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The Workshop is the sixth episode of Season 2 of Greenhouse Academy and the eighteenth episode overall.


Carrying on from the previous episode, Hayley has just dialled the number she found in her mother's safe, only for Daniel to pick up on the other side. Daniel realizes it was Hayley who had called his mother's phone, with Hayley then realizing that it was Daniel who picked up, asking who's number she'd rang. Daniel then reveals that it was mother's phone, while making sure Judy wasn't near.

In response, Hayley says that she didn't understand, just as Judy arrives back in basketball court with some ice for Daniel. Daniel then quickly tells Hayley that he had to hang up, then getting back into his previous position. Seeing Daniel, Judy asks him what was going on, with Daniel explaining that he had knocked over his mother's bag, promising that he'd put her items back into her bag. Judy then helps assures him that it was okay, helping him with the ice.

Once again seeing the phone he'd talked to Hayley on, he asks his mother what it was, with Judy then falsely telling him that it was a make-up compact, then expressing that her look didn't just happen through magic. At the Woods household, Hayley is just heading out back to the Greenhouse, with Carter expressing his disbelief at the fact that she was leaving so quickly, as she had just go there.

Hayley then tells her father, that she knew, but had a lot of classes the next day, with Carter then saying that he missed his daughter already, before the two then hug. Hayley then heads off. Later that night, Hayley it outside in the Greenhouse grounds, sitting on a bench, just as Daniel rocks up.

Daniel takes a seat next to Hayley, sighing and admitting that they needed to talk about what had happened, with Hayley then stating that they both knew that something weird was going on there, else Daniel wouldn't of shown up to see her. Daniel then looks around, before asking Hayley where she had found the phone number, with Hayley then revealing that he had managed to find a secret safe in her mother's room.

Hayley then continues, saying that the phone number she'd rang had been printed on a note she found in the safe. Daniel then reveals to Hayley that he had only happened to be near the thing, when it rang. Hayley then asks for clarification as to what he meant by it, with Daniel telling her that his mother's phone was no normal phone, being a weird device that he had managed to find in his mother's handbag.

Now curious, Hayley asks him what his mother had been doing with it, but Daniel says that he had no idea, with Hayley then guessing that Daniel hadn't really known too much about his mother. However, Daniel then says that it seemed Hayley didn't know too much about hers either, with Hayley then expressing that the fact that Daniel wasn't crazy about her and that she was the same about him, but if they wanted to find out what was going on there, they'd have to work together.

Hayley then sees Danie flinch at the thought and asks him what was up, with Daniel then explaining that he'd been injured for a long time and that he'd have a game in 3 days, with Hayley then asking why this'd be a problem. Daniel goes on saying that this was a little too much for him to handle at that point. Hayley then says that that was fine, then stating that she was glad to see he had his priorities in order.

Hayley then gets up and attempts to walk away, just as Daniel stops her. Daniel then turns to Hayley and tells her that she was right, being that something was going on around the school and that they needed to work out what it was. Hayley then takes a seat on the bench once more, asking Daniel whether he now wanted to help her, with Daniel saying that his mother had always told him that he was destined for greater things in life.

Daniel then continues, revealing that his mother had said he was special, with everyone in his family, friends and neighbourhood expecting him to be a huge success and as such he had spent his entire life doing what everyone had expected him to do and that he was sick of it. Hayley then tells Daniel that he couldn't spend his entire life trying to make people happy, including his mother.

Daniel then, however asserts to Hayley that they had to keep their investigations quiet and no one should know that they were working with one another, with the two of them then shaking hands. At the KWOO-7 TV station, Michelle's assistant, asks her whether she had seen the new footage that Sophie had sent her from the Greenhouse, with Michell then revealing that she had skimmed through it and had found nothing interesting.

Michelle then goes onto say that Sophie had probably just lucked out on the earthquake footage, with her assistant saying that he had shared the same sentiments as well, until he saw the footage from the dance, then handing Michelle the tablet with the footage on. The two then watch it, seeing Emma and Max dancing. This prompts Michelle to ask why they were watching it, with the assistant then pointing out Jackie.

He notifies Michelle, that he had known Jackie, having seen her at a juvenile court session he was reporting on. Michelle then asked what that had to do with anything, before the assistant reveals that Jackie had been sent to prison. In the Ravens dormitory, Max is teaching Jackie about chess, picking up the king chess piece and expressing that it was the most important piece.

However, Max then also mentions that it was the weakest piece as well, because it was only able to move 1 space at a time, with Jackie then guessing that the king needed his friends to protect him, with Max saying that he had never thought of it like that. Elsewhere in the dormitory, Aspen takes a seat next to Leo at the table, placing a pile of books on the table and explaining that she needed to read Shakespeare, Elie Wiesel, Zora Neale Hurston, Rachel Bluwstein and Ha Jin all by Friday.

Just then Hayley arrives back in the dormitory, with Jackie asking her whether she was ok, walking up to her and giving her a hug. Aspen then continues her list, just as Leo asks Hayley how her trip was, as well as her father. Hayley tells him that it was all fine, before telling Jackie that they needed to go, with Jackie telling Max to take a rain-check. Leo then asks Aspen what she had said, having not heard what she had said prior.

Back at the TV station, Michelle's assistant expresses how a story on Jackie would be a great one, but Michelle then reveals that they couldn't publish the story. Confused, her assistant asks why, with Michelle then explaining that Jackie was just a minor and as such they'd be violating confidentiality protections for juveniles who were involved in criminal proceedings.

Michelle then reveals that the only around these protections would be to get Jackie to confess on camera, but in which case she wouldn't talk, because if she did, she'd go straight to jail. The assistant then suggests using Sophie, as she worshiped Michelle, believing that Sophie could potentially get a confession out of Jackie, but Michelle says not to this as well, due to the fact it'd be like getting a student to incriminate her friend.

Michelle then concludes that it should be her doing the interview if anything, but the assistant then says that that'd never happen as Louis Osmond would never let Michelle in the school. Michelle then comes up with an idea, with her assistant asking what was up. In Louis' quarters at the Greenhouse, Michelle has arrived thanking him for his cooperation.

In response, Louis asks her what cooperation she had meant, as she had exploited his students by putting them in her tabloid show. But Michelle then assures him that that was never her intention, revealing that tens of thousands of viewers were able to get an unfiltered glimpse into his life's work. Michelle then continues, saying that Louis' student; Sophie had a youthful prospective they hadn't seen in a long time.

Michelle then sees the look on Louis face and admits that he was right and that she shouldn't aired the piece without first getting Louis' permission to do so, with Louis then accepting her apology. Michelle then guesses that Louis was still angry with her, expressing that that was the last thing she wanted and reveals that she wanted to make it up to him.

She suggests a free media workshop, with Louis then questioning. Michelle, however is quick to explain that Louis was educating future leaders and that every leader needed to know how to utilize the media, with Louis then saying that it was a good idea, telling Michelle to schedule it with his assistant. Michelle then turns to Louis and says that she had a pretty light schedule that day which was rare.

Michelle then asks Louis how spontaneous he was. In the Eagles dormitory, Sophie arrives through the door, announcing that it was time for their weekly house meeting, with Alex then getting up and taking a seat in the lounge area. After the other Eagles ignored her, Sophie re-iterates herself, before stating that they could obviously hear her.

In the locker rooms, Daniel is getting his boots on, with Brooke asking him whether he was going for a run. Daniel then reveals that was indeed going for a run, as he needed to break in his new shoes, with Brooke then adding that she'd get her sneakers and join him on his run. However Daniel then tells her that he needed to clear his mind, saying that they could run together the next time, giving her a kiss and telling her that he's see her later, before heading off.

Sophie then rocks up to Brooke, telling her that she needed her help, as they needed to stop the nonsense going on. However Brooke tells Sophie to not ask her, as she had told Sophie not to send in her video, prompting Sophie to ask what the matter with Brooke was, as she was her best friend. In response, Brooke reminds Sophie that she had refused to listen to her, asking what sort of friend did that.

Alex then steps in, saying that he was there for the meeting and that the manual had said that an official meeting can be held as long as the captain and two members of the team are present, with Parker then getting and asking Alex what he thought he was doing. Alex then turns to Parker, telling him that they all got the point and that Sophie had already said she was sorry, suggesting that they just move on.

Parker then says excuse me, then walking towards Alex and saying that no one had asked for his opinion, adding that Sophie had betrayed them and that she now had to pay. Alex then tells Parker to just let it go, as Parker was just mad that Sophie had rejected him, with Parker then getting confrontational and asking Alex what he'd said. Just then Louis arrives in the dorm, with Michelle, just as Sophie attempts to break up the fight.

Seeing the drama occurring, Louis asks them what was going on, asking Sophie whether that was the kind of house meeting she ran. In the biology lab, Daniel has arrived with Hayley, as she asks him what the place was, calling it the place that time had forgot. Daniel then says that Hayley had wanted a place in the Greenhouse where no one went, before explaining that it was the old biology lab, that had been converted into a storage room.

Hayley then asks what they'd be storing, guessing dead bodies, before further asking Daniel what the smell was. Daniel then holds up a cannister, containing water and dead frog, revealing it to have been formaldehyde, with Hayley then telling him to get it away from her, prompting Daniel to remind her that she was meant to be tough. Hayley then walks across the room, and pulls out the whiteboard.

As she pushes it forward, she sarcastically said it was fine that he wasn't helping her, with Daniel telling her that she had it. Daniel then takes a seat, as Hayley begins to rub the whiteboard down, asking whether they could start getting to work and wondering where the markers where. Daniel then produces one from his pocket, passing it to Hayley, as she asks him whether always carried a marker round with him.

Daniel then explains that it wasn't just an ordinary marker, but was one of Louis' inventions, beckoning Hayley to try the pen out. Hayley then writes "The Investigation Begins" on the whiteboard, then sarcastically exclaiming that it writes, before Daniel asks her to give it back to him. Hayley does so, with Daniel then using the marker to make the writing disappear, revealing it to be invisible ink. Hayley then expresses her surprise at the disappearance of her writing, as Daniel explains that the ink was called Quantum ink.

Daniel then continues to explain that they couldn't market the pens, because each of them cost 5 grand and that Louis had given it to him as a birthday present. In response, Hayley calls it cool, with Daniel then handing Hayley the pen and then proclaiming that the investigation had begun.

As the first part of their investigation, Hayley has written the names of Brooke, Judy, Marcus and Ryan on the whiteboard, noting that their mothers were somehow connected, but that they didn't know in what way. Hayley then continues, noting that they also knew that Brooke had started to act strangely and did a full 180 on Daniel and his mother, with Daniel pointing out that that was the case so far. Hayley then continues saying that Marcus had once checked out a book on hypnosis from the library, but mentions that it could just be a coincidence.

Daniel then states that they needed to think about it rationally then pointing out that Hayley's mother had gone and that they'd never be able to get anything out of his mother, as well as Brooke who hadn't been acting herself as of late, which therefore left Marcus as the weakest link. Hayley then circles Marcus' name and says that that made sense, with Daniel then remarking that that was how the Eagles worked; thinking rationally.

Hayley then tells Daniel that the Eagles always picked on the weakest link. Back in the Eagle dormitory, Michelle is talking to Sophie, mentioning how tough a crowd Sophie was facing, having used to be the LAPD Beat reporter. Sophie then apologizes to Michelle, expressing how embarrassing it was, but Michelle then tells Sophie that journalists are some of the most hated professionals in America.

Michelle goes, revealing that they ranked worse than IRS tax auditors, before adding that to be a true journalist you needed a tough skin and that uncovering the truth would always earn a journalist their enemies. Sophie then says that that was good to hear coming from Michelle, with Michelle then notifying Sophie that she needed her help with the upcoming workshop she was doing.

Sophie then says that she'd be up for it, with Michelle notifying her that she wanted to do a few interviews, but didn't know any of the other students who attend the Greenhouse, asking Sophie to pick the most interesting students for her to interview, do little background checks on each of them, with Sophie then agreeing to do so. Back in the biology lab, Hayley notes that her mother had been good friends with Marcus, when she was a student at the school.

Hayley then links Marcus and Ryan's names on the whiteboard, just as Daniel points out that Brooke had suspected Marcus, having followed him to the Cave that one day. Hayley then connects Brookes name to Marcus, then remembering that that had been the same cave where Alex and herself had seen Judy on the night of the dance, connecting Marcus to Judy.

Daniel then concludes that Marcus was their lead, with Hayley then asking him to hand her the book on hypnosis, opening it up and taking a look at the book's table of contents, then noticing chapter 3 ; "The Use of Hypnosis for Long Term Cognitive Change", asking Daniel whether he thought Marcus had used it on Brooke. Daniel then sighs and says that he didn't know, calling it all crazy, with Hayley then pointing out that it at least gave them an idea of what happened to Brooke.

Hayley flicks through the book, in order to find the chapter they needed, only to discover that the pages had been ripped out, with Daniel then telling Hayley to check contents in order to see what the chapter was about, with the pair then discovering that Chapter 10 had been about the process of de-hypnotization. In response, Daniel asks whether she was kidding him, just as they got a notification on their Louie.

Daniel then reveals that Louis wanted them in the exam room, with Hayley then saying that it was actually perfect timing. In the Ravens, dormitory, the Ravens are heading out to the exam room, with Aspen then noticing the look on Leo's face and guessing that he was looking for Hayley and asking him why he was so obsessed with her. Leo then just tells Aspen that as the leader of the Ravens, it was his job to make sure that all his Ravens were there.

Leo then begins to head off, with Aspen in tow, asking Leo whether he had once thought that it was killing her seeing the way he looked at Hayley. Surprised by what Aspen had said, Leo says what, as Aspen tells him that she wasn't blind, knowing that he had feelings for Hayley and as such it was really hard being the only one in the relationship trying to work for the relationship.

Aspen then remarks that sometimes, she had wished that she would of just let Hayley drown, with Leo then stopping her and asking her how long she'd been at the beach, before he had shown up. In response, Aspen then uses the excuse that she didn't have a watch and as such didn't know, with Leo then realizing that Aspen had seen Hayley before he did. Aspen then tries to say what she said had been sarcasm, but Leo then tells her that he knew her and that she didn't just kid around.

Leo then concludes, by deducing that Aspen had seen Hayley and did nothing, but Aspen tries to assure him that this wasn't the case, with Leo then saying that he was so glad they had talked, before storming off. Back in the biology lab, Daniel tells Hayley that they should head off, before someone noticed them. However Hayley then says that if Marcus had hypnotised Brooke, the missing chapter would of been the only way of bringing her back.

Daniel then concludes that Marcus must of taken the chapter, with Hayley then suggesting that the book could be online. However, Daniel then reveals that the book had been out of print and that even if they did manage to find it, they wouldn't have the time for the book to be shipped over. Hayley then points out that Marcus could of been keeping the chapter in his office.

Just then Daniel produces a set of keys from his pockets, with Hayley then asking him if they were the keys. Daniel then explains that it was a master key that could open any door within the Greenhouse, with Hayley asking how he managed to obtain it. Daniel tells Hayley that Louis had given to him when he became captain of the Eagles in case the Louie network went down, just as safety measure.

Hayley then asks him why he hadn't thought of giving the key back, once he stopped being the captain. In response, Daniel gives Hayley a strange look, prompting Hayley to tell him to say never mind, before Daniel states that the important thing was that they could break into Marcus' office and therefore find the missing chapter.

Daniel then asks Hayley, how they'd make sure that Marcus was out of his room, with Hayley telling him that she didn't know, but that she would come up with something, before suggesting they head off. The pair then start to set off, with Hayley then stopping and using the pen to hide their research. In the exam room, Michelle is beginning her lecture.

Michelle explains that as a leader in the modern age, they wouldn't be able to reach people if they didn't know how to deal with the media. Just then Daniel and Hayley arrive in the class, quickly taking their seats, as Michelle continues saying that during the next hour, the students would be experiencing 1-on-1 interviews with her, but adds that it wouldn't be a softball interview.

Alex then leans over to Hayley, asking her why she was late to class and why she hadn't been answering his texts, as well as how their father was. Hayley assures her brother that their father was fine, just as Michelle says that this would be their chance to practice answering questions without falling into any traps, losing your cool and most of all without being boring.

Parker then puts his hand up, just as Michelle thanks Sophie for aiding her with background checks, with Parker then asking Michelle why she was filming it. Michelle then tells him that it was all a part of the workshop, with it being about getting used to being on camera, then asking Louis whether that was a problem. Louis assures her that it was alright, before Michelle suggests that Parker join her as her first interviewee as they'd already met.

Parker then gets up and heads to meet with Michelle at the front of the class. As he sat down, Michelle asks him how he had felt when he saw Sophie's news piece, after having confessed his feelings for her. Parker then says that he had felt like crap, with Michelle then noting that that was an honest answer, but one that'd make him a target and that it could end up online as a humiliating meme which would ruin Parker's image.

Just then, Daniel tells Brooke that he was going to head to the bathroom, while up at the front Michelle tells Parker to try again with his answer. Parker initially struggles, but then says that he had trusted his friend, but that she then betrayed him. In response, Michelle asks her whether that was what had prompted him to recruit everyone to ostracize Sophie.

Parker then exclaims what in response to what Michelle asked him, then attempting to say that Michelle hadn't honestly run into Sophie, before Michelle interrupts him and asks him to answer the question she'd posed. However Parker then just says that he'd had enough of the interview, concluding that he was done, before getting up. Michelle then notes that getting defensive during an interview was never a good idea and that a smart leader kept his cool.

Parker then tells Michelle that this was the reason people hated the media, just as Hayley tells her brother that she had an head-ache and needed to go and get some aspirin, then getting up as Louis asks everyone to calm down. Louis then asks Michelle who was next, as Alex asks Sophie whether she had just seen what had happened with his sister and Daniel. However Sophie just tells him that she just wanted to listen.

Outside in the Greenhouse grounds, Hayley ducks behind a pillar, just as the gardener appears, tending to the plants. Hayley then sees the power-box, while back in the exam room, Michelle asks Leo and Aspen what it was like to be a couple in the Greenhouse. But Leo then just tells her that he didn't want to discuss his private life with her, with Michelle then saying that good leaders knew how to share some of their persona lives, so that the public could identify with them.

Leo then begins to explain, before Aspen cuts in and assures him that she'd take over from there. Aspen then reveals that the truth was, that it wasn't easy being a couple in the Greenhouse, especially when her partner was the captain of their team, adding that it was so much responsibility. Michelle then points out how cleverly Aspen had used her name, stating that there was nothing an interviewer loved more than hearing their own name, adding that it could subconsciously earn you points.

Michelle then continues, saying that Aspen and Leo's relationship was enough to get them through tough times, before asking Aspen about the time that she had rescued Hayley and Leo from drowning. Aspen then says that she was standing at the beach when the events occurred, minding her own business when out of nowhere she saw the pair caught in the whirlpool.

Aspen then says that the event had been horrendous and as such she didn't think at all, as just the thought of losing Leo tore her up inside. Aspen then adds that she just jumped right into action, but just then Leo says that he couldn't take it anymore, telling Aspen that he couldn't continue like that anymore, with Michell then asking Leo whether he meant the interview or being with Aspen.

Leo then reveals that he had meant with both, before storming off, prompting Louis to notify Michelle that he suggested they be done for the day. However, Michelle then tells him that she wanted one more interview with Jackie, as Sophie points out how strange that was, as she hadn't any background research on Jackie. Outside Hayley, flicks the switch on the power-box, just as the gardener left.

This therefore causes the power to go down in Marcus' office, prompting him to leave his office to go and find the problem, allowing Daniel to sneak in. In the exam room, Michelle asks Jackie whether she was happy being a student at the Greenhouse, with Jackie saying that she was. Michelle then tells the class that they should never answer with 1-word answers as it was terse and dull.

Michelle then tells Jackie to try and answer her with three sentences, with Jackie then saying that she was happy and elated, honestly feeling fantastic and that there was no greater honour than being a part of the renowned institution that stood majestically along the Sant Ynez cliffs overlooking the ocean. Back in Marcus' office, Daniel is hurriedly looking around for the missing book chapter.

Just then Hayley pops her head round the corner, beckoning Daniel to find the chapter quickly. However Daniel tells her that he couldn't see it, with Hayley then pointing to an area of the room directing Daniel to look in it, with Daniel then checking Marcus' draws, but to no avail. Outside, Marcus has arrived and is looking round for what caused the power-outage. He then finds the power box and is about to turn it back on, while Hayley tells Daniel to be quieter, while searching Marcus' office.

Back in the Exam room, Michelle asks Jackie when she had first heard of the Greenhouse, with Jackie revealing that it was last year, with Michelle then further asking her whether she had taken the entrance exam like everyone else did. Jackie then says that she did, before asking Michelle why she wanted to know, with Michelle then reminding Jackie that she had arrived to the exam in hand-cuffs,

Michelle then continues, saying that Jackie had been sent to prison just a day earlier, with Jackie then asking Michelle how she had known about that. Louis then tells Michelle that that was enough, telling Jackie not to answer her question, with Michelle then persisting. Louis then re-iterates himself. In anger, Jackie stands up and says that she was in jail, having robbed a bank and that she could of gone to prison for that, with there being a lot of things she wasn't proud of.

Jackie then continues, saying that thanks to Louis she had left all of that in the past, then asking Michelle whether she was happy and whether she had gotten what she wanted. Louis then orders Michelle to leave the Greenhouse, while outside Marcus sees something. In Marcus' office, Daniel continues to search for the missing chapter, then managing to find it.

Outside, Marcus turns on the power, with Hayley then telling Daniel that they needed to head out of Marcus' office. Daniel then runs to the door, accidently knocking over some boxes and then scrambling to put all the papers away in the box, as Marcus returns to his office. While on his way to his office, Marcus is stopped by Louis, who asks him to escort Michelle back to her car, adding that he never wanted to see her on the grounds again.

Just then Daniel and Hayley race out of Marcus' office and back to the biology lab. However unbeknownst to them, Aspen had spotted the pair heading into the lab. The two then high-five in celebration after managing to grab the pages. In Marcus' office, he arrives back, then hearing a crunch as he walked and discovering it to be Daniel's marker.