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The Spiral is the seventh episode of Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy and the nineteenth episode overall.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Aspen has just seen Daniel and Hayley enter the biology lab and is peering round the corner. In the biology lab, Hayley and Daniel are peering over chapter 11 of the hypnosis book, with Daniel then sighing and asking Hayley what he was going to tell Brooke, once she woke up.

Hayley then tells him, that he could start by telling her that she wasn't really his girlfriend, with Daniel then admitting that he hadn't though of that, but Hayley assures him that he was doing the right thing. Hayley then suggests that they start writing down the instructions, but Hayley then realizes that she couldn't find the marker, believing that she must of dropped it.

Hayley then realizes there was a possibility, that she could of dropped the pen in Marcus' office, with Daniel then assuring Hayley that it was ok, as Marcus wouldn't even recognize an alien sitting on the table. In his office, Marcus is examining the marker that he'd found, then accidently managing to activate the projector and seeing the invisible ink.

In the exam room, Jackie is sitting next to Max, telling him that she had felt so stupid, just as Sophie comes through the door. Jackie then sarcastically remarks that it was good the researcher was there, but Sophie promises Jackie that she hadn't told Michelle to speak with her, with Jackie then believing that Michelle had just gotten a hunch. Sophie then reveals that she had no idea where Michelle had managed to get the information on Jackie.

Max then suggests that Michelle may of tricked Sophie and that she may of just been using the workshop as a way of getting to Jackie, with Jackie then adding that she had fell for it and saying that she'd be out of there, asking Sophie whether she realized this. Jackie then reveals that no one was meant to know about the plea bargain and that now Michelle was going to air the interview, meaning everyone would find out, resulting in her getting kicked out.

On her way to her car, Michelle is talking to her assistant, notifying him that Jackie had actually said that she had robbed a bank, calling it a full-on confession, just as Sophie rocks up. Michelle then tells her assistant, that she'd call him back, before saying hi to Sophie. Sophie expresses her relief that she had managed to catch Michelle before she left, as she hadn't gotten a chance to thank her.

Sophie then says that Michelle was her role model, with Michelle then asking her whether this was really the case. Sophie then confirms this, with Michelle thanking her and attempting to get back into her car. However Sophie stops her, mentioning the questions that she'd asked Jackie and then asking Michelle how she got the information. Michelle then just says that she had her sources, with Sophie then guessing the information must be restricted.

Sophie asks Michelle how she had managed to convince a source to give the information to her, with Michelle then saying that it helped to have courtside tickets for the playoffs. This leaves Sophie confused, as Michelle tells her that she was so cute, then revealing that there was a court clerk who was a massive Clippers fan and that every time he gave them information, he'd get tickets.

In response, Sophie mentions that that was essentially a bribe, but Michelle then tells her that it was called getting a story, with Sophie then saying ok, before mentioning that she had to do whatever it took, because in the end the story was the most important thing. Michelle then remarks that that'd always be the case. Just then, Sophie produces her Louie, revealing that she had recorded their entire conversation.

Michelle then asks Sophie what she was doing, with Sophie then reciprocating what Michelle had told her about getting the story, with Michelle then telling her to delete the recording. Sophie then offers Michelle a deal, saying that if she were to give her Jackie's video, she wouldn't send the recording to the LAPD. Michelle then believes it to be a bluff, with Sophie then saying try me in response, adding that Michelle was her role model, like she had said previously.

In the Greenhouse foyer, Jackie and Max are walking to their dormitory, just as Sophie catches up to them. She shows Jackie the USB with Michelle's video on it, telling Jackie that she was free to destroy it if she wanted to, with Jackie then taking the USB off of Sophie. In the biology lab, Daniel and Hayley are going over the instructions for the de-hypnotization process.

Hayley reads out the instructions; "The subject has to be calm and to have familiar objects around them". After reading this line, Hayley asks Daniel what helped to calm Brooke down, with Daniel then remembering Brooke's favourite teddy; Oreo. In response, Hayley asks Daniel whether Brooke really had a teddy-bear, with Daniel then revealing that the teddy was actually a panda bear.

Daniel then tells Hayley, that he could stop by Louis' quarters in order to pick it up, with Hayley then asking what else they could use. Daniel then says that Brooke enjoyed massages, but Hayley says that was way too much information, before then further reading the instructions and revealing that they'd also need a hypnotic spiral.

Daniel then remarks that he had thought that hypnotic spirals were only used in old sci-fi movies, asking Hayley where they'd manage to find one. Hayley then suggests they ask Max, before Daniel asks her whether she was sure they could trust him. Hayley is then quick to assure him that they could and that she'd ask both Jackie and Max, adding that they made a good team.

Daniel then asks Hayley whether she was sure about the idea once more, but after Hayley gives him a funny look, expresses that they had to get it done quick, asking Hayley to find Max and assuring her that he'd find Louis. Hayley then agrees to do so, as they get up. Outside, Aspen takes out her Louie just as Hayley and Daniel leave the lab.

Daniel asks Hayley, whether she thought that he should give Brooke a massage, explaining that she liked neck massages when she was stressed about school, then attempting to demonstrate the massage on Hayley, as Aspen takes a snap on her Louie.

In the Eagles dormitory, the boys are playing basketball, as Parker expresses his disbelief that Sophie had given his personal details to Michelle, while talking to Brooke. One of the other boys then cuts in saying that all Sophie had to say was to call Parker up on stage and that he'd then make a fool of himself.

Parker then tells Seth that he was a real comedian, just as Sophie and Alex arrive in the dormitory. Upon, seeing that Daniel wasn't in their dorm, Alex tells Sophie that he bet Daniel was with his sister, before Sophie tells him to stop it as Daniel and Hayley would never be able to get on. Parker then tells Sophie that she had some nerve showing her face in the dorm.

However, Sophie then tells him that she had done nothing wrong, with Brooke then backing Parker and telling her that that was low, with Alex then stepping in and saying that it wasn't Sophie's fault as Michelle had played them. Parker then sarcastically asks Alex to give them a second to take pity on Sophie.

Parker then remarks that the second was over, as Alex tells Sophie to forget about them, as they weren't worth her trouble. Just then Jackie knocks on the door and comes in, with Parker then telling everyone to hold onto their wallet, as if to mock Jackie. Parker then asks her what she was doing there.

Jackie then explains that she knew they were mad at Sophie and that that was the reason she was there, revealing that Michelle had been after her the entire time, with the workshop having been a set-up. Jackie then states that Michelle had the intention of airing her interview, which would of landed her in jail.

Jackie then reveals that while she didn't know how, Sophie had somehow managed to get Michelle to change her mind, before concluding that the Eagles captain had saved her, adding that she really thought they needed to know that. Brooke then laments that Sophie didn't care about the Eagles that much.

In Marcus' office, Marcus is busy on his laptop, scanning the writing he'd projected on the wall. The scan then reveals that the person who wrote his name, was in fact Hayley. In the Ravens dormitory, Hayley has come to see Max and Jackie, asking them about the hypno-spiral.

After reading the instructions, Max asks Hayley whether she was really serious about a spiral, with Hayley then saying yes and asking him to follow the instructions, all the more while Leo's over-hearing them. Max then asks her whether she was sure it was going to work, with Hayley assuring him that she thought he'd be able to do so.

Hayley then tells them that no-one besides them 2 could know about the hypno-spiral, revealing that it was only the three of them that knew, with Jackie then correcting and reminding her that Daniel was also onboard. Just then Aspen rocks up to Leo, asking him whether she could take a seat.

Aspen then sits down beside Leo and tells him that if anything, she should of been the one be angry at Leo, since he had broken up with her in front of the entire school. But Leo then says that Aspen had pushed him over the edge, with Aspen then admitting that she did and apologizing. Over at the table, Jackie asks Hayley what they would do about Marcus and Judy.

However, Hayley then states that their first priority needed to be waking up Brooke, with Jackie then expressing her disbelief at the fact that they were going to all of that trouble for Brooke, with Max then agreeing to do the spiral, as Hayley tells them that she didn't want anyone to get suspicious, asking them to leave before she did.

Over on the couch, Aspen tells Leo that there was something about Hayley that she needed to show him. But Leo then just tells her that he didn't want to talk about Hayley with her, just as Jackie and Max head off. Hayley then attempts to head off, just as Leo asks her what was going on.

But Hayley, then just bluntly tells him that she needed to head off, with Aspen then just telling Leo to give it up, as Hayley just wasn't into him. Aspen then produces her Louie and shows him the photo of Daniel and Hayley, but Leo just tells her that she was the one who had to give it up.

Leo then storms off. In the Greenhouse foyer, Daniel has arrived and has asked Louis whether he could borrow Brooke's teddy; Oreo. Daniel asks Louis not to tell his daughter that he'd taken Oreo, as it was a surprise. Louis then asks Daniel what exactly he'd be doing with the teddy, with Daniel saying that he'd be taking a photo with it.

Daniel then continues, saying that he was making a snapchat account for Oreo, in order to help surprise Brooke. Louis then gives in, saying that he guessed that even a teddy-bear during that day and age could have a snapchat account, before handing Daniel Oreo. Daniel then thanks Louis, before heading off.

Daniel then races downstairs and back off to the biology lab, just as Marcus arrives in the Greenhouse foyer, with his pack. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie is talking with Alex, asking him whether he'd seen the way Brooke had looked at her, adding that it was like talking to an entirely different person.

Alex then says that that had sounded familiar, as Sophie ponders what was going on with Brooke. Just then Sophie gets a notification on her Louie and sees the photo of Hayley and Daniel together. Alex asks her what the notification was, but Sophie tries to brush it off, telling him that it was nothing.

In response, Alex gives her a look beckoning her to reveal what she had received, with Sophie then giving in and revealing that Aspen had sent her something for her blog, with Alex then asking what Aspen had wanted. Sophie then warns Alex that he wouldn't like what he was about to see, then showing him the image of his sister and Daniel. Alex then remarks that he had known it, with Sophie admitting that she should of believed him sooner.

Alex then ponders what was going on at the Greenhouse, believing everyone to have lost it, with Sophie then agreeing and looking over at Parker. Sophie then decides that that was the reason, why she'd be deleting the image right there and then, as it wasn't the news she wanted to deal with anymore. Sophie then sends a text to Aspen, telling her that she wasn't interested.

In the computer lab, Jackie and Max are beginning work on the hypno-spiral, as Jackie asks Max how the spiral would work. Max then explains that theoretically they could of made use of infrared technology, but that would then cost tons of money for the same effect, which would help to induce brainwave synchronization, that would in turn causes the EEG frequency to change a dominant external stimulus.

Jackie then stops Max before he could continue, telling him that she had lost him at the word theoretically, with Max then simplifying the process for her by saying that their brains loved patterns. Max then further explains that if Daniel and Hayley were able to get Brooke to focus on the binaural spiral, she'd be more receptive to hypnotic suggestion.

Jackie then realizes that this process would be able to allow Brooke to go back to her normally unpleasant and stuck-up self. Max then sticks the spiral to the fan, exclaiming that it fit, as Jackie tells him that it was the best binaural twisty thing she'd ever seen. Jackie then looks at the spiral as it's spinning, while Max suggests that they notify Hayley to the fact that the spiral was ready.

Having not received a response from Jackie, Max asks her whether she thought the spiral was ready. Noticing the look on Jackie's face, Max asks her whether she could hear him or not, with her then calling him master, as if she'd been hypnotised. Max then begins to worry that he'd accidently hypnotized, telling her to listen to the sound of his voice and telling her to look at him.

Max assures Jackie that she was okay, as Jackie continues to call him master. He begs Jackie to stop calling him so, asking her to look at him again. Jackie then says that she'd obey Max's every command, as he orders her to stop, pondering how it could be happening. Jackie then gives Max a cheeky grin, as he realizes the prank.

Max tells her that her prank wasn't funny, as she continues to laugh. Jackie then ponders what she'd do with Max. In the Cave, Marcus is in Ryan's secret chamber, adjusting her life-support machines. While he's doing so, he says that it was just too much for him.

Marcus then reveals that it was thanks to Ryan's daughter, remarking that it wasn't enough that Judy had been on his case, but that he now had to deal with Hayley as well, adding that she'd ruin his plan. Marcus then asks the unconscious, how dangerous it was for him to have her there, being that if anyone were to find the pair there, they'd both be dead.

Marcus takes a seat next to Ryan's bed, just telling her that all he wanted was a little bit of peace. In the biology lab, Daniel is busy sweeping the floor as R & B music plays in the background. Just then Hayley comes through the door, with the hypno-spiral in hand, before Daniel then asks her how Jackie and Max had managed to make it in just 30 minutes.

Hayley then just remarks that the pair where Ravens, before asking Daniel whether he'd sent a text to Brooke, with Daniel then assuring Hayley that Brooke would be up any minute. Daniel then asks Hayley whether she thought the place looked relaxing enough, before Hayley asks him to turn the song off, calling it awful.

While doing so, Daniel says that he had thought that girls liked that song, with Hayley then pointing out that it wasn't all girls, before then saying that she thought that she head off, as she didn't think that her presence would help to calm Brooke.

Daniel agrees with her, saying that Hayley did have that sort of effect on people and then sitting down and saying that he didn't think he'd ever been that tense. Hayley then takes a seat, assuring him that she knew the feeling, remarking that she didn't envy Brooke either, as it must of been awful to find out that she spent that entire time living a lie.

Daniel then believes that Brooke would probably not want to see his face again, after the de-hypnotization process, with Hayley agreeing and saying that that could be a potential outcome. Just then, the pair get a notification on their Louie and see the photo of themselves taken by Aspen.

Surprised, Hayley asks how Aspen had managed to take it, believing that she'd followed them. Daniel then asks Hayley whether she thought there was a possibility that Brooke could of seen the image yet, with Hayley then insisting that she head off, just as Brooke appears in the lab. Brooke then asks the pair what the deal was.

In the Cave, Marcus is working on his computer, just as he gets a notification on his Louie. Upon opening his Louie, he sees the photo and Hayley and Daniel as taken by Aspen, before then zooming in on the name of the room they'd just come out of; being the biology lab.

Back in the biology lab, Brooke asks the pair whether the photo was real or not, before Daniel tries to assure her that he could explain the situation. Brooke then sees her teddy; Oreo on the nearby table and asks what was going on, with Daniel asking her to calm down and promising that he'd explain.

Brooke then says however, that she already knew everything; being that both him and Hayley were together. However, Daniel is quick to brush this off, asserting the fact that they weren't together, but Brooke tells him not to lie to her. Daniel then tells her that he hadn't been lying to her at all and that it wasn't what she thought. This then prompts Brooke to ask what it was.

Daniel then begins by saying that what he was going to tell her would sound very weird, as Brooke beckons him to tell her. Hayley then steps in and tells Brooke that they believed she had been brainwashed. In response to what Hayley had told her, Brooke attempts to head off, with Daniel then attempting to head after her. Hayley then tells him that she'd talk with her.

Hayley heads after Brooke, who's storming back down the corridor. Hayley asks Brooke to listen to her, with Brooke then believing that the brainwashing was just an excuse, but Hayley assures Brooke that it was true and that she had actually been hypnotized. Brooke then says that she didn't know what Hayley was talking about, with Hayley then noting that somebody who's hypnotized, wouldn't notice change.

Brooke then asserts that nothing had changed, as Hayley asks her how she couldn't see the truth and be blind as to what was going on, further asking why Brooke and Daniel were back together, when the pair were always arguing and mentioning the fact that Brooke was once suspicious of Daniel's mother, but that she was now best friends with her.

Hayley continues, saying that Brooke had been getting close with her brother and that she had then dumped him to go back to Daniel and concluding that Brooke had her personality changed overnight. Hayley assures Brooke that they were there to bring her back, then managing to bring Brooke back to the biology lab.

Brooke warily walks up to Daniel, with him assuring her that she was going to be fine, before getting her to take a seat. Daniel then reveals to Brooke that he'd brought her favourite teddy; Oreo, handing him to her and once again promising her that she was going to be okay. Daniel then asks her whether she was ready, with Brooke telling him that she was.

Daniel turns the hypno-spiral on, with Brooke then starting the process by watching it. In the Greenhouse foyer, Hayley is walking down the stairs, just as Leo catches up. Leo tells Hayley that he'd managed to figure something out, but Hayley tells him that she didn't have time for it, as Leo continues saying that there was 2 different explanations for the photo of Daniel and Hayley.

Leo then notes that these two explanations were either that Hayley and Daniel were together or they were hiding something else, before Hayley then states that there was also a third option where she didn't owe him an explanation, but Leo then stands in her way, telling her that she couldn't avoid him forever. Hayley then gives in and says that Leo had been correct in his assumptions, being that both she and Daniel were together.

Hayley then continues, stating that she was crazy about Daniel, but that she hadn't wanted to go public about it in that way, before then telling Leo that she had to go, walking past him. Outside, Alex manages to catch Hayley, asking his sister how she could do what she did. Hayley then says hi, as Alex continues saying that he had always felt there was something going on between his sister and Daniel, but thought that there was no way she'd do it to him.

Confused, Hayley asks for clarification , with Alex then explaining that Daniel had been making his life a misery since he had set foot at the Greenhouse. In response, Hayley asks him to calm down as it wasn't what it looked like, but Alex tells her that he wasn't going to calm down. Just then Hayley gets a text from Daniel, telling her to get back to the lab.

Hayley then tells her brother that she needed to head off, with Alex guessing that she had just had a text from Daniel. Hayley then promises him that she'd explain everything later, before heading off. In the Cave, Marcus is watching Daniel with Brooke in the biology lab from the security cameras, as Daniel tries to wake Brooke up.

Just then, Hayley arrived in the biology lab, asking Daniel what had happened with Brooke, but Daniel says that he didn't know, as he'd done everything the book had told him to. Hayley then tries herself to see if she can wake Brooke up, but to no avail. Hayley then discovers a hypnotized patient would sometimes be reliant on a key-word and without said key word, the patient would develop symptoms of catatonic shock.

Daniel then concludes that they needed to find the key word to wake Brooke up, then trying Marcus. Struggling, Daniel then tries Greenhouse and Eagles, with neither having an effect, just as Hayley suggests that it couldn't of been an everyday word. Hayley then tries Mississippi and Massachusetts, prompting Daniel to lament that they were screwed. While this was occurring, Marcus had been watching, just as Judy arrives in the Cave.

Judy asks him, why he hadn't answered her message, with Marcus then flicking his screen back to a graph, as Judy walks round to him. Curious, Judy asks what it was, with Marcus then using the excuse that it was just some final calculations, with Judy then asking him whether everything was ok, noting that Marcus looked even more nervous than usual.

In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Max is sitting with Jackie, with Jackie asking him whether everything was ok, as he looked more nervous than usual. Max then reminds Jackie that they hadn't heard from Hayley yet, adding that that wasn't a good sign and that she had been taking too long. Jackie then tells him to relax, but Max then explains that hypnosis could be very dangerous and that some people never came out of that state.

Jackie then sarcastically says that she could always rely on Max to cheer her up, before Max then suggests that they tell Jason about it. However, as Jason receives some packages, Jackie says no, due to the fact that if what Hayley and Daniel had about Brooke was true and as such they didn't know who they could trust including Jason. Confused, Max asks what she had meant.

Jackie then explains that if Marcus was involved, they wouldn't be able to properly deduce who else was/wasn't. Max then sees Jason looking over at them, before he gave them a wave. This prompts Jackie and Max to then give him a anxious wave back. Back in the biology lab, Hayley is writing on the whiteboard.

Daniel asks her what she was doing, with Hayley then revealing that she thought something may of caught her eye. Just then Brooke begins to pant, with Daniel then asking what was happening, while looking through the pages. As Brooke begins to hyperventilate, Daniel asks her to calm down, with Hayley trying to do the sae thing. Back in the cafeteria, Max asks Jackie for clarification, as to whether she meant he couldn't trust anyone.

Jackie then expresses that he could trust her, with Max then lamenting that he had trusted Emma before she disappeared , but Jackie promises him that she wouldn't disappear as well. Just then the pair look over at the delivery man, who was delivering to the bar-tender, prompting Jackie to ask Max whether he was sure that Jason had sent Emma's chess set back. In response, Max asks why, further asking Jackie whether she thought Jason didn't send it.

Jackie then tells Max to wait there for him, then getting up and heading over to the delivery man. Jackie asks him whether he had sent Emma's chess set away, with Jackie then sitting back down and revealing to Max that the delivery man had never received a package to deliver to Emma and that he had been the only delivery guy for the last 2 months. Max then says that he didn't understand, asking what it meant.

Jackie then clarifies to Max, by telling him that it meant that Jason had lied to him and that he'd never sent anything back to Emma. Back in the biology lab, Brooke is continuing to hyperventilate, as Daniel and Hayley try to calm her down. Hayley then instructs Daniel to continue reading the book, but he then tells her that the book didn't say anything about Brooke's current condition.

Just then Brooke stops hyperventilating, closing her eyes and beginning to shake. Seeing Brooke's state, Daniel ponders what they had done to her, with Hayley then stating that they needed to notify Louis of his daughter's current condition. However, Daniel then tells Hayley that they couldn't, but Hayley just tells him that Louis was her father, adding that Daniel knew they didn't have any other choice, with it being the only way they could wake Brooke up.

From the Cave monitors, Marcus had been watching the entire conversation between Daniel and Hayley. In the Greenhouse cafeteria, Max ponders why Jason would lie to them, with Jackie suggesting that it could of been because Jason hadn't wanted them to find the chess set, with Max then further asking why. Jackie then thinks for a minute, before reminding Max of when Emma had fallen off of the climbing wall, noting that it had happened right after Jason appeared.

Max then also mentions that Emma had run away from him at the fashion show, during the harvest fair, adding that Emma had been really stressed out and that he had thought it was because of him. Jackie then leans over and gets Max to remember who'd taken Emma away from the dance, being Jason. Max then suggests that they could of just been paranoid, but Jackie says that they hadn't been paranoid enough.

In the corridor, Daniel is going over the explanation he'd give to Louis about his daughter's current state and what they were trying to do, then lamenting that Louis would expel the both of them from the Greenhouse, with Hayley saying she knew. Daniel then glumly says that those could of been their last moments at the Greenhouse, just as Leo rocks up to them.

Hayley asks him what he was doing there, with Leo revealing that he was on his way to go and see Louis, then asking the pair to give him some credit, as he knew they were up to something and as such was sure that Louis deserved to know about it. Hayley then tries to tell Leo that she'd told him that the two of them were together, but Leo then says that he knew they weren't realty together, as Hayley would of never gone out with Daniel.

In order to disprove what Leo had just said, Hayley embraces Daniel in a kiss, with Leo then saying that he saw, before walking off. Hayley then says that that had worked, with the two beginning to continue towards Louis, just before Hayley gets a notification on her Louie, with it being a text from an anonymous source, telling her that the word they'd been looking for was "Eureka", prompting the pair to head back to the lab.

After arriving back at the lab, Daniel has second thoughts, asking Hayley whether she was really sure the text had come from Marcus, stating that he didn't want to make Brooke worse. Hayley then reiterates the text, pondering who else could of sent the text. Daniel then gives in and says Eureka, causing Brooke's eyes to open.