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The Right Key is the third episode of Season 1 of The Greenhouse, airing on Nickelodeon UK, January 8th, 2014.


In the Eagles, corridor Ellali is talking to her friend over her Louis, trying to explain to her how she couldn't just leave Alfie along at the school. She goes on to ask her friend, to tell their other friend Oriah that she misses him, as well as the fact that she's not a capitalist and will still fight the others from within. Ellali then says goodbye to her friend and tries to use her Louis to open the door to the Eagles dormitory.

After, failing to use her Louis to open the door, she knocks on the door, with Natalie answering. She immediately asks Ellali whether she's lost something, Ellali sarcastically replies, it's nice to see her. Ellali asks to see her brother Alfie, asking Natalie to move aside, however Natalie then says that only Eagles are allowed in their clubhouse. Natalie then tries to close the door, but Ellali stops her, asking Natalie, whether she's too afraid to let her in, remarking she believes that a Raven may steal one of their trophies. Natali rolls her eyes and finally closes the door. Ellali then begins to walk back, just as she sees Louis coming towards her, who asks whether she's having trouble sleeping, Ellali says she's fine. Louis goes on to explain how he always feels energized during the first night of the year, before going up to the Eagles door, with Ellali warning him how tough they are.

Louis assures her, that he knows how tough they are and knocks the door. Natalie, annoyed answers the door again. Natalie realizes it's him, as he explains he's come to say good night to her. Standing between Ellali and Natalie, Louis asks the two whether they've met, Louis then just goes onto say good night to Natalie. Natalie says by to her father, revealing herself to be the headmaster's daughter. Back in the Ravens dormitory, Ellali is up listening to some music, via her headphones, as Iftach walks up to her, taking her headphones off and putting them on himself, wanting to know what she was listening to, finding out it was Pink Floyd.

Ellali asks, Iftach whether he likes Pink Floyd or not, but he explains that he believes they don't have any groove. Ellali then takes her headphones back, as Iftach walks away from the table. On the couch, Dina is playing some PlayStation Two, as Matti walks up, while brushing his teeth, telling her how to play. Dina in response asks Matti why he's creeping up on her. Matti continues to tell her useful tips for the game she is playing, Dina thanks him but explains that she's doing just fine. Just then Dina loses, with Matti telling her he was right, due to her failure, with Dina telling him she noticed. Matti goes on saying how he's annoyed that he forgot his wheat bag at home, explaining that he can't sleep without it, asking Dina whether she knew what it was, going onto to describe what the wheat-bag is and how it helps his condition. Iftach from across the room, then asks him why he's bothering Dina, telling him to leave her alone and go to bed.

Matti, then obeys Iftach, calling him sir, with Iftach correcting him, by saying captain. Matti then tries and fails to salute, as Iftach dismisses him. Dina then tells Iftach, she believed he scared Matti. Ironically Iftach, then also gives Dina a one-up on her gaming strategy, telling her what to do. In bed, Ellali picks up her Louis, and sends a text to Alfie, who is in an arm-wrestling match with one of the other Eagles, while the other Eagles cheer him on. Sophie then sees the text from Ellali on Alfie's Louis, as Natalie remarks how Ellali came to wish her brother a good night, with Daniel jokingly adding, and to read him a bed time story. Daniel then says how he doesn't believe how Louis accepted the two into the Greenhouse, just as Alfie manages to beat his opponent. Natalie explains that her father must of felt sympathetic for them due to their mother's death, adding that he's too nice and that it's his problem. Daniel then remarks that he forgives him for everything as he made sure Natalie was alive, with Natalie hugging him.

Alfie shakes his opponents hand in good sportsmanship and gets up from the table, with Sophie stopping him on the spot, asking whether she could take his picture for her blog. Alfie asks her why, with her explaining that she edits the Greenhouse blog and would like to get some pictures of their newest Eagle. Alfie then notices she's talking about him, with her asking him to step back, in prep for a photo, telling him to relax, saying he reminds of her of her grandpa in his Facebook profile photo. Alfie then asks whether her grandpa really is on Facebook, with her replying, yes, as Sophie takes some shots. Alfie then goes into another pose. Sophie then tells him to stare into the distance like a leader, with Alfie saluting, allowing Sophie to take even more picks. Alfie continues to pull different poses, with Sophie continuing to take snaps.

In the Ravens, bedrooms Ellali is still sat-up in her bed, while all the other Ravens are asleep. Ellali, lying down, looks up. In the morning Ellali is brushing her teeth in the Ravens bathroom, in front of the mirror, as Iftach walks up, with some news about Alfie, showing her a photo of Alfie with his shirt up. Ellali grossed out asks what it is. Iftach asks Ellali to keep an eye on her brother, telling her that she doesn't have a clue, saying that Daniel and his friends would eat 5 of him for breakfast. In the Eagles dormitory, Daniel and Ron are looking at the photos of Alfie that have been posted, with Ron saying that Daniel needs to get Sophie to take it down. Daniel in response asks him why, explaining it's only a picture. Ron explains however that it's an embarrassment to the Eagles, pointing to Sophie and her friends, who are laughing and giggling at the photo Sophie too, with her taking all the credit. Alfie then walks up to the girls, embarrassingly rubbing his head.

Ron, goes on to say how he doesn't get why Louis forgave Alfie, for hitting Daniel. Daniel then gives him a stern look, causing Ron, to ask him what's up and why he's so indifferent. Daniel says that he's not, explaining that he's worried about the Eagles, going on to say that the reason Alfie lost it and hit him, was because of his character. Daniel believes that it'll happen again and that next time Louis will not forgive Alfie for it, explaining they could give Alfie a big going-away party as an effect of it. Daniel then says they could even help to push him into doing it again, with Ron questioning him on how they could do it, with Daniel just telling Ron to trust him. Daniel then gets a message on his Louis and announces that Louis has announced that the Opening challenge will start right away. Alfie then asks what the opening challenge is, it then cuts to Iftach, who begins to explain.

Iftach explains that Louis will give the two teams a riddle and that the first to solve it will win the challenge, proclaiming that no house wants to lose while leading his team out of their dorm. Ellali sarcastically supports his opinion, with Iftach explaining that rival team; The Eagles beat them the two previous times, saying he feels sick when his team loses. Iftach further goes onto explain the consequences of them not winning and Mati agrees, not wanting to make Iftach unhappy. However Ellali asks why they even need to win as school has not yet started. Iftach stops her, remarking it won't seem strange once she's seen Daniel's sour face at the end of the game.

In the classroom, Louis welcomes the two teams to the challenge. Ellali, sitting next to Alfie, asks why he hasn't been answering her messages, but he says he's been busy. Ellali then tells him she saw his embarrassing photos, taken by Sophie, with Alfie feeling embarrassed, just as Louis hushes him. Louis begins to explain the challenge, saying that the riddle will lead the teams looking for keys, that can be found in the ground, adding that ten keys have been hidden around the Greenhouse, finishing by saying that nine are fake keys and that the winning house will be able to open the safe, take out the stick and sound the victory gong.

Daniel then asks a question of Louis, asking what the prize is for winning. Louis questions him on this, asking whether a prize is his motivation for winning the challenge. Daniel quickly replies saying that it's not his motivation, but that he's just wondering what it is, teasing the Ravens by remarking they always lose. Louis then stops them and announces the riddles have been sent to their louis devices. The teams then get up and begin to plan their challenge strategy.

Daniel begins to read the riddle from his Louie, as the rest of the Eagles are huddled around him, with Iftach and Ron continuing with the rest of the riddle. Natalie then realizes where the riddle is taking them and heads off. Both teams then charge out of the classroom, however Ellali stays behind, reading her book. Louis looks at her inquisitively and Ellali then begrudgingly gets up. At the lakeside the two teams arrive at the same time and begin digging in the sand for the key. Alfie and Daniel exchange stares as they begin to dig, all while Ellali sits and reads her book.

Ron then tries to head up to the box, but Daniel tells him not to look in the box. Ellali continues to read her book silently, just as Mati grabs a little twig and begins to dig in a trough. Just then Alfie manages to find a key and Alfie then rushes off to the safe. Dina then walks up to the trough, pushing Mati out of the way. Dina digs deeper than Mati and manages to find a key. Dina then charges off to the safe, splatting Ellali with some mud.

Back at the safe, Alfie's trying to open the safe with his key, with Dina mocking him for not being able to open it with his key. Alfie eventually gives up and Dina then tries to open it, but is not able to open it either. The two then rush back to their teams and begin digging again. Natalie mocks Alfie as he's digging, just as manages to accidently toss up some dirt, onto Natalie and Daniel. Alfie tries to explain that the Ravens are beating them, telling them to hurry up. Daniel, not happy with Alfie, sarcastically explains that Alfie already thinks he's a leader after two days.

Sophie then defends Alfie, explaining that it's Alfie's first challenge and that he should be allowed some fun. Alfie then manages to find two keys and rushes off excitedly. Daniel gives Sophie an intimidating stare for motivating Alfie, with Sophie calling them morons. At the Ravens side, Mati is using a stick to dig in the dirt, when Iftach looks over his shoulder and sarcastically tells him he shouldn't get his hands dirty, however Mati takes it seriously and says he's careful. Mati then begins to hear giggles of laughter all around him. He asks why, defensively explaining that he actually tested mud, finding how much bacteria is in it.

Mati finishes, saying he doesn't want to catch any diseases, just as Dina walks up behind him and pushes him into some mud, face-first, causing laughter from the rest of his team-mates. Dina jokingly remarks she's testing a nerd biotope. Mati gets up slowly, but reveals he's found a key and races off towards the safe. Alfie then arrives back, explaining that both keys were fake. Mati also arrives back, explaining his key was also fake and that he got covered in dirt for nothing. Mati then asks, whether he looks sick, believing he's caught a bug. The rest of the Ravens look at him and continue to dig. Later Ellali is still reading her book, but Dina announces she's had of the challenge, saying they'd already found nine keys, with all being fake. Iftach desperately tries to get her to keep looking.

Mati agrees with Iftach, with Dina telling him that he doesn't have to call Iftach captain, explaining that Iftach is just making fun of him. Mati then shocked, says that he already knows, saying that's just who Iftach is. Ellali, mocking them says that Louis' playing mind games with them, explaining there is no right key. Natalie concerned walks up to Daniel, but Daniel tells her he's fine. Alfie then tries to pep his team, to which Daniel remarks that Alfie's bugging him, causing the rest of the team to laugh. Natalie tells him not to take offence, asking him to go and sit next to his sister; Ellali, telling him that if he's needed they'll call.

Alfie, angry leaves, storming off down the path away from the area. Ellali not happy about Alfie being teased, decides to start helping her team, asking Iftach how her Louie works, remarking she wants to see the riddle again. Iftach the sarcastically says it was all mind game, asking her why, with Ellali then agreeing saying there's no point in digging there. Iftach finds the riddle in her Louie and hands it back to her. Ellali explains they can't let the Eagles beat them and tries to work out what's wrong.

Ellali then asks what a box has to do with the riddle, with Alona saying it maybe just rhyme. However Ellali doesn't agree. Iftach then tells his team they need to think outside the box. At the Eagles side, Daniel's tired of digging, just as Sophie asks where Alfie is, with Natalie asking her whether she misses him. Sophie further defends Alfie, explaining how he's made the biggest effort out of the team, with Natalie asking her to stop being so serious, explaining it's better if Alfie knows his place from the start. Annoyed, Sophie decides to go and look for him.

Natalie, tells Sophie to just admit she has a crush on him, but Sophie says that's not the reason she's concerned. Daniel then says that if she wants to go she can, stopping Natalie from continuing. At the Ravens side, Ellali asks whether there's any other pool in the Greenhouse. She then gets an idea and whispers it to Iftach, Iftach pleased with the idea, explains they can't just run to the place, further saying it'll alert the Eagles. Iftach then comes up with an idea, telling everyone to pretend they found something in the dirt in their area, to try and catch the Eagles attention.

Iftach and Ellali then head off as Mati looks at Dina and Alona, wondering why their looking at him. He then realizes, beckoning them to not come closer, but Dina explains he already has dirt on him. He then bends down and pretends to dig, then pretending to have found something, with Dina trying to grab the attention of the Eagles, pretending that Mati managed to find the last key. Back in the Greenhouse corridor, Iftach and Ellali are viewing a painting, featuring a pool and the sea. Iftach then compliments her on her logic, but Ellali then asks why they needed to dig in the soil.

Iftach, then curious, looks around the corner and sees a potted plant, realizing what the riddle meant. Alfie walking into the corridor, after storming off, then sees Iftach and Ellali. He asks them what their taking out, as Ellali pulls up the plant, finding the key and then asking Alfie whether he wants it. Ellali then tries to beckon him to take it, explaining his idiot team will adore him if that happens. Alfie declines her offer, saying he doesn't need her help. Iftach then expresses his surprise about what Ellali did and further says he's surprised Alfie didn't take the key.

Back in the classroom, Iftach manages to unlock the safe, and grabs the stick. Louis then puts his arm around Iftach, proclaiming a smart leader always thinks outside the box. Iftach then asks Ellali to do the honours and she gets up and bongs the gong, finishing the challenge. Louis announces the Ravens as winners of the year's first challenge and explains their prize is in their dormitory. The Ravens then arrive to see a spread of confectionary, with Mati asking Dina whether she wanted any cake, in response Dina grabs the entire cake smashing it in Mati's face. The team then break into a food fight and they begin to fling the food around. Ellali takes herself a cake and walks off to the bedrooms.

In the Eagles clubhouse, the Eagles are in a slump after not managing to win the challenge. With Sophie trying to cheer up her team, just as someone knocks on the door. Ron opens the door, with Ellali coming in. Ron asks why she's there, but receives no reply. Ellali gives them her cake from the party, explaining there's too much food back at their clubhouse. Ellali asks what's the matter, explaining it's just a game, and that sometimes they win and sometimes the Eagles win. Daniel in response tells her to keep the cake, explaining it's the last time they'll win, asking her to shut the door on the way out.

Ellali then leaves, and Natalie asks Alfie whether he asked his sister via text to bring him some cake, but Alfie says he didn't. Sophie then works out that he let Ellali win, explaining that he waited in the cafeteria and told her where the key was. Alfie tries to say otherwise, but Daniel curious asks Sophie what she means. She explains that she saw Alfie and Ellali talking near the map and that he told her where it is. Natalie sarcastically asks whether she's kidding. Alfie then tries to defend himself, saying it's not true. Ron, unhappy asks Alfie whether all the digging was to fool them.

Alfie further explains that she pulled the key out of the plant, explaining that he only knew after Ellali found the key, going onto say that Ellali even offered it to him. Natalie asks him why, with Alfie explaining she doesn't care who wins or loses. Angry Daniel remarks that Alfie has admitted that he could of taken the key, but allowed the Ravens to win instead. Daniel then unhappy, explains that they have a traitor in their midst.