The Safe is the thirty third episode of the first season of The Greenhouse, premiering March 13th 2014 on Nickelodeon UK.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Judy continues to walk down to the Hole, as Daniel watches on, before a getting a text on his Louie from Gershon; asking him to get to the gym immediately. At the gym, Daniel arrives to find Gershon who is talking to Dr. Zinman. Daniel asks what's up and what's going on.

Gershon then introduces dr. Zinman to Daniel, as the doctor says hi with Daniel returning the same sentiments, before shaking hands with each other. Gershon explains that the doctor was a friend of his, as well as the country's best sports doctor. Gershon then continues stating it had been four months since Daniel's surgery, suggesting they see whether Daniel was fit to play once more.

Daniel says no way in disbelief, asking them whether they were kidding. Gershon then turns to the doctor, telling him that he told him Daniel wouldn't believe them, then telling Daniel he had 3 minutes to get dressed, with Daniel heading off and proclaiming that 2 would be enough. Gershon then turns to the doctor and says what a guy.

At the Reshef household, Ellali is busy trying to crack the safe that she had just managed to find in her parents bedroom, but to no avail. Ellali then gets a call on the landline there, picking up the call. She discovers it's Guri, who questions her having no hard feelings , with Ellali confused. Guri then expresses he meant no hard feelings between them, with Ellali saying sure and sitting down.

Guri then says that he's sorry to have upset her, adding that he'd just been worried about her. Ellali however says she knows and tells him that she's fine, just as Guri asks what her plans are, with Ellali saying she'd just relax and watch some TV. Guri then notifies her that their currently out of food, so if she were to get hungry, she'd need to order out. Ellali then says ok, before Guri says goodbye, with her returning the same sentiments.

In the Ravens dormitory, Amy is receiving a delivery of some pizzas, telling the delivery man he could keep the change. Iftach then rocks up, asking what it is she bought, with Amy explaining it's from the Pizzeria in Migdal, adding that after the events that had transpired the prior day, she thought she'd treat everyone. Iftach says that's nice, as Amy continues explaining that she never really had the time to bond, so she thought that it would be a good chance for all of them to get to know each other.

The two then head in, as Amy puts the pizza down on the table for her fellow Ravens. Dina and Matti then walk up, as Amy tells everyone not to be shy and to just dig in, before asking Dina and Matti to come over and sit with her, just as Dina says there's another one.

Back in the Greenhouse cafeteria, Sophie explains to Alfie that it wouldn't matter how many times she tried to apologize to Ron for the news story, as Alfie asks what Ron had wanted from her. Sophie then explains that Ron had wanted her to stop making her news items , but adding that he didn't have the right to butt in, with Alfie adding that he did after how much Sophie had embarrassed him.

Sophie then defensively says she thought Alfie was on her side, to which Alfie expresses that he is on her side, explaining that he knew exactly what it felt like to go through what she'd been going through, with Sophie adding that guessed he did. Alfie then says that they now both know what it was like to be ostracized. Ron then gets up and head over to Alfie and Sophie, telling Alfie that there's still room for him at their table. However, says he liked it there.

Ron then says that was too bad as the entire team was there, with Alfie then asking Ron to stop what he's doing, asking what good it was that he kept ignoring her. Ron explains that their not trying to ignore Sophie, but instead their giving her a ladder so she could set off her high horse, finally asking whether he'd sit with them or not, but Alfie says he'd rather stay there. Ron then heads off, saying ok.

Back at Ron's table, Natalie asks Ron whether he now understood why Sophie hadn't even wanted to get with him, when he thought the world was going to end, adding that Sophie had the hots for Alfie.

Back in the Ravens dormitory, Amy asks Dina whether she liked One Direction, with Dina saying not really, as Amy agrees with her, adding that she hated boy bands. Amy then says that she had seen Amy Winehouse in concert. Matti then notes that that was funny as Amy saw Amy, because she was Amy. Dina then says that she got it, but didn't find it that funny. Dina then gets a call on her Louie, notifying Amy and Matti that she'd be right back.

Dina then asks Ellali whether she had called for any important reason. Over on the couch Amy then asks Matti what kind of music he liked. Matti thinks for a moment and then asks whether she knew "Lemon Demon", with her shaking her head. Matti explains that it was a music project that thought music should be released for free, but Amy still says no, as Matti then asks her whether she knew Man or Astro-Man. But Amy once again says she doesn't. Matti finally asks whether she knew Weezer, with her finally saying she knew them, and while not being a huge fan, she still knew them, as Matti says that they obviously didn't have the same taste.

Dina then tells Ellali that she'd been missing a really fun day that Amy had organized for them, adding that she'd bought pizzas and everything. Ellali then tells Dina to have fun, before asking her for a favour, with Dina saying she'd do anything. Ellali then says she wants Dina's help with breaking into a safe. Dina then corrects what she'd said before, saying anything except for breaking into a safe.

However Ellali says that she's serious, with Dina then asking what safe she wanted cracked. Ellali explains that she thought it was her mother's safe. Dina confused asks what, with Ellali then explaining that she'd managed to find a safe in her parents bedroom and that she thought that not even her father had known about it, then expressing that he'd be back home soon and that she needed Dina's help to open it. Dina then questions doing it through the phone, asking Ellali whether she was nuts. Ellali expresses that Dina was her only option, but Dina says that while she'd love to help her, she's not allowed to do that sort of thing anymore.

Ellali however is persistent and tells Dina that nobody would know about it and re-iterating that she needed Dina's help. Dina then gives in, asking Ellali to promise not to tell anyone, expressing that she didn't want Matti finding out about what they'd been doing, as it would freak him out and that she didn't want Matti giving her strange looks. Ellali then says no problem, as Dina tells her to hold on and that she'd call back.

Dina then comes off the phone to Ellali, as Amy asks whether it was anything interesting, but Dina says no and that she had to go. Matti asks her whether there was anything wrong, but Dina assures him there isn't. Matti then asks whether he should go with her, but Dina tells him to stay there, as Amy assures Dina they'd save her a slice. Dina however says she doesn't really enjoy pizza, before heading off.

Amy then asks Matti whether he'd ever hear Adele sing the Cure's "Love Song", just as Matti gets a text alert on his Louie. The text reads; "From Unknown Number: Be on the lawn in 2 minutes. - Alona". Amy asks him whether everything was alright, before he tells her he'd be right back, before heading off. Iftach then walks up, asking how Amy's bonding was going.

Back in the Greenhouse cafeteria, Sophie gets an array of in-subscription notices on her blog, as Alfie asks what's up. Sophie turns round to see Ron and the other Eagles at their table, realizing it was them who d-subscribed. Sophie then explains this to Alfie, as she adds that she had never thought they'd stoop that low. Alfie tells her to forget about, calling them a bunch of losers. Sophie then gives in, exclaiming she couldn't take it and that she'd just do what they wanted and go to call the news channel.

Alfie questions whether she's nuts, exclaiming there's no way she'd do that, but Sophie expresses that she was their captain, explaining that she wouldn't be able to hold said position if the other members of the team didn't trust her, questioning what sort of leader she is, as everyone's ignoring her. However Alfie adds that it's the sort of leader that wouldn't crack under pressure, telling Sophie to not give into them. Sophie then asks why Alfie was doing al of that for her, with Alfie asking what she meant.

Sophie then reveals she meant that he was ruining his reputation for her, but Alfie just says that he'd told her that he knew what it felt like to be ostracized, as Sophie asks who she could film for the upcoming Friday news segment, guessing the Ravens. Alfie then suggests she should film herself, before Sophie asks what the topic was. Alfie explains that being alienated would be a good topic for the item, with Sophie nodding her head.

Out on the Greenhouse lawn, Matti arrives on the lawn, with his Louie open, answering a video call and asking whether that was Alona, before asking where she is. Alona then reveals she's in Minsk in Belarus, with Matti asking what she was doing there. Alona then explains that her and her parents had been moved there.

Matti then asks who, guessing Robbie, as Alona then reveals it was the people who Robbie worked for who did so. Matti then asks whether Alona had heard about what had happened to Robbie, with Alona saying she had, but expressing that he must listen to her as she didn't have long to speak. Alona then explains that there was someone else working for them, but Matti says he couldn't hear her. Alona continues, explaining that at the Greenhouse she'd heard them talking, adding that someone else was working as another collaborator .

Alona continues, expressing that Matti must be careful, being that anyone could be the collaborator, maybe even someone who he'd never believe could do it. Matti then asks what he's meant to even do, with Alona telling him to just be careful. Matti then asks when she'd be back at the Greenhouse, before the video call begins to flicker, forcing Matti to shut his Louie.

In the Ravens corridor, Dina is on the phone to Ellali, explaining that cracking the safe wasn't as complicated as it seemed., then instructing Ellali to put her ear to the door of the safe and then to turn the knob and listen out for clicks. Ellali then begins to do so, as she reports that she couldn't hear anything and asking what it sounded like. Dina expresses it just sounded like clicks, asking whether Ellali had a stethoscope or something along those lines. Ellali then asks Dina why she'd even have that.

Dina tells her not to yell at her, just as Ellali realizes that Alfie once had a doctor's costume, telling Dina to wait as she goes to look for it. Ellali then finds a suitcase dumping it on the bed and searching through the differe costumes, eventually finding the stethoscope. Dina then mockingly re-iterates what Ellali had said before, as Ellali puts the stethoscope to the safe, reporting that she could then hear the clicks and asking what to do next.

Dina instructs her to turn the knob one number after the other and that when she heard the right click, she'd know it. Ellali then says that it was fun, asking Dina where she'd learnt to do it, as Dina expresses that she was talking to a serious criminal, just as Matti arrives in the corridor. Dina then goes off on a tangent in order to throw Matti off what they're doing. Ellali then asks what was wrong with her.

In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is preparing to record herself, just as Natalie walks round the corner, noting that Sophie never gave up, with Sophie introducing Natalie to her viewers, explaining that Natalie had used to be her best friend at the Greenhouse, but that just like the rest of her team-mates Natalie was ostracizing her. Natalie tries to express it was nothing personal, and that she still saw Sophie as a friend, with Sophie then turning her recording off. Natalie continues saying that Sophie had been putting herself in front of her friends. Sophie then expresses she'd already said that and asks whether she had anything new to say.

Natalie then leaves, as Daniel runs up to her exclaiming he had amazing news, with Natalie asking what it was. Daniel then reveals that he was now able to play once more, as Natalie hugs him saying that was great and that it was about time, he did so. Daniel explains that the doctor had examined him and that he'd been told that he was 200% fit and was ready to play again. Natalie says that's fantastic, as she tells him that they must try and stop Sophie from creating her news items. However Daniel, expresses he didn't care and says they should head off and celebrate.

However, Natalie says she couldn't as Sophie's news items were really bothering her. Daniel then questions what was with her, adding that something good had finally happened to him and that she'd been hung up on Sophie's news items. Natalie apologizes, but expresses she must stop Sophie. Daniel, then unimpressed storms off telling her to do whatever she wanted.

Back in the Ravens dormitory, Iftach is sitting next to Amy, as she asks him whether he knew where Matti and Dina had got to. Iftach says he didn't have a clue, guessing they could of gone back to their investigations. Amy then asks what investigations, with Iftach trying to cover up, by saying. However Amy's persistent saying that he'd said investigations and then asking what they were investigating. However Iftach just tells her he was kidding, asking Amy whether she'd take the last slice of pizza.

Amy then tells Iftach, to tell her what Matti and Dina had been investigating, but Iftach just tells her to let it go. Just then Matti arrives through the door, with Iftach seeing the look on his face and asking what's up and whether he was ok. Matti says he is, with Iftach asking whether he was sure, as he looked even paler than he usually did, but Matti expresses he's fine. Amy then adds that Iftach had thought it had something to do with his and Dina's investigation.

Matti then quickly races out of the dormitory, as Iftach gives Amy a look, with her asking what. Back at the Reshef household, Ellali is getting frustrated while cracking the safe, as the clicks all sound the same, with Dina telling her to focus as one sounded different. Ellali asks whether Dina's sure as it could be a special model, with Dina then saying there wasn't such a thing as a special model, before realizing that some safes came with a code from the manufacturer. Ellali asks so, with Dina explaining that if they were lucky, Naomi wouldn't of switched it, adding they just had to get the information.

Ellali then asks whether they could just Google the code, but Dina expresses they couldn't as it was encrypted, with only the police having access to the code and that even the manufacturers didn't have access to the code. Dina then asks if they could ask Ellali's father for help with it, but Ellali says no way as he'd almost kicked her out of the house, when he found her searching through office. Dina then says she has an idea, adding that she swore to never do what she was going to do again.

She adds that she was now doing it, as she breaks back into Matti's computer lab, with Ellali asking what she's doing. Dina turns the security camera in another direction and explains that she was breaking into the most secure underground database in the entire middle east, in other words Matti's computer lab. Dina then access the Israeli police network, logging in and then searching for safe manufacturer codes.

Dina then instructs Ellali to find the safe's manufacturer , model and the model number, adding that it should be there somewhere. Ellali says she is looking just as Matti begins to access his lab. Dina then realizes he's trying to enter, as Ellali asks what's going on. Din expresses that Matti was trying to get in. Ellali then manages to find the details, listing them as; Samsonite Silver, TX-155, 447. Matti then knocks on the door, saying hello to the person in his lab, as well as asking who's in there while Dina writes down the search results of the spec she'd just been given by Ellali.

Matti continues to knock and asks who's in the lab again. Dina then tells him that she'd be just a second, taking out a wad of gum and chewing it, before opening the door to Matti. Dina tells him that she'd just left her gum in his lab and that it wasn't buyable up there in the North, then heading off, Dina then walks round to the staircase, telling Ellali to write down the results she'd found.

In Robbie's room, Judy is watching over him, just as Daniel arrives saying hi. Judy returns those sentiments and hugs her son, as Daniel tells her that he had some great news, but before he could reveal it Judy tells him that she already knew, explaining that Louis had just told her that he'd talked with Gershon. Daniel then expresses his relief at being able to play again, calling it incredible, with Judy adding they could now just put the shrapnel incident behind them, with Daniel agreeing, exclaiming he's so happy.

Daniel then asks about his mother, asking whether she'd done anything special that day, but Judy just expresses she'd sat next to Robbie and didn't move away from his side, with that being what she did, with Daniel then saying he saw. Judy then worries about Robbie, but expresses that she's so glad that Daniel was back in the game, adding the team had looked terrible without him and that she didn't have to sugar-coat that fact anymore.

Back in the Reshef household, Ellali manages to open the safe, just as her father arrives homes, asking whether she was still there. Ellali covers up by saying she was in the shower. Guri questions why she's in his shower, as she explains it was a lot more comfortable. Ellali then quickly closes the safe, as Guri asks whether she's alright. Ellali quickly packs away all the costumes into the suitcase, as Guri walks up the stairs. Ellali then puts the mirror back into place.

Guri opens the door to his bedroom, to find Ellali in a dark blue bathrobe. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is preparing for her news item shoot, as Ron questions the fact that Sophie's still filming. Alfie however questions why Ron should even care as she was just filming herself next to the wall, but Ron says he's sick of the camera, getting up. However Alfie stops him, putting his hand on him and blocking him. Ron then questions the fact that Alfie put his hand on him.

Alfie expresses he didn't want a fight, as Ron in response tells him that in that case he should move aside. Alfie then continues, just telling him to leave Sophie alone, as Ron says they could all start to alienate Alfie as well, with Alfie sarcastically saying he's so scared. Ron then says he has no problem with that, telling the Eagles that from then on they were not talking to Alfie. Alfie then says none of that was about Sophie's news items, but it was more him getting back at Sophie for not being interested in him.

Ron then begins to throttle Alfie, having taken offence, the other Eagles try to stop the two from fighting, alongside Sophie. Sophie expresses that Ron's not worth it, asking him to stop, just as Louis arrives asking what's going on. Back at the Reshef household, Ellali dials the mobile number on the slip of paper she found in her mother's safe. In Robbie's room, Judy is tucking Robbie in, just as Daniel comes in with a glass of water.

Daniel then bumps into his mother the water, spilling it on her handbag, with her then asking what he was doing. Daniel tries to apologize, as Judy tells him she'd be right back. When Judy was gone, Daniel quickly rummages through his mother's handbag, finding her mobile and answering the call, only to discover it was Ellali.



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