The Woods are one of the main families in Greenhouse Academy. The family consists of Ryan Woods, Carter Woods, Alex Woods, and Hayley Woods.


The Woods are one of the main families that are commonly seen throughout Greenhouse Academy. This family is the family of 2 fellow greenhouse students, former Eagle, and current Raven, Hayley, and Eagle, Alex. They are the main protagonists on the show. Their mother, Ryan Woods, is a NASA astronaut and the former headmaster of the school while their father, Carter Woods, is an FBI Agent who works to defend crime. Everyone is very close to each other and they all own a house 2 hours away from GHA. Before going to GHA, Hayley and Alex both went to a public school before transferring. Some of their family friends include Eric Simmons, and Hayley's friends, Meredith and Owen.


This family is portrayed by Ariel Mortman, Finn Roberts, Selina Giles, Ishai Golan.

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