aka Katerina's Wannabe

  • I live in Mystic Falls, VA
  • My occupation is Being the baddest vamp in town
  • I am Female (She/Her)
  • Bio Hey I'm birdgirl22 and I love the tvd universe so much that I wanna be Katerina's Wannabe. So I'm from around here, Mystic Falls, and I love hanging out at Mystic Grill. Oh and I also love to travel!
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Hey! I'm Birdgirl22 and I absolutely love TVD, TO, GHA, and Ariana Grande haha! I am a die-hard theater kid with my favorite all-time musical being Hairspray! I'm OBSESSED with the show after my friend hooked me onto it. Right now I'm obsessed with TVD and TO. Love you!

Some things to know about me:

Favorite Shows- Greenhouse Academy, Outer Banks, TVD, and The Originals

Favorite Artist- Ariana Grande

Dream Job- Teacher

Favorite Book- Ruby Redfort (The mystery series)

Favorite Musicals- Hairspray and Heathers

Favorite Love Triangles:

Hayley, Daniel, and Leo

Elena, Stefan and Damon

Hayley, Klaus, and Elijah

Pages I have Created

All the Wikis I Contribute to

  • The Greenhouse Academy Wiki
  • Ariana Grande Wiki
  • Stranger Things Wiki
  • Anne with an E WIki
  • Outer Banks Wiki
  • Vampire diaries Wiki
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