Ze'ev Neeman, was the main antagonist of the first season and the second half of the third season of The Greenhouse, and a former friend of the ex Israeli prime-minister.

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Ze'ev's a middle-aged man, with ginger hair and a bald spot in the middle, blue eyes and tanned peach skin. He's usually seen wearing a typical black business suit and tie, with black trousers and shoes, as well as a white shirt underneath. When he returns in Season 3, Ze'ev's quite clearly aged, with his hair now being grey. Towards the end of the final season of the Greenhouse, Ze'ev changes his appearance completely, getting plastic surgery, to look like the Israeli prime minister;Sefi Sahal.


Season 1

Ze'ev first appears in the Greenhouse as an anonymous, employer of Judy Goren talking to her over the phone, in his car at a car park at an unknown location, where he asks her whether everything is going to plan, mentioning that their employer is paying them a lot of money for this.

Throughout the series,Ze'ev is seen working from the Hole, within the Greenhouse grounds, checking in on his operatives, via phone and meetings in the Hole. At the end of the Season, during the invasion of the Greenhouse, Ze'ev leads the charge against the Greenhouse from the Hole, forcing Marcus to activate the nuclear bomb. When Marcus eventually sacrifices himself to stop Ze'ev, he forces Naomi, the only other person with the knowledge to activate the bomb, to do so instead. In the end Ze'ev is able to escape the police and is seen getting away with his employer's representative, on motorbike. When he later reports to his employer over an intercom, his employer shoots him, for failure, supposedly killing him.


Ze'ev and Judy

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Ze'ev and Robbie

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