellali. Ellali then expresses that she'd never forget what he done that day, as well as from the very start.

Daniel then remarks that they weren't a bad team, with Ellali agreeing, before Daniel thanks her for not letting the fact that he loved her get in the way of their mission. Surprised, Ellali says excuse me, as Daniel repeats what he had said, before asking Ellali whether she had been surprised. Ellali then reveals that she was a little surprised, with Daniel then expressing that that was indeed the truth of the matter.

Ellali then expresses that she had to get going, before Daniel leans in a for a kiss. Daniel then says his farewells as Ellali picks up her rucksack and heads off. Alfie then emerges from the entrance, asking his sister whether she was coming, then seeing the look on Ellali's face and asking what was with her, adding that she looked like a piano had fell on her, with Ellali then correcting him saying two pianos. Alfie then confused asks what as they head out.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Ron and Eitan rock up to the bar, asking Amos to turn on the TV. Daniel, curious asks what had happened, with Ron surprised asking Daniel whether he really hadn't heard, with Eitan then explaining that the Prime Minister was resigning live on TV. Daniel then turns and sees the broadcast on TV.

The Prime Minister starts by saying that the criminal actions that had recently come to light had been partially carried out from within his office, by a man of whom he had placed his trust in and had shared his secrets with. Mordi then goes on explaining that the actions in particular nearly cost the innocent lives of thousands of people, including the students at the Greenhouse. Mordi then notes that two of the students were quick thinking and brave enough to save the situation at the last moment.

Mordi then says that on behalf of himself and his country, they were thankful to the two young heroes, before going onto say that on that happy and sad morning he was announcing his resignation as the Prime Minister of Israel, expressing that he hadn't known anything about the actions of his department head, but that it was his responsibility, before noting that he believed the security services would apprehend the person who was responsible and bring him to justice.

In the Client's headquarters, Ze'ev walks up to his boss, as Mordi continues his announcement, saying that that day he was leaving his position that he loved with a heavy heart, but with his head held high. Ze'ev then reports to his client, apologizing for what had happened and expressing that he'd done what he could, but that it just wasn't enough. The Client agrees, revealing that he had known better and had limited his investment from any further gamble. Ze'ev, curious then asks what he had gambled on, as the Client then reveals that he had better that after they discovered what Ze'ev had done the Prime Minister would resign and that his government would fall.

The Client then reveals that what he had betted on had just occurred a few minutes prior, with Ze'ev in shock, asking whether it was true, before agreeing. The Client then explains that at the end of the day, he had gained more from this gamble than by any earthquake right there or in Greece. Ze'ev then calls it good and expresses that he was glad to hear about it, however the Client then reveals to Ze'ev that their business together was completed, with Ze'ev then turning away, before being asked a question by his Client.

The Client asks Ze'ev who knew about him apart from him, with Ze'ev then revealing that Judy knew he existed, but that apart from that she knew nothing and that that was it, with no one else knowing about him, with the Client then expressing that that was what he wanted to hear, thanking Ze'ev for everything, before Nicole shoots him dead, causing him to collapse. At the Reshef household, the Reshef's car is pulling up as a variety of fans, friends and family welcome them back home.

Guri then pulls up just outside their house, as Naomi begins to emerge out of the car to cameras and fans hugging her. The family make their way through the crowd slowly and then finally find their way into their household. Naomi then opens the door, heading inside and taking a long look around the house. Guri and the kids then comfort Naomi, as she falls to her knees and begins to cry .

Back at the ministerial embassy, Mordi is taking out books from his bookcase and packing up his office. Mordi then picks up his picture of himself and Louis, with Louis doing the same in his quarters back at the Greenhouse. Louis then puts the picture down, as he begins to relax. Outside Dina is sitting by the coast and watching the ocean. Back in Louis' quarters, Natalie arrives with a cup of coffee for her father, placing it on the table and comforting him.

Natalie then sits down beside her father, as he reaches over to the table and places his photo down, with Natalie then moving closer and comforting her father. At the Reshef Household, Guri is sitting on the couch, just as Naomi arrives having changed into more casual clothes and sits down next to him, alongside their kids; Alfie and Ellali.

Out by the coastline, Dina is sitting, just as Matti arrives expressing that he had been looking for her for ages, as he sits down beside her. Dina then says hi, with Matti saying that she had scared him, as he had thought for a moment that she'd already ran away, but Dina then asks him where she had to go, with Matti then revealing that had been what he had said to himself. Matti then asks whether Dina had wanted to be alone for a while, with Dina then revealing she wanted to be a little bit left alone.

Dina then however reveals that she was getting bored and that then he'd arrived, with Matti calling it lucky. Dina then agrees with him, before asking Matti where Alona was, with Matti in response asking why she wanted to know. Dina then notes that the two had looked quite busy prior to then, with Matti then revealing he had something that he wanted to say. Dina then cuts him off and tells him to leave it and assures him that everything was fine.

Matti then asks Dina how she knew what he was going to say, with Dina then telling him that he didn't have to be sorry about his relationship with Alona and that she was really fine with it. Matti then asks her what she was sorry about, with Dina saying that it had been the fact that he and Alona had been together. However Matti then reveals that he and Alona weren't in fact together, with Dina then questioning it.

Matti then explains that Alona wanted them to be like a couple, but that he then told her it wasn't a good idea, with Dina then telling him that he was such a baby, before telling him to grow up, then exclaiming that Alona had said she wanted him, asking what more he had wanted. Matti then reveals that he wanted her, with Dina confused asking what. Matti then reveals that he had told Alona that he wanted Dina. In shock Dina asks whether it was true, as Matti reveals that he had told Alona that he really liked her, but that he loved Dina.

Matti then asks why she didn't know, with Dina then revealing she didn't know, as Matti says that now that she knew, just before Dina leans in to give him a kiss. At the Reshef household, the Reshef family are playing basket ball, as Naomi expresses that her husband was out of shape, with Guri then saying yes. Naomi then grabs the basket ball, remarking that she had come back from the dead, but that she was still better than him, before making a shot.

Naomi manages to score, then high-fiving her daughter and giving her a kiss, as Alfie then passes the ball to Guri, while asking his sister where she thought they got their competitive streak from, but Ellali expresses that she had no idea. Guri then asks his kids whether they had come to talk or play, with Ellali revealing that she was quitting, expressing that she didn't understand how they had the energy for it.

Ellali then heads in, as Alfie begins to play again with his parents. Ellali then heads into her bedroom and starts her record player, playing some Pink Floyd music. She then lies back on her bed, just as Iftach enters his music room back at the Greenhouse, sitting down and beginning to play his guitar, before stopping. Elsewhere in the Eagles dormitory, Daniel is looking at the championship basket ball shield and then picking up the Galapagos key.

Just then Ellali gets up and looks outside her window, seeing her family continuing to play basket ball. Ellali then takes out her Louie and texts to either Iftach or Daniel, asking them to come over, before Ellali lies down sideways on her bed. In the Music room, Iftach puts his guitar down and heads out of the room, while Ellali does her lipstick back in her bedroom. In the Eagles dormitory, Daniel picks up his key and heads off.

In the main corridor, Iftach is just arriving after having come down the stairs, then heading out the main exit. Back in her bedroom, Ellali is picking a dress. Later on in the night, Alfie and his parents are still playing basket ball, with Guri and Naomi then heading in, as Alfie continues to play basket ball. In her bedroom, Ellali is waiting on her bed, just as she hears her brother's basket ball bouncing up and down, heading over to the window, before sitting back down on her bed.

In the kitchen, Guri and Naomi are holding hands and looking lovingly at each other, just as Naomi gets up to answer the knock at the door. Naomi then opens the door, as Ellali then opens hers, seeing her date. Outside Alfie is still practicing basket ball.



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